Ford Fairmont Wagon with 3MT

We guess this is a Mexico specification not offered in the US: a 1983 Ford Fairmont with a floor-mounted, three-speed manual transmission!

The Fairmont was, of course, one of the first cars on the “Fox” platform, though several others had joined by 1983. It always offered a ridiculous level of boxiness, but the wagon really called attention to it. We, of course, see that as a plus.

Power comes from a 3.8L V6, which was not impressive. I, your humble host, once owned a Thunderbird with this engine and am thus qualified to comment! In fact, said T-Bird had a three-speed auto; so I imagine the highway driving experience here will be similar, which is to say you’ll long for another gear.

Is a car that’s noteworthy for its boring nature worth a trip to Mexico City and back? Only you can determine the appropriate answer.

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Mexico City, Mexico
$500 with one bid, reserve not met and six days to go

This is as good as it gets when it comes to front shots. We love the “V6” badge.

Rear shot is at least level.  Note the almost complete lack of curves.

Interior is full blue with vinyl bolsters/trim and cloth inserts and the condition appears to be excellent.  Note the manual shifter in the background…

Here’s that fancy, blue, two-spoke steering wheel.  Note that it has some cracks when viewed up close.

Here’s the money shot.  Yes, that’s a three-speed pattern.  The radio looks way too modern here.

Here’s the none-too-exciting 3.8L V6, which sits pretty far back in an engine bay designed to accommodate inline sixes and V8s.

Ad text:


Original mileage, paint, interiors and dashboard.
Three forward speeds plus reverse.
Deluxe wheels with new tires.
What you see in the pictures is what you get, the car is in really good conditions, it presents some small dents.
It’s worth mentioning that the car has never been involved in a car crash.

Please let me know any question you may have and I will happily answer them! 😀
Returns are not accepted.