Double Cab Ute: Datsun U620

Most Datsun pickups from the 60s and 70s were standard, two-seat affairs with separate beds – much like almost every other pickup out there. There were a few oddballs, though, including the Sunny Ute we previously featured and today’s U620. This is the Ute version of the 620 pickup and arguably the coolest (and weirdest) Datsun pickup ever made.

It’s never been clear to us whether any of these Utes were originally sold in the US, but some have certainly made it here. This U620, however, is not one of those, as it is in Costa Rica.

The seller lists mileage as a bit over 250K, but we’re not sure if that miles or kilometers. That’s about all we know about the car, other than the claim that it is “running great.” The seller recommends direct contact for details and so do we.

If the import costs aren’t insane, we think the $5K opening bid isn’t crazy for a truly unique find like this.  It’s even arguably useful – or at least as useful as a Subaru Baja. Aren’t all vehicles measured against the Baja?

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Buenos Aires, Costa Rica
$5,000 with ZERO bids, $8,000 BIN price and five days to go

Yes, folks, the El Camino was noticed outside the US.

From this angle, this could pass for just a lifted car with some odd styling choices.

Another cool angle!  Front end is pure Datsun tuck.

One more look.

Here’s a shot of the bed – it should be useful for several bags of compost or a few kegs.

Interior is pure Datsun truck, but the seats look to have been replaced.

Things look clean under the hood and the seller claims the truck runs and drives well.

Ad text:

I have this really rare Datsun U620 (1972)  I have the title and the car is legally circulating in Costa Rica. The car is running great and it has the original engine. This car is four speed manual and the engine is the A15 1500cc, the pictures best describe the awesome condition of the car. What you see in the pictures is what you get. However, if you need more pictures or information about the condition of the car, please contact me before bidding.

I am a legal exporter in Costa Rica, and I have exported cars internationally before. I will provide you with the legal Invoice and all the export documentation once the full payment is processed. I will be in charge of every shipping arrangement for exporting the car from Cota Rica, but the buyer will be responsible for paying every Costa Rican custom and local fees regarding shipping the car. I already have a shipping company that I work with and I will be in constant contact with the buyer in the whole process, the freight will be paid directly to the shipping company once you get the car in the final destination port you selected. As soon as the car leaves the port in Costa Rica I will provide the tracking number of the container or vessel, and before the car gets to the destination port I will release the waybill once the full payment of the car is confirmed. The buyer will responsible for every custom and importing costs or arrangements in the US.

The total shipping costs depends on the customs inspections the car goes through (in Costa Rica and the US), however and I can provide you with an approximate amount once you inform me about the destination you want to ship the car.

Regarding times since you buy the car and you get it in the US, depends on the vessel departures dates in Costa Rica and the inspections the car goes through in both countries, but an accurate range of time is around 3 to 6 weeks.

Make some research about this rare car, there are just few of them in the world.
Sold “as is where is without warranty written or expressed”
Ask all questions you want before you bid.
I can store for up to 2 months at no charge ( if paid in full within 7 days) while buyer saves for the shipping costs.
Please call Ariel at 011 506 xxxxxxxx to ask questions. I speak English.
Thanks for bidding