A Crosley Incomplete Project Two-Fer

This two-fer will result in one working car, at best, and even that will take some time.  Hopefully, the right buyer comes along to make something really nice out of these.  They deserve it!

This two-fer includes one 1950 Hot Shot and one 1951 Super Shot.  These were very closely related; so most parts are interchangeable.  One catch: no engine is included.  We think that provides an opportunity to add modern power – perhaps a bike engine.  Whatever the buyer decides to do, this will take some work, despite the car’s diminutive size.  Maybe someone can talk the owner down from $2K?

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East San Diego County, CA, USA

These always had cool, sporty styling and some versions actually had surprising features, like four-wheel disc brakes.

Rears offer just a hint of early Jaguar XK styling, though these are simpler and much smaller.

The red car has something of an interior and is a complete body on frame.

The yellow one is a solid body with no frame.  We must assume there’s a reason the red body isn’t usable.  Otherwise, why not just restore that car?

There’s no interior in the yellow one, but it does look solid enough.

Ad text:

1950 Crosley Hot Shot body + chassis (no engine) and 1951 Crosley Super Sport body (no chassis or engine). Intended for a project to rebuild one running vehicle out of two. Looking for someone who covets the opportunity to restore a rare Crosley vehicle. Located in San Diego. This vehicle is available for local pick-up. Shipping arrangements and cost will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

One and a Half Citroen Meharis

As is often the case with true Oddimobiles, this is a package deal with a rolling chassis (with title) and a donor car with the mechanical bits.  If you really love Citroen Meharis – like us – this could make for a great project!

The reddish one has a title and the white one has the engine and trans, but no title.  Supposedly, the chassis on the white one is not in good shape – thus the swap plan.

A great many new and used parts come with this sale and the seller has done a great job with the photos.  Are you willing to take on this big project to end up with something like this?

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Mount Wolf, PA, USA
$1,725 with ten bids, reserve not met and 1.5 days to go

These don’t look like much when disassembled.
Of course, there’s not that much to them, in general.
Just add engine, trans and body parts!
Extra engine!
The white one looks complete, but apparently has rust issues underneath.
Engine is still in place in the white one.
Here’s the front/grill.
Side panels and other bits!
New dash!
Lots ‘o new parts!
Plenty of manuals are included, as well as what appear to be parts receipts.

Ad text:

Mehari A (looks red in the pictures)
title in my name
70.000 mi. (no guarantee that mileage is correct)
no engine, no transmission
body in fairly good condition, with very few minor cracks
frame in good condition
side panels have also very few minor cracks and small, but fixable, damage in rear
US (headlights) version front grill in good condition
suspension in good working condition
windshield glass in good condition, and windshield frame that requires only minor work

New Parts
I have spent over 2000$ in new parts (I also have all original invoices), including:
European (headlights) version front grill (incl. frame) and rear panel
matching complete front headlights set
front floor cover
2 cylinders, complete pistons
electronic ignition with high tech coil
and too many other parts to list (see picture)

Mehari B (looks white in the pictures) as donor car for mainly engine and transmission
no title
62.408 mi. (definitely has more mileage); previous owner said that engine was replaced.
body and frame in bad condition
transmission should be OK, but I never drove it – previous owner drove it in Florida, and then parked it for 20+ years
engine, with outside oil filter, turns over freely
Engine, transmission, and all engine parts are complete as I bought it 5 years ago, and should be put into Mehari A. The car will have other usable parts.

Additional engine that turns over only 350 degrees, with inside oil filter.
Engine and transmission parts from another engine, many other spare parts, 2 spare wheels, brake drums, etc. Some may be good, others not – I never checked.
I also have manuals and books that come with the Mehari mainly in English, some in German, and also 1 repair/restore book in 5 languages (192 pages with many illustrations/drawings). Unfortunately, I have no soft top, but the frame is in OK condition. 2 out of the 4 seats could probably be restored.

If you buy it, I can tell and show you how to fix the cracks (no polyester) to make them look as good as new.

I am interested to sell everything AS IS only in 1 package, and not in separate parts, because I need the space for my ongoing other car project. What you see on the pictures is what you get – sale is final, no returns, NO REFUND, no warranty, no guarantee!! Willing to keep them stored for another month after full payment. If you pick them up, I can help load it. Willing to ship nationally and internationally, but you will have to arrange  for shipping, handling and payment.  For questions and additional pictures, please email me or 717 xxx xxxx.

What Better Vehicle to Haul your Cadillac Land Yacht?

Here we have what we hope is a one-of-a-kind Cadillac car hauler.  That is, in and of itself, awesome,  but we also like any ad that states “comes with spare Eldorado.”

“Ran when parked.”  Those are famous last words.  There are no interior pictures, but the seller says it needs work.

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Leona Valley, CA

Is the seller’s property heaven or hell?  We’re torn.

Here’s the hauler.  Is there any chance it is structurally sound?

Yes, it seems it’s a ’76 Eldorado, crudely chopped at the C-pillar.  This means front-wheel drive, which doesn’t add confidence in the ‘heavy duty’ department.

Presumably, this is the “spare Eldorado.”

Mmm hmm.

Ad text:

1976 caddilac eldorado car hauler, ran when parked could use intierior work. Comes with spare eldorado. Cool,unique…$2500 obo tom 

Save this Two-Fer from the Scrap Yard!

Oddly, we have never featured a Triumph GT6, despite it being a rarely-seen oddity among Triumphs.  The GT6 is a coupe based on the Spitfire roadster and features an inline six in place of the Spitfire’s four cylinder engine.  As we have been remiss in failing to feature one, we hereby present a GT6 two-fer!

This seller is offering not one, but two Triumph GT6 projects.  He or she openly describes both as being in “terrible condition” and needing “everything redone.”  This is primarily because they have been “sitting outside for 20 years.”

If the floor pans are solid, these may not be too far gone.  Would you fix up both or try to make one good car?  This pair could mess up the latter option, as they appear to be in similar condition (?).

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Valencia, CA
$2,500 for both

Car #1 is a red example, and the cool lines of the GT6 are clearly visible, despite something a bit beyond ‘patina’.  We can see it needs tires and paint – I’m not sure this will polish out.

Paint condition is similar from the back.  The bigger concern is the apparent pile of rust under it.  At least, I think that’s rust – I’d normally suggest soot from starting, but this car isn’t running.  From where did that rust come?  Best case would be it’s just the exhaust rotting away.

Interior is there, but confirms this was stored outside.  It looks like the sun has ruined almost everything, although the steering wheel may be fixable.  The good news is parts shouldn’t be too hard to find.  Is that a rat’s nest in the driver’s seat?

Car #1 has its engine in place, but both are noted at ‘not running’.  One would hope to get one of the two running with minimal investment, but the minimal info in the ad means one can’t determine much.  Dual carbs reveal sporting intentions and only the air cleaner is clearly missing.

Car #2 is white and also appears pretty solid from outside.  The front bumper is missing here.

Again, this car looks a bit better on the outside.  Rear bumper is attached.

This interior appears to be in similar, sun-baked condition, though we don’t see a rat’s nest here.  Was the red door a replacement?  It’s visible in the exterior shot above, so it does appear this is the white car’s interior.

Yes, they both have engines and they both lack air cleaners!

Ad text:


Odd Couple Two-Fer

Most two-fers offer two like cars, as it’s often a collector of a particular make or model.  Today’s, however, includes a 1930 Studebaker and a 1961 Ford Falcon.  I’m not sure these have anything in common,except, perhaps inline six cylinder engines (?).

Given the two cars, it seems unlikely that just the right enthusiast buyer exists; but, in this day of bubble-fueled car flipping and barn find mania, perhaps the right buyer (likely aspiring to be Wayne Carini) could come along to buy both and sell one or both.

The Stude is a project, supposedly with all parts.  It may not have run since the 40s, so assume it will need everything mechanically, as well as cosmetically.  There’s no mention of whether the engine is seized, but we can assume it is.

The Falcon is a claimed daily driver.  This is a six cylinder car, which means it could be a fun cruiser or a swap candidate.  I imagine a buyer driving for a while, keeping the rat rod look and swapping in a 260 or 289.  Of course, you could always go wild and go bigger.

Are you the right buyer for this odd couple?  If so, the price may not be bad, depending on the parts value of a 1930 Studebaker.

Click for Craigslist ad
Central Valley, CA
$5,000 for both

Here’s the Studebaker’s profile.  It looks pretty complete from this angle, but beware.

Front end looks good, too.

Rear is all there, but where did the hood go?

And the roof?  At least an engine is present!

Interior needs everything, including floor pans.

Here’s the Falcon, which has a cool, rat rod look.

Profile is classic, early Falcon, but it’s sitting low.

No massive dual exhaust here.

Interior is in pretty good shape, although we must presume that the leopard print covers are hiding poor upholstery.

Inline six power with a tiny carb!

The spare wheel may be the cleanest thing on the car.

Ad text:

I have for sale a unique 1930 Studebaker ($2500) and 1961 Ford Falcon ($3500). 

The Studebaker has been carefully disassembled and currently has the cab/motor/tranny on rolling chassis (w/new tires). All body / interior parts that have been removed have been stored inside and will come with the car. This is an old barn find from South Dakota that has 1947 plates. CA clean title and non-op.

Falcon runs great (daily driver) and has the following “new” items; tires, front glass, radiator, fuel cell, fuel pump, front/back window rubber, door rubber, window felt, battery, custom interior, brakes / wheel cylinders / master cylinder, custom F100 grill, shocks, etc. The trunk is filled with many “extra” Falcon parts (old and new) that I have collected – these will come with the car. Clean title and currently registered with Y.O.M. 1961 yellow/black CA plates. 

I am willing take a loss and sell both cars for $5,000 (too many projects). Please call show contact info for more information. Cars are located in the Central Valley (Visalia)!

Go Postal with two RHD Subaru Wagons

Here we have a two-for-one sale including two right-hand-drive Subaru Legacy wagons.  What more can we say?

Neither of these cars is in very good condition, but you might be able to piece together one good one with all the parts.

Here’s a noteworthy quote from the seller related to one of the two cars:

“It looks terrible with what appears to be hail damage.”

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Water Valley, KY
$850 with ZERO bids and reserve not met

Ad text:

I have 2 right hand drive Subarus that have many replaced parts but both need engine work.  The 1991 has a good dependable transmission but I suspect has a blown head gasket.  It looks terrible with what appears to be hail damage. It has some rust but not to bad. The interior is fair but is missing the rear seat. The 1992 has a transmission slipping issue and probably a blown head gasket.  It has some rust and a decent interior. The parts are interchangeable so I’m selling as a 2 for 1 deal. The 1991 has a broken speedometer and shows 177,533.  The 1992 is correct at 270,728. I’ve used these cars for over 5 years to carry mail and they show the wear and tear from me and other carriers but these cars are hard to find and worth investing in.

A Cosworth Two-Fer!

Here we have not one, but two Mercedes 190E 2.3-16V cars in one deal.  One was rear-ended and is a parts car for the other.  The seller, it seems, didn’t want to take this on.  Will you?

The seller claims the wrecked car was in perfect condition before the accident.  Given the massive oxidation, I wonder when that wreck occurred.  Regardless, the idea here is to take the 90K mile engine from the wrecked car and put it and any other better parts into the higher-mileage car.  It might work…

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Las Vegas, NV

This is the non-wrecked one.

Not bad…

Here’s the wrecked one.


Ad text:

UP FOR SALE NOT 1 BUT 2 1986 MERCEDES BENZ 190E 2.3-16V. I HAVE MY PROJECT CAR AND MY PARTS CAR FOR SALE. I CAN SEPERATE THE CARS IF YOU ONLY NEED 1 CAR. GIVE ME A CALL FOR DETAILS. seven zero two seven three eight three eight three eight. LOOK FOR RAMON. hit me an email if you want additional pics of both cars inside and out. 

the car that was rear ended, the parts car was my original car. it was in perfect condition until the accident. i bought the second car so i can transfer everything to the project car. parts car only has 90k miles on it. engine and trans are execellent.

the project car on the other hand has a straight body no accident. probably around 6 dings on it. car has 174k on it. engine pretty good trans a bit noisy. 

end of story if you have the time to transfer all the good parts to the project car your gonna have one execellent 190e 2.3-16v and have enough extra parts to sell. engine alone you can sell easily for 1k. 

Another Festiva Two-Fer

We posted a Festiva Two-Fer back in June, and the rest is history.  Well, yet another such ad has appeared!  It seems cars like this often come as pairs.  This has LeMons potential with a healthy dose of price negotiation.

The seller is asking $1,000 for both cars.  Two cars for $1K sounds decent, but these are non-running Festivas.  We think about $500 for both is reasonable, but does a LeMons team need a parts car and does that count toward $500 for the raced vehicle?  Hmm.  Maybe the best bet for going racing (LeMons or autocross) is to buy the red car – the alloy wheels are a plus and might make finding decent tires easier (?).  The only bad news here is that a cool company called Festiva Motorsport shut down a while back – they were a great source for all things related to Festiva/Aspire performance (yes, there is such a thing!).

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Buena Park, CA

Ad text:

I have two ford festivas one is 88 and the other is 89.
Both cars are manual transmission. 

88 festiva is red and in the middle of a diy paint job. Was used as a daily commuter car until one day it wouldnt start a few days ago registered til april on 2014. Car turns but wont start and I killed the battery trying to start it recently. The rims are 13 and I would like 145 for them..

I bought the 89 blue festiva this year and got it an incomplete registration because I couldnt smog it.. was going to use it for parts car to keep the other running.. I managed to kill the battery on this one also trying to start the other one..

The 88 red festiva has a little over 220k miles original engine and on the body..

The blue 89 has 178500 miles on it..I probably put less than 5 miles since I got it.

I would like to sell for 1000 for both or make your offer. I dont have the time to fix them and would like to free up garage space. Dont be shy ask me and make offer 714 xxx xxx

Make your own two-fer: Peugeot 404 and parts car

Every now and then, two unlikely cars pop up on the market at the same time and, sometimes, it makes sense to think of them as joined at the hip.  In this case, we have two Peugeot 404s, one a rough runner and one a rusty parts car (if any worthwhile parts are left…).

Why not get your two-car hauler/trailer and swing by Lula, Georgie and Charlestown, New Hampshire in one quick road trip?  Oddly, the parts car seller here did a better job with photos than the whole car seller…

Click for eBay ad (whole car)
Lula, GA
$808.78 with 3 bids and reserve not met
12/07/2103 update:  Ended at $11K with reserve not met and 11 bids.  Relisted and went to $1,225 with reserve not met.

Click for eBay ad (parts car?)
Charlestown, NH
$175 with ZERO bids
Update:  Ended with no bids…

You didn’t REALLY need to see the front right corner, did you?

What goes in the hole?

Interesting angle here.

Rear seat is in decent shape.  Believe it or not, we really did choose the best images…

Things don’t look too bad under the hood…

Parts car pics:

It’s been there a while…



Well, there’s a complete engine.

Ad text (car):

Buyer will pick up  .The car was bought in Atlanta ,Georgia, needs brakes, chips in paint.rust in floor boards,need side panels in all 4 doors uphoistry, speed o cable.runs great..has new all fluids. has center concole was extra on car. has extra wheels. looks like Harry POTTER CAR. (ONE OF A KIND)

Ad text (parts car):

This car belonged to my father who recently died so I don’t know too much about it. I think it is a 1960’s car.  Engine turns with a wrench.  I think my dad used to start it up once a year but that was in the 1980’s.  It is sold in AS IS condition with no title for parts or the buyer can get one.  In NH cars over 15 years old don’t need them however people can apply for them.  This car has lots of rust.  it is located in NH and I am out of state so when the buyer gets it my dads neighbor will show you to it but I cant be there.  PayPal payment preferred.  Pick up only.  No shipping.  No title.  It has 4 wheels on plus a couple of extras.   It may take a bit of work to get it out so please bring your winch, come along, fork lift, friends or whatever it will take for you to get it out.  All the parts inside are included.  They look like they go with it.  Not really sure of year.  VIN plate says #413103 and serie type 4432200.  Not sure if these are the VIN.  Thanks