Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

The pictures speak volume here, but we do like a couple quotes from the ad:

“Custom fabricated by a Boeing airplane manufacturer ”

“With 6 wheels and three cylinders it’s not the fastest car in the world. Steep grades you have to drop into third at around 40-50mph”

“Leaks oil typical for a 91′” Continue reading Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

Sylvia Gen 1: 1977 Datsun 200SX

Okay, we’ve posted one as UR-Sylvia before.  We stand by that.  This is where the Sylvia started and it offers light weight and rear wheel drive with a nice, little L-series four cylinder up front.  Included is a healthy dose of delightfully odd 70s Japanese styling.

The seller claims this example has about 97K miles, which is nothing. Apparently, it runs with gas sprayed into the carb and the clutch has no pressure. So, at a minimum, you’ll want to refurb the fuel tank and clutch system, but these aren’t huge tasks.

Another consideration is no registration since 2011.  We recommend checking with your state to see what it’ll cost to register five years later.  We hope it’s not too much, as this cool, little relic deserves to remain on the road and in service.  At under $1K, this may be a no-brainer, assuming not too many big issues don’t appear once it’s up and running.

Click for eBay ad
Turlock, CA, USA
$660 with 20 bids and two days to go

These were always “interesting looking” cars – oddly appealing and a bit ugly at the same time.

The rear of this generation of 200SX was always delightfully odd and it seems a lot of them had stripes to accentuate it.  We approve of the brown stripe color choice!

Front end is perfectly handsome, though the 70s bumpers jump out.

Interior is all there and relatively clean.  These is one of our favorite 70s dashboards.  Upholstery appears to have a rip or two and we’re not sure it’s original.

Rear seat shows little use, but a few spots.  No telling what that could be.  This appears to be the original cloth, though.

L-series four cylinder looks as appealing as ever and it looks like someone has cleaned up under here.  We’d consider painting the air cleaner…

Ad text:

1977 Datsun 200SX
Vin # HLS10137709

Last registered in CA in 2011
97K miles on the odometer
Holds a clean CA Title
Engine fires up with gas sprayed in carburetor (gas tank is dry)
Clutch pedal has no pressure
Minor fender dent on passenger side (see pictures)

No Shipping
AS-IS with no guarantees 
Buyer responsible for pick up
$500 deposit is due immediately after auction ends
Vehicle must be paid in full and picked up within 7 days of the end of the auction
$25 per day storage fee will apply after the 7 day grace period

Rare Callaway Turbo Scirocco

Callaway modified much more than Corvettes in the past, with their Alfa Romeo GTV fairly well-known; but they also got into a few Volkswagens over the years.  Their “Stage I” Sciroccos boosted output from about 74HP to 117HP, which is a huge increase.  The seller claims this car is one if a few “Stage III” cars with a bigger turbo and intercooler, as well as water injection.  No dyno figures are available, but the interwebs claim north of 200HP.

200HP in this little sports car would be a blast, but the seller points out that a lot of work is needed to get it moving.  This is truly a “bring a trailer” find.  Mileage is in the neighborhood of 195K and the car hasn’t been on the road since 2003.  A quick internet search also reveals the seller was trying to figure out how to remove the head and replace the head gasket – it’s not clear whether that was completed.  Also, there are some areas with supposedly minor surface rust; so paint and body might eventually need to be part of the conversation.

This is a dream find for a Scirocco/Corrado fan or any Callaway collector.  We’ll just have to see where the bids land and how high the reserve is.

Here’s a link to a classic Car and Driver aricle on the Stage I:

Click for eBay ad
North Grafton, MA, USA
$1,500 with one bid, reserve not met and 5 days to go

These had little to differentiate the cosmetically from standard Sciroccos, which is fine.  We like the sleeper quality, and this was a great design in the first place.  TSW wheels are aftermarket and were put on by the previous owner.

Note the “Turbo Intercooler” badging on the right.  Supposedly, these also came with a rear window decal which is missing on this one.

Interior has some custom touches not done by Callaway.

One more angle.  Callaway did install the auxiliary gauges.

Here’s the groovy boost controller!

The previous owner installed the Recaro seats, but the originals are included in the sale.

Rear seat shows original leather.

As mentioned, original wheels are included in the sale.

Let’s have a look under the hood…

These have a unique cam cover, but there’s some debate over whether Callaway removed the head to put in a thicker head gasket for lower compression.

Ad text:

An Estate sale offers a true “Barn Find”, a 1983 Callaway Turbo Stage III VW Scirocco.

If you’ve never heard of a Callaway Scirocco, you can read what Car and Driver said about them from a 1983 article:

On the Stage III cars, Callaway included a larger Turbo, intercooler and water injection, variable boost, heftier shock tower braces, stiffer shocks and bigger brakes with cross-drilled rotors.  It’s no wonder these cars were called the “Vette and Mustang killers” of their day.

This example has a storied past of mechanic/owners;  it was originally modified by Reeves Callaway of Old Lyme, CT, from a new VW Scirocco which was then bought by one of the leading Stock Car chassis builders in New England as a car for his wife.    It was later bought by my late brother whose business was building high performance racing engines for Snow Mobile racers.

This is the ultimate “Sleeper” – Minimal exterior badging to announce its heritage, but the heart and soul of a Cheetah.  While the Stage I cars, at around 117hp, were formidible street cars, the Stage III version almost doubled that with a hefty performance increase, surprising many a Corvette and Mustang owner left in its wake.

This unique Scirocco goes beyond the Stage III amenities with the addition of an adjustable Cam Timing gear, 5-spoke TSW 7″ wide rims, and, for creature comfort, a pair of Recarro front seats that look only minimally worn (no rips or tears).  In the cockpit, along with the prominent Callaway boost gauge mounted to the right of the instrument cluster, you’ll find an air/fuel mixture, cylinder head temp and oil pressure gauge, all tastefully mounted in the upper center of the mini-console.

This car is the original very dark brown (Paint code may be verified from the VIN) with black Recarro seats with gray inserts (seats installed by my brother).  The interior, while a bit dusty after more than a decade of being in a closed garage, looks like it just came in off the street.  The “Callaway Turbo” badging has been removed from the rear window.  There is a minimal amount of paint bubbling/surface rust just behind the wheels on the rocker panels (2″ diameter, Max) and only surface rust on the frame and undercarriage – no rot through.  Included in the sale are the original Callaway wheels, the original Scirocco steering wheel and the original, leather front bucket seats, the drivers seat having one minor scuff from seat belt wear.

The car currently has 195,563 miles on the odometer, was last on the road in 2003 and has been in closed storage since then with the usual accumulation of dust, making it a true “Barn Find”.  It will have to be trailered home by the buyer and thoroughly serviced before starting it.  It is in ZIP 01536 (central Massachusetts) with a long, flat loading area very suitable for a pickup/trailer or car hauler.  This car has ALWAYS been well taken care of and, to the best of my knowledge, never driven in Winter.  This is a rare find – as far as I know, Callaway only made 43 of them.  

If you’ve ever heard of the legendary Callaway Turbo Cars, this is your chance to own one.

Is Barcelona known for Velveteen Crush?

AMC had a great many special editions, some with ties to 70s designers; but this Barcelona Edition may take the cake – at least in terms of brownness.  And, really, shouldn’t we always measure that way?

This example appears to be in amazingly original shape. It’s not perfect, but it’s damn close, considering nearly 40 years have passed since its birth.  This features the 360 V8, which should sound good, despite being horrendously choked down by 1978.  Still, one can hope for quite a few low-end torques.  The interior of this beast is something to be behold, what with the seating surfaces and door panel inserts covered in “velveteen crush” (per the seller).

There’s no reserve on this one; so it’ll sell at or above the current bid of $2,600.  We think it’s still a deal at or near that price.

Click for eBay ad
Chattanooga, TN, USA
$2,601 with eight bids, no reserve and six days to go

Does styling get much more delightfully awkward?  AMC mastered that category through the 70s.

Here’s the profile.  Note the well-padded landau roof.  Wide whitewalls are a bit over the top – this probably came with “normal” whitewalls.

Tail lights are much more sporty than the car on which they’re mounted.  Color-keyed bumpers ensure no shortage of tan.

Is it surprising that this lives with an AMC enthusiast who is also selling a Gremlin?  See ad text for link…

Here’s the interior.  The loose, casual, velveteen crush is perfect for the period, especially with the fancy detailing.  The dash looks purposeful enough here – borderline truckish, actually.

Remember split bench seats?  You will is you drive this.  Note that the rear seat offers more of the same material.

Here’s the 360.  Things look clean under here and the newish Interstate battery could speak to good care and feeding.

Ad text:

1978 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition

Ok AMC fans I’m selling 2 cars out of my collection so someone else can enjoy these beautiful America Motors Classics…and free me up space to get more. The cars are a 1978 Matador Barcelona Edition and a 1974 Green Gremlin. There is no in between opinion on the looks of this vehicle, responses have been either love or hate. No doubt AMC had an eye for “different” designs and this Matador is a prime example. 78 was the last year AMC made the Matador and that year they only made 396 of the Barcelonas. 

This car has fittingly spent most of its life in Wisconsin, but by the absence of rust you would never know it. The previous owners said they garaged it every winter and brought it out at spring time. By the looks of the car, including underneath (pictured above) it seems to be the truth.

This highly optioned car has a 360 V8 with and automatic transmission, working AC, and AM/FM radio. The exterior color is 2 tone, Ginger Metallic with Sand Tan, it’s in very good condition with the exception of a small spot above the drivers door (pictured above). Also, has the padded landau top fitted around opera Windows and back glass. When looking for this model car it’s very hard to find one and when you finally do, the landau top is almost always rotted or completely gone. This top has 2 small tears near the opera windows (pictured above) but still the best shape of any I found. The tires are a brand new set of Coker whitewalls, a thicker whitewall than the original look, but I think they really make this car pop. There is also 2 new goodyear spares in the trunk along with original jack kit.

The interior is in very clean shape. Individual reclining seats in velveteen crush fabric with woven accent stripes, custom door trim panels, extra thick carpeting in the floors, dash and cluster in great shape, all gauges work as they should. The only thing that’s non operational is a hand clock right above the air controls. The AM/FM radio pickups very clear and the speakers put out surprisingly well.

The original 360 V8 motor is smooth, quiet, and shows no signs of age when you step on the pedal. The only two things I’ve done to this engine are replace the fresh air duct that runs to the air cleaner. The old one was ok but had a tear, didn’t want to sell it that way so I bought a NOS for $50 just to keep it original. It’s not on the car in the picture because it was being shipped at the time, but it’s on there now. The second thing I did was clean and grease the choke on the carb because sometimes it would stick. And that’s it, this car came to me in great shape thanks to great previous owners.

We all want clarity in our ebay purchases, so if there is anything you would like to know or see on the car, message me and I will do my best to answer any question I can. 423-xxx-xxxx, Joshua.

A $250 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction close. If you have less than 10 feedback please contact me before hand. 

Thanks for looking. Good luck!

Here’s a link to the Gremlin

Beautiful Brown Citroen HY Van

This awesome example of post-war French styling is fittingly for sale in Roswell, New Mexico.

As was often the case with post-war European vehicles, this H van had a very long life cycle.  Given it’s a commercial vehicle, this one pushed the limits with production from from 1947 to 1981.  The original design used a lot of what was available at Citroen at the time, which means this is a front-wheel drive vehicle – unusual at the time for a fairly large van.  Given this is a later example, however, this one comes with a diesel that might motivate it a bit better than the other 1.9- and 1.6-liter fours used in these vans.

This is a claimed solid and mechanically sound van, and the cargo area is ready for hauling stuff; but not people.  This van has previously been used by a band and a caterer and seems ideal for proudly representing another business.  The $10K bid seems reasonable for something this cool and unusual, assuming no surprises are found.  Obviously, EPA is okay with this, but we’re not sure whether any US states have problems with registration or smog testing, given these were never officially imported.

Click for eBay ad
Roswell, NM, USA
$10,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

UPS brown looks perfect on this oddball.

The seller includes plenty of post-apocolyptic shots.

Strange from any angle!

Right side door slides open.

The front is absolutely iconic, especially with the giant Citroen emblem.

Here’s the only shot of the engine.

The top section of the rear doors swings up to access cargo, and the lower doors can also be opened.

Cockpit appears to be in very good shape.

Everything about this is minimalist, which is appropriate for a 1940s design that changed very little over the years.

Here’s the cargo area.  Depending on usage, a refinish may not be needed.

Ad text:

For sale, this rare 1979 Citroen HY Indenor (Diesel) Van. This is a good and solid van, with very few mechanical or rust issues. It spent almost it’s entire life in the vineyards of Burgundy and received major mechanical work prior to being shipped to the U.S.   The radiator block was replaced, as were the crankshaft main seal, the fuel injectors, the fuel pump was rebuilt, the clutch replaced, brake system replaced, new tires, all lights and wiring replaced, the van also received a major tune-up and the seats were reupholstered. It has been used as a catering van and a band van.   The van is located in Roswell,NM and has a clear New Mexico Title. 

The Best Vinyl-Bodied Car Ever?

Yes, the Velorex is technically a car and, yes, the body is made of vinyl stretched over a frame made of steel tubing.

These cool little cars were made in Czechoslovakia from the 1940s through 1960s, before production shifted to an actual four-wheeled car (one of which we have never seen for sale).  These cool little three-wheelers do come up for sale periodically and, naturally, we love them here at Oddimotive.

The formula isn’t altogether unfamiliar: tiny size and motorcycle power combined to make a very affordable car for war-torn central Europe.  In this case, though, three wheels were used and, as previously stated, the body consists of steel tubing, over which vinyl is stretched.

It will be interesting to see where the bidding stops and whether the reserve is met…

Click for eBay ad
Naples, FL, USA (it’s a good thing for my wallet that this is far away from me)
$2,702 with 31 bids, reserve not met and 5 days to go

Yes, that’s a “soft” body.

Here’s the cool rear with the single wheel.

The vinyl-over-tubing look reminds one of early aircraft.

This might be hard to see on the freeway.

Interior here is pretty much what you’d expect, but it does have an oddly classy look.  We love the brown over red combo.

Yes, there’s some space behind the driver – I great place to keep a potential projectile…

Here’s the single cylinder, two-stroke engine.  Estimated out put is 8.5 horsepower!

Ad text:

 very very rare VELOREX 175cc, one of 800 made, very good investment to future. vehicle works perfectly, runs and drives, very good condition. will be delivered to Naples Florida after reserve price is met. deposit 1000usd required.

we specialize in eastern oldtimers, if you wish any other vehicle, please contact me.



Manual 1979 Subaru Wagon in Beautiful Brown!

After our recent “Monster Legacy” post, here’s a very original, very nice 1979 Subaru wagon to make things right.

The seller claims to have sold this car new while working at a local dealership in 1979 and has subsequently found the car via an estate sale. It’s now being kicked out of the house by a spouse. His loss could be your gain!

All-wheel drive, wagon body and manual trans combine to make this an ideal vehicle, save for the limited power.  This is too nice to modify, though, unless you’re interested in taking on a really cool ‘stealth’ upgrade with some sort of modern Subie H4 turbo power plant.

Click for eBay ad
Arlington, TX, USA
$1,925 with 6 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

Damn, this is brown.

How about that aggressive front end?


4 Wheel Drive!

The pics aren’t the best, but the interior appears to be in great shape.

Yugo (old Fiat?) and Citroen enthusiasts will find this spare tire location familiar.

Supposedly, this is the wagon on top (third from the rear).

Ad text:

This is a very clean 1979 Subaru, runs and drives AC was cold the last time I drove it in the summer.  I started selling Subaru’s in 1974 as a authorized dealer,  Arlington Subaru and I sold this car new in 1979 to a elderly man in Arlington, Tx,, has roof rack, AC and a factory AM radio.  I recall this sale because brown and green were the rarest colors, see the picture of the arriving new Subaru’s, this is the car on the top,  this car has always been kept inside and seldom ever been in bad weather, years ago I came across this car at an estate sale and bought it back, done a few things, tires, etc, but overall it is almost all original, the interior is in great shape except the drivers seat, unusual pattern or I would of recovered the seat. I have thought about redoing all the interior in leather, or someday finding a NOS tan seat cover,  dash is cracked and some of the plastic parts here and there but for the most part it can be on a showroom almost as-is, all chrome is shinny and the original mud flaps are like new. The outside is really great, never in any accidents, the front bumper is dented from me double parking in the garage a few years ago and can be straightened or replaced, every now and then I look on eBay for a front bumper, if anyone has a near new or a good one,  I am a cash buyer and same for the drivers seat cover. Email for more pictures or come take a look, car is in Arlington, Texas 76016    

Have thought about buying or starting a Subaru dealership and still may if one ever comes up, however I am just out of room, we have a 7 car garage, and this Subaru is taking the place of a 2016 Lexus, my wife says the Subaru must go. May consider trading in on a new Outback or a Harley?

Feel Truly Free by Going Commando!

The Jeep Commando represented the final run of the Jeepster Commando, itself a rebirth of the Jeepster name originally used in the late 40s/early 50s.  This one appears to be remarkably original, wearing its beautiful brown paint.

For the Jeepster Command and Jeep Commando, the formula was something a bit more wagon-life vs. the Jeep CJ.  Unlike the original Jeepster, which was more of a car, these offered four-wheel drive, which was necessary to compete with the International Scout and Ford Bronco at the time.

This example has the top engine, the 304 cubic inch (5 liter) V8, which should offer enough torque to move this Commando smartly.  This would be a good cruiser or off-roader with its automatic transmission.  The seller claims 110K miles and that everything works, with only minor rust starting.  The buy-it-now price isn’t crazy.  What’s it worth to you?

Click for eBay ad
Vancouver, Washington, USA
$4,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

This is the classic second-gen Jeepster profile and appears to be amazingly original.

Winch on the front says this Commando means business.

Rear is no more styled than the rest.

Interior is spartan by most standards, but was borderline luxurious by Jeep standards at the time.  Column-shifted automatic means three can use this bench.

Gauges and controls are also much less agricultural vs. a Jeep CJ.

There’s currently no back seat, but there’s a good amount of storage.

Ad text:

“Super Rare 1972 Jeep 4×4 SC-2 limited-edition Super Commando 2, one owner since new, original paint, interior, and drivetrain. Fully loaded model including optional 304 V8, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, and Air Conditioning. 110k original miles, factory paint, decals, interior, drivetrain, etc. Added winch bumper and Warn winch, added dual auxiliary tanks which fill under the hood (*no cuts in the body). Removable hard top. Runs and drives great. Very little rust, just starting on PS rocker, minor PS quarter panel damage, otherwise very straight. This is a very rare and collectible Jeep. 360-xxx-xxxx”

You are bidding on a super-rare limited edition 1972 Jeep SC-2 Super Commando 4×4 sport utility vehicle.  One-year only model, very few made.  This is a one owner truck that was ordered with just about everything you could get, including the optional AMC 304 V8, Heavy-Duty Automatic transmission, four-wheel drive with locking hubs, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and the roof-mounted luggage rack.

The body is very solid and wears its’ original paint and SC-2 Super Commando decals. There are only minor beginnings of rust on the passenger side rocker panel, otherwise an essentially rust-free vehicle.  There is some rear quarter-panel damage on the passenger side, otherwise very straight.  The hardtop is removable, making for a good-looking and unique summertime cruiser.

The optional 304 2v AMC engine runs great, and has a fresh tune-up including a new battery and new Pertronix breakerless electronic ignition, eliminating the troublesome and primitive AMC points ignition system. The Super Commando drives well, feels solid and stable, shifts strongly and smoothly, excellent steering without play, solid brakes.  The A/C belt was off when I got it, and I have not replaced it nor tried the A/C.  That said, it is otherwise complete.  Four-wheel drive operates just as it should.

I purged the main fuel tank, and bypassed the 3-position fuel tank selector switch.  There are dual auxiliary tanks, with filler necks located under the hood near the firewall on right and left sides (no holes cut into the body), and a floor-mounted 3-position selector switch near the high beam switch on the driver side floor.  No fuel leaks, so the tanks are likely sound, but I have not tested them, or the selector switch.  There is a CB radio mounted under the dash, with a magnetic antenna which mounts to the roof (no holes drilled), and under-dash winch controls for the big Warn winch to the left of the steering column.  It is missing one front hub cap.  Comes with its’ original spare tire.  Glass is good all around, and the windows roll up and down smoothly.

While not perfect, this is a very rare and unique Jeep, and mechanically very sound as well.

I am waiting for a replacement title in the mail *(original owner could not find the title, but did fill out the proper ownership transfer and replacement title forms from the DMV; it is a 4-6 week wait for it to arrive, and will sign off and send to the buyer as soon as it arrives.  You may call me at 360-xxx-xxxx with any questions you may have. Please, no zero-feedback or low-feedback bidders without calling me prior to bidding.

Please be prepared to remit payment in full within 3 days of auction’s end via cash, major bank cashier’s check (must wait for check to physically clear the issuing bank prior to releasing the vehicle and/or paperwork), deposit into my Bank of America account, or bank-to-bank wire transfer.  Shipping is the FULL responsibility of the buyer; I can recommend an affordable broker, but the choice is yours alone.  While every effort is being made to describe the Jeep as precisely as possible, it is in fact at 43-year-old classic, and therefore being sold as-is, without warranty or guarantee expressed, written, or implied.

Awesomely Brown AMC Spirit

This is the brownest car we’ve seen in a while, which makes it among the best cars we’ve seen recently.

This is a claimed very low mileage (73K) car, and the condition backs up the claim.  While it’s not perfect, the seller correctly claims this as a survivor.  One would hate to refurbish this car and lose its originality (or its stripes).

While this is a 1981 model, many aspects of it make it obvious that the car was designed and engineered in the 70s.  Eagle Wagon fans will recognize the period AMC styling, as well as the 4.2 liter, inline six cylinder AMC used in pretty much every car it made at this time.

The only two pieces of bad news here are the fact that this isn’t the super-cool SX/4 all-wheel drive hatchback and the lack of a clutch pedal.  Still, this was never meant to be a track toy, so this oddity can get away with a slushbox.

Click for eBay ad
Des Moines, Iowa, USA
$1,222.00 with 13 bids, reserve not met and 9 days to go

The profile here is pure 70s/early 80s AMC and the stripes are absolutely awesome.

Here’s the intimidating, low-angle front view.

Classic hatchback rear bears some resemblance to a Pinto.

The interior is just as brown as the exterior.

Upholstery seems to be in great shape.

As a hatch, this has some real utility value, though there’s a clear reminder here of the days of spares that weren’t well hidden.  Note the split, folding seats.

Here’s the ubiquitous-in-AMCs 4.2 liter, inline six.

Ad text:

1981 AMC Spirit DL 2 door Hatchback with 73000 original miles. A two owner car. Both owners were in the same family. A well taken care of car. Was obviously a garaged vehicle. Runs and drives great. This car can definitely be driven home. Has Factory AC, AM/FM radio/ digital clock/ that all work. Has 95% of its original paint. No rust thru that I can see. A very solid car. Interior is in good shape. There is some fading in the back hatch area. Has original carpet that is in great shape. Has original AMC floor mats. It is a 6 cyl engine (258 cu. in.) Starts and runs great. Has factory wheel covers. Has power disc brakes. This is a fine example of early eighties AMC engineering. The AC works good. The cruise control does not work. The passenger wiper does not work. Everything else works fine. I will answer any and all questions you might have. Call 515-480-3891  

Interesting Interior Work Plus Brown Equals Win

By most standards, this is just an old, brown F150.  A quick look at the interior shots, however, shows why it’s here on Oddimotive.  Some owner at some time ‘crafted’ an interesting center stack and some sort of custom electronics box.  Also, this truck has a lot of brown.  We like brown.

This truck was donated to an Orange County charity and might represent a deal if someone needs a cheap shop truck – and likes brown.  This seller often has interesting finds mixed among the lame Chevy Luminas etc.

Click for eBay ad
Orange, CA
$370 with 11 bids and about two days to go

Here’s the delightful center stack execution.  Why bother???
What the hell does this do?  Trailer lights?  Was this a wanna-be KITT back in the day?

Exterior is run of the mill early 80s truck.  There’s nothing wrong with that, especially in brown and tan.

Side view shows running boards and Cragar Pro-Tech (or imitation?) wheels.  Any enthusiast from the 80s should remember these wheels by name – along with the Centerline Champ 500.

Rear view shows custom bumper with some bend.  Not much else exciting here, except that it’s rare to see a truck without big, custom dual exhaust.

Some owner was a fan of stick-on reflectors.

Ad text:

Up for auction is a 1981 Ford F-150 Custom 2WD that was just recently donated to a national charity and is now being sold at NO RESERVE.


This F-150 Custom is equipped with a 5.0 Liter 8 Cylinder engine and Automatic Transmission. 5 Digit Odometer reads 47,089  Miles.  It appears to have all the standard equipment.  The exterior is Brown in color and is showing some signs of wear in places.  Also present are some scratches, minor dings and scuffs.  Please see photos for more detailed description of vehicle and its overall condition.