1964 Auto Union (DKW) F1000 Diesel

Among oddball European van fans (all six of us), the DKW Schnellaster is fairly well known. What isn’t widely known in the US is that a lot were produced in Spain and the Spanish DKW subsidiary went on to produce a successor. That successor is today’s feature.

In case you’re wondering how this ended up in the US, don’t. It’s in Spain with the seller is offering to ship for $1,900 with all paperwork handled.  While the eBay listing reveals little, the selling dealer’s website indicated the van drives will and has had recent cosmetic refurbishment. This van features a Mercedes Diesel, unlike esrly, two-stroke gas examples. That seems like good news.

Want the rarest and cooled van at your local Cars and Coffee? This could be it! Who do you know who has a van made by Audi’s predecessor?

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Denia, Spain

We love this styling! It looks functional and just odd enough to be interesting.

Another great angle.

Rear could be almost any period van.

Single door on each side is unusual but, in some cases, would be better than having all doors on one side.

Can is utilitarian and, of course, driver sits next to the engine cover.

Again, this is about utility, but we love it.

This example is set up for delivery, but one could make this space into anything.

Engine ID is proudly displayed.

And…here it is!

Ad text:

1964 Auto Union (DKW) F-1000-D van

ACTUAL VIN: 2403007887

NOTE: THIS VEHICLE IS LOCATED IN DENIA, SPAIN, but I ship to the USA. Please check my feedback, and please read the entire listing before bidding.

I am an American, living in Spain, and I sell and export vehicles to the USA regularly. Although shipping costs are not included in the price of the sale, I work every month with an established worldwide shipper and will work directly with the buyer to arrange delivery to the USA. I will drop the vehicle off at the port of Valencia for you at no additional cost, prepare all the proper documentation for shipping to the USA, and handle all the US customs and importation on the USA side.

If you would like me to handle the shipping, customs paperwork, and everything for you, the cost is a flat-rate of $1900, port-to-port, to your choice of New York, Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL or Freeport (Galveston), TX. No additional costs. No work on your part. You just pick the car up from the port, fully cleared and released.

Once the vehicle is in your possession, you will also have all the documents you need to register the car in any of 50 states, INCLUDING CALIFORNIA. I can even arrange transportation within the USA, from the port to your driveway. In short, I am here to help with every step of the process of delivering this vehicle to you.

You are of course welcome to fly here and test the vehicle for yourself before you bid, but if that is not feasible, I will be happy to take additional photos, videos, etc. and send them to you. Whatever you need. We can speak on the telephone, or by Skype, so you can see the vehicle in real time before you bid.

If you have any questions, please ask and I will post as many answers here as possible.

For more details on how buying a vehicle from Spain works, see https://www.autologymotors.com/buyingfromspain/



A rare sight even on European roads, the F-1000-D was the workhorse of DKW’s furgoneta range, and bears the unusual distinction of combining elements from three major Germna automotive brands of the time – Auto Union (now Audi), DKW and Mercedes-Benz. A beautifully kept and cosmetically restored “kombi” van, it is perfect for a “van life” project or for promotional use. Used in and around Barcelona its entire life, it has remained rust free since new. Mechanically sorted and reliable, it needs nothing to be used daily.

The dove gray exterior has been recently restored, with with all new paint and only the barest minimum of filler needed to make the panels straight. The seats have been restored with new foams, and have been recovered in red check seating surfaces combined with gray flannel side side and back panels which match the new door panels.

The cargo area of the van retains its original patina, but is free of major dents or damage, and is ready to be fitted out as the new owner desires.

The undercarriage is entirely rust free, and there is no rust in the bulkheads, floors, or bottoms of the doors.

It is in excellent condition throughout, with very low original mileage, and is ready for use.



It drives wonderfully for a vintage van. The 1.8L Mercedes-Benz diesel engine fires readily, even cold, after fifteen seconds or so of warming of the glow plugs, and idles steadily with no undue noise. The engine pulls willingly with great torque and the gearbox is tight and positive, exactly as it should be.

Clutch and brakes are strong, with normal pedal travel, the steering is direct, and although effort is high at parking lot speeds, it lightens up immediately once underway. Tires are brand new, and all lights and gauges work as intended. Maximum useable cruising speed is about 65 mph.

In short, it is a lovely looking and good driving example of a very rare and historic kombi which can be driven daily by anyone, and which gets crazy amounts of attention wherever I drive it.

NOTE: I have videos of this vehicle in operation. Please message me and I will send you the links.