1969 Simca 1204 Factory Rally Car Project

Here we have what is claimed to be a factory racer built upon a highly unusual vehicle: The Simca 1204.

The seller claims to have documentation proving this example was raced by Chrysler/Simca back in the day. The base car is a cool little hatchback called the Simca 1100, but which was sold in the US for about three years as the 1204. 1204 was related to engine displacement, with this “big” US-Spec engine putting out a whopping 62 horsepower vs. the 1100’s 50!

This is a non-running project car, but the seller has put Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders in hopes that it doesn’t seize. A restoration was intended and unspecified rare parts have been collected. These will be included in the sale. While there’s likely no financial upside, we hope someone saves this cool little car.

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Axton, VA, USA
$12,500 with ZERO bids with 3.5 days to go

This little beauty sits on a trailer – the only way it currently moves.

Rally lights are legit, in this rare case!

We like the styling from any angle. It’s a classic hatch, but unique.

Ad text:

This is something very unusual, a 1969 Simca 1204 factory rally car. This car was entered by Chrysler Corporation in the 1969 rally championship, Scott Harvey was the driver. Comes with various documentation to back up authenticity, including letters from Chrysler Corporation, registrations, customs documents etc. Clear title.

I bought this car from famous French car authority Myron Vernis in Ohio years ago with the intent to restore. The car is very complete and very original, almost exactly the way it competed in 1969. It still has things like the twin Halda rally computers, rally head lights, Gislaved winter tires, driver bucket racing seat and studded snow tires. An odd feature is an extra tank in the hatch back for the long stages. I have never tried to start it, it’s been stored indoors with Marvel in the engine while I was parts hunting all over the world to get everything ready for the restoration. I have collected many hard to find parts over the years which are included with the sale.

Unlike some of its predecessors the Simca 1204 was never very successful in rally competition. Then again it’s a genuine factory rally car – where will you find another one? This is one I really wish I’d gotten around to restoring, but considering its heritage I wanted to do it with 100% correct NOS parts. Should’ve cut some corners! Shoulda woulda coulda.

Please ask all questions before you bid.

You must pick up within 30 days of end of auction. After 30 days I will charge for storage unless you make arrangements before auction ends. Pick up ZIP code 24054. You can’t drive it as is, it will have to be trailered. I won’t deliver. No pick up before funds clears.

I’m getting out of the old car hobby, thinning the hoard: Selling all my 30+ cars from Alfa Romeo to Zeppelin and many, many parts. Italian, British and American stuff, some run, some don’t, some probably never will. Please check my other auctions or feel free to inquire.