Super Rare (in US) Peugeot P4

Celebrate the potential return of Peugeot and/or Citroen to the US market with an oddball, French military Peugeot product, which should also be a thoroughly capable off-roader.

Good news here is this shares parts with the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen and uses a Peugeot diesel, which, hopefully, means parts aren’t too hard to find – at least non-body parts. The starting bid isn’t cheap, but is likely below G-wagen prices and this has some interesting oddball cache, assuming you can register it in your state. This example supposedly was “refurbished in France for a UN contract” and is “mechanically perfect.” What’s it worth to you?

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Fort Wayne, IN, USA
$14,750 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Yep – pretty much a G-wagen with a few interesting differences. That’s a good thing!

Profile is utilitarian, like the rest. Soft top is a nice touch.

This does appear to be in good shape and it is appropriate in UN white.

Interior is about what one would expect – again, utilitarian.

Gauges are adequate and that’s about it.

There’s room here for some French soldiers or your family.

Seller claims this is the same engine used in a 505 diesel, so that could mean US parts and service aren’t impossible!

Ad text:

For Sale is a very unique 1985 (not 1980-Ebay does not recognize the VIN) Peugeot P4 imported from France. These are very rare in the US. This vehicle was refurbished in France for a UN contract. Mechanically perfect with approximately 14,000 miles (22,626 kilometers). It is essentially a Mercedes G-wagon with a Peugeot 505 diesel motor and 4 speed transmission.

“The Peugeot P4 is a light, unarmoured, four-wheel-drive vehicle manufactured by Peugeot, and used by French Military with the designation of “Light all-terrain vehicle”. It is based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and equipped with Peugeot engine and transmission.”

This truck comes with clean Indiana title and all import paperwork. Parts for the 505 are readily available in the US. Many other parts are MB and also available in the US. Three (3) nearly identical vehicles are available for sale. Inspections are welcome.

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