Why have a regular Fiero?

When you can have this?

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Dreamy BIN  price is$18,500
Update (3/20): Shockingly, no one bit on this one, despite the images of the seller.
Update(3/22):  It’s baaack with the same price:  Click for new Ebay ad
Update (4/5): It’s back AGAIN!  Click for latest eBay ad  This time it’s $9,500, but still not a auction


Seller claims the interior is very close to original.

Here’s a real one.  You be the judge…

I really hope these images are 25 to 30 years old.

Ad text:

Convertible Ferrari Testaross Replica, Built on a 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT.The car looks 99% like the original (interior has some slight differences from the original). 
Black exterior with black interior and gold accents.
The engine is a 2.8L V6, 6 speed manual transmission (you can put a V8 engine in it for about $5,000).  Engine has about 71,872 original miles.  Has only 5,000 miles on it since it was converted to a Ferrari.  Engine is in perfect condition.  Engine headers, gaskets, and seals were replaced about 200 miles ago because they were leaking oil.  Car runs great. No leaks.
All rims, lights, and emblems are original from Ferrari.  Wheels, emblems, and exhaust tips are gold plated with 18K gold. 
Clutch is new, but the clutch flywheel was not machined, so the car has a slight vibration on 1st gear if you don’t rev it when lifting the clutch. 
New brakes have less than 5,000 miles on them.
Tires are in excellent condition.
Battery is brand new.
Convertible top is manual and difficult to put on, it does not seal perfectly so it will leak during heavy rain.  I have never driven the car in the rain and never put up the top.  Convertible top covers need to have better attachment snaps.
Stereo is custom mounted on the door.  It has a high wattage amplifier, a huge 12” subwoofer behind the seat, a talking graphic equalizer, 10-disc CD Changer, and sounds unbelievable!  The stereo control face is not working currently and needs to be replaced (may be a simple wiring issue in the door).
The car has an alarm that will page you if the alarm is triggered.
Power antenna goes up and down when the radio is turned on, or when the alarm is sending a page.
The car is equipped with multiple kill switches placed in various places inside the car.  The engine will not start unless the switches are all in the correct configuration.
It has an anti carjacking device.  It senses when the driver gets off his seat (has a seat sensor), and then if driver door opens while the engine is running, the car assumes it is being car jacked.  It will allow the car to be driven for half a mile (so the carjacker is not near the driver), and then shuts off the car at the fuel pump.
The car has a battery disconnect switch to prevent drainage of the battery at times that the car is not driven for long periods of time.
Interior is very close to the original, black leather with gold embroidery.
Interior buttons may need to be replaced with something better.  They all work as it is.
Speedometer is not calibrated to show correct speed.  You can easily have it calibrated by adding a resistor. 
Gas Gauge doesn’t work.
You have to keep track of the mileage and put gas in it every 100 miles driven.
You can probably install a new gas gauge very easily.
Need to fix some parts of the interior leather: dash, driver door (around stereo), and seat headrests.  They are developed some wrinkling over time.  They can be fixed very easily.
Gas  if filled up by opening the trunk and accessing the gas cap by the engine area.
The Air Conditioning system needs to be recharged.
Heater work perfectly.
Front headlights shake a little if you drive on bumpy roads at night.  The body parts do have some rattles if you hit potholes.  The fins in the doors may need to be attached better so they don’t rattle.  You may need to put rubber cushions for the body parts not to rattle.
The body has some minor cracks in the fiberglass on some parts – I can send you more photos.  The cracks can be easily fixed by any body shop for about $1,000. 
It has air shocks on the front to raise the nose by 2″.
The air pump for the air shocks in located in the trunk.
There is a gauge inside (under the dash by the driver’s right leg) that shows the air pressue in the air shocks.  The air shocks will not overfill, it will release air at about 100psi.  This prevents damage to the air pump.
I invested about 2 years of my time and about $40,000 to build this car.
I have kept it in the garage at all times and never driven it in the rain.  I have taken meticulous care of it.  I have driven it for less than 5,000 miles ever since I built it.
You will enjoy it just as much as I have.  This car gets a lot of attention!
I have a lot of great memories with it.
I have rented the car for numerous commercials and movies.  You can probably make some money from it by renting it for commercials as well.
I will be happy to email you additional pictures of the car.

Fisker is retiring from his own company

Why are we posting current news?

  1. For better or worse, the Fisker Karma is likely to go down in history as an automotive oddity.  This is especially true with Fisker himself leaving.
  2. He refers to himself in the third person!  That makes him automotive weirdness.


Does the comforter come with the car?

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Ad text:

had this van since 96! long time! it basically needs a new motor and transmission. the current one works but not like it should. its 4 door. everything els is good. needs to be towed. i live in pomona. if interested text me at 909xxx-xxxx. clean title, pink slip in hand.

    VW Limo project

    How could anyone NOT click on an ad with that title?

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    This isn’t just any limousine, this is a dual-cowl project.  Sadly, I don’t think it technically qualifies as a dual-cowl Phaeton.  Seller claims to have too many projects and one can only imagine what those are.

    Ad text:

    This Volkswagen Limo Project has been started and all paperwork has been completed. I have a CURRENT & CLEAR TITLE for this VW Limo Project and a CURRENT NON-OP REGISTRATION. The driver compartment has been started by shortening the windshield, All four doors open and function as they should, and the front door handles have been shaved, a longer wiring harness is provided, all the major frame work has been done and all the paperwork is in order, what more could you ask for from a project that the hard stuff has already been done for you. I was going to purchase a Volks Rolls Kit for this project to give it some flair because the kit includes all (4) fenders, hood, grille, and rear deck lid, but I have to many projects to complete and never bought the kit. If you are looking for an odd project that no one else will have, here it is. I will also consider all reasonable offers and any trades of anything with value.

    Does the world really need so many of these things?

    Here is yet another ‘classic’ made on a 70s to 80s domestic boat.  This one has some sporty flair, as it’s now a two-seater.  At least the ad mentions “pimp.”

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    Cab rearward design!

    Quad exhausts betray sporting intentions.

    Accessory gauge pod is needed to tame this beast.  Anyone else think it might have three clocks installed in that pod?

    Ad text (SIC):

    Very unusual custom body extended hood two seater coupe/. Built in 1980. Pearl white with red velour interior. Very nice shape low miles. You wont see another car like this anywhere. Some Ettlebrock improvements to carb. and intake to kick up the horsepower. Wife says the ‘Pimp car ” has to go11 714-xxx-xxxx or cell @ 714-xxx-xxxx This car was very expensine in 1980!!

    Electric mobility or giant paperweight?

    This 1964 Electra King is one of several 60s and 70s electric oddities – this one a bit more of a utility vehicle (golf cart, etc) than a true car.

    Click here for some info on the company that made it.

    Regardless of planned usage, the following quote is car ad genius: “doesn’t presently go forward or backward.”  So…what DOES it do?

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    Ad text:

    One family owned since 1964. Original Black CA plate. Needs a little TLC. Has power, horn and lights work, rebuilt electric motor but doesn’t presently go forward or backward. You finish and have a real attention getter.

    Are you SELLING or TRADING a weird car? WE BUY CARS, TRUCKS and CLASSICS TOO. Call us now or go to http://dennisbuyscars.com for a FREE consultation and quote or to see our full inventory of cars for sale. 

    Pierre Cardin Evolution I (never heard of it before)

    Hmm…what can’t we say about this?  The 70s just wouldn’t die, and influenced this 1983 model year beauty, which is way beyond the usual convertible conversion.  The front overhang is genuinely epic

    An ad for a an aftermarket, custom convertible with no photos of the top down and no mention of it working?  Shouldn’t be a problem…

    Click for Craigslist ad, while it lasts

    Apparently, more than one of these was built, as Hemmings featured one a while back – not sure how we missed that one.

    Yet again, interiors are just too expensive to modify.  Or, was the message that the 1983 Cadillac Eldorado was perfect?  Grant GT steering wheel is a bit offensive here, but the Hemmings one appears to have a similar wheel – maybe that was the interior upgrade package?

    Engine compartment is surprisingly clean.

    Ad text with keywords left in for effect (long live the 909):

    Only a Master Can Create… a Masterpiece

    -Pierre Cardin

    This is a 1983 Cadillac Evolution 1 Convertible designed by Pierre Cardin. It was ordered by GM in 1983 and built by American Custom Coachworks (ACC) of Beverly Hills. ACC built the convertible top based on a Hess & Eisenhardt design/specification at the same time the body was being rebuilt as an Evolution 1. This car is the only Evolution 1 convertible ever built that seats 4 passengers as far as I know. I also believe this car is the last Evolution 1 built since most of the Evolution 1s were built between 1980-1982. This car was built before the “official” Cadillac Eldorado Convertible came out in 1984.

    GM ordered this car and kept it as a display vehicle from 1983 until 1986. It was sold to the first owner here in Downey, California (near Los Angeles) in 1986. The second owner purchased it around 1987 and currently stores it indoors in Colton, California (near Riverside). A new buyer would be the third owner. I’m not counting GM as the first owner because they were the original vehicle manufacturer and didn’t “sell” it until 1986. The California Title list this vehicle as being sold “new” in 1986.

    This car has been well maintained its entire life. It runs and drives like it’s brand new. It’s perfect. It passes California Smog as required every two years. The mileage is 49, 804. 

    This car has never been in bad weather… snow, ice, salt, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, etc. Look at the photos.

    The Pierre Cardin Evolution 1 was supposed to be limited to a production run of 300 according to the official sales brochure. Each one was supposed to be “numbered” and “signed” (whatever signed means). A few internet sites claim that, in reality, about 100 were actually produced during 1981-1982. This 1983 Evolution 1 is not numbered or signed as far as I know.

    Every Evolution 1 I’ve ever seen is a Coupe. This is the only 4-passenger Evolution 1 Convertible I know of. I’ve heard about a 1980 Evolution 1 that was a 2-passenger Convertible, but I don’t know if that exists for sure or not. One website claims only 4 Pierre Cardin Convertibles were ever built.

    This Evolution 1 has the Pierre Cardin Optional Chrome Spoke Wheels.

    1983 Cadillac (Eldorado) Pierre Cardin Evolution 1

    California Car, Sold New in 1986.
    Richard Holmes (909)XXX-XXXX.

    keywords: 93 94 95 96 LT1 RWD Batteries, Switches, 13″ Daytons, Lowrider, Cadillac Kings, pimp, bitch, slut, hoe, whore, skank, prostitute, tramp, tramp stamp, and low-rise jeans. Not Buick Roadmaster, Estate Wagon or Chevrolet Caprice.