Plymouth + Jeep + Oldsmobile = Awesome Off-Road Wagon!

Here’s a fine piece of ‘Muricana for Memorial Day. What we have here is a Plymouth Valiant wagon with Barracuda bits sitting on top of a Jeep Wagoneer frame and powered by an Olds 455. Aside from the automatics trans, this is basically perfect! As a matter of fact, we’ll accept an AT on an off-road vehicle like this.

Oh, did we mention the American Indian-themed, carved wood dashboard?

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1977 Pinto Cruisin’ Wagon Meets Bronco 4WD System

WWe love Pinto Cruising Wagons in just about any condition or format. This is probably the most heavily modified we’ve seen, as it’s lifted and features a 1974 Bronco 4WD system and 1975 302 V8.  The result is beautifully ridiculous.

The seller provides a decent amount of info, but it’s not 100% clear how this was put together. We suspect – and hope – that the body is sitting on the full Bronco frame. The car seems to be well done and most of the visible interior bits look new.  Power comes from a 1975 302, which is hooked up to a C4 automatic.

Oddly the seller says the car comes with maple.  We’re not sure how much.

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West Yarmouth, MA, USA
$17,500 BIN with offers considered and seven days to go

Wagon + 4WD + V8.  We love it!

Massive, custom bumpers work nicely here.

And here.

The red seats and door cards contrast nicely with the black carpet and the silver exterior.  Nice choice!

Gauges look stock and steering wheel might have come from a Mustang II.

Cargo area is ample and clean.  Porthole windows are true classic.

Here’s the 302, which has typical dress-up goodies. It should provide plenty ‘o torque for off-roading and, despite the added weight of the 4WD system, should move this thing on the road better than the stock setup.

Ad text:

Sport steering wheel, tinted windows, self-adjusting mirrors from driver’s seat, Blaupunkt stereo w/ front door speakers & 8″ rear woofer. Sport gauges, maple, custom bumper front & rear and side steps. Has 1974 Bronco drive train; limited slip Dana 44 front end C4 shift kit, rebuilt transmission 1975/302 stock 40,000 mi, towing pkg, big bearing rear end 11″ rear drums. Front and rear sway bars. 350 gears 3 Spd automatic. Tires 30×9.50 15’s. Current state inspection sticker, registered, one of a kind! Clean open title. Payment due in 48 hours by bank wire or check (wait until cleared) Title will be turned over after funds have cleared. Sold in ‘as is’ condition (windshield trim needs re-installation.) Questions? Call/text me at 774-xxx-xxxx. Thank you!

1988 Renault Medallion: French, Manual Wagon!

Here’s a car that checks almost all of the boxes.

1) It’s French, which guarantees obscurity in the US.  Even better, the car and the engine are products of long-forgotten alliances.
2) It’s a wagon
3) It features a clutch pedal

What’s missing?  We say it’d be perfect with all-wheel drive and painted brown.  Still, the blue is a lovely shade – even if it’s no French blue – and two more drive wheels would just bog down this four-cylinder even more.

Apparently, this was a partially abandoned project and the seller bought it and finished it.  That means it has a low mileage engine swapped in and new paint.  Aside from aftermarket wheels, this comes off as a preserved original in the images and we think that’s a credit to the seller.

These interesting wagons were assembled in France by Renault, but were sold in the US as both the Renault and Eagle Medallion, back in the alliance days.  Further, the 2.2-liter four cylinder was a joint development between PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and Renault.  A lot of that happened, as those aware of the “PRV” V6 will note.

Anyway, this is something essentially no one expects to see in good shape and we’re glad one has been saved. Will you be its next curator?

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Miamisburg, OH, USA
$4,500 with ZERO bids and 1.5 days to go

Styling has aged pretty well, but had a bit of space age flare back in the day.  It’s just odd enough around the edges to be among the last French cars sold in the US.

Front is rather anonymous, though youngsters in the US might not even recognize a Renault badge.

Back reminds us of several other wagons and hatches from the era (particularly the Mirage) and is a clean design.

The interior appears to be in excellent shape, with just a minor case of “loose cloth.”  Naturally, we love the accordion shifter.  We predict some future vehicle will have one as a retro touch, though it needs to happen soon.

Analog gauges and crank windows mean fewer problems!

Back seat is more than  ample.

This beast have plenty ‘o cargo capacity.  Why, again, do we need crossovers?

Here’s the 2.2-liter “Douvrin” four cylinder, mounted longitudinally and driving the front wheels.

Ad text:

Rare 5 speed station wagon. Purchased from the previous owner in 2012. It had been in storage since 1996. He purchased it with a blown engine and was in the process of putting an engine in but never finished. I trailered it home and began restoring it. I inspected the engine and discovered it is a very low mileage engine, very clean and no wear.  The car now has new belts, hoses, brakes, lines, radiator, air conditioning condenser and lines, exhaust, tires and wheels.  New base coat, clear coat paint. The doors, hood, and tailgate were removed for painting. It has been driven a couple thousand miles since completion. Including a trip to the Carlisle Import meet last May. The original radio does not work and the blower only works on high. The only two things that I can think of that I never got around to fixing. Probably the nicest one in the U.S.

Nine-Door Wagon: Checker Aerobus

Not too many decades ago, multi-door airport shuttles/limousines were relatively common. We vaguely recall that the mini-shuttles we all know from rental car and parking shuttle usage today simply weren’t around; so it made sense to have these multi-door beasts,which could add passengers quickly and without requiring those already on board to reshuffle.  I remember seeing multi-door Chevy Suburbans back in the day, but they weren’t the only ones.  As the leading taxi manufacturer, it makes sense that Checker made a shuttle version of their Marathon, and that’s what we’re looking at today.

This example has had some recent resto-mod work, which seems to have covered all major areas.  It now wears taxi livery, which some of these would have back in the day.

The engine and trans are claimed to be new; so we don’t expect issues with running and driving.  That just leaves the question of what one would do with this thing.  Perhaps it could be the ultimate Uber?  We’d just worry about gas mileage.

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Sparks, NV, USA
$22,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Yes, this is long…

And, yes, all of those doors open.

Rear view barely reveals wagon body, which makes this a nine-door.

Here’s one more open view.

Cockpit is a decent place to be, in a retro way.

Here’s the view backward.

The seller prioritized bass output over cargo.  If you put this back into service, you might want to undo this.

Here’s the new Chevy 350, which is attached to a new Turbo 400 automatic trans.  We won’t even gripe about the automatic here.

Ad text:

1968 Checker Taxi AeroBus AirPorter
                9 Door Custom Limo 
Fresh restoration and updates, just 3,000 miles

What an Awesome vehicle! If you really want to make an impression, this is the vehicle to own. It turns heads where ever it goes. Multiple car show awards, perfect for a limo business, proms, weddings, family outings, parades, or a great way to promote your local business.

This Checker taxi Limousine was originally built by Checker at it’s Kalamazoo, MI plant. It spent many years on display at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, CA.

Everything on this car has less than 3,000 miles on it since it was mechanically rebuilt, and the interior and exterior were tastefully restored to period looking colors, materials, and fresh multistage paint was applied.

It was nicely restored with the additions of an updated engine and transmission, Custom Wheels, updated A/C, sound system, and sunroof.

We started with a rebuilt Chevy 350/ 350HP Heavy Duty 4-bolt main crate motor, added an aluminum Intake and 4BBL carb, nicely detailed with Edelbrock Air cleaner and chrome valve covers. Hooked up to a rebuilt Turbo 400 transmission with a shift kit.

New cooling system that keeps it running cool.
New front and rear power brakes. Has power steering.
New style R34 Air Conditioning for hot days.
New custom Upholstery in period popular tweed cloth.
New Multi-speaker custom sound system with Sub-Woofers in the back.
New custom paint
Larger alternator to handle the big stereo and amp.
Sun Roof with removable Glass was installed. (For those times you just need to stand up through the roof). Great for waving to people and tossing candy and gifts out in parades.

This checker limo is ready to roll. There are not many of these rare 8 Door Airport limos left.
          This has got to be one of the finest in the country.
          Don’t let this one get away!
Ask for Rich for more details or to arrange for inspection at 
775 xxxxxxxor 775 xxxxxxx

I have a clean title. Non-Refundable $2,000 deposit shall be made within 3 days of winning bid through PayPal. Balance due in cash or agreed upon bank cashier’s check with-in 7 days. Transportation and /or storage arrangements must be determined in advance of final payment.

As this vehicle is used and no longer in production, it is being sold as is, with no warranty or guaranties. Please ask any questions before bidding.

The limo is in Reno NV. Transportation and cost is the responsibility of the winning bidder.

Good luck bidding!

Buick Grand National Wagon Tribute

No, Buick never put the turbocharged 3.8 from the GN into the Regal Wagon; but someone else did.

This car isn’t perfect; but it is a great start.  The engine swap was done in such a way that it look essentially stock (surface rust and all).

What’s the bad news?  The biggest issue is that the engine block is cracked due to freezing.  So, this is a project, but it’s a project worth taking on if the price doesn’t go up too much.  The setup in the car is from the 1984/1985 GN; but seller has also collected the parts needed to convert this to the 1986/1987 setup.  Just BYOB (block, that is).

If we got hold of this, we’d do the engine upgrade in a way that would get the most power out of it while looking as stock as possible under the hood.  We’d also swap on Grand National or GNX wheels to complete the tribute.

What would you do with this?

Click for eBay ad
Olympia, WA, USA
$2,025 with 7 bids, reserve not met and 2 days to go

Black wagons are among our favorites and, once running, this will have the power to back of the mean look.

Hood from a turbo regal fits nicely, as well it should.

Rear is as plain and simple as one would expect.  Good thing this is a chain link fence…

Interior looks to be essentially stock and in decent enough shape.  Dash doesn’t look cracked, but might be faded (?).

Cloth seats appears to be in good shape, too.

Here’s the legendary, 3.8-liter, turbocharged V6 in all its cracked-block glory.

Ad text:

The Ultimate Grocery Getter

Up for sale is a one of a kind !983 regal wagon with a 84/85 Grand National drive train. this car was professional put together, It is a very clean for 31 year old car. The paint is in OK condition, This wagon has the famous 3,8 turbo Grand National engine and built 200R transmission and 3:73 positive traction rear end just like the factory grand national. No Rust and is not patched up at all,   All under the hood is factory in appearance and is very clean and original, so this car has also not been butchered or hot rodded, The engine needs a rebuild the blocked cracked due to sitting last winter, Knowing that it needed a motor I have the parts to convert it to the 86/87 intercooled Grand National, These Grand Nationals are beginning to skyrocket in value and will be nuts in a few years to come, so don’t miss out on owning a one of a kind.

There is no expressed warranty is being sold AS-IS

86/87 parts list:

2.5 ATR Header

2.5 down pipe with test outlet

Stock Turbo

TE48 Precision turbo

JCL boost controller

scan master

SCM alcohol injection

55# low impedance injectors w/ 2 Red Armstrong burned chips

modified computer for injector 

Stock injectors

2 sets of mild ported heads 

86/87 engine wiring harness

intercooler  w/ plumbing

intake manifold w/ throttle body

coil w/ bracket

86/87 radiator

86/87 AC with lines

throttle cable

trans kick down cable

stock computer

Im sure I have left some things out but this off the top of my head

L28 Powered 1955 Rambler Wagon

Here’s an odd swap: A 1955 Nash Rambler wagon with a Nissan/Datsun L28 inline six.

While the combination of brands is genuinely odd, this Nash would have had an I6 from the factory; so we assume this was a relatively easy fit.  Good news is this L28 should put out nearly twice the power of the original unit. So-so news is this is hooked up to an automatic trans. Still, anyone buying this is interested in a unique cruiser, so the slushbox may not be so bad.

The seller states this is a running and driving project in need of unspecified interior work and wheel balancing.  If it really is ready to run, the asking price of $3,550 seems pretty reasonable for something so interesting. We’d want to see the extent of the interior work needed – as only one pic is provided – and take a test drive to assess the supposed balance issue, however.

Click for Craigslist ad
Riverside, CA, USA

You just don’t see these anymore, especially in wagon form.  Prior model years had big fender skirts, but this year Rambler lifted up its skirt to reveal more wheel.

We love Nash’s interpretation of the classic wagon shape.

Front end is very, very Rambler.

As with all wagons, the rear 3/4 is something of a money shot.

Front the angle the major items in the interior seem to be complete, but carpet is needed.  If the needs are limited to carpet, upholstery and headliner, the cost to fix shouldn’t be too bad.  Apparent open head restraint hole may mean that’s a more modern bench seat.

Here’s the Datsun 280Z L28.  An Edelbrock four barrel feeds it now, instead of the original electronic fuel injection. We can understand that change in this swap, both in terms of easing the process and actually fitting the car’s image better. Of course, three big-ass Mikunis would work better.

Ad text:

1955 Nash Rambler station wagon, rare model, low mileage Datsun 280Z six cylinder engine, Nissan automatic transmission, 8 3/4 Ford rear end,oversized radiator, no overheating, new: Muffler, electric fuel pump, rear leaf springs, brake hoses,fuel cell, etc. Edelbrock carburator, Bob Sharp racing intake manifold, fuel regulator; aftermarket gauges,good body, personalized plates, chrome wheels, luggage rack on a cool factory humped roof, cool chubby body style, Needs Interior,wheel balancing; easy running/driving proyect;2017 registration, clean/clear Ca. title on hand, sacrifice! $3. show contact info ERO49.