Hotbox? 1990 Mazda Bongo 4WD Van

Here was have a delightful JDM van with arguably the best collection of typical late 80s/early 90s factory decals ever applied! If you’ve never seen a Mazda Bong – er – Bongo, yet this seems familar, that could be because it was also sold as the Nissan Vannette (related to the fire-prone, US market C22 “Hibachi” van), the Ford Econovan and the Mitsubishi Delica.

The seller claims 32K original miles on this little beauty, which is powered by a small turbodiesel, routed through a manual transmission. That is essentially perfection! You will just have to decide whether this is worth almost $14K. The auction doesn’t have the option of accepting offers, but this is for sale on the selling dealer’s web site, so we imagine something can be worked out.

Of course, when we see Bong and van together, we think hotbox. Alternatively, this could have something to do with 80s/90s women’s jeans.


Click for eBay ad
Seattle, WA, USA
$13,900 BIN with 20 days to go

Here’s a cool angle with a good shot of the Bongo badge. Note the turbo badge and some other red squiggles.

Here’s a rear 3/4 view. Note that the other side’s door opens on this right-hand drive beast.

Here’s the cockpit. Note the seat “doilies”, as seen on every bus and taxi in Japan. Large sunroof is a nice touch, too.

There’s a bit of cargo space behind the rear seat, which also has a doily.

Seats all fold flat.We’re not sure how comfortable they are for sleeping.

Here’s a closeup of the classic, Japanese Turbo badge. This van also has the obligatory “All Wheel Drive” decal on the side.

Ad text:


Directly import from Japan Auction USS.
Rear slip limited differential.
Engine model :
RF, Turbo-Diesel.
Manual 5 speed transmission.
32000ml original !!!!
8 Passengers seats.
Length: 4330cm (14.2)
Wight: 1690cm (5.55)
Height: 1975cm ( 6.50)
WAC-dual, PC, PW Mirror, Central lock,
Right Handle Drive
We are a licensed dealer and importer of Japanese vehicles.
Have been importing since 1996.
No Trade.
We take credit card.
Web site:
CBR7501, EPA-HS-7, Waiting WA title.
9117 Aurora Ave N Seattle, 98103