Sylvia Gen 1: 1977 Datsun 200SX

Okay, we’ve posted one as UR-Sylvia before.  We stand by that.  This is where the Sylvia started and it offers light weight and rear wheel drive with a nice, little L-series four cylinder up front.  Included is a healthy dose of delightfully odd 70s Japanese styling.

The seller claims this example has about 97K miles, which is nothing. Apparently, it runs with gas sprayed into the carb and the clutch has no pressure. So, at a minimum, you’ll want to refurb the fuel tank and clutch system, but these aren’t huge tasks.

Another consideration is no registration since 2011.  We recommend checking with your state to see what it’ll cost to register five years later.  We hope it’s not too much, as this cool, little relic deserves to remain on the road and in service.  At under $1K, this may be a no-brainer, assuming not too many big issues don’t appear once it’s up and running.

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Turlock, CA, USA
$660 with 20 bids and two days to go

These were always “interesting looking” cars – oddly appealing and a bit ugly at the same time.

The rear of this generation of 200SX was always delightfully odd and it seems a lot of them had stripes to accentuate it.  We approve of the brown stripe color choice!

Front end is perfectly handsome, though the 70s bumpers jump out.

Interior is all there and relatively clean.  These is one of our favorite 70s dashboards.  Upholstery appears to have a rip or two and we’re not sure it’s original.

Rear seat shows little use, but a few spots.  No telling what that could be.  This appears to be the original cloth, though.

L-series four cylinder looks as appealing as ever and it looks like someone has cleaned up under here.  We’d consider painting the air cleaner…

Ad text:

1977 Datsun 200SX
Vin # HLS10137709

Last registered in CA in 2011
97K miles on the odometer
Holds a clean CA Title
Engine fires up with gas sprayed in carburetor (gas tank is dry)
Clutch pedal has no pressure
Minor fender dent on passenger side (see pictures)

No Shipping
AS-IS with no guarantees 
Buyer responsible for pick up
$500 deposit is due immediately after auction ends
Vehicle must be paid in full and picked up within 7 days of the end of the auction
$25 per day storage fee will apply after the 7 day grace period

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  1. Looks to be an easy project. Getting a new fender might be a chore. You're right about the styling though, kinda ugly but kinda stylish. Love the squared off wheelwells.

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