Mid-Engine Military Volvo

We in the US didn’t see them often, but Volvo made some thoroughly impressive and interesting military vehicles over the years.  This C303 platform was under many truly a go-anywhere vehicles, and today’s feature is the “TGB 1111” variant, which means it’s the (sporty?) cabriolet version.

The seller provides almost no information, but we know this is powered by a midships-mounted inline six cylinder.  Those familiar with the luxurious Volvo 164 will recognize the B30 engine.

It’s not clear whether any top is included in this sale, which may or may not matter to the next owner.  It seems like this would have been a chilly ride with no top in Denmark.

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Lime, Mørke, Denmark
$2000 with 1 bid, reserve not met and 7 days to go

Cab forward design should provide a commanding view of the trail ahead.

Full roll bar could be good news for anyone who really wants to test this vehicle’s capabilities.

The last business to own the truck seems to have left its logo on the rear door.

Rear view – still not much to look at.

Interior is less spartan than suggested.  Hopefully, it is water proof?  Manual shifter look like a bit of a reach, but we’re happy to see it.

The rear-facing, right-side passenger can work on the engine whilst someone else drives!

Here’s a closeup of the logo – apparently a fence company, if are to believe Google Translate.  Note the interesting passenger layout and familiar SU carb.

Ad text:

“Brakes needs to be fix, for more info write”

 18000km fun truck

Psuedo-HMMWV Custom Off-Roader

The seller claims this was built for desert warfare at a cost of over $100K; but doesn’t say by whom nor how that adds up to a $9,900 asking price today.  Regardless, it’s certainly odd.

This was apparently built to be seriously durable and the images back that up, what with beefy axles and suspension.  Power comes from a Jeep Liberty Diesel – not huge displacement, but likely torquey enough.  Oddly, the seller claims front and rear air conditioning; so one can participate in desert warfare in comfort, if not style.

There’s no way this will be street legal; so how can we assess the value?  Perhaps $10K seems like a good deal if you have lots of private land on which to enjoy this thing…

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Kailua, HI, USAs
$9,900 BIN price

Ingress/Egress much?

Top-hinged front doors are, well, distinctive.  Overall styling is purposeful.

An inverter system is included in the sale and we guess that is/was hooked up to the outlets on the rear of the vehicle.

Interior is mostly cage; so this won’t carry a lot of people and maybe not even a lot of stuff.

Gauge ‘cluster’ is an all-in-one unit.

Here’s that rear.  One could construct a flat floor atop the tubes…

Presumably, this diesel is in the front.

Ad text:

selling a experimental humvee that’s in new condition. Its an extreme 4×4 built for the war in afghanistan and iraq its all custom built from the ground up. The frame is all steel pipe baja racing frame made in califonia, Currie axles with 4.56 gearing and air lockers front and back. It has 4 link suspension front and back with race runner air shocks and air bump stops, holley electric fuel pump, aluminum fuel cell, Drive train is from an 06 2.8L CRD turbo diesel 24mpg jeep liberty with automatic trans and 242 transfer case that has 2wd,part time 4wd,full time 4wd and low gear 4wd, Hydraulic steering,  Racepack UDX display dash, Quick release steering wheel, A/C front and back,Horn, headlights, Blinkers, Brake lights, Windshield wipers, Willow disc brakes front and back, Hutchinson bead lock rims with 315/75r16 bf goodrich m/t tires, It was hooked up with the Auragen 5000 watt alternator powering system but I removed it to put in a regular alternator but it comes with the humvee if you ever want to hook it back up again also comes with a spare hutchinson bead lock rim and tire. Everything on vehicle is almost like new and built very heavy duty. There is no vin# or ownership papers for this is a custom vehicle i can only provide a bill of sale not sure if you could make this street legal Ive never tried. This vehicle cost well over  $100,000 to build for sure I was told the frame alone was 30k. I will take it to matson for you to help with the shipping process I believe it will cost around $1500. to ship to long beach califonia from hawaii.  I have thought of every thing I could if you have any ? I’ll try to answer them as best i could..thanks

Cool Oddity or just Waste of Taxpayer Money?

Supposedly, this “Baha style” (SIC) oddity was the result of SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants to the tune of $1.5M (click for link to one grant).  We don’t know exactly how that works, but it would seem that some sucker might call this a bargain at $16,500.  On the other hand, it’s not clear that a running vehicle is part of the deal and it is clear that this won’t be street legal, what with no VIN.

The seller provides a lot of info swiped from the SBIR site, but not much on the current state of the vehicle, except: “Interior was removed by Government. Front and back bumper are missing. Does not come with batteries.”

The ad does include pics of controllers and such, so an EV person might be able to get this going.  There’s a VW TDI engine on-board as a range extender, but no comment as to running condition.  Yes, we’re withholding our TDI comments for the moment, and it would seem this is an older one, anyway…

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Suffolk, VA, USA
$16,500 with ZERO bids and 1 day to go

This face doesn’t look like anything else out there.  Don’t worry about the lack of a license plate mount – it’s not likely this will ever be street legal.

This angle reveals some of the source vehicle.  Dodge Durango Dakota?? (Edit: original post included a brain fart, calling this a Durango.  Of course, it’s the pickup version’s cab.)

Profile is, well, unique.

We guess this is under the ‘hood’.  The shocks supposedly use the same technology as GM’s Magna-Ride.

This seems to be a rear view.  Fuel cell presumably stores the diesel.

Here’s the 1.9L TDI engine.  As far as we can tell, it’s only a range extender and is not directly coupled to the wheels.

We think this is a forward-facig shot, but we’re not sure.  The door panels seem to confirm our suspicion.

Ad text:

This Baha Style Hybrid Electric four wheel drive vehicle is a one of a kind prototype…Propulsion is from four 100kW (134HP x 4 = 536HP), liquid cooled, axial gap permanent magnet motors energized by four 100kW, liquid cooled, DC to 3 Phase AC inverter controllers one for each motor…The suspension is performed by four coil over magneto-rheological controlled shocks with controller. The on-board internal combustion engine (ICE) is a 1.9L Turbo Diesel Volkswagen engine to be used as a generator when batteries run low or as additional power when high demand requires more power. 
Construction of this vehicle began in 1997 when the first SBIR Grant was awarded and was again modified in 2003 during a second SBIR Grant. Abstracts of each SBIR are detailed below.

Hybrid Electric High Mobility Scout Mongrel Vehicle with Active Suspension $747,913.00 
Davis Technologies International, Inc.
5025 ARAPAHO RD – STE 505 
Dallas, TX 75248

The objective of this project is to develop a significantly improved ground vehicle or military reconnaissance considering high speed over rough terrain and high mobility as prime requirements. Concepts in hybrid electric drive and active suspension will be explored, and a practical system selected. Independent-drive wheels, combined with advanced compressible fluid active suspension, all supervised by advanced fuzzy logic controls, provide the synergy to achieve greater vehicle performance levels in mobility, better speed over various terrain and side slopes, and gradeability speed improvement beyond the state of the art. The project will investigate the use of a single combination joystick control to adjust speed, direction, ride height, and chassis attitude. By using vehicle attitude control, side slope capability will be enhanced, approaching the 60 degrees requirement, constant torque motors will provide high gradeability speeds and series parallel motors will provide the speed range capability. The proposed concept is feasible and has the potential to fulfill the Army’s need for a high mobility scout vehicle. BENEFITS: The future need for a high speed, high mobility scout vehicle has already been identified by the military. This class of vehicle will have a significant potential as a civilian off-road vehicle as well. This project will significantly advance the envelope of off-road performance and wartime maneuverability.

Complex Obstacle Traversing Suspension System for Wheeled Ground Vehicles $729,934.00 
Tiax LLC
35 Hartwell Avenue 
Lexington, MA 02421

The goal of this Phase II project is to develop and fabricate propulsion and suspension components for the Army Mongrel Test Vehicle. The suspension system will be built around a swing arm design that is common to all four corners of the vehicle. Each corner will have electric in-wheel motors with planetary gear hubs (for torque amplification) for propulsion and hydraulic brakes for quick stopping (the electric motors will provide for regenerative braking capability). The swing arm design will also be fabricated to accept two different semi-active suspension systems. The first utilizes a magneto-rehological (MR) damper with coil-over spring made by Carrera. The second uses a compressible fluid damper system made by Liquid Spring Technologies. This compressible fluid system will be used in parallel with a wheel lift mechanism to allow for greatly improved obstacle traversing capability by allowing for the independent lifting or lowering of each wheel corner.

More Info:
This vehicle is a one of a kind prototype made for the Army. I have spoken to a civilian test driver who said he drove this vehicle on the Army test course and through the desert. Reporting that while driving at 55mph over railroad tracks, he didn’t even spill his coffee. He also stated the Army test driver inadvertently launched the vehicle into the air during its climb of a 60 degree slope. The vehicle reportedly landed on all four wheels and sustained no damage.
When tested, this vehicle was reportedly controlled by a fuzzy logic controller and F-111 fighter joystick, neither of which were present when I received the vehicle. The interior was removed from the vehicle prior to my ownership. However the vehicle does include the Electric Motor Inverters, Engine Controls, and Shock absorber controller. The chassis is custom made and includes a roll cage. The front of the car has a set of rails for a battery box which slid in and out the front. There is a onboard electric winch for pulling a battery box inside. Under the hood is a radiator and coolant reservoir for the cooling system related to the electric drive motors and the inverter controllers. It can also be adapted to cool a battery box as well. The radiator has two electric fans on the back side.
The rear mounted internal combustion engine does not include the generator that was attached to it, but does include the bell housing and flywheel for the generator. Engine fuel is provide via the mounted Fuel Cell Racing Tank just in front of the engine.
The wheels are driven by electric motors at each wheel. As you can see in the pictures, the car has some over sized steel plates protecting the bottoms of the motors. These can be either removed or shortened by about 4″. It looks like a beast because it is. The car has four wheel disc brakes. The wheels are attached to specialized geared hubs that can have their gear ratios changed for different capabilities. Currently the ratio is about 4:1 which should net a higher speed than the 9:1 tested in the sand environment. I will include a copy of a University study on this concept for this vehicle only to the winning bidder.

I will provide a bill of sale for this vehicle because it has never been titled. I listed the date of manufacture as 1776 because had I put 2003 ebay required a valid Vin number, which this prototype does not have. And I’m a proud American so 1776 it is.

If you want to see the vehicle in person, just send me a message and we will make it available to view. Because of the unique nature of the construction of this vehicle, I won’t allow anyone to take photos of the vehicle during the inspection. The winning bidder can take as many as they want after they get it. Even though it would be quite an expensive task to duplicate this vehicle, we did have someone view it with that purpose in mind. We just want to protect the new owners property in case they want a little secrecy for their new toy. Though this car will require some equipment to make it complete, I feel the car comes with the major components and engineering already paid for to the tune of about $1,500,000.00. That makes this a once in a lifetime deal for some lucky bidder.

Munga means Mehrzweck UNiversal Geländewagen mit Allradantrieb

Which, in  turn, means “multi-purpose universal cross-country car with all-wheel drive”, at least if we trust Wikipedia.  This 1960 DKW Munga is super-rare in the US.  Be the only one in your zip code!

The seller provides almost no information, except that an extra chassis is included in the sale (?!).  At a $1,200 asking price, don’t get your hopes up regarding condition…

Click for Craigslist ad
Phelan, CA

Ad text:

Selling a 1960’s Munga Project. This German made jeep has four wheel drive and four wheel steering. Also comes with an extra chassis.

If your looking for a unique and capable vehicle and sure to be the only one at any show, this is it, there only seem to be a few in the states.

If it Floats Like a DUKW and Drives Like a DUKW. It’s a DUKW.

The DUKW, known as the Duck, was a World-War II amphibious 6×6 truck.  These often do tour duty, these days, so it’s not too surprising this was someone’s dream in Newport Beach, CA.

The seller claims the hull was recently blasted and primed and that the engine was rebuilt, though hasn’t been started since (how long??).  Other parts, such as windscreen and Central Tire Inflation System hubs, are included in the sale, though not pictured.

Apparently, the seller has a rare trailer for this.  One would hope never to need the trailer for an amphibious vehicle, but it must exist for a reason (recovery?).

Are you interested in starting a tour business?  This could be just the ticket.  Click here for examples.  At $52K, the initial investment isn’t tiny, but we’re sure you can obtain sufficient financing through the masterful crafting of an SBA loan application.

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Newport Beach, CA

This is ‘styling’ not seen in a typical Oddimotive post…

Yes, that’s a hull with wheels.

It looks pretty much the same on this side.

Yes, it does have a prop for water propulsion!  In its day, this could achieve almost 7 MPH on water!  We wonder what’s leaking…

Here’s the helm.  It’s not clear whether all controls are present and functional.

Cargo/passenger compartment is a blank slate.

Here’s the inline six engine.  Apparently, this needs a floor in the helm area…

Ad text:

1942 G.M.C. D.U.K.W. WW2 Amphibious 2.5 ton 6X6 truck. This DUKW is in great shape and does not require much hull repair to be in sea worthy condition. It has been sand blasted inside and out, primed and painted. The original 270 GMC straight six has been re built and never started. The radiator has been re cored as well. The DUKW has most of the parts to get her put back together including the CTIS hubs and windshield. I have a clean title in hand for the DUKW. I also have a extremely rare DUKW trailer 1 of 7 in existence I can sell for an additional $3500. I am interested in a trade for a 2010 – 2015 Dodge ram 2500 – 3500 crew or mega cab 4×4 truck with the Cummins diesel low mileage and fully loaded.

Are you Considering a WWII Reenactment?

If the answer is yes, then  you might just need this 1942 White half track!

The seller claims this truck saw action in WWII and Korea and has lived in Northern California for quite some time.

You NEED this in your collection!

Click for Craigslist ad
Studio City, CA

Here’s the front view.  It pretty much looks like a half track.

At least one extra track is included.  That should save a trip to Discount Tire.

Here’s my favorite features, a vintage winch by Tulsa Winch Company – made in my hometown.

Open the armored door and you’ll find an interior that epitomizes 1940s military luxury.

The cockpit is, well, utilitarian.

The seller claims this old diesel will run.  Hmm.

Ad text:


Verry cool 1942 White WWII Half Track Model M16A2. This half track was used in WWII and then was rebuilt for the Korean WAR. When it was rebuilt for the Korean War it had huge self cooling machine guns and the truck waid 10 tons. With some work this will make a verry unique vintage truck to own and drive. The Engine turns over and It will Run with a little work. It was registered years ago and is street legal. It also has three extra rear track that go with it. Thay go for around $1,200. each.


Meatball command? VolvoTP21 Sugga Command car

Volvo had AWD/4WD vehicles long before Judge Reinhold climbed under one in the late 90s.  Here we have a Swedish military command vehicle which mostly speaks for itself.

Are you a Volvo fan?  Might you be a huge fan of the Swedish military?  This could be the car for you!  The seller claims it doesn’t need TOO much, but we have no idea how easy or difficult it is to find parts and we don’t have a really good way to figure a value here.  We just know we love these unusual Volvos and that this car-like design is perhaps the coolest.

Click for eBay ad
New Haven, VT
$19,700 BIN or offer
Posted by CG
01/04/2014 update:  Ended unsold, the relisted with same price and same result

Ad text:

I am not a SUGGA expert.  I assume if you have found this vehicle on here you are either very knowledgeable about these rare trucks or like me, intrigued enough to want one or know more about one.  I know they are rare.  I also know of all the vehicles I have had on my car lot, NONE have drawn more attention than this vehicle.  Put it next to a super car, monster truck, or classic hot rod and they will crawl over it’s hood to look at this rig!!  I have had this at my shop for close to two years and we have serviced it for an absentee owner who bought it as a toy.  He flew in, drove it a week, had his fun and now has commissioned me to sell it.  

New in the last 2 years

-brakes including shoes and hardware
-4 tires and tubes
– tune up, fluids ect.
-radiator was rebuilt

Things it needs (may or may not be limited to)-
-water pump needs to come off and be rebuilt, it runs and moves but it could come apart at any point.  
-leaky wheel cylinder, brakes are spongy

I am selling this as-is.  The customer doesn’t want to hear about it anymore and I have no time or room to keep it around.  The truck does run good, one of the few rigs you pull the choke, hit the key and it goes. The brakes and water pump are an issue hat would keep you from driving it any sort of distance but it goes fine.

Again, I am happy to answer any questions about THIS SUGGA.  I am not a SUGGA expert, I don’t know their entire history ect. but I know they are rare and REALLY COOL. Please feel free to email me for more pictures or any more questions you may have.  If you would like to inspect the vehicle or have a third party inspection you are more than welcome.  I will also help with shipping on my end however all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.  A deposit is required with 24 hours of auction end and payment should be made with wire transfer or CASH IN PERSON.

Vehicle is sold with a BILL OF SALE and I have a copy of the owners current registration.  In VT, any vehicle older than 15 years old is not titled.  If you can’t get a title in YOUR state with these requirements, BUY IT KNOWING THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE A TITLE OR DON”T BID.

Land Rover 101FC

These beasts don’t come up for sale often, but they’re awfully cool.  This could be just right for an eccentric collector.

This one has apparently been re-engined with a modern Rover 3.9L V8.  The seller goes out of his or her way to point out how fast this vehicle is, which is a bit odd, considering what it is.

Click for eBay ad
Charlotte, VT
$7,100 with four bids and reserve not met
07/28/2013 update: Ended at $11,300 with six bids and reserve not met

Bonus points for military regalia in a shot!

I don’t think the driver is properly dressed here, unless this is the White House/Black Market special edition.

Ad text:

3.9L V8 Range Rover Petrol engine swap, Left-hand drive. 12v – New Fuel Tank – Nokken Winch (needs 9mm cable)-New seats-new off roading/snow chains.

Re-engined with a modern, 3.9L Land Rover V8 Petrol Engine. Tremendous power, will easily do highway speeds in excess of 65 MPH. New top installed.

Truck has been professionally maintained and housed in heated fire station in 2002. Truck has a new intake manifold and 4 barrel carburetor, original 3.9 V8 engine and full canvas top just installe. We just had T Congleton Racing and Restoration go over the 101. They stated it is one of the fastest and nices driving 101’s around. Loads of power. This 101 is also capable of doing over 60+ unlike those sluggish Unimogs you may also be thinking of. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy an exceptional and extremely rare beast!They may look like a Unimog but they drive like a Range Rover. They also make great expedition rigs, beach rigs, farm vehicles, or any other mission you can imagine. 

101 info

Only 2,600 where ever produced. Parts are easy to source as its mostly series, and range rover parts.
This vehicle was primarily produced to meet the Army’s requirement for a gun tractor, and was designed to tow a field gun (the L118 Light Gun) with a ton of ammunition and other equipment in the rear load space, giving it the alternative name of the Land Rover One Tonne. The vehicle was designed to be easily transported by air; the positioning of the 3.5 litre Rover V8 engine beneath and to the rear of the cab eliminates the bonnet at the front, making the vehicle more or less cuboid thus reducing unused space in transport aircraft.

The official name of 101 Forward Control is derived from the vehicle’s 101-inch (2,565 mm) wheelbase, and the position of the driver, above and slightly in front of the front wheels which used a fairly large 9.00 inch × 16 inch tyre. To cope with the extra height above the ground, the wheels feature an unusual feature for a Land Rover (but used for many years on the much older and similar Mercedes Unimog S404); a flange around the centre of the wheel has an embossed tread pattern forming a step for the crew when entering the cab, otherwise named a wheel-step. These are the rarest of the Land Rovers. They may look like a Unimog but they drive like a Range Rover. They also make great expedition rigs, beach rigs, farm vehicles, or any other mission you can imagine.