Rare Sleeper: Big Block, Four-Speed Mercury Montego

First, we admit a 1960s mid-sized sedan isn’t the sleeper it once was; but it’s true that most sedans in this class were built with mild powertrains.  Not this one, however, as it sports a 390 and four-speed manual!

This example is essentially stock, but does wear headers and custom exhaust, as well as a 750 CFM Holley carb.  The great news is that the carb is hidden under a stock air cleaner.  That’s a decision we respect on a car like this!

The car appears to be in very good condition, even if the pics aren’t the best.  It seems the seller had trouble getting the whole car into any one pic.  Condition is overall very good, but the seller claims it needs a replacement posi-traction carrier, as the limited-slip diff isn’t functioning (though the car drives).  We also see a few minor items that need addressing in the interior.

So, we love the car and imagine it will have no trouble finding fans.  The question is whether it will find a buyer at the opening bid price.  So far, the answer is no.  While this is cool and rare, its four doors mean it won’t get anywhere near the buy-it-now (BIN) price.

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Westfield, MA, USA
$8,500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met, 1.5 days to go and $17,000 BIN price

Here’s a hint of the classic sedan profile.  We love the classy combination of dark red and black vinyl top, as well as the styled steel wheels.  The trim appears to be present and in at least decent driver condition.

Front end shows interesting concave shape and cool quad lights.  The hood also has a nice, aggressive bulge down the center.

Rear is pretty much plain Jane, although the dual exhaust hints at power.  We’re not sure that the 390 badge was placed in this location originally – someone can correct us if we’re wrong.

Interior sports split (?) bench seat and lots of fake wood.  Naturally, we get a bit fixated on the three pedals and long shifter.  Unfortunately, the doors were cut for speakers and it looks like someone’s working on the remote mirror adjustment.  Surely, these can be sorted fairly easily (retro speaker grills hiding modern speakers would be nice).

Rear seat offers decent room, though not much by today’s FWD sedan standards. Still, modern child seats should fit back here and will be compatible with the lap belts.

It looks like the car has a relatively new gas tank and we don’t see rot back here.

Here’s the 390 (AKA 6.5L) V8.  Again, we love the largely-stock look.  Sure, some might want to clean things up a bit, but this looks just right for a driver.

Ad text:

This is a documented 1 of 1 built. It is a 390 4 speed 4 door with original miles . This is all original. motor was gone threw before I purchased I have receipts  runs perfect.  It does need a track lock carrier . I believe it’s cracked but does drive posi does not work. Car was repainted years ago never had any rust or damage .  I just don’t drive it enough .  Do not call or message  and ask to end early .  Car will.not leave my possession until payment in full and has cleared with my bank . Clean tittle in hand .  I will assist with pick up .  Car must be picked up within 7 days of completed sale . No shipping 
Car does have a edelbrock intake manifold and 750 holly carb and cam is a little larger than stock and hooker headers .  Drive line is original to car minor upgrades on engine and exhaust only 

Pontiac What?? Yes, it’s a Laurentian!

The Laurentian was Pontiac’s full-size car in Canada for decades and usually based on a large Chevrolet platform, although the sheet metal made it look like US Pontiacs.  Why all the work to create something so similar?  We don’t know.  Presumably, plant capacity played a role.

This 1970 Laurentian is essentially an Impala in Pontiac clothes and the 454 should put out prodigious torque.  The car has some subtle upgrades which pass as stock,  including high performance exhaust manifolds and dual exhaust.  Unless you’re a Canadian Pontiac show judge, however, you won’t know it’s been modified.  Add in the sleeper look with dark paint and steelies and we’re in love.

Bidding is at $8,600 USD with reserve not met.  We don’t know the market for Canada-only muscle cars, but that seems like it’s still low for a pretty serious muscle car.  Bring this bad boy to the US and by the only one at your local show!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
$8,600 with two bids, reserve not met and 1/2 day to go

Remember when two-door cars could be this big?  We love the color, especially with the steelies and hubcaps.

This monster has nice, big dual exhaust, which could pass for stock – that’s the way we like our muscle cars.

How’s this for a monster front end?

The interior is pretty much what you’d expect in a land yacht, complete with bench seat, column shifter, sweep speedometer and a bit of faux wood.

Hopefully, this isn’t showing kilometers per hour – it’s a little old for that and the maximum would be very low.

Because this is based on a Chevrolet, it has a Chevrolet engine.  In this case, a 454!

Here’s a closeup of the badge.

Ad text:

1970 Pontiac Laurentian, produced by General Motors of Canada.  Canadian Pontiac’s were built on a Chevrolet platform, so this is in many ways a 1970 Impala with Pontiac sheetmetal.  The Canadian Pontiac lineup was Parisienne at the top, Laurentian in the middle, and Strato-Chief at the lower end.  There are many similarities of this car and the Pontiac Catalina, as they share the same interior trim.

This car was ordered back in 1969 for the owner to drive between Ontario Canada and Florida where he spent the winter months.  It is sparsely equipped, with only the 345 hp LS4 454 engine, Turbo 400 transmission, AM/FM radio and Cruise Control as options.  The car is manual steering & manual drum brakes, and rides on BF Goodrich T/A P235/70R15 tires (including the spare tire).  The exterior is Verdero Geen Metallic, and the interior is Medium Gold cloth.

Since acquiring the car in 2011, the following has been done:

New belts & hoses,

New plugs, points, condensor, rotor, cap & wires,

Original 2 core radiator replaced with 3 core,

New brakes including master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, shoes, springs & drums,

New shocks,

Fluids changed,

Fuel tank sending unit replaced,

Transmission kick-down switch replaced,

Fuel pump replaced,

Dash replaced,

Signal switch replaced,

Steering wheel replaced,

Front arm rests replaced,

Cruise control module replaced,

Battery replaced,

Heater core replaced,

Door weather stripping replaced,

Trunk weather stripping replaced.

The previous owner had the dual exhaust installed (2.5” headpipes, 2.25” tailpipes), and as there is no power steering box in the way the drivers side exhaust manifold was replaced with a better flowing Chevelle/Camaro manifold.

Everything is in working order, and cruise control holds its speed very nicely.

Engine (345 hp LS4 454), Transmission (CB code Turbo 400) & Differential (12 bolt, 2.56:1 non-posi) are numbers matching.  The 454V fender emblems are stock (and rare), and a 454 emblem in the nose has been added.

In June 2014 the vehicle was driven from Calgary AB to Wichita KS and displayed at the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) meet.  The vehicle won its Popular Vote 1967 – 70 Full Size Cars class.

Documented by GM of Canada, only 221 1970 Full Size Canadian Pontiac’s were equipped with the 345 hp LS4 454 engine, with very few of those being the Laurentian 2dr Sport Coupe.  This is rare example of a bare bones car with the big motor.  The black wall tires and dog dish hubcaps really give this the sleeper look.  Paint is appx 20 years old, but still shows nicely.  Will include both Canadian sales brochures as seen in the photo’s, as well as nice owners & service manuals that cover this model.

Vehicle is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I will assist the purchaser with shipping, but it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange shipping, customs, import, taxes, duties, etc.

If any other questions, you may call me at 403-xxx-xxxx.

$2500 deposit to be paid within 24 hours of auction close.  Full payment required within 7 days of auction close.

Mercury S55 with Provenance

This is an uber-rare Mercury S55 427 – an awesome find in its own right.  Based on the seller’s claims and documentation, however, this car is even more significant.  This one was driven by Parnelli Jones as a practice vehicle for the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb.

The car is claimed to be an unrestored survivor, except that the engine and transmission have been rebuilt.  The S55 427 was available only for 1963.  It would return later with a 428, but we all know the 427 bring maximum prices due to racing history and all-out performance.  The engine and four-speed trans combo already mean rare, big block beast should sell for MUCH more than the current $7,100 bid.  The Jones history will likely add to that; but what is the cap on a vintage Merc?

I’m pleased to say that we wil find out, as the seller used a low starting price.  Whether or not the reserve is met, we’ll get a good picture of the car’s market value.

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Pleasanton, CA
$7,100 with 6 bids, reserve not met and 8 days to go

The S55 was based on the Monterrey, which was a full-sized Mercury.  This car exudes pure 1960s class!

Note that this car came before the pony cars pushed the long hood/short deck concept.  This is one long hood.  Also note the interesting rear window – more about that below.

Yes, it’s the Mercury Breezeway window, which lowers and is power operated.

S55 badges are present.

Here’s a shot of the interior, which is in excellent condition.  Note the four-speed shifter and clutch pedal in this beast!

Parnelli Jones signed the console.

Here’s the rebuilt 427.  This will put out plenty of torque to move a car this size quite nicely.

Ad text:

Parnelli Jones – Pikes Peak 1963

1963 Mercury Monterey

Parnelli Jones’ 1963 Mercury Monterey 2-Door S-55 Hardtop

A Rare Unrestored Survivor with Documented Provenance / 1963 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Factory 427 V8 Engine w/ Factory 4-Speed Transmission & Locker Rear End


We must admit that we are rarely at a loss for words. Additionally, after 21+ years in business, it is unusual for a car to really peak our interest. Well, this is one such car! 

This is an opportunity to not only own a “Big Block” 4 speed vintage “Hot Rod” sedan originally owned by famous race car driver and owner Parnelli Jones with a totally documented history / lineage. This car is a cosmetically unrestored survivor but has been professionally restored to original mechanical specs. As such, it is a kick to drive with the big 427 and 4-speed stick. Major features are:

– Fresh 427 cu. in. V8 engine 
– T-10 close ratio 4-speed manual transmission w/ recent rebuild
– 9-inch locker differential
– Power steering
– Power brakes w/ recent rebuild of entire system
– Coil-over shock absorbers
– Huge traction bars
– Dual exhaust w/ Flowmaster mufflers
– Factory bucket seats and console
– Console signed by Parnelli Jones
– Considerable documentation verifying provenance


This 1963 Mercury Monterey S-55 hardtop, was actually driven by famous race car driver and owner Parnelli Jones and has an absolutely fascinating history that is well documented by the included information. The car is freshly mechanically restored to original specs but has not been cosmetically restored. It remains in lovely “survivor” condition and has been cared for by its collector owner who recognized the value of maintaining the car in its current state. Needless to say, it shows some paint and trim imperfects but has a marvelous patina that cannot be duplicated at any cost. The interior presents amazingly well including an autograph by Parnelli Jones who actually drove this car down Pikes Peak during the 1963 event. As the photos depict, this Mercury is a rare example that represents a true, rare survivor with provenance. With the big 427 coupled to a 4 speed it is a joy to drive; a full size “hot rod” sedan. 


Rufus Parnell “Parnelli” Jones is a retired American racing driver and race car owner. He is most remembered for his accomplishments at the Indianapolis 500, where he began racing in 1961. Jones was named the 1961 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year. In 1962, he was the first Indy driver to qualify over 150 mph, winning the pole position at a speed of 150.370 mph. Jones dominated the first two-thirds of the race until a brake line failure slowed him, and he settled for a seventh-place finish. In the 1963 race he again started on the pole and won the race. He then famously broke down while leading the 1967 race with three laps to go in a turbine car. Later, during his career as a car owner, he won the Indy 500 in both 1970 and 1971 with driver Al Unser, Sr.

By 1963 Mr. Jones was in his prime, winning a variety of races in various venues. In 1963, racing wizard and Mercury expert Bill Stroppe (Google Bill Stroppe Colorado) built a Mercury Marauder USAC Stock car for Jones to race in the July 4, 1963 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The build of this car as part of a stable of Mercury race cars for that season is detailed in a March 1963 edition of Motor Trend, a copy of which is included with the purchase of this car.

In addition, Mr. Stroppe built an identically powered Mercury S-55 for Mr. Jones to use as a practice vehicle prior to the actual Pikes Peak race. This particular car being offered for sale is that Parnelli Jones practice car. Both the race and practice cars had 427 V8 engines, T-10 transmissions, 9-inch locked differentials, coil-over shocks and huge traction bars. 

In a rather famous (or infamous) incident, Mr. Jones was involved in a head-on collision of this practice car with another on July 1 while scouting out the race course prior to practice sessions. He was coming downhill and was somewhat over the center line and the two cars collided on the left fronts. Damage was not substantial but there were passenger injuries. Mr. Jones was subsequently ticketed for reckless driving, but it was later reduced to a warning. Several news articles describing the incident are included with the sale of this car. Just 3 days later, Mr. Jones won the 1963 Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the Stroppe-built Mercury race car and broke the stock car speed record for that event, posting a time of 14:17.4 for the 12.42 mile course with a 4700 foot rise. It was only the second time Mr. Jones had raced this venue.

The practice car’s damage was repaired and it was sold on February 4, 1964, as a used car by Bob Foss Motors in Colorado Springs to a Mr. Retallack. A copy of this invoice is included with the car. The invoice identifies the car as “P-Jones-1”. Mr. Jones, Rick Mears and Ivan Stewart returned to the Pike’s venue in 1999 to participate in a Toyota promotion racing Toyota vehicles. At that event, Mr. Jones personally signed the console lid in this car. A 1999 photo of Mr. Jones alongside the car is included with the sale.


The car bears Colorado Collector Vehicle license 54L76 and is currently listed as in-op. The VIN is 3Z67Z500398. The data plate on the driver’s door frame lists the following:

Body 65C=2-door S-55 hardtop
Color B =Peacock Turquoise
Trim 57 =Light Turquoise
Date 11J
Trans 4 
Vehicle Warranty Number 3Z67Z500398


Considerable mechanical maintenance has been recently completed including the following:

Engine 427c.i. – Completely overhauled due to a terminal rod knock. Engine is now an exact replica of the engine as built by Stroppe for Parnelli. Built by Ricky Freeman of RF Racing, an experienced engine builder. Since the engine has few miles since overhaul, an oil and filter change is recommended in about 1000 miles.

– Original pistons (.030″ oversize)
– Cylinders honed
– New rings
– Re-sized rods w/ new Clevite bearings
– Re-ground “period correct w/ correct casting marks” crankshaft .020 & .030″ undersize (original crankshaft was beyond saving)
– New Clevite main bearings
– New Comp Cams camshaft and solid lifters w/ original grind as used by Stroppe (cam card included in documentation); valves need occasional adjustment
– New timing chain and gears 
– New Melling high pressure oil pump
– Rebuilt heads w/ new stainless steel valves; rebuilt rockers and rocker shaft; did not install hardened seats
– Rebuilt and restored Holley carburetor In correct numbers for the 427 engine; one model year newer than car but probably like Stroppe used as the engines did not come from Ford with a carb
– Original water pump
– New high temperature gaskets for oil pan and valve covers
– New temperature sender
– New oil pressure sender
– New main bearing seals
– New intake manifold to solve gasket leak
– Custom built fan shroud using a Mustang shroud
– New Pertronics ignition module (dramatically improved starting and overall performance)
– New distributor
– New belts and hoses

Transmission-the T10 transmission was rebuilt with:

– New main shaft bearings
– New lay shaft needle bearings
– New shift fork
– New synchronizers for all gears
– New Center Force clutch and disk; resurfaced flywheel; new pressure plate and throw-out bearing; rare 11″ clutch

Other Maintenance

– Replaced power steering pump
– Rebuilt power steering cylinder
– New hardened bolts, properly torqued
– New brake system w/ new Doorman master cylinder, new wheel cylinders, new brake shoes & hardware
– New anti-sway bar links
– New universal joints
– Packed front wheel bearings, new seals
– New rear axle seals
– New dual exhaust system w/ Flowmaster mufflers

Many of the removed parts have been kept and are in the trunk of the car.


– Factory 427 cu. in. V8 engine, 410 hp, 476 lb-ft torque
– Chrome valve covers
– Original 4-barrel carburetor w/ NASCAR air filter
– T-10 4-speed close-ratio manual transmission
– 9-inch locker differential
– Power steering
– Power drum brakes
– Coil-over shocks
– Huge traction bars
– Dual exhaust w/ Flowmaster mufflers
– P215/75R14 radial tires, older w/ 60% tread


The paint is the original Peacock Turquoise color, with partial touch-ups but still showing original paint ion several areas. Door jambs, trunk and engine bay support the cars original color and paint. There are localized chips, scratches, and small dents and, considering the cars fascinating history and the region where it spent the majority of its life, very minimal rust. This is especially true in the areas most prone to rust (rocker panels, front fenders, etc.) on the early 60’s vintage cars.

All original badging appears to remain on the car and is excellent condition as the photos support. The stainless trim is very presentable but has the expected small dents that do not attract from the cars overall appearance. Both bumpers are good with bright chrome, no pitting or rust and only a few minor dents.no major damage. The grille is very nice and damage free. The aluminum trim between the rear bumper and the trunk lid is equally nice. Both doors, along with the hood and the trunk close well. All glass is good and all windows crank easily. The car is termed a “breezeway” hardtop as the rear window glass goes down electronically from a dash operated switch (fully operational). The underside of the car is very clean, solid and has not been detailed for this presentation (refer to online photos). 


The interior is the original Light Turquoise Deluxe color. As with the exterior, the interior has not been restored but shows very well showing only minimal wear. Front seats are factory buckets. The passenger seat is quite nice while the driver’s seat has a few areas of stretched stitching. The rear seat is extremely nice. The front seats have lap-only seat belts of the old clamp type. The door panels are nice with wear only on the driver’s arm rest. The headliner and both sun visors are excellent. The rear carpet is nice while the front shows the expected wear for an unrestored car. The factory console has been signed by Parnelli Jones during a meeting with the owner when he declared “That is the big block I drove at Pike’s Peak.” Both sill plates are shiny Fisher Body with a few small dents. The steering wheel is remarkably free of defects. The dash pad is very nice with one screw hole/dent on the left side. The weather strip on both doors needs replacing. 

The dash came from the factory with a full complement of gauges including a Fuel, Oil, Alt, and Temp gauge. The speedometer reads 0-120 mph speedometer. A VDO tachometer is mounted forward of the console. The car has a factory radio and clock, both inoperative. The factory heater/defroster is intact. All gauges, lights and heating system are fully functional including the heater blower and defroster. 

The odometer reads 13,590. Mileage is being judged as “total miles unknown” (TMU) as there are no records to support otherwise. However, the survivor condition of the car indicates that the speedometer has likely not rolled over. 


– Clear Colorado title with non-op Colorado registration
– California smog test not required for vehicles 1975 and older
– Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
– 1961 Mercury Maintenance Manual plus 1963 Shop Manual Supplement
– Many replaced mechanical parts stored in the trunk


The Mercury S-55 is an automobile manufactured by Mercury, a division of the Ford Motor Company. Mercury added the S-55, a full-size performance / luxury vehicle to its S or “Special” line in 1962 to match Ford’s Galaxie 500/XL. The S-55 joined the existing Mercury “S” or “Special” line consisting of the S-22 Comet and S-33 Meteor. The first year model run offered the S-55 package in two body styles, 2 door hardtop and convertible.
The completely redesigned 1963 S-55 was offered in four different body styles: a 2-door Breezeway Hardtop, a 4-door Breezeway Hardtop, and a 2-door Convertible. Later as a 19631⁄2 you could also get the S-55 as a 2 door fastback. Each of these models included the full S-55 trim of bucket seats and console.
Power trains available for 1962-1963 included two different versions of the 390 CID (300 hp and 330 hp) and the 406 CID (3-2V or 4V). Available for the first time in 1963 was Ford’s famous 427 CID 4V.

70s Styling Icon?

Ah yes, the Riviera boat tail!  This car is included here because of its highly unusual styling and, well, the fact that I haven’t seen one in a long time.  Pony and muscle cars overshadow the personal luxury coupes of the 60s and 70s, which means that there are big block beauties out there which can be had at reasonable prices.

Is that 428CJ Mustang – or even Cougar – out of your price range now?  How about a Thunderbird or a 7-Litre Galaxie?  If that big block Chevelle, GS or 442 is out of your range, you might want to consider this 455-powered Riv from 1971, which is before the worst of the smog regulations.

This car appears to be in great shape and the seller claims it runs and drives well, too.  It’s not clear whether this is a survivor or has had some renovation work.  Given the apparent condition, the asking price doesn’t seem too far off.  If you choose to buy, just note that cars like there weren’t about light weight or handling.  You WILL get lots of low end torque and a great engine sound out of this, but it’s a bigger car than a period pony car.  Note that even the pony cars of the period don’t handle well by today’s standards!  Still, something  like this would make a great cruiser and conversation piece.

Side note:  This car was designed by Jerry Hirshberg, who would go on to lead Nissan’s US design team by the 1990s.  Does that mean Nissan enthusiasts will seek out these boats?  I tend to think not.

Click for Craigslist ad
West Lancaster, CA
$14,000 OBO

Here’s the iconic boat tail rear, inspired by Auburns from about 40 years prior.  According to the seller, the vents on the trunk were only present on early cars.  Apparently, they were part of a ventilation idea which can draw exhaust fumes into the cabin, so buyer beware.

Here’s the profile, compete with large greenhouse and interesting quarter window shape done to emphasize the wheel arch.  Yes, GM has Magnum 500-style wheels, too.

Interior has a cool, cockpit-oriented theme.  No, leather hasn’t always been required for personal luxury – this bad boy has velour.  All the better to soak up the smell of Benson & Hedges.

How’s this for a bizarre trunk opening??  Still, there’s some good space in there.

Here’s that 455 engine, sitting VERY far back in the chassis.

Ad text:

One Owner- Rare 1971 Riviera Boattail purchased in Los Angeles Ca, from Hartman Buick 44 years ago, this is the only year with the unique vents on the trunk lid, it has been garage kept, 455 ci v8 eng, runs and drives and looks good, updated R134 air conditioning system, with full power equipment, no rust, no dents.
$14000. obo
Calls only no text please.

Rare Cale Yarborough Special

Here’s a rarely seen Mercury Cyclone Cobra Jet Cale Yarborough Special with ram air.  Yes, this bad boy features the Ford 428 (that’s seven liters for our fans in Andorra) conservatively rated at 335HP and lots more torque.

Personally, I’d be torn between this and a Torino Talladega.  Same platform and same 428. One was a racing homologation car and one is a Mercury – both suitably rare and odd.  If the Merc has a four-speed, that’s the one, though, as the Talladegas all came with automatics.  Sure, there was the Cyclone Spoiler homologation special from Merc, but that only came with a 351.

If this really does run and drive and isn’t rusted, this isn’t a bad deal.  You’d spend a lot more getting a 428 in a Mustang or Cougar and, frankly the Talladega would also cost a lot more in good shape.

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Las Vegas, NV

Classic fastback looks!

The ‘formal’ Mercury front end is impressive.

Two-tone paint isn’t boring.

Interior looks decent enough.

Here’s the business end, complete with ram air.

Ad text:

1969 Mercury Cyclone 428 SJC Cale Yarborough Special with Ram Air. 9H15R583473
This car is original. I purchased this car in 1981. It has been garaged or in storage ever since. 
It runs good and fast with only minor mechanical issues due to being in storage. Odometer 5809.

The vehicle is intact. There are a few small dents. There is some rust on rear fender panels and medium rust on rear section of front fender panels and trunk pan. The interior is original. The two front bucket seats have splits and some tears. The rear bench seat is intact and in good condition. The door panels are intact and in good condition. The arm rests are split and need repair. The dash is complete and undamaged. The gauges, radio, etc are intact and original. The headliner has come apart at the seam and needs repaired. 
Everything is intact. Side mirrors, hood scoop, trim, all rubber gaskets, rear view mirror, antennae, wheels, GT hub caps, etc. There are also a lot of extra parts that we have collected throughout the years. 

I am only selling this car because I don’t have the skill or the resources to restore it myself. 
Asking $25,000.

Big Block El Camino Killa

Most everyone in the general public is aware of – and perhaps jokes about – the Chevrolet El Camino, but many have forgotten the Ford Ranchero that actually arrived first.  When I think Ranchero, I think mid-70s, so this much more svelte ’68 model is a welcome change.

This example has a 390 V8.  Sure, it’s a two-barrel variant, but it should provide plenty of torque to move this beast – or, to smoke the tires, which have little weight above them.

Though this is a very cool car/truck, the vague wording below has me worried:

“Needs the following:
Engine work”

Click for Craigslist ad
Oxnard, CA

Here’s the bed.  Note the original dog dish hubcaps and vinyl top.  This is pure 60s cool!

Front is basically all Torino.

Dual exhaust is present, yet reasonably subtle.  Ford lettering is not so subtle.

We’d like to see more, but this shows an interior in good enough shape.  There isn’t that much more to it.  Bench and column shift mean this will work for a family of three, though modern motorists will give you funny looks with a baby in front.

Things aren’t as clean under the hood, but this isn’t scary, either.

Ad text:

Hard to find 1968 Ford Ranchero Gt 390! Only 1,669 built. Original black plates, California car. Comes all stock with many extra parts. Body in very nice condition, never in accident, second family owned since 1970. Please read on for more information.

390-2V engine
3.00 conventional rear axle
C-6 select shift cruise-o-matic
Power Steering
Power disc brakes
AM radio (not working)
Factory A/C (needs installation)
Near new white wall tires
Valves reseated for todays unleaded gasoline

Aquamarine body paint with black C-stripe
Black vinyl top

Car-truck was stored in carport from 1971-1994 & driven only occasionally. Mileage shows 18,460 which has turned over. Have paperwork and Marti Report. Price is OBO.

Extras include:
Custom bed carpet (new)
Custom dash cover (new)
Side window (extra)
Chrome bed trim and partial window trim for both sides
Gas caps
Factory A/C
4 large wheel covers & 8 hubs
Ranchero and 390 scripts

Needs the following:
Engine work
Driver side upholstery rework
Assembly to hold emergency brake
Outside driver side mirror adjuster
1 window crank knob
Reattachment of back window metal strip
Passenger door handle needs repair to open from outside
Driver side window lace

Please respond via phone number provided, and please leave message if needed.

Thank You.

Dream Car: 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E with 427

Big block Mustangs, including Shelby Mustangs, are well known as great collector cars, these days.  Their Mercury counterparts, however, tend to be less well known and, while not cheap, bring in less cash.  This GT-E was the ultimate Cougar in 1968, and perhaps ever.  Most of these had a 428, which is no slouch, but the earliest units has this 427 – Ford’s ultimate engine.

This car has some obvious needs, but it looks like an honest used car, as opposed to an over-restored collector.  These can hit $60K+ in great shape, so it’ll be interesting to see where this lands. The current $37K bid is well over most Cougar prices, save for 428 and uber-rare Boss 302 Eliminators.

Click for eBay ad
Roseville, CA
$37,200 with 22 bids and reserve not met

Ad text:

1968 Cougar GT-E with the legendary 427 sideoiler engine which was developed for use in Ford’s NASCAR racing program.  Only 357 were made with this engine.  This vehicle is extremely rare and hard to find! A fully restored version of this vehicle sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in January 2011 for $181,500! Click here for more info

Vehicle Options:
The GT-E option cost more than $1,300 (almost half of the cost of the regular car) and was possibly the most radical performance package offered by that time.  This vehicle was ordered with the following features;

C-6 Merc-O-Matic Transmission
3.50 Traction-Lok Rear Differential
FR70x14 Wide Oval Radial Tires
Power Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
AM/FM Radio
Styled Steel Wheels

Included in the pictures is the Marti Deluxe Report showing all the data on this vehicle.

Vehicle History:
This Cougar is an original California car and we estimate that it sat inside an old garage for over 20+ years.  The odometer is showing 02672 and the family that owned the car said it is 102k miles.  This is a one family owned vehicle, which was passed down to a family member whom we acquired it from. We have the original owner’s manual with the original identification information in it. 

There are matching numbers on everything except the engine block.  From everything we could research, the short block was replaced at the dealer in 1968.  We have pictures of all the numbers on the vehicle, and will try to get any others if requested. 

We have verified the authenticity of this vehicle and it’s numbers with the GT-E Registry. They were pretty excited to hear about it!

Vehicle Condition:
The vehicle has no rust except for a small area behind the right rear wheel, and minor surface rust on the top.  This Cougar was originally Cardinal Red but had a poor orange paint job done at some point in the past. The underside appears to have all original suspension components and the frame rails appear to have never been scraped or damaged.  The vehicle now has a newer fuel tank and sending unit to make it run. The original tank/sending-unit need major cleaning/repair and will be given the buyer for restoration purposes.  Some gaskets were replaced in the carburetor so the engine would run, but the carburetor will need a complete overhaul.  

As you can tell, except for the leather on the seats and the paint, the vehicle is actually very nice, complete, and a perfect candidate for restoration.  Although this car could be cleaned up fairly easily and made into a nice driver, we expect that it will be completely restored because of its rarity and value.

Own a piece of Cougar history with this one of a kind and extremely rare 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E barn find. It’s waiting to find a new home and be fully restored to it’s past glory.

Terms of Sale:

This vehicle is sold “As Is” with all faults and there are no returns or exchanges.
Payment Methods – We accept Cash, Certified & Cashier’s Checks or Wire Transfers, in US Dollars only.
Deposits – A minimum $1000 US deposit must be made within 48 hours of auction close. Paypal accepted for deposit. All deposits are non-refundable.
Payment of Balance – Payment in full must be received within 7 business days from auction close.
Taxes/Duties – Buyer is responsible for all fees, taxes, & duties associated with registering and/or importing/exporting this vehicle at/to it’s final destination.

Serious buyers are welcome to a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) during our regular business hours of Mon-Fri 8am-5:00pm. Please contact us to make these arrangements.

Buyer is responsible to arrange and pay for any/all shipping charges. We will gladly accommodate your transporter on your behalf. We are not responsible for any damages incurred after leaving our facility.

Forget AMG, here’s a REAL S-55

If you like the Mercury S-55 we featured back in August, but thought the price was too high, this could be just the ticket.  This one appears to need significantly more work, but can be had for $10K less.  The question is whether you can get it to good condition for that much.  Regardless, these continue to represent one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a Ford/Mercury 428, something that can cost close to six figures in the Mustang world.

As we noted before, this is essentially the Merc version of the Ford Galaxie 7-Litre.  The seller claims it runs and has no rust, so this project might not be all that bad, especially to get to ‘nice driver’ condition.  If this was an uber-rare, four-speed car, it might be too cool to resist.

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Ontario, CA

This looks an awful lot like any full-sized 1960s

Yes, this is a tank.  A damn cool tank.

Yes, this existed LONG before Mercedes/AMG thought of the their silly little S55.

Interior is all 1960s business.  Some needs are obvious, but it’s all there.

You’ve got to love this…

Ad text:

For sale is a 1966 Q code (428) Mercury Marauder with the S55 package it has 104,000 miles 1 repaint all tags orig engine runs good. NO RUST . This is a factory A/C Console auto 4 link rear with 9 in Ltd Slip diff Power buckets PS Pb tilt All glass is excellent trim is great magnum wheels. If you want something Rare only 1200 ever made that you don’t have to chase parts for this is it. only thing missing ps emblem. New Batt Master & Booster. I can be reached at 909-xxx-xxxx