Renault Alliance Coupe 2-Fer Avec Special Editions

We have featured Renault Alliances before, but never two as part of one sale. Today’s feature includes a Motor Trend Car of the Year Edition and a GTA parts car. Why is the more desirable car the parts car? One word: rust.

The seller indicates that someone willing to put in the time and money for rust repair could have a very nice GTA; but we’ll note that one could easily spend more than the car is worth. Still, we can hold out hope that the GTA could ride again. After all this was once described as a “dandy little sports car.”

As for the COTY edition, the award says more about the standards of “award winning” cars in the malaise era than it does about this car. Still, this one appears to be in great shape, has low miles and is absolutely an oddball, so we encourage someone to snap it up and drive it like it’s been volé. Perhaps the upcoming return of PSA (Peugeot and/or Citroen) to the US market will drive prices up? Perhaps not…

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Buffalo, NY, USA
$3,900 with ZERO bids and four days to go

Styling was perfectly good on these, in a boxy, 80s way.

This angle is a little awkward, but we still love it. Wheels are supposedly unique to the COTY special.

Interior is in great shape and accordion boot on manual shifter is a welcome sight.

COTY special badge with unique number!

Rear seat doesn’t show any stains from teenage tomfoolery, as far as we can tell. We dig the upholstery, too.

1.4 liter four cylinder won’t exhilarate, but it should get the job done.

Here’s the GTA, which we really love. With the 2.0L engine, these were much better performers and they still wear their body upgrades well. That’s officially dandy.

Ad text:

Good Day,

Up for your consideration is a Renault package deal. 2 Renaults for sale, a 1983 Alliance Motor Trend Edition # 2699/3000, and a 1987 GTA Coupe parts car. The cars will be sold as a pair, and will include my large collection of spare parts, some of which are very coveted in the Renault community. Descriptions of both cars are listed below.

1983 Renault Alliance Motor Trend Edition # 2699/3000 – The car is a dark grey with a tan cloth interior. 61,200 original miles. The car is a 5 speed manual, and includes all the options that came on the Motor Trend Edition, including the original bespoke wheels, factory color/paint combo, AM/FM/cassette, trunk luggage rack, etc. This car is all original and runs and drives excellent. I purchased this car in New Jersey from the original owner back around 2012. It was garaged for nearly 20 years before I bought it, however was started on a regular basis every few months. In my tenure of ownership, it has been driven in summers only, and has been a true pleasure to drive. The original paint is faded on the hood, roof, bumpers and trunk lid, but otherwise shows well. There is zero rust on the car. I have had much maintenance done on the car in my tenure of ownership to bring it up to date from a safety and convenience standpoint, including but not limited to: new tires, new brakes, new alternator, all fluids (engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, coolant), new radiator, new thermostat, new hoses, etc. It is completely road-worthy; I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere. There are a couple areas that need looking after on this car. The exhaust has a hole in it, the shifter bushings are a little worn, and the a/c currently does not blow cold, however, these issues do not affect the drivability of the car. Also, at the end of last year, the alternator started acting up, so I bought a brand new one, but have yet to install it. I can certainly do that for the new buyer. I could nit-pick the car more, but am not going to do so. Pictures show everything you need to know, and as you will see below, the GTA is a complete parts car that will have anything you may need going forward. Also keep in mind, it is now 33 years old – I would argue that it is one of the nicest Alliances left in the country, and certainly one of the only MT Editions left at all.

1987 Renault GTA Coupe – The car is a white exterior with a black cloth interior. ~120K original miles. The car is a 5-speed manual, and includes all the options that came on the GTA, including factory Recaro seats, original bespoke Ronal wheels, all factory body skirting, original fog lights with covers, etc. This is a 100% whole and complete car. The car started and ran a few years ago when I had first gotten it, but I have not since started/run it on the road at all, due to undercarriage rust, and as such, I consider this a parts car. The body of the car is in amazing shape, all things considered, and the interior is excellent for the age. I could have had the floors/rockers welded up, but with the MT edition in my garage, thought it would be nice to keep a spare car for parts on hand, as many parts are no longer available. To date, I have never had to pull a part off if it. If motivated enough to do some metal replacement underneath, you could have the 2 rarest models of Alliance ever made, but I feel this car sits best for parts at this point in its life. At least for me, one good running car and one solid parts cars was all I needed…

Parts – I have a ton of used parts for these cars, including head lamps, brake pads/parts, ignition parts, caps/rotors/plugs, interior trim parts, and the ever rare Systems Sentry computer module. These are incredibly hard to find, and I have seen them sell for over $500 individually in the last few years. All these parts, including numerous books, manuals, etc. will be included. I am clearing out my entire inventory.


I am aware this is a unique auction, and as such, am happy to answer any questions you may have. I would love these cars to go to a loving home. A little about how these cars came into my ownership: When I was a young child, my parents had an ’86 Alliance that they bought brand new. All my memories growing up were in that car. We eventually sold it in ’94, but that car always held a special place in my heart. Back around 2009-2010, my father fell terminally ill. I thought it would be nice to relive our past a bit, and try to get another Alliance for us to enjoy with the limited time he had left. I eventually bought the white ’87 GTA first, but upon realizing the rust underneath, promptly started looking for another shell. Never thought I would find a gem of a car like the grey ’83 MT Edition, but that is how we ended up with the 2 cars. My father ended up passing in late 2013, and ever since, my ownership of these cars leaves me with bittersweet memories. I enjoy driving/owning them, but something is missing. I feel it is best to move them on to the next owner, so they can be enjoyed properly.

Please email with your name / contact information if you have any questions at all. I will ring you to discuss. While there is no warranty expressed or implied, I am all about full disclosure, and would love to talk with any potential buyers so they are comfortable when bidding and know exactly what they are getting into. Please email me with your contact info. and I will reach out to you. Payment requirements are $500 due at the auction close, balance due within 3 business days via official bank check. Note that these are also for sale locally, so I reserve the right to end the auction early.

Also wanted to mention, if the potential bidder/buyer was interested in just one of the cars, please reach out to me via eBay messaging/email. As the cars are for sale locally as well, we may be able to work something out. The grey car car is one I have received much interest in on it’s own already…

Thank you for your interest in my Renaults.