Hotbox? 1990 Mazda Bongo 4WD Van

Here was have a delightful JDM van with arguably the best collection of typical late 80s/early 90s factory decals ever applied! If you’ve never seen a Mazda Bong – er – Bongo, yet this seems familar, that could be because it was also sold as the Nissan Vannette (related to the fire-prone, US market C22 “Hibachi” van), the Ford Econovan and the Mitsubishi Delica.

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Double Cab Ute: Datsun U620

Most Datsun pickups from the 60s and 70s were standard, two-seat affairs with separate beds – much like almost every other pickup out there. There were a few oddballs, though, including the Sunny Ute we previously featured and today’s U620. This is the Ute version of the 620 pickup and arguably the coolest (and weirdest) Datsun pickup ever made.

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Pre-Volvo Dual Forced Induction:1989 Nissan March Super Turbo

Several years after the original March/Micra launched, it seems Nissan wanted its own race series for these little buggers; so the March Super Turbo was born.  What that means is 110 HP out of 0.93 liters.  This was achieved using both a turbo and a supercharger!

This example was apparently imported to the US by the seller and EPA says its okay per the 25-year rule. If you live in California (or similar), your state may not agree.

Regardless, this is a cool little piece of history and must by pretty fun to drive, with that oddball engine and very low mass.  This wears a few period- and market-correct mods, such as shocks and wheels; but that might boost (get it?) the whole JDM image.

The asking price is not in super-bargain territory, but doesn’t seem crazy, either.  eBay indicates that offers will be considered, so perhaps a good deal for both buyer and seller can be worked out.

Link to Nissan Global Heritage site

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Bridgewater, MA, USA
$8,800 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

This shows just about everything we love about 1980s Japanese and Hot Hatch styling.  Yes, the scoop is functional!

Here’s a tiny, classic hatch profile.  Super turbo badges are just plain awesome.

Front end has a rally car look and reminds us of some other non-US Nissans from the period.

Interior looks to be in good shape and ample gauges should provide plenty of info.  We assume the accessory gauge is for boost, but for which device?

We love the original cloth; so we respect the Recaro and its oddball cloth while simultaneously wishing that the original driver’s seat was included in the sale.

Here’s the hard-to-dissect engine.  Despite small displacement, there’s a lot crammed in there, especially given the top-mount intercooler.

Ad text:


Federally legal imported under the 25+ year law, this car is legal anywhere in the US. I have the import paperwork for title in your state. I imported the car myself and the last picture shows the actual inspection sheet from this vehicles auction to show that it was a grade 3 car with no accident history. I can assist with vehicle shipping and have done so many times in the past.

Recently imported 1989 Nissan March Super Turbo. Extremely rare, 1 of 2 known to be in the US.
This car is both TURBO AND SUPERCHARGED from the factory. It’s a homologation special from Nissan and was only available in Japan. The only other one of these cars in the US was sold last summer for $11000 and they still fetch $10k+ in Japan as they’re now considered “sport classic” vehicles.

Powered by a mighty 1.0 (yes, 1000cc) turbo and supercharged engine and 5 speed short ratio LSD transmission pumping 110hp out to the sub 1700lb chassis (the car is slightly smaller than an MK1 GTI). There is a factory triple din gauge pod like whats found in the Skyline GTR, manual windows/locks, but the car does have working AC.

Mechanically the car is excellent, the body has a few blemishes I’ll be happy to point out during an in person inspection or I can email pictures if you’d like. There are also a few aftermarket parts including KYB SR Special struts, aftermarket (I believe they are Rays) wheels, Recaro confetti drivers seat, and a boost gauge. Parts are easy to obtain and tune ups/oil changes can be done with parts found locally at any parts store.

Kenmeri from Bahrain: 1974 Nissan Skyline 240K GT

The C110 Skyline was known as the Kenmeri due to the ad campaign which launched it and featured decidedly non-Japanese actors.  This started life as a right-hand drive 240K GT but is now left-hand drive and features an L28 in place of the L24.

The work on this car appears to have been done to a very high standard, as the LHD conversion looks stock.  This is a rare car; so some would prefer it bone stock; but LHD convenience (for most markets) and L28

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East Riffa, BAHRAIN, Bahrain
$40,100 with 58 bids, reserve not met and 1.25 days to go

This looks like a scaled-up US-market Datsun, but these were never sold here.  Upscaling accommodates six cylinder engines.

Here’s a first glance at the iconic Skyline tail lights.  Also note that aggressive fastback style and the character lines on the sides – all very 70s Japanese (meaning US-influence, yet unique in some ways).

Front end it unlike any US Datsun.  Note 240K GT badge.

Here’s another look at those awesome tail lights.  By the way, we love the hubcaps and, of course, the color.

Inside is sporty and everything appears to be in great shape.

This looks like it has a full complement of gauges.  The seller says the steering wheel is worn, but it looks good in the pics.

Fastback styling compromised the trunk quite a bit, but it still hold a spare.

L28 could be stock, as it looks the same as an L24 on the outside.  We’re not sure what the induction story is here – US L-series sixes had either two SU-style carbs or fuel injection.  This appears to have a single carb.  We love the stock look, but wonder if triple Mikunis would really make it sing.

Ad text:

 Datsun Nissan, skyline 240K GT (C110), 1974, GOOD CONDITION MUST SEE, only had though approaching as shown 126020 KM but not original km driven.
You are viewing a rare find stunning classic outstanding example of 1974 Datsun Nissan skyline 240K GT, Series (C110), Two door Model, 2800cc (6 cylinder) Block type L28 inline engine 2.8 SOHC carburetor, this is meticulously maintained never smoke

Approximated driven 126020km, convert to Miles well be 078306 mile not original and I don’t have the original mileage I bought it as it is, 2 doors, equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission, 14-inch steel wheel rim with stainless steel wheel hubcap, good condition, complete service is just done.

Its looks amazing for rear quarter original design with its slash-style fender flare and angular. The cabin is typical of higher-range Japanese cars of the era, with lots of flat, sharp-cut surfaces and black interior. the gauges cluster and its large teach and speedo-sized analog RPM, as well as the big diameter, skinny-rimmed. Note the pillarless hardtop construction, which should make for a very airy cabin with all four windows rolled down.

The vehicle look like great and run good, Paint appears in good shape all over its repaint in original gorgeous color, however a few small dings here and there, color (Golden light brown classic) exterior, and (black) for interior.

I would guess it is the finest example currently available anywhere. Overall the car presents very nicely

The car original bought it from Australia and it’s converted to LHD, the new chassis number plate is match the car model, car specification and year, It’s a so RARE to get LHD car model that converted in professional way.

Please note there is wear and tear in the steering wheel.

This is best deal for cars collectors.

Front Seats:
Upholstery Material 
Manual passenger seat & manual adjustable driver seat
Height adjustable driver seat
Rear seats:
Upholstery Material
Front console with storage
Front center console storage under the stereo 
Cable trunk release
12V front cargo area power outlet(s)
Air conditioning
Center roof reading lights
Front and rear floor mats (not original)
In Car Entertainment:
2 total rear speakers
JVC AM/FM stereo and CD Playback (not original)
Safety Features:
Front Disc / rear Drum brakes
Front seat belt for driver and passenger 
Rear center 2-point belt
2 front adjustable headrests
Heated rear window

This is best deal for cars collectors.

Factory Supercharged Subaru Sambar Posing as VW

Once upon a time, a Subaru 360-based Sambar van was sold in the US market. This is the fifth generation, which was produced from 1990 to 1998 and was never sold here.  The VW appearance it cute and all, but we’d prefer this just be a proud Subie.  Surely nothing has been done that can’t be undone.

Although this is for sale in Canada, the seller claims it’s the rear-wheel drive version, not the all-wheel drive. So, it might be happier moving south. although we imagine the engine sits atop the drive wheels and makes this acceptable in slippery conditions.

The biggest downside here is the automatic trans; but this was never going to be a track car, anyway.  We’d love to take this for a spin, what with the tiny, supercharged four cylinder and small overall package.  This uses Subaru’s period Kei Car engine, but is not technically a Kei Car itself, presumably because of size and/or mass.  Anyway, this is a cool little find and we wonder whether the reserve is more realistic than the buy-it-now price.

Click for eBay ad
Pickering, Ontario, Canada, Eh
$1,005 dollarettes with 13 bids, reserve not met, $13,985 BIN and two days to go

VW badge and paint scheme are clearly not original.  We’d like to return it to Subaru glory (and that’s coming from a Vanagon owner).

Profile is about as compact and boxy as anything out there.  Yes, that’s a glass roof, too!

Rear wiper and exposed exhaust tip are nice touches.

Yep, it’s officially cute.

Here’s the unfortunate automatic shifter and odd aftermarket wheel.  We hope the flag comes with.

Seating for four -maybe five really skinny people?

And, yes, there’s cargo room behind the second row.

IS this a panoramic roof way ahead of its time, or a vista cruise roof way behind?

Ad text:

This unique eye catching RHD Subaru Sambar Dias is one you don’t want to miss. Featuring the VW front end conversion and a beautiful two tone paint scheme, this Dias is perfect for any collector or enthusiast. 

Very fun to drive with it’s SuperCharger, plus lots of cargo space in a relatively small package if looking to use it as a right hand drive postal vehicle. 

Great visibility with so many large windows makes backing into tight spaces a breeze! 

Eligible for export to the USA. 

Millage is in miles converted from KMs on the dash. In Kilometers It is approximately 94000. 

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “Looks and runs great.”
Year: 1990
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): KV3023410
Mileage: 54,409
Drive Type: RWD
Make: Subaru
Model: Sambar
Sub Model: Supercharged
Trim: 4 door
Exterior Color: white and yellow
Engine: 4 Cylinder, 660cc SuperCharged! ( KW / BHP )
Interior Color: grey

Set your own Rekords in this Shift-it-Yourself Opel

With some funds, any European auto fan can score a 1980s BMW, Mercedes or even Audi; but this Opel Rekord will stand out in any American crowd today.

This is the 2.2i version, which came with the most sporting engine available, and this also has the Irmscher sport package, which consists of mostly cosmetic goodies.  The seller claims a number of mechanical upgrades vs. a non-Irmscher; but it seems some came on all of the 2.2i models.

Miles are either 51K or 151K and condition appears to be original and very good.  We love the manual trans and the sporty Recaro seats, as well as the mostly plain-Jane sedan wrapper.

Click for eBay ad
Iron River, MI, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and six days to go

This is the best exterior image provided.  For some reason, there are no shots of the front.

Rear has a certain “American-owned European” look, which reminds us somewhat of the XR4Ti/Sierra and maybe the Scorpio.

What car would be complete without a decal on the fender?  Also, Ronal wheels are labeled Irmscher for good measure.

Cloth-covered Recaros.  It officially does not get better than this – short of harnesses.

Simple, analog gauges look purposeful and sufficiently European.  Note reliable, manual windows, manual shifter and, perhaps most importantly, six cassette storage slots!  Those were the shi!t back in the day.

Ad text:

European VIN No.:  WOL000016F1252397. This is a 1986 Opel “Rekord Sport”, a limited edition of only 500 built by the Opel tuning company “Irmscher”.  “Irmscher” is for Opel what “AMG” is for Mercedes Benz.  Opel has been owned by General Motors for a long time and there is a lot of product- and engineering sharing going on.
The engine is a 2,2 Liter 4 Cylinder with mechanical fuel injection rated at 130 HP (SAE), top speed 120 MPH, weight 1165 kg (~2600 lbs.), 5 speed manual transmission.
The modifications by “Irmscher” to the standard Opel Rekord “GL” model are:
1. increased engine capacity from 2 Liters to 2.2 Liters
2. lowered suspension and increased track width – live rear axle w. trailing arms, “Monroe” gas shocks and separate coil springs,  rear drum brakes,  independent front suspension w. disk brakes
3. tuned exhaust system with exhaust headers, 2″ exhaust piping and 3″ chrome end pipe
4. front and rear spoilers and aero all around package
5. 4 spoke leather steering wheel 15″ diameter
6. “Recaro” sports seats upholstered in tweed fabric
7.  full instrumentation including tachometer, oel/pressure- and volt meter
8.  opening dark tinted glass sunroof by “Augros”
9.  AM/FM, cass. deck stereo w. multiple speakers
10. aluminum wheels by “Ronal” especially made for “Irmscher”
This car is all original, it was never fully repainted and was never in an accident.  The 5 digit odometer shows 51600 km, but I have to assume that the total km are 151600.
This Spring, the car was inspected and some fuel lines and water hoses were replaced.  A new battery, new ignition cables and a new set of  performance radial tires in the size of  215/60X15 were installed.  Opel owners manual, original “Irmscher” sales brochure and price list as well as US import document papers come with the car.  The vehicle was imported into the US by the seller in 2012 and it has a clear Michigan title.
This is a very responsive and sporty car and it gets 30 – 35 MPG!