Sightings: Newport Beach, CA July 6, 2017

I went to Newport Beach for a Duffy Boat ride and was rewarded with a few odd sightings – all in one parking lot.

This gem speaks mostly for itself, but we first noticed the Pep Boys hood scoops and the body side molding used on the hood, as well as the horrid decal work on the side.

Under the front bumper is a strange assortment of LED lights.

The rear features very thick molding applied in odd locations. Its a bit sad to see the car that introduced the DOHC Ford modular V8 (later used in the SVT Cobra) to the world treated like this. That being said, we’re not sure whether it’s better or worse than the geriatric, puffy top treatments these usually get.

Lumina APV – need we say more?

Finally, in the same lot was a genuine 280ZX 10th Anniversary Black Gold edition!

The paint has oxidation, but the car is overall in pretty amazing shape and appears to be mostly original.

MSA/Grant steering wheel is a common mod and we also noted a MSA 6×9 speaker panel in the back. Great news in this pic is the manual shifter.

Lincoln Plus Ranchero Equals Linchero?

If you’ve seen a ’59 Lincoln Continental, then you can understand how converting one into a pickup is not too far-fetched.  These cars had ridiculously long trunks from the factory.  This car underwent that conversion, along with some interesting, old school customization.

The end result is certainly unique.  The seller says this is in excellent condition, but provides almost no other information. This is just weird enough to be cool, though, if it was mine, I would have chosen a more subtle paint scheme to make it look stockish.

If you don’t like this one, it seems the seller will gladly customize another Lincoln for you (see ad).

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Los Angeles, CA

The paint scheme certainly highlights the trim on this one and seems stuck somewhere between 50s/60s hot rod and 70s/80s lowrider.  There’s no mention of air suspension (or “switches”) in the ad.

Liftover to the bed is long and I’m not sure the tailgate opens.

Front view shows the silver base color, as well as those wacky 1959 Lincoln headlamps (very cool!).

From a slightly lower angle, this might appear stock.  Note lack of opening.

Interior appears to be in good shape with custom upholstery carrying over the blue and silver theme.

Cake would approve of this seat.  After all, “stickshifts and safetybelts, bucket seats have all got to go, when were driving in the car, it makes my baby seem so far.”

Aside from paint on the rocker covers and air cleaner – as well as the hated ‘universal’ hose, things look pretty stock under the hood.

Ad text:

1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV “Ranchero”
Own a One Off Concept Car — Pick-Up Truck
Excellent condition – Rust Free.

This is a truly unique, magnificent creation.

Hey, I just saw an Cadillac Pick-Up at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale. Yes a Cadillac El Camino

This unique Continental “Ranchero” is available now in LA.
Also we’re restoring a 1957 Continental Mark II and 
several 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertibles.
What color combination would you like yours? 
How bout silver with a dark red leather interior?
Or pick an original color and interior as well. Check out the other 1960 Continental Mark V Convertible pictures. The “Ranchero” interior is shown in the last two pictures.

Linchero: An Answer to the Cadillup

While Cadillac never officially offered them, Cadillups – combination Cadillacs/El Caminos were  spotted fairly often in the 70s and early 80s.  Ford offered the Ranchero for most of that time, but I cannot claim to have seen a Linchero (lin-chero or linc hero?) until today.

The seller claims this is a ‘factory conversion’, which doesn’t even make sense.  Perhaps he/she means this was one of those ‘authorized’ deals sold through Lincoln dealers.  In truth, there is a good chance this was a ‘flower truck’ for a funeral home – it seems that was one of the common uses for Cadillups.  Regardless, the seller says this runs and drives well and that’s all the information provided. We don’t now which V8 is in this, nor how many miles are on the engine or chassis.

What we do know if that you’ll be the only one at your local cruise-in if you pick up this bad boy.

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Inland Empire, CA
Offers considered…

Here’s the iconic profile.  Vinyl top carrying over to the bed rails is a classy touch.

Front end gives away none of the weirdness – just a massive 70s face.  I’m guessing the light covers no longer close.

This is the best bed shot available – scary because anything could be in there.  Tail light treatment is actually pretty well done here, but note the high-hinged tailgate and really cheaply done rear window. Also…someone towed with this?

Hopefully, the missing trim is shared with the original Lincoln.

I’ll give you $100 if you lick a lollipop, roll it on this driver’s seat and then slowly eat it.

If this is indeed a Mark V, this is either a 400 or 460. It should have several torques and low, wheezy redline and associated horsepower rating.

Ad text:

1979 Lincoln Mark V truck for sale, rare factory conversion. Runs and drives great, needs some interior work, exterior ok for its age, inherited from a relative. Taking offers.

Over the Top Yankees Fan Town Car

The seller opens with this: “Also will barter for new siding on my colonial house or new roof shingles installed on my roof or landscaping work worth about value I am selling car.”

That aside, I love several things about this car and ad.  First, “Fort Lauderdale” edition was likely quite garish and obnoxious to begin with, based on the blue puffy top.  Add to that the snow bird connection and this can’t be beat.

How do you put a value on this collector’s classic?  I think it’s worth one installed 13-foot french drain (assuming no clay soil or rock) and 1,263 square feet of HardiePlankĀ® lap sidingā€Ž.  Roofing may just be too much.

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Westwood, NJ
$200 with one bid and reserve not met and $2,200 BIN price

No comment necessary.

See above.

Rear window is another classy touch.

Fancy gold badge hasn’t held up well.

Interestingly, my ’70 Mustang has the same steering wheel wrap (for now).


Ad text:

Also will barter for new siding on my colonial house or new roof shingles installed on my roof or landscaping work worth about value I am selling car

This is a special edition town car. I am the 2nd owner. This vehicle is a Ft. Lauderdale Edition which is where the NY Yankees practice off season. Back in 1994, this car was specially made to promote a local dealership in the area and the car was made with an all White Exterior and an all White Interior with Blue Pinstripes like the NY Yankees Uniform. This was what I was told by the prior owner.

The body is in very nice shape and the paint still shines. Has no rust and a minor dings but otherwise is very nice shape. The Landau roof is in good condition. The interior is in ok shape. The seats have cracks in them but not torn due to the heat over the years and the headliner in torn but it there and all the power windows work

The past year I installed a New Radiator, New Water Pump, New Antfreeze, New Windshield, New Wipers, New Brakes, New Battery and 2 New Wheel cylinders.The Engine purrs like a kitten and runs beautiful. The transmission shifts perfectly and is solid. The exhaust has no leaks and is very quiet. Cruise control works perfect and the power antenna and factory radio work too.

The tires on it are practically new and I will throw in a Complete Set of 4 NEW STUDDED SNOW TIRES WITH RIMS ( PAID $350, OCT of 2013) for freeThe AC is ICE COLD and the HEAT is HOT.

 The check engine light is on but everything seems to work. Probably a sensor for something but didn’t fix and the front passenger door doesn’t open from the outside, opens from inside only. As far is MPG I honestly got about 25MPG on Highway and about 21MPG locally. Regular gas. Pretty good for a car like this.

The tires on have about 90% tread remaining and I will throw in a Complete Set of 4 NEW STUDDED SNOW TIRES WITH RIMS for free. They have close to 95% tread remaining

Selling because I don’t use anymore to commute to the city in the winter back and forth since I don’t work in NYC anymore but when I did, and put the STUDDED SNOWS on, honestly the car handled like my 4×4 Nissan Armada in the snow or ice. It was great and the stickers and striping can be removed if you dont like.

Rare, Hot Rod Lincoln

Okay, so it’s only a borderline hot rod, as this transmission was not available with the V8 engine.  But, still, when did you last see a Lincoln with a clutch pedal?

This looks clean enough and the condition seems to back up the 104K mile claim.  We love the idea of a red, manual LS.  There can’t be too many out there!

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Paramount, CA

The LS was a great looking car, in my humble opinion.

Yep…a stick shift.  Black interior is nice with the dark red exterior.

Ad text:

Extremely rare, super clean, mint condition, Lincoln Ls sport 5 speed manual transmission v6. This car is a must see. The paint and body are flawless with black leather interior thats in mint condition. It has a bouble din, 7″ touch screen, pioneer dvd player/stereo with back up camera. Its is priced to sell. Asking $5,500 but price may be negotiable. Call and ask for Alex or Melissa. 562 531 7431 ,562 3138685