Commie Crawler: 1990 Lada Niva

Here we have arguably the best Soviet car ever made – one so good that it’s still in production. Its the Lada Niva, the ultimate off-road hatchback! As a 1990 model, this is still Soviet, too, not only Russian.

The seller claims this example has been restored to original condition and has 82K miles (or kilometers?). It was supposedly operated by a military base commander in Belarus. What the seller doesn’t mention is off-road capability rivaling anything else you can buy.  Here’s a nice video of Nivas in action and doing most of what any Land Rover or Jeep can do.

If I had extra cash and time right now, I’d do “fly in/drive home” and document it. Alas, I don’t. Hopefully, someone will snap this up and get it dirty!

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Dallas, TX, USA
$10,921 with ZERO bids and three days to go

Passersby might wonder why a simple hatchback has beefy tires, but they won’t pay much attention to this.

Interior is fairly austere, as one would expect. Note multiple shifters.

Back seat might accommodate your kid seats.

Hatch offers plenty of space and that seatback might fold down. Rubber mat looks a bit aftermarket.

As with many cars from the region and era, the spare is mounted under the hood. Power comes from a 1.6L four, so don’t expect a massively sporting experience when on-road.

Ad text:

This car was recently restored and is in amazing clean running condition.
Restored as close as possible to the original factory condition , even with factory anti-corrosion movil grease.
This car was not driven much and never abused.
Its an absolutely awesome, unique and unusual car for the USA and it is quite a head turner.

Interesting story. This NIVA was a personal vehicle of helicopter military base commander in Belarus and originally was manufactured to be imported to Sweden.
It has miles/km speedometer.
One minus: rear windshield viper motor doesn’t work and I didn’t want to to exchange it for an aftermarket one ( It’s original and made in USSR)

VIN: XTA212100L0802959

I know I’m selling the Classic part of History that is well worth the money in this condition! especially when you consider the hassle hassle of finding the car, expenses of restoring it, logistics / Exporting it and importing it and etc…
Also, take in consideration that this car has not been “enhanced” by barbarians and is sold restored and in original condition.

Located in Dallas TX Zip Code 75287. Local Pick up only. I do not ship ( unless you arrange everything)

Thank you for your time.