1988 Renault Medallion: French, Manual Wagon!

Here’s a car that checks almost all of the boxes.

1) It’s French, which guarantees obscurity in the US.  Even better, the car and the engine are products of long-forgotten alliances.
2) It’s a wagon
3) It features a clutch pedal

What’s missing?  We say it’d be perfect with all-wheel drive and painted brown.  Still, the blue is a lovely shade – even if it’s no French blue – and two more drive wheels would just bog down this four-cylinder even more.

Apparently, this was a partially abandoned project and the seller bought it and finished it.  That means it has a low mileage engine swapped in and new paint.  Aside from aftermarket wheels, this comes off as a preserved original in the images and we think that’s a credit to the seller.

These interesting wagons were assembled in France by Renault, but were sold in the US as both the Renault and Eagle Medallion, back in the alliance days.  Further, the 2.2-liter four cylinder was a joint development between PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and Renault.  A lot of that happened, as those aware of the “PRV” V6 will note.

Anyway, this is something essentially no one expects to see in good shape and we’re glad one has been saved. Will you be its next curator?

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Miamisburg, OH, USA
$4,500 with ZERO bids and 1.5 days to go

Styling has aged pretty well, but had a bit of space age flare back in the day.  It’s just odd enough around the edges to be among the last French cars sold in the US.

Front is rather anonymous, though youngsters in the US might not even recognize a Renault badge.

Back reminds us of several other wagons and hatches from the era (particularly the Mirage) and is a clean design.

The interior appears to be in excellent shape, with just a minor case of “loose cloth.”  Naturally, we love the accordion shifter.  We predict some future vehicle will have one as a retro touch, though it needs to happen soon.

Analog gauges and crank windows mean fewer problems!

Back seat is more than  ample.

This beast have plenty ‘o cargo capacity.  Why, again, do we need crossovers?

Here’s the 2.2-liter “Douvrin” four cylinder, mounted longitudinally and driving the front wheels.

Ad text:

Rare 5 speed station wagon. Purchased from the previous owner in 2012. It had been in storage since 1996. He purchased it with a blown engine and was in the process of putting an engine in but never finished. I trailered it home and began restoring it. I inspected the engine and discovered it is a very low mileage engine, very clean and no wear.  The car now has new belts, hoses, brakes, lines, radiator, air conditioning condenser and lines, exhaust, tires and wheels.  New base coat, clear coat paint. The doors, hood, and tailgate were removed for painting. It has been driven a couple thousand miles since completion. Including a trip to the Carlisle Import meet last May. The original radio does not work and the blower only works on high. The only two things that I can think of that I never got around to fixing. Probably the nicest one in the U.S.

1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara

Here’s one of our favorites, which is basically a Citroen 2CV with dual engine to yield four wheel drive.  This was specifically built four exploring the French colonies in Africa, but we assume it was expensive or not too competitive with the Land Rover, given production under 700 units total.

These are now collector cars and, unfortunately, well out of our price range.  Still, we love ’em and, oddly, we had never featured one!  The seller provides decent information and images here.  Enjoy and drool!

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Fletcher, NC, USA
$99,500 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

From this angle, this may appear to just be a 2CV with an extra spare. Enthusiasts know what it is, though.

Just a 2CV with some odd vents at the rear?  I think not!

Here’s a giveaway that there power in the stern. We’re not sure that’s a stock fan, though.

Interior is 2CV simple.  Note seat frames and gas tank.

Controls are different from a standard 2CV in that the shifter is on the floor, rather than high in the dash.

Here’s that shifter.  No, we don’t know exactly what the lower level does, but it must have something to do with engaging the second engine (?).

This is the closest thing to an engine shot provided by the seller.

Ad text:

the world’s first dual-engine 4×4 vehicle; just 694 were built, and less than 30 survive today

1962 Citroen 2CV Sahara Bi Moteur

Quickly, how many dual engine street legal cars were manufactured in the last half of the twentieth century? You may be hard pressed to find another. The Citroen Sahara was a utility model built to navigate the oil rich North African terrain. It featured identical front and rear engines and could be driven using either engine or both. Unique chassis modifications resulted in durability and off road utility. The cars were hand built by the Panhard division in separate facilities from the main production plants. 694 trickled out beginning in 1958 and few survive today.


After years of looking, uber micro car collector, Dr. Mac Jones, had found his Sahara. A noted broker who specializes in museum acquisitions located a French built car in the Netherlands. It had been owned by a former Citroen employee and had its original engines, transmissions, body and chassis parts. The exhaust system had been replaced. Mac refurbished suspension pieces, cleaned out both gas tanks, replaced the fuel lines and top canvas and enjoyed the car on his farm maintaining it, driving it and enjoying it for 14 years before relinquishing it to us. 

After we acquired it, this Sahara has undergone a sympathetic restoration with parts sourced from Citroen Concours of America (Citroen Pieces) a former Citroen dealer who had purchased an extensive supply of OEM parts. Engine (two) out service was done; carburetors, brakes, and hydraulics were rebuilt. Paint and body panels were preserved. Wipers, brake lines, floor mats, door panels and seat covers were replaced as was a missing driver’s side mirror. Where possible, the originals were saved and will accompany the car.

It’s rare to find a Sahara in this condition, with an original hood for example; most rusted beneath the mounted spare. Most survivors had engine replacements and this example has it’s original matching numbers powerplants. This is a remarkable survivor, able to be enjoyed on road, off road or in a collection of unique vehicles.

February 2016 – Barn find, claimed to have 11,000 original kilometers. sold for €172,840 at Artcurial Paris retromobile auction. I saw this car and it was dusty and crusty and needed a lot of work. 
February 2013 – Nice driver quality car, sold for $80,300 at Bonhams Boca Raton auction
October 2012 – unrestored car, similar to mine, sold for $142,500 Bonhams Simeone sale
August 2008 – Over restored shiny green one, sold for $93,600 Bonhams Quail Lodge


Bonhams Paris February 2017, Estimate $90,000 to $120,000

Good Morning, Vietnam-Style Citroen Truckette

Just picture this in blue with Tuan (AKA Phan Đức Tô) stealing it with eggs falling out the back.  You get the picture…

This is basically a 2CV with a small van body on the rear and these were in production and in use for many years.  This is hard to beat from a coolness perspective, but potential buyers should take note the top speed is around 50 MPH, as proudly stated by the seller.

Apparently, this one came from France via the UK, has had a new chassis/frame installed and runs great.  Further, the logo is described as “removable vinyl”.  Everything is removable with enough effort, but we hope that means this is a cling or fairly new decal.

What would you do with this little beast?

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Ramona, CA, USA

What’s not to love here?  Three-lug wheels are a bonus!

Here’s that 2CV front end.  Note relatively modern headlamps on this 1973 example.

Rear has barn doors for easy access.

Inteirios is simple and pure 2CV.  Shifter should be a rod which rotates into different positions to shift.  We love it!

Here’s the 600cc powerhouse!  Plastic fan again reveals this is a late production 2CV (or is that aftermarket??).

Ad text:

Vintage French vehicle. This 1973 had a new chassis installed in England before venturing to America. It’s a 1973 Citroen Truckette formerly used as a work vehicle in a French Village.
Has a small 602cc 2 cyl. Engine that will power the vehicle to speed for close to 50mph. Runs great, is easy to maintain. Comes with a cover tailored to the car. The logo is a removable vinyl. No more than 150 examples of these vehicles are in the USA. The car runs great. The speedo show 87,716 Kilometers or in miles that is 52,629 miles

Best Fuego Ever?

We’ve posted Fuegos before, including one very low mileage example, but this one is the nicest we’ve seen in a long time.

So, this may be the best Fuego that will ever come up for sale; but we must wonder why the mileage is so low.  Whatever mechanical failure might have taken it off the road, it’s claimed to be a nice runner now and we see now evidence of fire damage.  That’s all good news.

Bidding hasn’t started yet with an opening bid of $6,500.  If you must have the nicest Fuego possible (and we certainly wouldn’t buy one in poor condition), this should be worth it to you.  Of course, you might want to seek psychiatric help, too.  Okay, okay, we must admit we love it.

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Lakeland, FL, USA
$6,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

American youngsters won’t know the diamond badge, but Gen X and older know Renaults.  Mostly, we were taught to avoid buying them.  Note the small turbo badge.

From this angle, you start to see the finned, black plastic that occupies the belt line of the Fuego.

Yes, there’s a lot of that plastic.  Overall styling here has aged fairly well – it was pretty awkward at the time and now seems a bit more classic.  Yes, that’s another small turbo badge.

Okay, this angle is just awkward.  Of course, that means we love it.

Rear reveals that awesome badge and even more finned, black plastic.

Layout is pretty standard for a French car.  Note the desirable manual shifter.

These seats look quite supportive for the day and the cloth should grip nicely.

Back seat looks so new that it may never have been used to conceive Franco-Americans.

C-stack reveals obligatory 80s boost gauge and classic, two-shaft radio.

As with all hatchbacks, storage space if ample and goes to impressive with the seats folded down.

Here’s the mighty 1.6L I4 turbo.  Things are pretty clean under the hood.

Ad text:




35K original miles

 Just arrived, this ultra rare Renault is the only one we can find in the USA for sale.
Purchased new by a senior citizen in Lakeland, Florida in 1982, every one of the 
35K miles was driven by the one owner. Now in his late 80’s, he has decided to 
thin down his car collection. For the collectors looking for a rare 1980’s model,
here you go. Now it is ready for its new owner to love and pamper.

Always garaged and pampered, this car is a great example
of Renault’s cult turbos from the 1980’s…

This car very nice original paint in its factory Red. Factory original 
Gray velour & vinyl bucket seat interior and door panels. 
Original dash, carpet and headliner.

Factory alloy wheels and older radial tires. We have a new set of tires on order.

This lovely car has been well cared for by its prior owner
and will look great in your new garage…

The car is equipped with the factory 1.6 Liter Turbo four cylinder engine 
with factory five speed manual transmission. 

Cold factory air conditioning

Body has no accident damage … the underside is as nice as the top !!!

Garage kept, pampered and serviced, this car could not be nicer.

This car has been refreshed, detailed and ready to drive or show. 



100% laser straight, rust free sheet metal
Very nice but not perfect original factory Red paint 
Original Gray velour & vinyl interior & original door panels
Ice cold factory air conditioning
Very nice bumpers, cladding and soft trim throughout
Original 1.6 Liter fuel injected Turbo four cylinder
Original AM/FM stereo and speakers 
Factory alloy wheels & older radial tires – new set on order
35K garage kept miles since new

Value in collector cars is all about the right color combination and original condition.

I deal in low mileage, original cars & trucks… This is truly a fine example of Renault’s rarest !!!

As a full time business, I buy original, low mile classics to keep, refresh, or restore and sell.

Inspections prior to auction end are not a problem and are encouraged.


My vehicles are fully repaired and refreshed, ready to drive on arrival.
No dealer repairs their cars like we do. We charge  more money for
our vehicles but we make the repairs so you don’t have to. Please 
visit our website “About Us” tab to understand what makes us different !!!

Call to work out a buy it now. Asking price means just that !!!



MY CELL PHONE – 863-xxx-xxxx

Inspections are welcome. The car is for sale locally and if sold, the auction will be canceled.

Please remember, this is a 34 year old car.
I am representing it as accurately as I can based on my knowledge
and have tried to give as much information as possible.
It is being sold without warranty and as is…

It drives and handles like brand new !!!!

Own a Tiny Piece of French Automotive History

Apparently, there were loopholes in French vehicle registration and licensing that led to a number of “cars” which could be driven by anyone age fourteen or higher and with no license.  These are called “voitures sans permis.”  Today’s feature is an example of one known as the Mini-Comtesse and is offered by none other than the Lane Motor Museum.

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