Auto Union 1000 S!

We at Oddimotive have heard of Auto Union and know that it became Audi in the 60s and, itself, was made up of a number of pre-war companies.  Any Auto Union is exceptionally rare in the US – possibly for good reason, as these two-stroke cars are better suited for the Eastern Bloc.

The engine is out of this car, but you might be able to pick it up and drop it in with no cherry picker. It’s a 1-liter, two-stroke, inline three-cylinder driving the front wheels.  That alone makes this a conversation piece.  In fact, not one, but TWO engines are included in this sale!

The seller offers precious little information beyond that, so we have to make the most of the tiny, poorly-cropped pictures.  Overall condition appears to be pretty good and it’s hard to put a value on something this rare.  Hagerty’s valuation tools, for example, don’t even list Auto Union.

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Mission Hills, CA

Put this one in the ‘never seen one’ file!  The 1000 came in a few body styles.  This appears to be a pillarless coupe.

Grill is appropriate for the period, yet just different enough from more common vehicles to raise an eyebrow.

Rear end reminds us of a shrunken Jaguar Mark in some ways.  Visibility should be excellent through the wrap-around rear glass.

Here’s the lone interior shot – it appears largely complete and in decent shape, but we can’t see much.

Yes, the rings belonged to Auto Union before it became Audi (when combined with other companies).

Lots of parts – apparently including more than one engine.

More parts!

Ad text:

Very rare 62 auto Union ,pre Audi for sale
Solid california car.
Engine out.
Comes with extra parts and an extra engine.
Calls only please
Clean title
Will ship


If you thought Saab’s 9-3 naming was slightly confusing, you need a DKW 3=6.  Post-war Auto Union, which would eventually become Audi, revived the DKW name for certain vehicles.  This was one of their answers to the VW Beetle (before Audi was acquired by VW).

Here we have 900cc of two-stroke, water-cooled, inline three cylinder manliness!  These are unusual enough not to have an easily-assigned value.  Our friends at Hagerty, for example, do not list this model.

There’s little info in the ad, but plenty of warning, as the car has been stored since 1967!  You’ll have to decide whether $3,500 is reasonable, given the condition.  At a minimum, the seller’s shop looks like a fun place to visit…

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Auburn, CA

Ad text:

Very rare 1957 Auto Union DKW 3=6 Coupe. Early Audi. All original, not running, stored since 1967. Very solid car for restoration, minimal rust. Needs glass. All emblems and trim are there. 

First $3500- cash takes it.

Located in Auburn, Ca 95603.

DKW Shnellaster: Perfect parts hauler for Audi driver?

This cool German microvan isn’t seen often, especially here in the us.  Of course, we love it and see great potential but this one is a bit of a project, to say the least.  These are sometimes thrown in with Microcars, but they don’t appear to be that small.  Either way, this would be quite the conversation piece!

DKW was one of several brands acquired along the way to creating the company we now know as Audi.

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Yellville, AR (who wants to visit there??)
$1,875 with 10 bids
Post by CG
12/07/2013 update: Sold for $5,400 with bids

Sporty! (??)
Warning sigh:  No engine, just a bell housing.

Looks, two engines!  Note that the seller indicates they MAY not be correct engines for the vehicle.

The rings in the logo should be

Ad text:

This very rare DKW has been off the road since 1969. It still carries the CA black plates with the 1969 stickers on them. It came to Arkansas, according to the story I was told, as a tow vehicle behind a camper. The owner forgot to mix in the 2 stroke oil when filling up and the engine seized. It got left behind and sat ever since. I do have the 1969 Certificate of Ownership (Title) and some registration cards from before 1969.

There are two engines, the original one and a spare. The body is in good shape with only minor corrosion damage. The wooden floor boards in front are gone but the rear is still intact. The car rolls and can be pulled with the original pull bar. The van is missing the rh rear bumper half and the front bumper. I do have the grill that is detachable as well as one glass cover for a headlight. I also have the gas tank and the second seat which was mounted on hinges so it could be stored out of the way to get to the back.
Again, the body does not need much and doors and hood are also in remarkably good shape. This is a great opportunity to get a very rare micro car from the 50’s 
The car is listed locally and I reserve the right to end the auction at any given time. Cash talks.

On Oct-06-13 at 07:07:27 PDT, seller added the following information:
 I looked the truck over again to be able to answer a question regarding the engines correctly and found the data tag. It states that it has been build in 1957 but the title states 1958

On Oct-07-13 at 03:21:49 PDT, seller added the following information:
 I am sorry to say but have been contacted and told, that the engines coming with the truck may not be original Schnellaster engines due to the location of the distributor. I’ve been told they are when I purchased the truck but want to disclose this information anyway, just to be fair.