Lada Niva Somewhere in Russia

We love the Lada Niva here at Oddimotive!  These offer hatchback looks and functionality with Jeep off-road capability and Eastern Bloc mystique.  This one is offered be a zero feedback seller in Russia who provides previous little information.  What could go wrong?

Claimed mileage is 62K, but we imagine that’s kilometerage.  The seller does claim is has roof rack, tow hitch, gas equipment and new suspension and that the transmission is Руководство.  Google translates that to “leader.”  Did these even come with automatics transmissions?  Hopefully not…

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Екатеринбург, Свердловская область, Russian Federation
$8,100 BIN price with offers considered and 6 days to go

This is as good a picture as the seller provided.  Classic Niva lines are clearly visible.

Here’s part of the rear.

In case you were interested in the door handle…

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roof rack, tow hitch, gas equipment, new suspension 
USSR (1985 release)

The Best Vehicle Ever Made in Ulyanovsk, Russia?

This just might be!  It’s the UAZ-469, otherwise known as the goat.  This was/is basically the commie Jeep.

There was even an ill-fated attempt to build and sell these in the US.  It always makes sense to bring low-cost vehicles from places with low labor cost and attempt to build them in a country with very high labor cost.  What could go wrong?

The seller of this vehicle claims to be the original owner, says it was bought in 1992 and claims very low kilometerage.  What’s not explained is how it is legally usable on US roads.  Is it?

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Houston, TX

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I am the original owner of this UAZ Russian Jeep which I purchased in Moscow in 1992. I have maintained it but driven almost never. It is in as new condition. Runs great.

This is a great vehicle for a hunt camp, a ranch or farm. Fabulous vehicle for off road use. There are many YouTube videos extolling its abilities. It is not a highway cruiser as top speed is about 60 mph.

This vehicle is all over Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Parts are readily available, though this vehicle needs nothing.

Four wheel drive has super low gearing for mudding or trail riding.

Not a lotta Lada

I love the Lada Niva. After all it’s a shitbox hatchback with real off-road capability and Soviet charm.  The were never sold in the US, but were available in Canada for some time.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t as good underneath as it looks on top.

The seller warns this one is good and rusty underneath.  Too bad, as it’s a claimed low mileage vehicle that the seller says will start and run (with fuel fed to it).  Hopefully, the parts will live on with an owner that can weld up the rusty bits or in another vehicle…

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Kingston, NY
$1,500 BIN or offer
02/19/2014 update: SOLD for $1,500

Interior is pretty awesomely simply, but really not terrible. It looks to be in good shape.

Note the 4WD system controls.

Things don’t look bad under here.  Photo backs up the idea that someone got it running with a gas can.

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I’ve listed this as a 1980 model because the E-bay format won’t accept the Russian VIN # that’s required for all vehicles built in 1981 or later. So be aware that it’s actually a 1981 and the VIN # can be found in the photo section. I’m listing this SUV for a friend so if you have any questions about it I’ll check with him and get back to you. But if you found this listing you already know more about it than I do. This is a very rare vehicle in the lower 48. He purchased it new in Canada in ’81 and didn’t use it much. It’s been sitting for the last 20 years. It has just 18,000 km on the odometer. (that’s 11,200 miles for we Yanks) We started it up recently and the engine and drive train are excellent. The fuel line is plugged up as you might expect but when we gravity-fed fuel to it, it ran strong. The seats are in good shape and there are lots of usable parts if you’re restoring one of these. As you can see from the pictures, the body looks fair, But trust me, underneath there’s a ton of rust. If you want it to restore, you’d better be good with a torch. Buy it for parts or it goes to the crusher.  It can be picked up at Mark’s Auto Repair in Kingston, NY. Make an offer.