Sun-Baked, FWD, German Psuedo-Luxury: 1969 Audi 100LS

No, sun-baked doesn’t indicate a convertible today, it means this poor car has been baked in the sun for far too many years.  What is it?  Volkswagen group’s first front-engine, front-wheel-drive, water-cooled sedan, the Audi 100LS.

We confess to previously having been only barely aware of this car’s existence, but a quick interwebs search revealed a great period Car and Driver test of this car. Marvel at the 115-HP four cylinder’s performance in that article while you ponder the fact that our feature car has an automatic transmission, which is sure to be worse.  Performance may be bad by today’s standards, but this car and the Audi 90 helped put the brand on the map and is a direct predecessor to the popular (until the whole pedal spacing thing) Audi 5000.

This car needs everything and isn’t even ready to be started, as the seller says the fuse box was taken out (why??).  Given that and the visible condition, we think any prospective buyer needs a genuine – and financially unsound – love for Audi 100s.  More likely, the buyer will be someone in need of a parts car, or, even better, someone with all the parts who needs a solid shell.  Restoring this car just doesn’t seem to make sense, which is too bad, as it’s an interesting oddball.

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San Bernardino,CA, USA

The tell-tale rings are there to let the world know it’s an Audi.  Fender tops look aggressive from this angle.

This angle screams “generic sedan.”

From this angle, Mercedes’ influence is obvious.

More Mercedes here.  Note the familiar “Audi” font.

Interior looks like it might have once been nice, wood and all, but it’s now shot.

Take note of that PRNDL!

Seats are in the condition you’d expect after seeing the rest of the car; but one can hope the frames are in good shape and waiting for new foam and covers.

Ad text:

I am selling my 1969 Audi 100LS project car. The car is complete. Has the original 1.8(v4) with automatic transmission. Has all the interior pieces except for the radio. Needs to be wired up before you can try to start it. (fuse box disconnected.) Very solid car, no cancer, pretty straight body. (Just has a dent in the front right fender and driver side door.) Car has been sitting and needs a new home. I have the pink slip. (Clean title. ) Asking $1,000 or best offer.

Go Electric or Go Original? Semi-Converted NSU Prinz 30

We’ve featured the NSU Prinz 30 before, so we’ve briefly explained that it was a German brand acquired by VW and rolled into Audi in the 60s.  These tend to pop up as projects, and today’s feature is no exception.  Our last Prinz 30, which was attached to a pallet, makes this “rescued-from-the-hedge-but-complete” example look great!

Some previous owner attempted to add electric power, but it’s not clear whether it ever drove that, as the major hardware it gone.  The new owner will have to decide whether it’s worth going back to original, finishing the EV project, or – our choice – going with some sort of modern power plant while keeping the stock appearance.

Yes, we love sleepers!

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Emeryville, California, USA
$4,000 BIN with offers considered

Apparently, the seller found this one while overgrown and talked the owner out of it.

How long might it have been in the bushes?

Here’s the first ‘rescue’ shot.

And here’s the obligatory trailer loading shot.

All only surface rust?

The interior shows obvious signs of electric conversion – it’s not clear whether that makes it much more difficult to go back to gas.  As claimed, the seats appear to have nice, new upholstery and the floor pans seem solid, from what we can tell.

There was a back seat at one time – as this was meant to be affordable transportation for a family – in postwar Germany, mind you.

No engine or motor is included; so any new owner needs to decide which way to go.  It does look like some bumper pieces are included, however.

Ad text:

I found this cool car deep in the hard part of town. I was riding my bike by and found a jovial fellow out front hacking away at the juniper. I had a lively conversation and heard back a week later, yes the car could be had! I brought the prinz home to my humble garage and the neighborhood hasn’t stopped buzzing since! I live close to pixar studios and told them I have a star for their next movie. Have not heard back though. The little car is ready for a new engine or electric conversion. The previous owner had hoped to electrify the little car. He had the seats beautifully re-upholstered in a dark red. I have been shipping cars for 5 years now and this little car will make someone so happy. Its begging for a re-do. Do you have a special person that deserves a cool car? harris.

Auto Union 1000 S!

We at Oddimotive have heard of Auto Union and know that it became Audi in the 60s and, itself, was made up of a number of pre-war companies.  Any Auto Union is exceptionally rare in the US – possibly for good reason, as these two-stroke cars are better suited for the Eastern Bloc.

The engine is out of this car, but you might be able to pick it up and drop it in with no cherry picker. It’s a 1-liter, two-stroke, inline three-cylinder driving the front wheels.  That alone makes this a conversation piece.  In fact, not one, but TWO engines are included in this sale!

The seller offers precious little information beyond that, so we have to make the most of the tiny, poorly-cropped pictures.  Overall condition appears to be pretty good and it’s hard to put a value on something this rare.  Hagerty’s valuation tools, for example, don’t even list Auto Union.

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Mission Hills, CA

Put this one in the ‘never seen one’ file!  The 1000 came in a few body styles.  This appears to be a pillarless coupe.

Grill is appropriate for the period, yet just different enough from more common vehicles to raise an eyebrow.

Rear end reminds us of a shrunken Jaguar Mark in some ways.  Visibility should be excellent through the wrap-around rear glass.

Here’s the lone interior shot – it appears largely complete and in decent shape, but we can’t see much.

Yes, the rings belonged to Auto Union before it became Audi (when combined with other companies).

Lots of parts – apparently including more than one engine.

More parts!

Ad text:

Very rare 62 auto Union ,pre Audi for sale
Solid california car.
Engine out.
Comes with extra parts and an extra engine.
Calls only please
Clean title
Will ship


If you thought Saab’s 9-3 naming was slightly confusing, you need a DKW 3=6.  Post-war Auto Union, which would eventually become Audi, revived the DKW name for certain vehicles.  This was one of their answers to the VW Beetle (before Audi was acquired by VW).

Here we have 900cc of two-stroke, water-cooled, inline three cylinder manliness!  These are unusual enough not to have an easily-assigned value.  Our friends at Hagerty, for example, do not list this model.

There’s little info in the ad, but plenty of warning, as the car has been stored since 1967!  You’ll have to decide whether $3,500 is reasonable, given the condition.  At a minimum, the seller’s shop looks like a fun place to visit…

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Auburn, CA

Ad text:

Very rare 1957 Auto Union DKW 3=6 Coupe. Early Audi. All original, not running, stored since 1967. Very solid car for restoration, minimal rust. Needs glass. All emblems and trim are there. 

First $3500- cash takes it.

Located in Auburn, Ca 95603.

NSU Sport Prinz

Here’s a rare little beast from NSU, one of a few brands bought by Volkswagen and rolled into what we now know as Audi.  The ad text below gives plenty of info which we won’t repeat, but suffice it to say this is a cool little Italian-designed sportster.

This is likely to be awesomely slow, but would be a fun little oddity.  We have quite a soft spot for Microcars, after all.

Note:  A quick search shows this one formerly appeared on BAT (Bring A Trailer), later confirmed by my full reading of the ad text, where this is mentioned.

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Fair Oaks, CA
$7,500 with seven bids and, apparently, no reserve
07/22/2013 update: SOLD for $8,700 with 13 bids (not a bad deal for something so unusual?).

Ad text:

First up, I’m wordy and I’m sorry if that bothers you.

The NSU Sport Prinz was designed by Franco Scaglione at Bertone studios in Turin, Italy.  The first few hundred Sport Prinz’ were built in Italy, but I believe this was built in Germany.  I’ve heard that the current Audi TT was influenced by the Sport Prinz (that helps when everyone asks you who built the NSU and they’re not happy with “NSU”).

It’s the best looking Sport Prinz that I’ve seen and it’s mostly unrestored.  I bought this and the only restored part was a repaint in its original red. I put on new tires (instead of running the originals), replaced the brake hoses, replaced the shift bushings and entered it in the California Melee Rally. Our initial entry had some problems (Fiat 124 Abarth rally car). The NSU wasn’t ready and I got a bit of gasket sealant into the engine at a roadside repair. It made it home and I received the “Will E. Makeit Award”.  I’m told that its eligible for European rallies and I’m sure just about any rally in North America would love it.  These are rare cars and extremely rare in the US.

It currently has a 583cc engine from a 1959 Prinz.  I’ll include the original 588cc engine or I can hold onto it for you or future owners. No charge except future shipping if I hold onto it. 

The only spot of rust is an inch sized hole under the battery (see pics or video) and a bit of the front bumper guard on the bottom. The original headliner has some stains (see pics or video) and the floor carpet behind the drivers seat is missing. The interior light is cracked (so it’s in the glove box) and the horn isn’t working. A previous owner played with the electronics but just about everything works except the radio. There’s a toggle switch that turns on the high beams. The wipers work. 

It’s shows 8,254 miles, but that’s not correct. It’s closer to 10,000. It has spent most of its 50 years garaged.  It has the original finned aluminum drum brakes.

I took it to a vintage Porsche mechanic this week to get it ready to sell.  He cleaned the tank, replaced fuel lines and filters, and replaced the battery. The charging system puts out 13.2 to 13.7 volts.  It’s now running VR1 20/50 Valvoline oil (recommended for old vehicles).  He recommends changing the accelerator cable, wheel bearing service, and a new carb float.  He said the tie rods also have some play.  Like I said, it has 50 year old bushings (except shift bushings were replaced for the Melee). 

It runs but the carb float fills up with fuel and it stalls. I left a message with the Bing Carb service place in Kansas and I hope to have a new float this week.  

If it looks familiar, I had it on eBay years ago and it was on but I ended the auction early according to eBay regulations. I love this car and I wouldn’t sell it now, but I bought another Sport Prinz with a 4 cylinder motor and disc brakes from a later Prinz. I always thought about doing that, but this one is way too nice. NSUs are hard to find, but when it rains, it pours. In the last month, I bought an NSU Typ 110 and another 2 cylinder, 588cc, red Sport Prinz. I’ll be putting the other SP on eBay soon, but it’s not nearly as nice as this one.

I’m putting over 50 giant pictures and three videos. There’s a lot of year old cars that don’t hold up this well.  Please look at the short video of the underneath. There’s no rust except minor surface rust on the tie rods. What looks like surface rust underneath the front end is rust repellent spray peeling off.  I’m not ever sure if this car has ever seen the rain.  There’s photos where I removed the access plates and it looks almost like a new car.

I will help out anyway to ship it anywhere in the world. If you want to rent a truck and trailer, I can probably tow it to you anywhere in the US for cost, a beer, and a ticket back to California.  I’m available to show it in person in Fair Oaks, California.  My name is Dave and my number is x.