Westfalia Vanagon Wearing Gulf Livery

VW T3/Vanagons are some of the slowest vehicles one can love.  Trust me, I own one.  Still, these are true enthusiast vehicles which offer a lot of fun in camper form.  Someone decided that today’s feature would be better off with Gulf Livery to give off a racing vibe, for better or worse.

Don’t worry, this one’s still slow.  It has dual carbs, but that can only do so much.  These air-cooled versions are generally regarded as being even slower than the water-cooled versions.  This should be good in mild climates, but one has to watch out for overheating when struggling up hills.

We think this is a cool-looking van, but we’re not so sure the paint scheme adds to the value.  We’ll see what the market has to say…

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Seattle, WA, USA
$1,600 with 18 bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Yes, this even has a Gulf logo to go with the paint.  The lower cladding was taken from a later van.

Top still pops!

This air-cooled Vanagon lacks the lower grill of its water-cooled, younger siblings, but someone installed the later, square headlight grill.  Bumpers were painted to match the scheme.

Rear carries on the paint scheme and wears an RS badge, presumably emulating a Porsche.

Here’s the combination cargo area and bed.

Here’s the cluster in metric.  Basic Vanagons had a clock in place of a tach in some years.

Interior is standard Westy with no AC.  Upholstery has been replaced, however,

Here’s the air-cooled flat four with its dual-carb setup.  Hopefully, it does put out a little more power than stock.

Ad  text:

Nothing says “honey, we need to sell the VW” like “I’m pregnant”.

We thought this would be a fun, adventurous van to tramp around in. Instead, I’m having a kid.

This vehicle Canadian and previous owner had lots of work done it and the receipts to show it, including gas tank (5/2016) transmission (4/2016) dual carburetors (3/2016), double battery system (2011) and a new 2.0L engine (2009).

The mileage and speedometer are in metric, and it has 281,00 km, which comes out to  about 168,600 miles. (Though not sure how many on the new engine.)

This van is a beauty! 

Custom paint job really stands out, and strangers may want to drag race you at stop lights. Could make a cameo in the upcoming Fast/Furious installment (Vin Diesel, I’m awaiting your call). 

Dual carb engine gives it more oomph than the standard air-cooled Westies. 

Canvas is good, interior is nearly immaculate and it all has a cool blue color that matches the exterior. Windows are tinted all around.

Camping gear -stove, fridge- work well.

It has a bunch of other gadgets that I sadly haven’t even gotten to explore, like the interior heater and dual battery system.

In addition to work from the previous owner and have had some minor work done since getting it (fuel pump connection replaced, heater box replaced, propane tank removed.)

Like most 1982 Vanagons, this one has some minor things that you may or may not want/need to address -blower motor fan, faulty gas tank gauge, minor seam rust, etc etc- the things you should expect from a 34 year old vehicle!

Feel free to call, text or email with questions.

Thank you and happy bidding!

Save this Falcon Ranchero Project!

Falcon Rancheros are just plain cool!  Although the Mustang was based on an updated 1964 Falcon, many parts still fit, which means you can do just about anything with one of these little trucklets.  These didn’t come with a V8 until 1963, but they easily accept one.

The owner of this one has done some good things, as a V8 is installed, along with front disc brakes and new springs and shocks front and rear.  The car originally has a “three on the tree” column-shifted, three-speed transmission, but now wears a floor-shift four-speed.  The column shifter would be cool for its unusual nature, but the four-speed and floor shifter will be much better for performance driving.

Why do we beg readers to save this one?  The seller says he or she was going to make this a tribute to the early Shelby Mustangs.  We love Shelby Mustangs and we love Rancheros,  To each his own, but we don’t think the two should meet.  This would be awesome looking mostly stock and would have good sleeper value with its upgraded engine and suspension (although the rumble would probably be obvious!).  This needs a lot of work, but a lot of work has already been done and it’s ready for you to make your own decisions on how to finish it out.

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North Hollywood, CA, USA
Many don’t realize that the Ranchero came before the El Camino. It was much larger at first, though, as it was downsized for 1960.  This one looks pretty straight.  The camper shell should probably go, though.
The owner has been storing it without front wheels to prevent theft.  That’s North Hollywood for you.  Would your HOA let you do that?
The disc brake set up is rusty, but present.  These had drums all around from the factory.
New springs and shocks!
Yes, front wheels and tires are included.  White walls (still wearing protective blue film) will work perfectly with our sleeper idea!  They were a strange choice for a Shelby tribute…
Four-speed shifter is visible here and the wood Mustang wheel is a nice touch.  This is all we can see of the interior, so we know it at least needs carpet.
Here’s the engine – it’s not clear whether it’s a 260, 289, 302 or even a 351; but it’s definitely some sort of Windsor.  We’ll bet it’s a 289 or 302.
Look ma, no valve covers!  As seen in the previous image, they are included, however.
Ad text:

1960 Ford Ranchero.
It is an Ugly Betty, but it won’t take much to make it a real beauty.
Here’s what I’ve done to my 1960 Ford Ranchero.
Front end:
Replaced front springs with 1″ lowering for a 65 mustang. Most parts are for a 65 Mustang except for Falcon specific items.
1 1/8″ sway bar
tie rods, 
center linkage (falcon)
idler arms
ball joints
control arms
Cobra style valve covers
Steering wheel (wooden)
65 mustang steering column, got rid of the three-on-the tree column
KYB shocks front and rear.
new leaf springs in the rear
1972 Comet spindles with disc brakes- 5 lug
9″ rear end
Dual brake master
Brake lines (partial finished)
Monte Carlo bar
Export brace
3 core aluminium radiator
White wall tires
14″ wheels
My goal for this project was to build a tribute to the 1965 Shelby Cobra Mustang.
I have to sell my project due to lack of full tome employment and we’re moving across the country.
The front wheels off the car to prevent theft.

Three on the RV Tree: Econoline Pickup RV

Anyone can find a Volkswagen Westfalia Camper, your host included, but this is a bit more unusual.  Ask yourself when you last saw an Econoline pickup, then whether you’ve ever seen an RV version.

This truck features an inline six (mid-mounted, of course) with a three-speed manual and column shift.  The seller provides very little info, but indicates that this vehicle is not currently running.  This looks like it could be homemade and the seller doesn’t claim to know.  There is a reference to Kamp King Koaches in the Q&A section, but we don’t see anything quite like this – professionally-made RVs tended to have more windows and ventilation, from what we can tell.

Regardless, this is in need of a lot of fix-up; but, if it sells, the new owner will have to decide what that means.  This should live on as a functional camper, so why do a full “restoration”, when you can clean it up, modernize the interior and get it running reliably, possibly with some upgrades?  Considering it would not be cheap to do all that, what’s this worth to you?

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Portales, NM, USA
$1,000 with one bid, reserve not met and four days to go

Does YOUR car have a patio door?

Not the aerodynamic rise in the top, and attempt to ignore the gouge in the side of the camper.

Front end is all Econoline and features a front spare mount – without a spare.

Rear end is, shall we say, more functional than stylish.

Cab and controls should be familiar with anyone who spent time around one of these vans or trucks.

Millennials may wonder what that center “seat” does.

Yes, it covers the mid-mounted engine!  That was generally a warm place to sit.

Patio door does feature a screen, which is necessary for camping.

Behold the wood paneling!  Shall we head inside – perhaps for some free candy?

There’s a place to sleep and what appears to be a fridge.  This shot clearly shows this is no camper shell – it’s open to the cab.

Looking to the right, we see a sink and stove.  So far, this offers exactly what a Westy offers in terms of amenities, just in a larger and less efficient shape (how non-German).

The cabinet look much more homebrew versus a Westy, but there is some storage.

The top unit appears to be a fridge, but we’re not sure about the bottom.  It looks vaguely like an ice maker, but we doubt that’s what it is.

Westfalia owners will consider this a money shot.  Yes, this camper has a toilet of some sort – something VW couldn’t fit.  As far as we can tell, there’s no shower, though.

Ad text:

1965 Ford Econoline Pickup RV for sale. 

240 6-cyclinder motor does start 
3 speed on the column transmission
Brakes work 
mileage–77109–have no knowledge if this is actual or not
Needs total restoration.   This vehicle is a one of a kind vehicle.  For more information call Bill 575.xxx.xxxx.

Located in Portales, NM    88130

Q: Is this a factory one or did someone make it

A: In our opinion it came from the factory this way. We have looked and looked trying to find another one like this and haven’t. We did find Kamp King Koaches with similar ones. 

Just another VW Beetle-Based Camper

Once upon a time, we posted a thing of beauty known as the “Little Bugger”.  Here was have a “Super Bugger”, which appears to be a very similar – if not the same – RV kit based on  a classic VW beetle.

Maybe the purple paint with flame job makes it super?  The structure looks remarkably similar, so that’s about all I can come up with, and that’s all you get, as the seller provides no useful information.  That being said, the car does have its own Facebook page!

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Northern CA

Ad text:

Selling my beloved VW Superbugger. Built in 1973. According to DMV records, there are only 2 running in the US. This one has been in magazines, won awards, been at events, used in parades, homecoming etc. There is even a Facebook page with lots of fans. It is a great advertising tool. I parked it out in front of a mall and came out to crowds of people.
It has a refrig, stove sink, shower wand, etc. Unique, unique, unique. If you are at all interested, please send me an email. If your gonna comment about it go to the FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/VW-Superbugger/731409410210825?ref=hl

If you want to talk serious business let me know. I don’t want scammers, people asking me if they can send a cashiers check etc. If you want it you will have to do honest and fair dealings and come see it in Northern Califfornia 45 min North of the Golden Gate.

“Different” Camping Trailer or Second Half for your Expedition

I don’t know what it is, but the story behind this must be interesting. I suppose it could be as simple as “I wrecked my Expedition, but the back half was good.  Why waste it?”

The ad raises some concerns:

1) The seller claims this sleeps four – you’ll get to now each other very well if you try it.
2) The seller also claims this is “very unique.”  That’s an example of poor grammar.

I do like the suggestion that this will be cool pulled by another Expedition.  Anyway, you can use it as suggested, or perhaps you are the one person out there whose Expedition has a wrecked rear half and who can use this to make a whole truck.

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Orange County, CA?

Ad text:

I have a 1/2 expedition , I turn this into a camping trailer, tool box inside sleeps 4 and is a very unique trailer especially if you pull this with another expedition. call or email for more info.

I Might Have Van Envy

Here we have a German Camper by Westfalia NOT made by Volkswagen, but named after a famous explorer and cartographer.

These James Cook campers seem to have quite the following on the interwebs, but it’s not clear whether any officially made it to the US.  It’s definitely a cool rig, though the extra height and fixed-roof nature mean you won’t go through drive-throughs.  Pop over to Poland and drive this bad boy back to North America!  I’ll keep Oddimotive Mobile HQ…

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Swiebodzin, Poland
$300 with 3 bids and no reserve

In case it wasn’t tall enough, they added a little AC unit on top.

Rear luggage storage is pretty cool, but must eliminate sleeping for one more person.

Cab is decidedly more truckish than a Vanagon’s.

Gated shifter! Too bad it’s an AT.

As a Westfalia owner, I find the theme pretty familiar here.

Ad text:

For sale 1982 Classic RV Mercedes Benz, model 307D diesel, 4 speed automatic transmission and power stering. This is original Westfalia JAMES COOK edition with nice interior, 4 or more sleeping places The vehicle is in original unrestored shape, need little body work. The engine and trans is in great condition, runs and drive very well. New battery, tires looks good 80%. I can help in worldwide ro/ro shipping, Clear Germany Title in hand. Feel free to e-mail me for more details. No reserve auction, please serious bidders only! Happy bidding.
Attention! I can deliver to Bremerhaven port in Germany for additional fee. The Wallenius Vilhelmsen ro/ro shipping cost from Germany to US East Coast is about $1500, to West Coast $2500 Good luck

Cool Little Bugger

As the seller states,”well if you are in favor of the odd here it is.”  From what we can tell, a few companies made camper conversions for VW Bugs back in the day. We don’t know much about them, but anything called the Little Bugger is just cool.

This doesn’t seem like something you’d want to drive uphill at all, but it’s certainly interesting!

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Maryville, TN
$2,800 with 19 bids and reserve not met
Update: SOLD for $7,557 with 34 bids

The seller blames the dishing in on the previous owner’s backing skills.

Fancy seats were swapped in at some point.  Do those side airbags work?!

Luxurious!  It doesn’t look like there are cooking accommodations here, but there might be remnants of a stripper pole?

This look ready to motivate several thousand pounds of camper and stuff.

Ad text:

Well if you are in favor of the odd here it is. Popular Mechanics Magazine offered a “lil buggar” kit back in the 70s to convert a vw beetle to what you see before you. I have not seen many on the road since the flip of the 00s much less in good shape. This one is based off a 1965 Beetle. Stock running gear 1300cc 4speed and it actually goes down the road well and keeps up with (modest) traffic. I figured when I traded for it that road travel would be a fright but the little guy cruises quite well down the highway. Now for all you 90mph freeway speed demons well don’t expect that but a 60mph cruise is a very easy tact to do. Inside is bare bones an icebox and a table that lays flat to sleep 2 adults pretty well. I have taken it on several short one night trips and it does better than a tent but still pretty small. Underbelly is virtually rust free and the nose (all that’s left beetle) is the same. The camper body has a few dings from the PO backing it up but nothing serious. Some of the pics show NO rear bumper but I have installed it since the photos. There is no decklid. Ok so look this is a OLD custom converted camper that is DRIVER quality not a show car. Paint looks better in the pics than it actually is. It has a few funny smells basically what I’m saying is bid on an antique VW camper not a modern day car. Can you fly in and drive it a million miles home at 90mph? NO NO NO plan to have it transported c’mon people lets be real. I would drive it a short distance but I’ve been into VWs 23 years when they get old they get cranky! Now that said this little guy runs and drives very well but I have only played with it local (100 miles or so) never took it on a long cross country trip. I have a clean title for it ready to transfer (titled as a beetle). I don’t care to aid in shipping anywhere in the world but YOU must set it up. Zero feedback I will cancel your bid unless we chat first and I see you are a real bidder. Oh and scammers just pass me by I’m a grumpy older fat guy that has had all the scams you can imagine pulled…shipper scams,bank wire scams,check scams,overpayment blah blah blah I’ve seen em all. If you expect to ship it out the next day do not, it will sit here until ALL funds clear most bank checks take over 15 days so the lil guy sits here till it’s all over. I will not do a wire transfer due to …guess what SCAMS! or paypal or anything electronic you can send a cashiers check(that will be held till it clears) or come pay in person(I even have a counterfeit pen)..LOL