Plymouth + Jeep + Oldsmobile = Awesome Off-Road Wagon!

Here’s a fine piece of ‘Muricana for Memorial Day. What we have here is a Plymouth Valiant wagon with Barracuda bits sitting on top of a Jeep Wagoneer frame and powered by an Olds 455. Aside from the automatics trans, this is basically perfect! As a matter of fact, we’ll accept an AT on an off-road vehicle like this.

Oh, did we mention the American Indian-themed, carved wood dashboard?

The seller claims this was in storage for 11 years and recently got a basic service to get it back on the road.  Hopefully, no major issues crop up.  If they do, the good news is this is built from basic and sturdy components which should be fairly easy to maintain.

The question is…what’s it worth to you?  We think this is a pretty awesome idea with good execution, save for the “conversation piece” dash.

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Phoenix, AZ, USA
$2,850 with 24 bids, reserve not met and three days to go

Barracuda bits butch up the front end vs. a stock Valiant.

These were always good looking wagons with nice lines. Oddly it fits the jacked-up theme pretty well.

Rear tail lights were significantly altered, perhaps to bring them down to line of sight?

Here’s the rather interesting dash.

Transfer case shifter is tucked away on the right.

Pep Boys seat covers probably mean shredded original seats lie beneath.

Rear seat wears what appears to be original upholstery.

Cargo space a’plenty!

Olds 455 should motivate this beast pretty well.

Ad text:

Custom 1964 Barracuda – 4X4 Wagon

valiant- hot rod- barracuda- gasser- custom- station wagon

Summer is back in Arizona.  These cars have no A/C.  I must either sell them or store them.

buick – Oldsmobile – olds – jeep – wagoneer – ford- chevy

“SWAMP THING” is a true One of a Kind car from a Punkin’ Center, Arizona estate.  Nice, straight and solid 1964 Plymouth Valiant Station Wagon body, mounted on a Jeep Wagoneer truck chassis. The good running Buick 455 sounds healthy through new 2¼ glass-pack duals, while shifted by a GM automatic transmission and transfer case.  Car has new 31×10.5R15LT mudders on American Racing wheels, locking hubs and  3.73 differentials.  Johnny Burton spent hundreds of hours Hand Carving the Beautiful Wood Dash. The animal and Native American theme is carried through to the dash knobs, door handles, shifter and door panels. A cheap AM-FM Cassette is housed in the custom wood console.  The swivel bucket seats and tilt column are from an Olds Cutlass.  It has a Barracuda grille, Ford Pinto taillights, and the bumpers are unknown origin.  The air and aah-ooga horns are operated from the lion’s heads and the acorns are the turn indicators.  It has true H.I.D. with diamond cut headlights and a 240w LED light bar.  It is licensed with Arizona title.

It was in storage past eleven years.  Car has been brought back to driving condition with a fresh oil change and tune.  New tires, brake shoes, master and slave cylinders, starter, fuel pump, lines and filter.  Has rebuilt carburetor, and a Camaro 3½ turn steering box. The odometer shows 1050 miles.  The actual mileage and other details are not known.

Car is currently a Rat Rod.  Have fun… Get it dirty!  It runs good and drives straight.  It still needs re-upholstered and some minor tweaks.