More 90s weirdness

Who doesn’t love a Suzuki X90.  Please don’t answer that question.

Ebay ad, while is lasts
Starting bid: $4,5000
BIN price: $5,500
Market value: Much Le$$
Update: SOLD! At $5,000, but I can’t say why.

For a certain friend of Oddimotive, it has T-Tops!!!

Unfortunately,this one has the wrong transmission, although it’s the right drive type.

 We’re sure Suzuki got a great return on the investment decision involving unique seat fabric for this gem.

Ad text:

1998 SUZUKI X-90 4X4 COUPE.  RARE Oregon Green ( only 4 or 5 made with this color )  RARE Grey Leather Interior ( leather this last year only )  This fantastic car is a 9 out of 10. Between the last owner and I, everything has been replaced and almost as good as it came off the showroom floor.   This vechicle gets more looks, than modern super cars, people always ask “What is it – I have never seen one ”  Suzuki only made the x-90 for a couple of years and stopped because of slow sales.  This 1998 was the last year made with only 477  made.  With the leather interior even fewer. I was going to tow it behind an RV, and never got around to it because of health reasons.  A Roadmaster Falcon 5000 hideaway front tow bar was installed ( goes with the car ) This car has never been towed with it.   Here are the details of the car.
                                                                                                THE ONE-OF-A KIND SUZUKI X-90:
The X-90 stands out as the only “sporty ” utility vehicle on the market . It’s bulging fenders, 2-seat cockpit, rear spoiler and rounded edges suggest sporty subcompact  styling. But the ample groung clearance, high cowl, high driving position,stout rear pillar and tall multipurpose tires suggest SUV or Truck. This car has 4-speed Automatic Elec.controlled transmission, 4-Wheel Drive w/ anti locking brakes, Overdrive, Cruise Control, Jensen Radio w/ AF/FM, CD ,& DVD Player built into dash ( Perfect fit ).  Security System, Elec Windows, Elec. door locks, Cruise Control, Lift off T-Top roof panels W /sun shades built in to the roof panels. Roof Panel Storage bags included.  Tinted Glass on all windows. Air Condition ( works )  1.6 Liter engine, 16 Valves, 95 hp, Power Steering, Power brakes, New tires, Alum alloy wheels. Everything works.  This is one of nicest x-90 ever listed on E-Bay.  Perfect small-light weight RV tow vechile.
Clear title in hand – California Reg.

Colt GTS Turbo!

Okay, some posts here will show genuinely desirable cars, but they’ll tend to be unusual and/or forgotten, cult-classic-types.

For your enjoyment, we hereby submit a Colt GTS Turbo!  Seller mentions it being a Black Edition and rare – can’t verify that, but it’s possible it has a bit of a black gold thing going on.  We support that.

Craigslist ad, while it lasts

Exterior could use a little love, but these were made for fun, not shows.

Louvers add street cred, as does LARGE turbo script.

Seller claims this one runs and drives well.  This unassuming engine is one reason we’re interested in this car.

Turbo script on the seats – an 80s requirement.

Damn right they’re on the rear seats, too.

Last, but certainly not least, TWIN STICK!  Oh yes, that’s the other reason to pay attention to these pocket rockets.

Ad text:

I have a 1984 Colt GTS Turbo “Black Edition” with 83K original miles on it.
Runs and drives great, with a newer turbo, brakes, gas tank, fuel lines, and some spare NOS parts.
The car needs a better hood, bumpers and paint to complete. 
No accident history, very nice interior, and the ever unique 8 speed transmission.
With a very small investment, this car could be phenomenal, and, as there were only 200 “Black Editions” / “Pocket Rocket Editions” ever made, the car is quite rare.
I am looking to sell outright, but would entertain a trade for a nice Suzuki Samurai//SJ410, 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Sport (V6, 4WD, manual), or a low mileage 1997 Suzuki TL1000S (green)
Please feel free to contact me for additional descriptive and photos.

We swear we weren’t looking for another one…

…but this custom MN12 T-Bird showed up in an unrelated search.  Feast your eyes on the images and you’ll understand why the Oddimotive staff couldn’t pass it up.

Craigslist link, while it lasts

Lambo doors on a T-Bird?  Why not?  It’s too bad the 24-inch wheels aren’t included. The ride quality must be superb with those in place.

16 Switches?  Possibly. The shots showing the range of motion are a nice touch.  Wait – is that a convertile Z31 in the background???

Interior, you ask?  Yes, it’s custom.  The front must be too nice for amateur eyes, so a strange image of the rear seat and interior quarter trim is the only interior shot included.  Makes sense.

Ad text:

Lambo Doors, Custom Paint, Custom Tint on windows, shaved door handles, Coach Interior. Air suspension with 3 air pumps & 2 custom aux tanks, 4.6L auto trans. 
K&N air Filter. Needs battery. First picture is when car was in car shows-24″ Rims are gone.
DMV Fees paid. Clean title. 

Where to begin with this one?

Who modifies a Chevy Colorado?  Okay, maybe some people with legitimate off-road interests, but you usually don’t picture these mods:

Craigslist ad – while it lasts

Yes, the exterior looks a bit odd.  The interior is even better!  Is that a single 6×9 speaker on the center hump?  Center channel for surround sound?  The ad points out that the seats are from a Hummer H3.  Who gives a rat’s ass?  Are H3s known for good seats?  Are H3s known for anything at all?

But wait, there’s still more!  BRASS KNUCKLE SHIFTER!  If there’s anything more manly than a column-mounted shifter (you know, like the ones in your grandmother’s car in the 70s), it’s one with brass knuckles custom-fitted.  It’s not clear to me whether they have a quick release feature for actual fight usage, but one can dream.

Full ad text.  We deleted the phone number, though we’re proud that Oddimotive corporate headquarters shares the same area code!):

“hey guys im selling my 2008 chevy colorado. i bought this truck brand new and went to work customizing it but i have just lost interest in it. she runs great cash only no trades she has 40, 1XX. i dont drive her too much have always worked /stayed local. but have taken her to havasu with no problems. any questions come check out the truck and lets make a deal. call or email 562-XXX-XXXX $MAKE OFFER, NO LOW BALLERS, NO FREE RIDES., give me a call and make me a resonable offer. cash is king. no shes not a salvage truck. will trade for silverado

Truck Info 
Colorado Z85 

3.7L Inline 5 


Cab Config 
Regular Cab 

3.73’s with LSD
Cherry bomb “Extreme” duals “side by side” 
Custom Air ducts to Air Filter
NO Cats
Kevins Homemade intake
1/8mile run:
60′ – 2.059
1/8 -9.354 @74.96 

6/7 drop 
3″ djm lower control arms
Custom 6″ Notch 

Adj Belltech Coilovers
4″ blocks, Belltech leafs
16X8 nascar victory rims/245-50-16 falken 912 

Custom 3″ flared bedsides
Custom round wheel wells
Custom made alum. adjustable nascar sproiler
Custom “flush” homemade trans member
Custom leds under doors
Street Scene grill
L.E.D blinkers (smoked) 
LED 3rd brake light 
LED tails 
SS mirrors
Projector headlight w/8K H.I.D (baked & painted)
8k HID fog lights
Limo tint
Aluminum gas door
8″ aluminum antenna
shaved tailgate 

Custom mag light mounted in headliner
Custom quick release steering wheel 
Custom home made brass knuckle shifter
Hummer H3 bucket seats
roll on bed liner in cab (no carpet)
5 panel wink mirror 
LED cluster
LED footwell & dome
suede headliner & pillars
painted dash inserts
pa speaker 

pioneer 5.8″ headunit w navigation
Sony Xplode 6X9″

Two semi-related oddities

First post – let’s see how this works.

Today’s finds are somewhat related. The Thunderbird and Cougar were twins from some time in the 70s until  they both passed away after the 1997 model year.  These two finds are from different generations, but are distantly related and a common expression of tasteless ‘upgrades’.

Ebay ad, while is lasts
Buy it now:  $11,500 in Kentucky (bargain at only ten times the normal T-Bird value)

Here we feel some credit is due- at least this is a one-off and no one thought it was prime for production.

The Tiffany Cougar was a bad idea with similarity to the Excalibur and other tastelessly modified 80s vehicles.  Not surprisingly, these were ‘made’ in the Miami area.

There’s even a page:

And, yes, there’s one for Excalibur,too:

Ebay ad, while is lasts
Buy it now: $39,900 (!?!?) in San Antonio.  Hurry!

Major interior changes are  expensive, much like greenhouse and glass changes.  The answer is the same for each area on each car.  Don’t change it!