Homebrew 1913 Stutz “Replica”

Replica implies a certain amount of accuracy in reproduction; so perhaps we’ll consider this more of a tribute. Either way, someone took a 1964 Ford pickup and made something that looks somewhat like a 1910s-era racer.

Per the seller, this was built by a professional welder, used a 1964 Ford pick up frame and features a Ford 223 inline six running through a three-speed manual transmission. Supposedly, it “runs and drives good.” (SIC)  Mileage is listed as 1M, but we hope that’s a placeholder for “unknown.”

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Madison, NE, USA
$1,500 with ZERO bids and one day to go

Again, things are generally in the right places to replicate the Stutz, but nothing’s quite right. The headlamps, for example, are tiny compared to period-correct units.

Barrel-style fuel tank is nice and it’s good to see a spare present.

Interior is about as spartan as you’d expect, but the seat looks modern and somewhat supportive.

Here’s the classic Ford truck I6. Note that wiring isn’t exactly pretty.

Ad text:

Built by professional welder on a 1964 Ford pick up frame with overhead valve straight six (223) and three speed manual transmission. Runs and drives good.

This car is a lot of fun. Unique one of a kind car that is a hoot to drive Clear Nebraska title.