Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

The pictures speak volume here, but we do like a couple quotes from the ad:

“Custom fabricated by a Boeing airplane manufacturer ”

“With 6 wheels and three cylinders it’s not the fastest car in the world. Steep grades you have to drop into third at around 40-50mph”

“Leaks oil typical for a 91′” Continue reading Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

Movie-Inspired, Automotive Madness: The Spirit of Nemo

This is not an original movie car, but is a replica of two cars built for the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  It’s one serious replica of one massive car, though, and supposedly took 6,500 hours to build.

This car largely speaks for itself, but Hemmings had an article on it last year; so that, in addition to the add text, will tell you all you need to know.  Apparently, there’s a market for this car, as it has been bid up to $165K with no reserve and three days to go!

Click for eBay ad
West End, NC, USA
$165,000 with 23 bids, no reserve and three days to go

Good or bad, this has “presence.”

Boat tail inspiration is obvious.  Finishing details are, umm…unique.


31-inch tires…six of ’em.

World’s largest moon discs?

The interior doesn’t disappoint, except for the presence of center-mounted gauges. Then again, it they’re good enough for a BMW Z8…

Ad text:

A piece of automotive art, this rolling sculpture is at last available for sale to art and automotive collectors around the world. It may just be the most interesting and collectable car newly on the market today. This is a rare opportunity to own a one-off incredible hand-made roadster of this caliber. Nemo was built by one determined Artist who also happens to own and operate an Auto-body and Restoration business with 30 years experience. Many other talented individuals lended a hand when needed for engineering and machining of many parts.

Dubbed “The Spirit of Nemo, “ this car is a collection of many known styles, and references many body lines and features found on different cars from throughout automotive history. Titled and registered as a 1979 Cadillac fleetwood Limousine, Nemo began it’s life as 2 Cadillac limousines and a burning desire by the creator to build a massive six wheeled roadster that would stand out in anyone’s collection of automobiles or art. “The Spirit of Nemo” is all hand fabricated and is fully inspected , titled, and street legal in all 50 states in the U.S. Being titled as a 1979 avoids emission and inspection hassles as well as allowing the new owner to use antique automotive custom license plates.

“ The Spirit of Nemo” is built of a Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass body reinforced by heavy steel webbing and bracing, as well as aluminum. This automobile is in no way a “kit car”. It is an all handmade rolling work of art of elegance and old world appeal. The doors are all steel while the dash and other parts are aluminum. Nemo is powered by a freshly rebuilt 425 Cadillac Big Block with a turbo 400 automatic transmission, two piece drive-shaft, and 12 bolt GM rear end. All four front wheels steer easily and in unison with no tracking problems. Tires are a massive 31.5 x 10.5 x 15. Nemo is painted PPG Royal Pepper White. Outside handles are aesthetic only, doors are opened by reaching over and lifting the inside handles which open very easily. Steering wheel is Solid stainless with a NASCAR quick release hub. All eight headlights are functional, though the outer lamps must be removed via a quick disconnect for loading and street legal driving as they make Nemo too wide to be transported or driven legally without a permit. The lamps may be re-attached in 30 seconds each once you arrive at your destination. Nemo has an on-board air compressor that operates the rear air shocks. The car has an in-line hydraulic line emergency brake lock to insure it does not roll away. Nemo does not have a top so it can project the beauty and artwork of this roadster’s handmade interior and dash.

The massive costs of building such a complicated project include the 120 plus pieces of sculpted art that adorn the body. The handmade artwork represents a combination of styles of the Victorian, Tuscan, and Florentine eras of Old Europe. They are Cast of military grade urethane and are cold-cast plated in pure pewter and aluminum and hand buffed to an antique shine. Separate silicone molds had to be created after every piece of art was sculpted in plasteline clay by the artist, to cast a part that would be impact and weather resistant. There is a huge amount of parts that had to be custom machined and produced for this car. There is close to 6,500 man hours total in “The Spirit of Nemo” and all of it’s artwork. Very few parts to this car could be used as purchased without making modifications to them or having to be pain-strikingly produced by hand.

The “Spirit of Nemo”’s dimensions are 24′ in length and 102” wide. Estimated weight is six thousand pounds. Included with the sale of this car is a custom modified goose-neck trailer. The trailer tilts with hydraulic 12V power to provide a safe and constant angle to load such a long and low automobile. This car will not fit on nearly any standard trailer due to it’s length , width and ground clearance: as well as the rather fragile nature of all of it’s artwork. Tie down hooks are built into the underside of the car to match the tie down locations built into the trailer. Special built ramp extensions and custom tie downs are also included. The 32′ triple axle goose-neck trailer is also equipped with a 10,000lb winch, and hydraulic landing gear. It is fitted and accepts a 2 5/16” goose-neck ball. The Spirit of Nemo was built for it’s art and aesthetic beauty. Although fully capable of safe driving, it is in no way intended to be a street rod, hot rod, or dragster . It is built mainly for parades , car shows, display, and lower speed outings.

The new owner will receive copies of all of the pictures during construction, and a 3 page “Owner’s Manual “ of sorts, just to explain where things are located, and any “DO’s” or “Don’ts” in reference to fuse panel location, tie-down points, and things of such nature.

To our knowledge it is the world’s first and only full scale powered replica ever built of Captain Nemo’s Car used in the Sean Connery block-buster movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” It is possible that this may be the only replica that will ever be built since it is indeed an enormous under-taking. Nemo, as many refer to the car, draws huge crowds no matter where it goes. Do not pass up this rare opportunity to own a vehicle that nearly stands alone in the world , and would be one of the highlights of any artistic or automotive collection. The car was built and is located in North Carolina, USA. Any pick-up or shipping will have to be arranged by the buyer. You can simply arrive with your dually truck equipped with a goose-neck ball, hook up, and take it home, or of course make any arrangement you desire. The new owner will receive a clean NC title for both vehicle and trailer, once acceptable payment has been made and finalized.

Six-Wheeled 1968 Cadillac!

Rarely do we see such a bizarre vehicle with so little explanation. But, does it really need any?

This is a strange combination of a shorty, in terms of its cockpit and a stretch, in terms of its hood.  Once that work was done, how could one not have gone added and made it a six-wheeler?

The add states this is powered by a V8, which is backed by an automatic trans, but no further information is provided and there are no underhood or interior shots.  Basically, it’s a fantastically odd car with a shitty add.  Still, it’s ONLY $90,000.,.what did you expect?

Click for eBay ad
Hanover Park, IL, USA
$90,000 buy-it-now with offers considered

Eight pipes…inline eight?  No, the seller claims a V8, but doesn’t say how many.  It’s not clear whether any of these pipes work.

A head-on view would probably look fairly normal, unlike any other angle.
Yes, there are eight more pipes on the other side.  Two V8s???

Apparently, there’s a rumble seat under this cover (of course!).

Ad text:

custom 6 wheel caddy with rumble seat pics say it all!you will have the only one! tilt wheel p.s.,p.b.,p.w. turn key show stopper!!!! may take stutz black hawk,auburn replica,excalibur as part trade! thanks any questions call 773-xxx-xxxx thanks…………………………………………………………………………..a 1,000.00  NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required at end of auction if you win ,please (NO I WILL PAY IT ALL WHEN I GET THERE TIME WASTERS) no joy riders ! i will not respond till deposit sent thank you………..this is a one time listing only thanks