L28 Powered 1955 Rambler Wagon

Here’s an odd swap: A 1955 Nash Rambler wagon with a Nissan/Datsun L28 inline six.

While the combination of brands is genuinely odd, this Nash would have had an I6 from the factory; so we assume this was a relatively easy fit.  Good news is this L28 should put out nearly twice the power of the original unit. So-so news is this is hooked up to an automatic trans. Still, anyone buying this is interested in a unique cruiser, so the slushbox may not be so bad.

The seller states this is a running and driving project in need of unspecified interior work and wheel balancing.  If it really is ready to run, the asking price of $3,550 seems pretty reasonable for something so interesting. We’d want to see the extent of the interior work needed – as only one pic is provided – and take a test drive to assess the supposed balance issue, however.

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Riverside, CA, USA

You just don’t see these anymore, especially in wagon form.  Prior model years had big fender skirts, but this year Rambler lifted up its skirt to reveal more wheel.

We love Nash’s interpretation of the classic wagon shape.

Front end is very, very Rambler.

As with all wagons, the rear 3/4 is something of a money shot.

Front the angle the major items in the interior seem to be complete, but carpet is needed.  If the needs are limited to carpet, upholstery and headliner, the cost to fix shouldn’t be too bad.  Apparent open head restraint hole may mean that’s a more modern bench seat.

Here’s the Datsun 280Z L28.  An Edelbrock four barrel feeds it now, instead of the original electronic fuel injection. We can understand that change in this swap, both in terms of easing the process and actually fitting the car’s image better. Of course, three big-ass Mikunis would work better.

Ad text:

1955 Nash Rambler station wagon, rare model, low mileage Datsun 280Z six cylinder engine, Nissan automatic transmission, 8 3/4 Ford rear end,oversized radiator, no overheating, new: Muffler, electric fuel pump, rear leaf springs, brake hoses,fuel cell, etc. Edelbrock carburator, Bob Sharp racing intake manifold, fuel regulator; aftermarket gauges,good body, personalized plates, chrome wheels, luggage rack on a cool factory humped roof, cool chubby body style, Needs Interior,wheel balancing; easy running/driving proyect;2017 registration, clean/clear Ca. title on hand, sacrifice! $3. show contact info ERO49.