Big Block Shorty: 1966 Thunderbird

We are endlessly fascinated with the custom “shorty” cars, and this T-Bird is really something special – love it or hate it – though some serious work remains.

If you consider the actual chop to be the major work, then this has come a long way. The seller is honest about a lot of remaining work, however, including the need for┬árear suspension, as the nine inch rear end is solid mounted. Side glass also needs to be cut and installed, though it is included, and the seller specifies that some additional “welding, grinding, body and paint.” So…don’t pay much and only take this on if you’re handy.

Once this thing’s finished, it’ll be a tiny two seater with a 390 big block Ford engine, which isn’t a terrible combination. Also, it’ll look odd, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

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Walton, OR, USA
$405 with seven bids, reserve not met and three days to go

How’s that for a profile?

Front end is only partially molested and the fender was obviously taken from another car (why?).

Rear is also largely stock, so it’s safe to say the major work was done in the middle. Perhaps the gas tank retains its stock capacity?

These T-Birds had some seriously cool dash and control layouts and this one is largely intact, but a bit rough.

Yes, this is a two-seater and, yes, it looks like the rear seat trim was moved forward, but it needs to be finished out. Seats appears to have come from different cars (again…why?).

Millennials won’t he impressed by the horsepower figure, but this 390 should be plenty torquey. As a bonus, the seller says it doesn’t smoke!

Here’s the car before the chop job. Is it really better off? We’re not so sure it is, but it’s certainly not boring!

Ad text:

This is what could have been if T-bird still competed with Corvette in 1966. It now only has two seats.
– It is a project that needs finished
– A true one of a kind hot rod
– Lots of directions it could go
– FE 390 engine runs without any smoke
– Miles are unknown
– C6 automatic shifts into forward and reverse
– Needs rear suspension
– Nine inch rear end is solid mounted
– Needs welding, grinding, body and paint
– Windshield and back glass are installed
– Needs side glass. Originals included
– Needs interior work
– Headliner installed
– Brakes work but needs brake line to the rear of the car
– Front brakes are currently functional
– Needs fuel line to the rear of the car
– Needs misc wiring work. Complete harness is in the car
– Rolls steers brakes
– Runs but will not be a runner for transportation
– Not road ready yet
– Needs the right wheel and tire combination before rear wheel arches cut out
– No title. Comes with lost title application for the registered owner
– Shipped from 97490 zip code near Eugene Oregon
– No guarantee or warranty on the car
– Last picture is of what the car started at
– Fresh build
– Never showed
– Never see another one like it
– $500 deposit due within 24 hours of the auction ending paid with Paypal
– Full payment due within 7 days with cash or certified check
– If you pay with a certified check you must get it to me within 5 days of the auction ending to allow check to clear
– The car must be picked up within two weeks of the auction ending
– Buyer is responsible for shipping
– If the car is being shipped then the driver must call me at least 24 hours before scheduled pick up
– Bidders with a zero ratting must contact prior to bidding
– Comes with misc extra parts
– Listed locally also

– Happy bidding

One thought on “Big Block Shorty: 1966 Thunderbird”

  1. This is really cool and a lot of thought went into getting the proportions right. Take a look again at the rear end, it’s been shortened rather dramatically. Also note how much surgery went into chopping the top and reshaping the B/C pillar.

    The only thing I’d take issue with is the rake of the windshield. I’d want it a bit more vertical so that the top of the side glass is more or less horizontal.

    This would be great with a modern Mustang 5.0 Coyote V8 and the Mustang automatic, but connected to the Tbird column shifter. Plus, the Mustang rear suspension drops out on a subframe, so it might be able to be mounted in place of the 9″. That would be a lot of fun.

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