DKW F94U Sonderklasse Universal


Here we have a very rare (in the US, especially) little wagon, which once served as a sensible family car in postwar Germany and was part of the group that would eventually become Audi.

The seller provides shockingly little information here, but we one image shows an engine present; so, if stock, we know it’s a 900cc inline three cylinder. What we don’t know is whether this has the column-shifted three- or four-speed manual or the “Saxomat” semi-automatic. The pics do a decent job of showing the exterior condition, but we can’t see much of the interior. It looks like this one needs refurbishing, but we’d sure love to know whether it runs. We’re guessing it doesn’t.

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Boulevard, CA, USA
$2,000 with zero bids and six days to go

To our eyes, this is a beauty with great potential.

The three-door wagon style is among the best and we love the fender treatments.

We can’t see much of the interior, but it might be fairly complete.

An engine is present, but the seller hasn’t disclosed anything about it.


Ad text:

Up for sale is my 1957 Auto Union “Universal”. It is a pretty clean example with the engine looking all original. The VIN tag is there and legible. I also have some spare parts in a box in the car, such as trim pieces and such. Good project and something rare for an Audi or VW fan.