Double Cab Ute 2.0: Datsun U520

Recently, we featured a rare Datsun U620 and today it appears that the same seller is offering the older U520.  If you missed out on that early 70s double-cab, then maybe this late 60s iteration is the truck for you!

The seller doesn’t provide too much info on condition, but says that a restoration was started and not finished. It looks like the truck is complete, however, and the undercarriage does show signs of refinishing.  Per the seller, the bumpers are original, but have some rust and the hubcaps are from another OEM.  The seller provides a couple shipping quotes which should help in your calculations if you’re looking for the all-in price. This is such a cool little truck that we hope it finds a great home!

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Buenos Aires, Costa Rica

$7,000 BIN with offers considered
Whereas the U620 was a curvy beast, this has a very “formal” top hat and abrupt transition to the bed.
Front end has the familiar 60s style, not to different from the Pininfarina-styled 411.
1.3-liter engine is proudly advertised on the side.
Rounded corner breaks of the straight lines and tail lights are upright and almost generic here, unlike those on Datsun sedans at the time.  Of course, they have to allow for the tailgate.
Interior is as spartan as one would expect.  Note column shifter for four-speed manual trans.
Cluster is simple and retro. We don’t know what the added blue switch does.
Rear seat looks to have enough room for your baby seat(s) and I do see belts.
Here’s the Spanish language data plate.
Ad text:
I have this really rare Datsun U520 (1968)  I have the title and the car is legally circulating in Costa Rica. The car is running great and it has the original engine. This car is four speed manual and the transmission is the original which is very diffcicult to find, the shift gear is next to the steering wheel . The engine is 1300cc, the pictures best describe the condition of the car, and this car was partially restored,  the project is not finished. The bumpers are the original ones, but they have some rust in some parts.  The car has the five original wheels, however the hub caps are vintage and Japanese but belong to another brand.  What you see in the pictures is what you get. However, if you need more pictures or information about the condition of the car, please contact me before making an offer.
Update 5/22/2017
This are two shipping quotes I researched for two people interested in the car:
NY Port : Freight: $930 plus $600 (Export fees in CR) plus the import fees in the US.
Baltimore,MD: Freight: $2100 plus $600 (Export fees in CR) plus the import fees in the US.