Electric mobility or giant paperweight?

This 1964 Electra King is one of several 60s and 70s electric oddities – this one a bit more of a utility vehicle (golf cart, etc) than a true car.

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Regardless of planned usage, the following quote is car ad genius: “doesn’t presently go forward or backward.”  So…what DOES it do?

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Ad text:

One family owned since 1964. Original Black CA plate. Needs a little TLC. Has power, horn and lights work, rebuilt electric motor but doesn’t presently go forward or backward. You finish and have a real attention getter.

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Pierre Cardin Evolution I (never heard of it before)

Hmm…what can’t we say about this?  The 70s just wouldn’t die, and influenced this 1983 model year beauty, which is way beyond the usual convertible conversion.  The front overhang is genuinely epic

An ad for a an aftermarket, custom convertible with no photos of the top down and no mention of it working?  Shouldn’t be a problem…

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Apparently, more than one of these was built, as Hemmings featured one a while back – not sure how we missed that one.

Yet again, interiors are just too expensive to modify.  Or, was the message that the 1983 Cadillac Eldorado was perfect?  Grant GT steering wheel is a bit offensive here, but the Hemmings one appears to have a similar wheel – maybe that was the interior upgrade package?

Engine compartment is surprisingly clean.

Ad text with keywords left in for effect (long live the 909):

Only a Master Can Create… a Masterpiece

-Pierre Cardin

This is a 1983 Cadillac Evolution 1 Convertible designed by Pierre Cardin. It was ordered by GM in 1983 and built by American Custom Coachworks (ACC) of Beverly Hills. ACC built the convertible top based on a Hess & Eisenhardt design/specification at the same time the body was being rebuilt as an Evolution 1. This car is the only Evolution 1 convertible ever built that seats 4 passengers as far as I know. I also believe this car is the last Evolution 1 built since most of the Evolution 1s were built between 1980-1982. This car was built before the “official” Cadillac Eldorado Convertible came out in 1984.

GM ordered this car and kept it as a display vehicle from 1983 until 1986. It was sold to the first owner here in Downey, California (near Los Angeles) in 1986. The second owner purchased it around 1987 and currently stores it indoors in Colton, California (near Riverside). A new buyer would be the third owner. I’m not counting GM as the first owner because they were the original vehicle manufacturer and didn’t “sell” it until 1986. The California Title list this vehicle as being sold “new” in 1986.

This car has been well maintained its entire life. It runs and drives like it’s brand new. It’s perfect. It passes California Smog as required every two years. The mileage is 49, 804. 

This car has never been in bad weather… snow, ice, salt, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, etc. Look at the photos.

The Pierre Cardin Evolution 1 was supposed to be limited to a production run of 300 according to the official sales brochure. Each one was supposed to be “numbered” and “signed” (whatever signed means). A few internet sites claim that, in reality, about 100 were actually produced during 1981-1982. This 1983 Evolution 1 is not numbered or signed as far as I know.

Every Evolution 1 I’ve ever seen is a Coupe. This is the only 4-passenger Evolution 1 Convertible I know of. I’ve heard about a 1980 Evolution 1 that was a 2-passenger Convertible, but I don’t know if that exists for sure or not. One website claims only 4 Pierre Cardin Convertibles were ever built.

This Evolution 1 has the Pierre Cardin Optional Chrome Spoke Wheels.

1983 Cadillac (Eldorado) Pierre Cardin Evolution 1

California Car, Sold New in 1986.
Richard Holmes (909)XXX-XXXX.

keywords: 93 94 95 96 LT1 RWD Batteries, Switches, 13″ Daytons, Lowrider, Cadillac Kings, pimp, bitch, slut, hoe, whore, skank, prostitute, tramp, tramp stamp, and low-rise jeans. Not Buick Roadmaster, Estate Wagon or Chevrolet Caprice.

Inspirational web site

Shitbox Market Letter (SML)

This is one of the things that started it all for us here at Oddimotive HQ.  We stumbled upon this in 1997 or 1998 and, as it was only one or two years old, held out hope it might someday be updated.  It never happened, though, so the same genius content from 1996 is posted today.  We’re thankful for it, but must wonder how much better off society would be it we’d had seventeen years worth of updates to this fantastic site.

Stanced – poor thing

A 6MT G Coupe is a fantastic car, but not when it’s “stanced”.  Looks like crap and one can only imagine the ride quality. Hopefully, not too much damage was done and it can be returned to more tasteful specifications.

Craigslist ad, while it lasts

Ad text:

Okay guys Up for sale CLEAN TITTLE 2004 g35 coupe COLOR? DG AKA DIAMOND GRAPHITE GREY with suspension modifications…6speed With tons of upgrades car is in a great shape motor running like a champ 113k New clutch kit about 6k back Megan’s Coilovers Fully camber arms kit front and back By GSP WHEELS ARE THE WORK VSXX CUSTOM STEP LIP in 19s with new tires !!! INTERIOR 9/10 Car comes as is…and no I won’t part a thing from it . Sorry Extras Front gialla lip Impuls side skirts 2007 headlights Fenders rolled Ect ect .. Asking 14k AS IS!! Plz serious buyers only don’t waste my time thanks Willing to trade For a E46 M3 Or a e36 M3 coupes only 5speed or 6speed No Hondas “maybe a clean s2000 No other bmws “Maybe “a clean 350z Money is 

What could possibly go wrong?

This looks like a quick project.  We at Oddimitove are sure the NAPA guys have everything  needed…

Ebay ad,while is lasts
Buy it Now for $4k (in the seller’s dreams)
3/18/3013 Update:  No takers on this one…

We dig the surroundings.

Headliner looks ‘interesting’.

We love this shot – it appears that falling headliner crap was caught mid-air AND the one-spoke steering wheel is in view.

Ad text (shockingly brief)

 1972 Citron, DS 21, needs restoration, had cover on it.. but some of the cover stuck to the body.. need to wash it off..
not sure what type of engine is in it.. bought it but never got around to restoring it. Car located in San Pedro, CA. Can have shipped to you for a fee.
Eddie 323-XXX-XXX

Convertible pickup, but not a Dakota or SSR

The best cars are measured in length, and what’s more manly than saying you have 21 feet at your disposal?

Ebay ad, while it lasts
Update:  Someone actually paid $4,800 for this thing!  I guess it would cost a lot more to duplicate…

Crew cab = fun for the whole family!  This must be a pinnacle of structural rigidity. Why didn’t Ford think of this??

Bonus points for three pedals!
The ad claims this is a 350. Did they really keep parts of this looking so original and yet swap a SBC into a Ford?  Perhaps it’s a 351…

It does seem that someone thought about rigidit – interesting solution and the pipe insulation is a nice touch.  This should do fine in IIHS crash testing.  I guess the eyelet is related to the top?

Did I mention a top?  Yes, there is one.  Someone put some time into this, unless a boat cover happened to fit.  I’d like to see if held on this sandbags…

Ebay ad text:

1972 Ford F-350 Custom Convertible highboy 4 door crew cab that measures over 21 feet long! If you are looking to turn heads or promote your business look no further. This car turns heads and gets the thumbs up from almost everyone it passes on the road. Come test drive it and you will see the attention that this truck demands. This truck won best truck in a Long Beach car show a few weeks ago. Runs and drives great. Seats 5 with plenty of room for surfboards or equipment in the truck bed. This truck is in very good condition. 350ci V8 with a 4 speed granny gear transmission. All outside door handles, fuel door, and windows have been deleted. Chrome is in great condition.  Paint is in great conditon.  Interior is in great condition. Everything works except for the heater due to a heater core delete on the aluminum racing radiator. This can be hooked back up if you prefer. The truck has just under 100k original miles. New tires, new plugs, new wires, new distributor cap, new valve cover gaskets, fresh oil and filter and new mp3/usb/cd stereo. This car is obviously in show condition with new headlight bulbs, new tail light lenses and new front flasher lenses. This truck is great as a surf truck, weekend cruiser, daily driver or for advertising your business. The truck comes with a night/rain button down top as seen in the pictures. The possibilities are endless with this custom Ford F350.  Please ask any questions prior to bidding on the truck.  I have described the truck to the best of my ability.  If you would like to inspect or test drive the truck it is located in Los Angeles.  The passenger side rear door is missing the handle which I may replace prior to close of auction.  The part is $12 and takes about 3 minutes to install.