Lamper or Contamper? 1960 Lincoln Continental Camper Conversion

Yes, indeed, this is a 1960 Lincoln Continental with a full camper on the back. Supposedly, some Ford truck parts might have been used underneath, but the seller isn’t sure. We just know it’s got massive potential and it has a toilet.

While this is very cool, its condition is unfortunate. That being said, the body is apparently pretty solid. The camper needs some exterior panels and essentially everything about the interior needs replacing or refurbishment. At one time, this has a furnace, air conditioning and a stove. The sink is still present, along with the aforementioned toilet.

The engine is a correct 430 big block apparently hasn’t been run in some time and the seller doesn’t mention whether it has seized or turns freely. No plug wires are present, so the buyer will need to figure out the firing order – probably not too big a deal. This will be a fairly big project for someone, but we really hope it gets some love and gets back on the road.

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Tucson, AZ, USA
$2,250 with 18 bids, reserve not met and 1.5 days to go

We can’t say we’ve ever seen anything quite like this.

This Lincoln front end has always been a favorite.

Yes, the camper portion has a door – aft and starboard.

Open hole might have been a generator or the AC?

We have to wonder whether her leg features the toilet or general winterization instructions? Is she included?

Poor driver’s seat was well worn before a family of possums ate it.

Dash is classic early 60s.

Yes, one can access the camper from the “cab.”

Not surprisingly, the camper features some dingy curtains.

Here’s part of the kitchen – or what’s left of it.

Yes, the bathroom has a toilet and door. We don’t see a drain, so we’re not sure whether it’s also a shower.

Here’s the torquey 430. It’ll need some work before it puts out the torques.

Ad text:

1960 Lincoln Continental
factory or dealer
camper conversion

LOW reserve
this is probably one of the rarest Lincoln cars out there
available for sale and a part of Americarna that needs to
be preserved for generations to come.
Restore and and drive cross country in it, youll have life
long experiences and stories for yrs to come.
There are probably a handful of these left on the road
What an awesome vehicle to take to the next Camper-fest !

We suggest viewing our auction on normal large monitors
and or tablet to get the most out of our large easy to view pics.
Desert Survivor being sold by a very legit Ebay seller
If you have any concerns about our vehicle, please ask or dont
bid on it. Dont wait till after you win and then make up stuff on
wondering if we are real or not.
FEEDBACK !!! if you cant take 10 min to read thru our feedback
on the cars we have sold here over the last 10 yrs, then you also
shouldnt be bidding on our auctions. Ebay offers our Feedback rating
for a reason,… try trusting it.

I call it a survivor, just because it never got crushed in the last 30
yrs. I have no idea who Lincoln used to do these conversions, but
hopefully I find out more during the auction from onlookers.
Its pretty complete under the hood and in the front cockpit area.
The camper part itself has had stove and AC removed yrs ago.
It needs to be taken apart and completely restored, but you are
starting with a good solid chassis and body.

who use ebay arent smart enough to understand the rules.
So if you have under 10 feedbacks, Ill be emailing you if you bid to
make sure you are legit, if we do please reply or we will cancel your bid.
Up for Auction: LOW FAIR RESERVE !!!
Odometer shows aprox 130k on it, and should be right knowing
the trucks history, for the chassis etc.
These F250s are getting harder to find esp in this condition
that are still affordable to most buyers.

DRIVETRAIN: factory V8 big block hasnt run in yrs.
Not sure if you could get it running again, but it would be
fun to try before just rebuilding it. Its been sitting for over
30 yrs here in the Az desert. Huge radiator and I think I
saw a factory trans oil cooler up front. No idea the condtion
of the motor at the moment, hope for the best and expect
the worst maybe ? it was a running driving vehicle according
to the last owner when they parked it in the 80s.
It was cool enough to clock over 100k miles on it for its
first 20 yrs on the road. (doubt its 10800 original)

INTERIOR: take a look at the pics. Very original and yes
pretty sun baked and worn. It will need to be taken apart
and restored, but luckily most of the factory componentes
are all there and accounted for so you are not searching for
stuff for weeks. I think the added gauge or gauges were part
of the conversion.

INSIDE THE CAMPER: see pics. dry, worn and delapidated
condition, yes. Restorable ? of course…just takes a vision
and alot of $ 🙂 Has a sink and toilet. Had a stove / ac and
more. Think the heater furnace is still there. Looks like it
would of slept at least 2- 4 easily.

EXTERIOR: the body pretty straight for its age, the front
half at least. The camper part isnt too bad but will need some
panels replaced as well. Originally it was white and gold with
gold accents on the camper area too with the aluminum.
Front windshields been out of the sun and covered most of its
life thanks to the overhang, making it in great shape.
The hood is on with just a few bolts and not aligned properly
just for shipping purposes. 1 hinge may be bent, not sure.
The grill and front bumper are in pretty amazing shape.
Both doors feel solid and work great.

SUSPENSION: the suspension looks somewhat factory Lincoln
Up front looks to have been converted to maybe F100 front drums
from the factory, outback is a 8 lug F250 style rearend on HD leafs.
Im sure it was upgraded with other HD parts, but Ive not been
under it that much

Minimal rust under the car, making taking this car apart, almost a breeze !!

Check out ALL the pics below —–>

it may take a full minute for them all to load if you have a
slow connection, so be patient AND looks for the extra scroll
bar on the right side.
Az gets maybe 12″ a yr of rain and Az very dry climate.
more info AFTER the pics etc. There are 100 large pics.