Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

The pictures speak volume here, but we do like a couple quotes from the ad:

“Custom fabricated by a Boeing airplane manufacturer ”

“With 6 wheels and three cylinders it’s not the fastest car in the world. Steep grades you have to drop into third at around 40-50mph”

“Leaks oil typical for a 91′”

Under it all is a 62K mile Geo Metro three-cylinder with five-speed manual trans. We worry about that engine moving anything this big and so should you.

Click for eBay ad
Bend, OR, USA
$2,500 with ZERO bids, $7K BIN price and 5.5 days to go



Interior is about what you’d expect, though we don’t know what happened to the passenger seat.

Here’s the sleeper. No, we don’t know what types of images are plastered there.

You put your weed in here.

Three cylinder should be plenty stressed moving this thing.

Ad text:

Custom Fabricated 1991 Geo Metro Conversion – Super low milesAlways starts 35mpg

Unique one of a kind head turner 
Custom fabricated by a Boeing airplane manufacturer 
New cylinder head at 59,000
Replaced all gaskets (including head gasket, crankshaft and cam seals)
New timing belt
New glow plugs
New air filter
New windshield wipers
New Battery
New front wheel bearing

Totally refinished rear cab interior less than 5 months ago.
Sleeper cabin with underneath Storage
Two new tires and plenty of tread on the others
Shifts greatCons:

With 6 wheels and three cylinders it’s not the fastest car in the world. Steep grades you have to drop into third at around 40-50mph
Leaks oil typical for a 91′
Trunk door doesn’t work
Small chip in windshield(was like that when purchased) 
The radiator fan isn’t working (it isn’t seized and the engine doesn’t overheat without it so not a huge issue, something to fiddle with though)

The rear suspension is a little stiff, similar to a truck

I bought this a year ago in Washington drove it to Idaho>Colorado>idaho>Nevada>California>Oregon Never let me down, only selling because I bought a truck for a camper and it needs a new transmission.

People love this thing, never fail to get a smile 🙂

Check out the instagram for more pictures @rollingweenie

Call/text Rick 3I5-xxx-xxxx

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