1964 Renault Dauphine and Shop Closing Sale!

Here we have a claimed solid example of the classic Renault Dauphine.  That means rear-engine, water-cooled goodness!

Well, okay, it’s a rear-engine platform, but there’s no engine in it right now.  Well, that’s not entirely true – it looks like the engine is currently sitting where the passenger seat should be.  The transaxle is in place, however.

So, what we have here is a project car, which means it’s a deal at the current, sub-$2K bid, but shouldn’t go up too far before one enters the realm of diminishing returns.

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Cullman, AL, USA
$1,425 with 18 bids, reserve not met and one day to go

What’s not to love about this face?  It’s good to see the chrome bits present and in apparently decent condition.

Similarly, thing look pretty good here.  We love the large-for-the-era wheels/tires.

Supposedly, this wheel was off for repair or replacement of a tire.  Note the four-wheel discs.  Do those make this a Gordini??

Reddish-brown interior bits are a welcome sight.

Rear seat appears to be in good shape. Note the air intake for the rear engine (well, cooling thereof).

The seller doesn’t specify, but that looks like an engine to us.

Yes, the passenger seat is included!

Frunk contains some more carpet and the horns.

Here’s the vacant engine compartment. We’d like to understand the cooling system better…

Ad text:

Now at age 75, after many years of restoring old race cars, we have sold our main shop building, and it’s time to sell off most our accumulated stock of parts , and many of our cars.

This ’64 Renault Dauphine is for sale at the shop and elsewhere and this listing may be cancelled at any time.  As usual,  we will consider reasonable offers to end the listing at any time

Not many of these SOLID Dauphines are left for restoration, and this is a very good opportunity to acquire one of the very desirable 1964 models that have the 4 speed transmission AND disc brakes on all 4 wheels.  Please look the pictures over carefully, this car appears pretty complete and has only surface rust on the floors…which is why we had it shipped here from Sunny California…

Will need a windshield….    and of course a motor build. 

There are some dents in the body, but it is SOLID

Tires all hold air, except the right rear which is being replaced while the pictures were taken.

VERY LOW reserve….

This is one of several cars in the shop that we continue to work on , and if not sold,  the price will change as work continues

Other cars , include the ex Karl Flessa ’59 Bugeye race car, a ’65  Morgan +4, a ’57 Mercury Montclair w/Tpke engine, the ex Bill Leonhardt/ Dan Gallant  ’57 Volvo 444 race car (oldest Volvo race car still actively racing ), 59’LaDawri Daytona 292 T’Bird w 3 deuces, a ’60 Lotus 7 Series1, , the ex John Helms Fiat 124, spider race car,  ’72 TE27 Corolla Vintage race car,a’52 BucklerMk10 TaylorAlloyBody, the original Fiberfab Factory Azteca mid-engine Corvair/Porsche 356 base , a’58 Turner 803, a PreWar Ranger 440 Aircraft engined race car, a ’29 Studebaker Lt Six Boattail speedster,  several Vintage race car rolling chassis(s), bodies, and numerous other parts cars and cars for restoration..as well as a 4000 sq ft building full of Vintage parts.

1988 Renault Medallion: French, Manual Wagon!

Here’s a car that checks almost all of the boxes.

1) It’s French, which guarantees obscurity in the US.  Even better, the car and the engine are products of long-forgotten alliances.
2) It’s a wagon
3) It features a clutch pedal

What’s missing?  We say it’d be perfect with all-wheel drive and painted brown.  Still, the blue is a lovely shade – even if it’s no French blue – and two more drive wheels would just bog down this four-cylinder even more.

Apparently, this was a partially abandoned project and the seller bought it and finished it.  That means it has a low mileage engine swapped in and new paint.  Aside from aftermarket wheels, this comes off as a preserved original in the images and we think that’s a credit to the seller.

These interesting wagons were assembled in France by Renault, but were sold in the US as both the Renault and Eagle Medallion, back in the alliance days.  Further, the 2.2-liter four cylinder was a joint development between PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and Renault.  A lot of that happened, as those aware of the “PRV” V6 will note.

Anyway, this is something essentially no one expects to see in good shape and we’re glad one has been saved. Will you be its next curator?

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Miamisburg, OH, USA
$4,500 with ZERO bids and 1.5 days to go

Styling has aged pretty well, but had a bit of space age flare back in the day.  It’s just odd enough around the edges to be among the last French cars sold in the US.

Front is rather anonymous, though youngsters in the US might not even recognize a Renault badge.

Back reminds us of several other wagons and hatches from the era (particularly the Mirage) and is a clean design.

The interior appears to be in excellent shape, with just a minor case of “loose cloth.”  Naturally, we love the accordion shifter.  We predict some future vehicle will have one as a retro touch, though it needs to happen soon.

Analog gauges and crank windows mean fewer problems!

Back seat is more than  ample.

This beast have plenty ‘o cargo capacity.  Why, again, do we need crossovers?

Here’s the 2.2-liter “Douvrin” four cylinder, mounted longitudinally and driving the front wheels.

Ad text:

Rare 5 speed station wagon. Purchased from the previous owner in 2012. It had been in storage since 1996. He purchased it with a blown engine and was in the process of putting an engine in but never finished. I trailered it home and began restoring it. I inspected the engine and discovered it is a very low mileage engine, very clean and no wear.  The car now has new belts, hoses, brakes, lines, radiator, air conditioning condenser and lines, exhaust, tires and wheels.  New base coat, clear coat paint. The doors, hood, and tailgate were removed for painting. It has been driven a couple thousand miles since completion. Including a trip to the Carlisle Import meet last May. The original radio does not work and the blower only works on high. The only two things that I can think of that I never got around to fixing. Probably the nicest one in the U.S.

Clapped Out Renault Alliance Convertible

We’re not sure what happened here, but we’re glad this didn’t start life as the relatively desirable GTA version of this car. What we have here is a basic four cylinder, automatic Alliance painted in some sort of bass boat paint and equipped with a cheesy hood and a “racing edition” badge.  Ugh.

The seller keeps it simple and calls out the custom paint and hood, also pointing out that this car doesn’t run well.  The poor running was likely a stock feature that showed up when this 80s Renault left the factory; so we wouldn’t worry too much about that.

What do we like here?  Well, this is a US market Renault product AND part of the ill-fated AMC/Renault alliance (thus the name).  Also, we support the rather odd displacement of 1.7 liters, though we lament the automatic trans.  If this stays under $500, maybe someone will make a Lemons racer out of it.  Of course, that would require a roll cage and perhaps a trans swap.  Maybe that hood can be made functional?

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Bohemia, NY, USA
$200 with two bids, no reserve and three days to go

These “scoops” were grafted on, as even JC Whitney knows not to offer parts for these.

There’s something oddly appealing about the extreme boxiness of this design.  That’s why we love the GTA so much.

We’re not sure, but it looks like the tail lights have been “enhanced” with trim.  Also, what the hell did this tow and why?

Finally, a close-up of the awful paint and “Racing” badge.  We assume the paint came from the Ranger Bass Boat brochure.

Interior is a cool, full red and appears to be in decent shape, considering the age.

Yep, the six figure odometer hasn’t rolled over.  That doesn’t matter, as we assume getting almost 94K miles out of this took a lot of work and parts.  At least, that’s what we’re led to believe about US market Renaults.

Here’s the mighty 1.7L four cylinder!

Ad text:

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible


The car does not run well
Custom paint ,
Custom hood scoops
Racing edition
Plenty of rubber on the tires
Trailer hitch
Engine 4 cyl 1.7

Non-Gordini Renault R8 in Los Angeles

The R8 is one of the most unusual-looking (or least usual looking?) small sedans, which means we love them!  This example awaits you in Lawndale, CA and has been upgraded with a 1.1L engine.  Yes, that’s an upgrade vs. the base 0.956 liter unit…

French with a rear-mounted engine – what’s not to love?  With the blue paint and driving lamps, this has a semi-Gordini look, with without the price or performance.  Still, this will be the talk of any Cars and Coffee and should be a cool cruiser. It will be up to the next owner to decide whether to go full rally or keep this the way it is.

The seller provides pretty good pics, but not much other info.  The condition appears to be excellent.  Missing are any engine shots – hopefully, the condition matches what we can see.  If all is well with it, we think this is a lot of coolness for $5,500.

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Lawndale, CA, USA

Here’s the face that looks like no other.  We love it!

From other angles, this car is a bit more conventional, although the rear deck is long due to the rear-mounted engine.  It won’t be easy to find a bumper in the US…

The interior is simple and nicely finished to make for a great color combination.  We don’t see a tach, but there are ways to address that.

Split bench front likely means European families of six fit into these. Seats are in great shape, just don’t look for lateral support.

We love the painted and semi-covered doors for the contrast, as well as the utilitarian door pulls.

Ad text:

This very clean Renault 8 has been upgraded to 1100cc. The car is driver quality and has very nice paint, interior, and some nice upgrades. This is a very cute car to drive and has the European rally look.

The previous owner put a lot of time and effort and money into this Renault and it is fun to drive.

There is a video of this particular car up on YouTube so please feel free to search it. We are not asking a lot of money for this Renault 8. It would be a perfect coffee car for the weekends or to keep at your holiday house.

French Family Hatchback

Today’s feature car is a Renault 16 (R16), which was Renault’s large family hatch from the mid 1960s until 1980.  After all, it wouldn’t be a European car from that period if it wasn’t built for fifteen years…

The seller claims this one runs and it certainly appears original.  What’s the downside?  It has been sitting for a long time, though that duration is undisclosed.  Power in these came from a front/mid-mounted I4 and went to a transmission mounted in the front and driving the front wheels.  Unfortunately, the seller didn’t pop the hood for a photo.

A parts car (not pictured) is apparently included in the sale.  Is this combo worth $4K to you?  If you buy it and drive it, you can pretty much be assured you won’t see another in the US outside of French car shows.

The styling on this is fairly traditional compared to anything coming out of Citroen at the time, but certainly stands out by today’s standards.

Front end is elegant and fits with this car’s position atop the lineup at the time.

Rear is classic hatchback and nicely detailed.

The interior looks quite inviting and comfortable and appears to be in great condition.

Rear seat doesn’t have an abundance of legroom, but should be fine for kids or for adults on short trips.

Ad text:

Nice original,running.still needs little work,new tires ,registered ,non-op,clean title
sitting for long time, + one more – R16 for parts
Make me a offer -moving
offers only in person -!
$ 4000.

Hopefully, This Car is Only Figuratively “On Fire”

Here we have a Renault Fuego Turbo with manual trans and claimed sub-58K mileage.  What’s not to love?

Yes, this was an odd attempt at a sports coupe by Renault and was made in the days when they were a state-owned enterprise.  Like all other period Renaults, these had poor reputations for reliability and, in the US market, pathetic resale value. They have also always had loyal followers because of their cool quirkiness.

The seller claims under 58K original miles and provides almost no other info.  As he or she calls it a convertible, that seems to indicate that the canvas sunroof still opens.  Hopefully, it’s at least a bit watertight.  If this car really is in good running order and has a decent interior (we can’t tell due to lacking images), this is a good Fuego, though you’ll have to decide whether any example is worth $7K.

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Newburgh, New York, USA
$7,000 BIN price with 3 days to go

All Fuegos had plenty of ribbed plastic cladding, though the beltline treatment is more appealing than what Pontiac – the Kings of Cladding – generally offered.  In true 80s fashion, “TURBO” decals are plenty.

Turbo on the back glass?  Yes!

Let’s take another look at that Fuego badge.

Gauges aren’t too weird for a French car, but that engine coolant temp gauge isn’t normal, either.  Hmm…no boost gauge?

Ah-ha!  Of course, the boost gauge is located in front of the shifter where it’s never convenient to look while driving.

Here’s the 5-speeds shifter – not a true dogleg, but does have reverse in a slightly odd location.

Ad text:

RENAULT FUEGO in good working condition, convertible, no rust. 
For more information contact me by email.

RHD, Manual Renault Avantime

The Avantime was a strange MPV sold by Renault, but engineered and manufactured by Matra.  It is sometimes known as the vehicle that killed Matra.  Continue on to find out more!

No, this car isn’t in the US – it is in the UK, which was originally blessed with new Avantimes.  Sadly, Nissan never rebadged this for US sale, as we must say this is simultaneously one of the worst and best cars of the last couple decades.  It is clearly ugly in many ways, but one must applaud it daring to be different.  Different works for grabbing attention, but, as Matra found out, it doesn’t keep a company running all by itself.  Almost ironically, Renault’s alliance partner Nissan Europe was circling like a vulture and swooped in to occupy Matra’s Trappe offices immediately after the Avantime helped take them down.

What you get with this car is a two-door MPV with two rows of seats and an early version of a panoramic roof.  These were upscale Renaults and not at all cheap in their day, so you get a host of early 2000s luxury features.  In this case, it’s powered by a 2-liter, inline four cylinder powering the front wheels through a manual transaxle.  Others has the PRV 3.0-liter V6 or a 2.2-liter turbodiesel.

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Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Front end is the least weird view of this MPV.  Condition appears great, though that might be fading on the plastic center caps – they look like every remaining stock B13 Sentra SE-R’s.

Would you like some straked venting?

Profile confirms that this was designed in the same era as he ill-fated Vel Satis and the not at all ill-fated Mégane II.

The rear is where things get really weird, which is also true with the Renault contemporaries listed above.  They were really into this ‘shelf’ design with the upright rear window.

Rear view.  What more can we say?

Note that both sides look about the same – there’s no suicide door to access the rear on either side.  Access was granted through LONG doors.  Of course, this is the driver’s side on the RHD example.

Yes, there is cargo space behind that second row.

The two-tone interior is nice, but not quite as bold as the exterior.  This vehicle suffers from one of the worst ideas of the early 2000s – center-mounted instruments.  That’s one thing that helped Renault offer this in RHD, however.

Seats look stylish and supportive.

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Metallic PURPLE, A Very Rare Car This and There Is Only 1 For Sale in the UK on Autotrader So Call Now and Reserve This !! The Car Had a Few Age Related Marks & A Touched In Scratch,, Black Full leather interior, Sunroof Electric, Climate Control, Sunroof Manual, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Computer, Electric Windows, In Car Entertainment, Seats Electric, Upholstery Cloth/Leather. 5 seats, 800 Cars Sold Every Year ! Est 2008, Finance Available, Open 7 Days, Competetively Priced Delivery., £2,490 p/x welcome

In Case the Renault R8’s Front is just too Ugly for You.

We bring you the Renault R10!  This was the only somewhat changed successor to the larger-engined “R8 Major”, which means you get an 1100cc engine and, well, a non-kinked front end.

This is a claimed low mileage, unrestored car and there is no mention of trying to start it or whether the engine is seized.  Inspect well and buy cheap, my friends!

Click for eBay ad
Torrance, CA
$985 with 21 bids and NO RESERVE!

Apparently, the round headlights make this an ‘early’ R10.  Yes, the licence plate comes off with its panel if you want to access the spare.  Huh.

The interior photo angle choices leave something to be desired, but this doesn’t look too bad.  The driver’s seat should be fairly easy to recover.

No, US domestics were the only cars with horizontal speedometers.  If they stole the idea, they probably took it from Volvo.  Sadly, the Jaeger that makes gauges isn’t the same one that makes the booze.  I do know that my 2001 Peugeot 206 had similarly branded gauges, however.

Just in case your hand doesn’t fit in the armrest slot, there’s a really overdone door pull to help you close the door.

Hmm – no engine in the front compartment, which means this is not technically a firewall.  The “Special USA Made in France” decal may be original – they did that sort of thing.  Maybe the seats are firmed up to sag less with our fat asses in ’em?

Remember the spare tire location and those vents on the “trunk” lid?  Yep…the engine’s back here.

1.1 liters and about 50 horsepower.  Yowza!

Ad text:

This auction is for a 1969 Renault R10. This car is a one owner vehicle, in original unrestored condition with documented 45216 miles. Black California plate car.

This car is not roadworthy and needs work. With very minor effort you’ll have this car running again.

The body is fair with very little rust, floors and rockers are solid. The body is fairly straight without major dings or dents. The interior is original and you can see the condition on the pics. The driver seat bottom is bad, all others are pretty decent. The paint is original and has sun damage. The front signal lenses were missing, but I found some and will install, of course

 I try to show everything in the pictures.

Please look very closely at the pictures to get an idea about the condition.