1977 Pinto Cruisin’ Wagon Meets Bronco 4WD System

WWe love Pinto Cruising Wagons in just about any condition or format. This is probably the most heavily modified we’ve seen, as it’s lifted and features a 1974 Bronco 4WD system and 1975 302 V8.  The result is beautifully ridiculous.

The seller provides a decent amount of info, but it’s not 100% clear how this was put together. We suspect – and hope – that the body is sitting on the full Bronco frame. The car seems to be well done and most of the visible interior bits look new.  Power comes from a 1975 302, which is hooked up to a C4 automatic.

Oddly the seller says the car comes with maple.  We’re not sure how much.

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West Yarmouth, MA, USA
$17,500 BIN with offers considered and seven days to go

Wagon + 4WD + V8.  We love it!

Massive, custom bumpers work nicely here.

And here.

The red seats and door cards contrast nicely with the black carpet and the silver exterior.  Nice choice!

Gauges look stock and steering wheel might have come from a Mustang II.

Cargo area is ample and clean.  Porthole windows are true classic.

Here’s the 302, which has typical dress-up goodies. It should provide plenty ‘o torque for off-roading and, despite the added weight of the 4WD system, should move this thing on the road better than the stock setup.

Ad text:

Sport steering wheel, tinted windows, self-adjusting mirrors from driver’s seat, Blaupunkt stereo w/ front door speakers & 8″ rear woofer. Sport gauges, maple, custom bumper front & rear and side steps. Has 1974 Bronco drive train; limited slip Dana 44 front end C4 shift kit, rebuilt transmission 1975/302 stock 40,000 mi, towing pkg, big bearing rear end 11″ rear drums. Front and rear sway bars. 350 gears 3 Spd automatic. Tires 30×9.50 15’s. Current state inspection sticker, registered, one of a kind! Clean open title. Payment due in 48 hours by bank wire or check (wait until cleared) Title will be turned over after funds have cleared. Sold in ‘as is’ condition (windshield trim needs re-installation.) Questions? Call/text me at 774-xxx-xxxx. Thank you!

“Eco” Ford F-250 Running on Biodiesel

This is an interesting truck, to say the least. The seller made some mods which, in theory, help fuel economy. This is not the usual pitch from the seller of an F-250 diesel, but the bio-diesel/veggie oil crowd is, well, different (and proud of it).

We’re not sure whether this truck is a nightmare or a dream. The seller put in a fair amount of effort trying to get every possible mile (or portion thereof) out of each gallon of bio-diesel. Mods include fender skirts, solid front wheel covers, “seal” between bed and cab, slanted bed cover and, apparently, a closed-off grill. We hope the truck still cool fairly well…  Despite all of that, the upgrade from four-speed to five-speed trans with overdrive probably made the biggest difference.

This truck runs the International Harvester 6.9-liter diesel and, as mentioned, the seller runs bio-diesel – “professionally refined”, in this case, which probably means it’s not harvested directly from Long John Silvers or Popeye’s.

The truck runs right now, but has a miss and air in the radiator, which means, at a minimum, a head gasket. The seller also thinks it might need valve work. Here’s the seller’s statement:

“Valves and headgaskets are not expensive parts, and they are parts that will wear on any engine eventually, but the problem is they are buried deep in the engine, so a lot of pieces have to be removed in order to get to them.  If you were to have this work done by a shop, expect to pay at least $2-3k.”

We’re a bit concerned about the impression that valves and head gaskets are “buried deep”, considering this is an overhead valve engine; but, if that’s what the seller thinks, we’re glad he or she didn’t try to fix it!
Bottom line on this one: it’s a real oddball built out of something mundane.  We love it…

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Richmond, CA, USA
$2,125 with ZERO bids and five days to go

Note that fender skirts, bed “seal”, grill cover and, possible, clear tape over lights! Definitely no exterior sun visor here!

The rear fender skirt is especially glorious from this angle, as is the bed cover.

Overload much?  We’re not sure whether the right outside bed side is painted or in primer – maybe this is an older photo?

This manual bed lift is included in the sale! Note also the various biodiesel decals.

We wonder about the aero vs. mass tradeoff here.

The seller highlighted so many things with red boxes that the emphasis is lost. Like we said, this truck is a bit of a hot mess. It’s all there, though.

Here’s the mighty diesel.  No turbo here.

Ad text:

One of a kind machine.

I made some custom mods to improve fuel economy

Read more about it here: 

and here: 

or watch the video here: 

Now for the big caveat: this truck needs some work.
It is running currently.  It starts right away and has decent power.  I’m still driving it regularly.
However, it is running uneven, with a slight tapping sound and smoking more than normal when it’s cold.  
It has all new injectors, all cylinders are firing, and there is very little blow-by, so I suspect (at least) one exhaust valve (or seat) isn’t totally closing.
It is also getting pressurized air in the radiator, which means the head gasket is probably going bad.  It is possible the head gasket is causing both issues.

Valves and headgaskets are not expensive parts, and they are parts that will wear on any engine eventually, but the problem is they are buried deep in the engine, so a lot of pieces have to be removed in order to get to them.  If you were to have this work done by a shop, expect to pay at least $2-3k.

However, if you have the knowledge and time (2-4 days if you are experienced) to do the work yourself, you end up with an otherwise strong truck for a great price.  

It has the original International Harvester 6.9L IDI (non-turbo) diesel engine.
For the last 12 years I have run it professionally refined biodiesel.  

I replaced the stock 4speed transmission with a 5 speed (ZF5) (from the same model truck a few years newer) for better highway fuel economy.

Other mods include 
– angled bed cover and wheel well covers for better aerodynamics, 
– removed most engine belt loads (has manual steering, electric fan, electric brake boost and electric fuel pump) 
– alternator cut-off switch and added solar panel and on-board 120V charger (plug it in at home, leave the alternator off, and get ~5-10% better MPGs), 
– starter and kill switch on the shift lever (making it easier and safer to shut the engine in stop and go traffic and at long lights).
– LED driving and brake lights

All together I was able to raise MPG from about 15 to between 25 and 30 (depending on driving habits and loads)

Also included:
– Detachable manual liftgate (lift up to 500lbs to bed height, using a drill or ratchet) 
– all sizes of hitch ball including a full load leveling tow system
– sheet quick unloader system (for unloading soil etc) plus reversible bedliner mat (slick on one side, friction on the other)
– chilton manuals 
– spare parts inc. the original brake booster vacuum and a full size spare tire
– big ol lugnut wrench and giant hubnut socket (for bearing/brake maintenance)
– Garmin GPS (with traffic updates)
– 15W solar panel and dual battery charger for its two (deep cycle) batteries

Old school quality and simplicity.  The old Ford International Harvester IDI diesels were some of the most durable engines ever built, with many going half a million miles or more before a rebuild, and a few reported cases of a million.
How many miles are in this one, no one will ever know, because previous owners didn’t keep track of how many times the odometer turned over, and now it isn’t even hooked up.  
It is an over 30 year old truck, so of course it has its share of quirks and issues, but when anything does have a problem, it is relatively easy to find and fix without a mechanic, as it has no computer, no turbo, no power anything (manual steering, manual locks, manual windows).  

misc issues include:
– the synchros being somewhat worn on 3rd (doesn’t really matter if you shift slowly, and at the correct speed),
– the speedometer doesn’t work (I never got the adapter for the ZF5, I just use the one built in to the (included) GPS),
– the fuel gauge doesn’t work (its a dual tank, so when one gets low I just switch, and then I have ~400 miles to get around to filling the empty one), 
– drivers seat is very worn, needs at least a seat cover, a new bench seat from pick’n’pull would be better

For over a decade I’ve used this truck to haul loads of furniture, building supplies, piles of soil, tons of broken concrete, and tow boats and trailers, including a 7500lb 35ft RV trailer (that I lived in at the time), and it has held its own, but I’m shifting gears in my business and don’t need something so large anymore.

1963 Econoline Mystery Machine Replica

Are you a serious Scooby fan? If so, you need this. Buy it and I’ll give you a scooby snack.

Articles have been written attempting to identify the Mystery Machine’s roots, but, if I recall correctly, the cartoon van had traits from several 60s vans, all, of course, mid-engine. This 1963 Econoline is as good a starting point as any and wears its regalia well. Further, the builder made a few mods to match the show.

This van is, oddly enough, powered by a V6 from a Camaro (generation/year unknown) and is backed by a Chrysler automatic transmission and rear end. The combination is odd, but likely made of reliable, easy-to-work-on parts. It does have AC and power brakes, which we’ll take as good news.

The seller would prefer to keep it, if it wasn’t for his meddling kids growing up.

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Longwood, FL, USA

Photo quality is not great, but the van is.

Front-mounted spare (or faux spare?) looks right.

Rear ensure no excessive visibility.

Keystone wheels to as good a job as any of replicating the flower wheels in the show.

This is the only interior shot, but it appears to indicate that quite a lot was done in the cockpit.  The seller indicates that the rear floor is diamond plate and the walls have been paneled. We imagine that means no seats (?)?

Ad text:

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine!

This Mystery Machine started life as a 1963 Ford Econoline.  I built it for my kids and have had years of fun with it.  They are all older now and it is time to let someone else enjoy this cool vehicle.

It took over 2 years to build and has been completely customized!  This is not just a cheap replica.  It was done right and look better than any other ‘Mystery Machine’ I have seen.

Here are the highlights:

– A Camaro V6 Engne
– A 700r4 Automatic Transmission
– A Dodge 8 3/4 Rear End
– New Drum Brakes
– Cold Air Products A/C System (with heat)
– Autometer gauges that light up various colors
– New Tires (under 1000 miles)
– Under-floor power brake booster system
– Mega Squirt computer system with custom tune.

– Custom orange and green seats
– Custom painted Scooby Doo interior
– Custom Mystery Machine paint job (no decals)
– Custom center console flows into the original dashboard (all metal)
– Dog paw brake pedal, human foot-shaped gas pedal
– Dogbone floor shifter (B&M shifter)
– Custom fiberglass ‘flower’ tire holder on the front
– Custom steel bumpers (chrome coated)
– Custom Mystery Machine front end (round blinkers, only one headlight per side, etc.)
– Rear floor is diaond plated and all walls have been paneled.  Ready for you to customize!

I am open to trades or partial trades.  

I will accept cash, cashiers check, PayPal (buyer pays the fees), or a personal check but the vehicle does not leave until that payment clears my bank.

Buyer pays shipping costs or is welcome to pick it up in-person.

Feel free to contact me with questions.  321-xxx-xxxx

Good Luck!

Quickie: 1993 Centurion Ford Bronco Dually

Talk about a tease!  Here we have one of the rare Centurion four-door Bronco conversions, apparently set up as a dually.  Sadly, that’s about all we know about it…

The ad does indicate that the truck has an automatic trans (no surprise) and gas engine.  To get any more info, you have to call Charlie.

The interwebs contain some images of other Centurion duallies, but it’s not clear whether they were a custom-ordered add-on or were part of the normal offering.  Given the non-matching fenders on the subject car, this one appears to have been modified at home.  The wheels also appear to have come from a dually donor truck.  What else under this one has been changed?

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Santa Ana, CA, USA
No Price Listed

Ad text:

Please call Charlie for details. Make an offer!

Studebaker Business Coupe on Ford Explorer Frame

Why not?

According to the seller, everything here works. The next owner will need to decide whether to keep the rat rod concept going or repaint.  We think it should probably stay this way, but it’d be tempting to seal up that hood, if possible.

Apparently, this carries a clean Studebaker title; so this may not be hard to register.  Even in California, the inspector just needs to match the VIN.

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Winter Springs, FL, USA
$10,500 BIN with offers considered and 2.5 days to go

One could go sleeper on this one, but the seller has decided not to, as the wheels look modern and the open hood concept reveals the (relatively) modern engine.

Usually, open hood sections on hot rods reveal chrome, headers and big carbs. Not here.

Rear looks remarkably normal.

Much of the interior is Explorer; but door panels appear to be original to the body.

Even the rear seat is here, as are the front shoulder belts.

Trunk pales in comparison to stock Explorer cargo area; but at least there’s some room.

We think the modern sunroof is a creative touch; but we wonder whether it leaks.

Here’s a sideways shot of the Ford 302.  Many knocked the pushrod V8, even 17 years ago; but it works and parts are easy to find. Fuel injection should mean this Studebaker starts every time.

Ad text:

1941 Rat Rod / 5 Window Business Coupe, Sitting on a 2000 Ford Chassis, 5.0 V-8, PS, PB, Tilt, Cruise, AT Shift in Floor, All Wheel Drive, Resto Mod Dash,  Sitting on 17″s, The Floor & Trunk pans Do Not Have any Rust Out. They are from the 2000 Chassis. New Starter, Battery, Alternator, Fuel pump, Professionally Custom Built. Channeled 7″, Leather Buckets, Console, 2″ Gauges, Too Much work to list. Taking years to build ! ! ! Original Modified Hood, Working Electric Factory Ford Sun Roof / Moon Roof.  Retractable Shoulder Harness Factory Ford Seat belts in front. One of a Kind, Street Rat. THE FLOOR PANS DO NOT HAVE ANY RUST HOLES ! Tagged and Insured, Road Ready. Head Lights, Tail lights, Brake Lights, Blinkers, Horn, all in working condition. Some minor additions needed, Door glass installed, Wipers wired up, ect. Will consider partial trades and cash. Will take trade in of other Rat projects, Corvette, Motorhome, Camper, Vacant Land, ect. What Do You Have ? Lets Make a Deal !!!!  $1000 Cash / Bank wire / PayPal deposit due within 24 Hours of Buy It Now Purchase. Balance due within 3 days. Can help with shipping arrangements. Buyer responsible for shipping cost. 

Clear Clean 1941 Studebaker Title ! Asking $10,500 Cash or Cash & Trade . . . . . . . MAKE ME AN OFFER ! ! ! ! ! ! THIS IS A MUST SEE ! ! ! START THE NEW YEAR OFF RIGHT, BUY YOURSELF A TOY. . . . . . . . . .

Body on Different Frame: Ford Falcon and Crown Vic United!

Yes, the Falcon used unibody construction.  That seems to explain why this is so oddly tall.  Also, the front was extended a whopping thirteen inches because the wheelbase of the Crown Victoria was so much longer.  These issues make one wonder why these two cars were selected for mating. But, then again, who doesn’t love a challenge?

Some truly odd choices have been made here.  We’ve outlined the biggest among them already; but a quick look at the interior shot below will confirm there were more.  It’s hard to know what to do with this, but it’s strangely compelling, particularly given the $3K asking price and the thought that one might get it for less.

Still, will it ever handle well at all?  Would Police Interceptor parts help?  We don’t know, but we do know that we’d slap the Interceptor badge on this immediately if we bought it and we know we’d try to get it for under $1K if we were interested enough.

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Olinda, CA, USA

A long-nose Falcon is truly unique, but is it an answer to a question no one asked?

From this angle (and only this angle), not much looks to have gone awry.

Rear is normal and this angle shows the extreme, downward curve of the front end.  Note that the track width just “ain’t quite right.”

It looks like the Crown Vic seat(s?) is/are still in place, which is good if you want to wallow around on a bench seat.  We assume the presence of the modern steering wheel means the entire column is intact.  It’s hard to tell what’s going on with instruments.

Here’s the 4.6 liter “modular” V8.  In this relatively small car, this should provide plenty of torque, but it isn’t much to look at.

Ad text:

1961 Long NoseFalcon 2 dr Hot Rod / Rat Rod runs like a champ 
Body is sitting on a 1998 Crown Victoria chassis. Nose extended 13″ to fit frame..
One of a kind, engine redone last year, 
Current clean and clear title “NO smog ever” 
Titled as a 1961 Falcon 
Tags good until Oct 2016 
Has a 4.6 V8 w/automatic 

$3100 cash and it’s yours 

Call or text Rick at 9O9 xxxxxxx