Double Cab Ute: Datsun U620

Most Datsun pickups from the 60s and 70s were standard, two-seat affairs with separate beds – much like almost every other pickup out there. There were a few oddballs, though, including the Sunny Ute we previously featured and today’s U620. This is the Ute version of the 620 pickup and arguably the coolest (and weirdest) Datsun pickup ever made.

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Yule…er…Ute Tide! 1977 Holden One Tonner

Any car person worth his or her weight in dung knows that Australia loves its utes, but not everyone knows that genuine chassis cab configurations were available at times.  Today’s feature is a 1977 Holden HZ One Tonner and is one such beast.  Oddly, this one found its way to Indianapolis.

Mileage is stated as 67K, but it’s not clear whether that’s accurate.  In fact, the seller provides precious little info, but claims to have been driving it and claims it can run on propane (something that wasn’t altogether too uncommon at one time).  The 253 CID (ugh…4.1L) V8 probably won’t amaze anyone, but will sound good and work well enough.

The ad says this is a 1977 “HZ” model, but several things tell us it might be newer.  As a matter of fact, this looks remarkably like a 1985 Holden “WB”.  Regardless, what would you do with this oddity?

Click for eBay ad
Indianapolis, IN, USA
$4,509 with 8 bids, reserve not met, $7,000 BIN price and 1/2 day to go

Yes, this is an amalgamation of a very parental (or police?) 70s or 80s GM sedan and a flatbed truck.

Here’s the bed.  We think a stake bed would be more useful unless this is going to haul ATVs, karts or engines.

From this angle, things look pretty normal.  This front end is pretty clearly WB.

Of course, this features right-hand drive.  Interior is what one would expect in a GM from this era, though the steering wheel looks very aftermarket.  Unfortunately, that’s a column-mounted automatic shifter; so this isn’t a three-on-the-tree car.

Seats don’t look stock for 1977 and neither does the center console.  Hmm.

Here’s the 253 V8 with a strange air filter arragement atop the small carb.  Presumably, that has something to do with the propane conversion.

Ad text:

This is an Australian Gm. factory produced pick up.

1977 Factory model , it powered by a GM engine 253 cubic inches and a trimatic  transmission with a Borg Warner rear end .

It runs on Gasoline and also can  run on propane for long range driving .

It has a Indiana title clear .

I imported it it a few years ago and have been driving it

It drives very well and in good condition .

Kevin 317 xxx xxxx

Hot, Ranchero-Style Ute

What’s hotter than a GMC Diablo?  How about a Ford Ranchero Habanero?

Unlike the Diablo, this was not a factory theme.  Apparently, someone decided this needed to exist and ensured you’d have no doubt, given the “themed badging throughout.”  Sadly, no one told the seller than habanero peppers are orange, as opposed to red.  All that aside, this is a very nice Ranchero with a four-barrel-equipped 351 Cleveland, which should put out plenty-o-torque.

The seller sums it up as follows:
“Ready for any show and shine…….and ready to knock out your friend on their collective tuckass !!”

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Long Biotch, CA

This clearly has the resto-mod look, with blacked-out bumpers and trim, plus the modern wheels.  It wears it well.

Here’s one of the many ‘themed badges.’

I’m not sure what’s up with the colored headlights.  Note the ‘themed badge’ on the grille.

The metal looks straight here.

Interior has modern seats for a mild custom look.  The console with column shift is a little baffling.  I see ‘habanero’ spelled out at least twice in this view.

Shift knob is a pepper – agian, red.

Engine bay is clean, but not ridiculously detailed.  Intake, carb and air cleaner are not stock, but no one went chrome crazy here.

Ad text:

1972 custom ford ranchero. The “habanero” has themed badging throughout. Very unique. Low original mileage (74k) california rust free car. Lots and lots of upgrades. 20″ chrome wheels, lowered suspension, custom wood console with gt style tachometer. Custom auto sound modern stereo in old school style (so that the dash doesn’t have to get cut. Front power disc brakes. 351 Cleveland 4bbl engine with auto trans, edelbrock aluminum intake and carb. Wood steering wheel, pro car reclining bucket seats, charcoal suede headliner, oil pressure gauge, habanero shift knob, billet grille, red halo headlights, and the list of upgrades goes on and on. Professional fresh two stage clearcoat over jet black monotone paint scheme, colorsanded and polished to show off the straight body. Must be seen to be believed. Quite a special car that would also perform great as a daily driver. Ready for any show and shine…….and ready to knock out your friend on their collective tuckass !! Will consider orTher automotive or musical trades. full video available on vehicle upon request.

Rare in USA (or anywhere) Nissan Sunny Ute

We’ll admit right here that we didn’t know this existed.  Apparently, a Sunny-based Ute (AKA small truck) was once sold in Australia and Japan.  Needles to say,we love it!

This particular example has a couple mods we’d reverse, but we like the upgrade engine and dual Mikunis.

Click for eBay ad
Bellevue, Washington
$2,225 with 28 bids (!) and no reserve
Post by CG’
10/24/2013 update:  SOLD for $5,100 with 57 bids!  That’s a fair amount of money, but Japanese classics have been climbing and it’s still a lot of cool for 5K.

This little guy has cool lines!

The window mural and fart can exhaust would be first to go if we owned it.

Nice, legible gauges include a tach.  Approved!

Tasty carbs…

Ad text:

Rare vehicle, never sold new in United States – a factory 1200 ute. This is a Japan-market Nissan Sunny Truck, one of approximately 15 or so in the USA, and one of the few RHD ones here, and maybe the only longbed (most are short beds). It is a unibody pickup similar to an El Camino, but much smaller. The drivetrain, interior and front sheet metal is the same as the Datsun 1200 sedan & coupe. With such a small size, the 1.4 liter engine really moves it.

It is right-hand drive and has a clear Washington State title. Has a larger 1.4 liter engine instead of the original 1200 engine, and is fitted with dual Mikuni-Solex carburetors and big-tube stainless exhuast. It is a beautiful metallic blue with flared fenders and shaved bed rails for a sleek appearance. Fitted with an FRP lightweight tailgate and period alloy 5-slot wheels. Tires are 55 series but are at the end of their useful life span. The sound it makes is wonderful, as expected with dual sidedrafts it is a snarl/growl. It has a stainless steel cannon muffler at the back with a large turbo muffler under the bed. It has coilover front suspension and lowered rear suspension.

This is a show-winner. Won 2nd Place-Best 1200 at the 2007 Blue Lake, Oregon All Datsun-Nissan show and 2nd Place-Best of Show for 2008. Best Place-Early Model in 2009. Best Place-Early Model at JCCS 2009. Best Of Class at the 2011 Greenwood Car Show (Seattle’s largest car show). Best Datsun 70s-3rd-place at JCCS 2012.

It has been continually registered since I purchased it in 2007. I have driven it several times a year mostly to car shows including many 500 mile trips. Last September I made a 3000 mile trip from Seattle to LA, San Diego as far as the border and back again.

Now for the downsides. It is very small, much smaller than most Datsun trucks, and there isn’t much legroom, though I’m 6-1″ and it suits me fine. There is a small crack in the edge of the hood which has become rusty where it cracked (see photo). Also a quarter-sized paint bubble on the top of fender (not immediately visible, see photo). No rust through anywhere that I know of, also see the under-floor mat photos. There is a half-dollar sized spot on each door where the finish paint came off when the previous owner’s stickers were removed (see photos, left side has a show badge covering it). The black paint inside the cargo bed is partially flaked off exposing the original blue underneath (see photo). The FRP tailgate has a crack along the top edge (see photo). Stainless exhaust header has a crack, making it somewhat loud. Engine has a slight tick/tap when cold. It has a used Datsun B210 A14 engine, which leaks a bit of oil but otherwise runs good. Exhaust system hanger has torn loose resulting in a small exhaust leak. Left rear fender flare/wheel opening has a scrape and is currently covered in black tape (see photo). One seat cover has a very small rip at the seam. All in all, a great runner but could use some detailing to make it show-ready once again.