Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

The pictures speak volume here, but we do like a couple quotes from the ad:

“Custom fabricated by a Boeing airplane manufacturer ”

“With 6 wheels and three cylinders it’s not the fastest car in the world. Steep grades you have to drop into third at around 40-50mph”

“Leaks oil typical for a 91′” Continue reading Rolling Weenie: Six-Wheeled 1991 Geo Metro Stretch

Get to Know this Homemade Geo Metro Pickup

That’s right, folks, 1997 represented the end of a glorious run for GM’s often-confused, import-based Geo brand.  Does that make this a collectible?  Probably not – especially considering the continuation of the Metro as a Chevrolet product for several more years.  Today’s feature, however, isn’t really about brand heritage, it’s about yet another tiny hatch (AKA shitbox) turned into a pickup. If you think a Subaru Baja is just too practical, this might be the vehicle for you.

First – yes, this makes three Suzukis in a row.  Why not?

Small, FWD hatchbacks seem to make good pickups, or at least they tempt people into making them.  We’ll venture to say that this one is pretty well done and the only issue we see is the lack of a folding tailgate.  Given the diminutive size of the “bed” and the nature of the vehicle, however, we don’t imagine it holds the type of cargo that can’t be lifted over the sides.

Think past the custom work and this is a three cylinder, manual Metro with 118K miles, which means it’s barely broken in.  The seller has provided good pics and info, including some “in progress” pics from the build.  We respect that.

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Redlands, CA, USA

From a distance, the profile is vaguely similar to the Metro convertible.

Here, things look a little different.  Though we partially lament the lack of opening gate, the rear panels are pretty well done.

Chrome exhaust tip is a nice touch, but may over promise.

Here’s a look inside the bed.  You could probably get a few bags of fertilizer (or “bags of sand”) in there.  A beer keg might even fit.

Hopefully, the taillight lenses can be removed from the outside, as they’re not reachable from the inside at this point.

Pep Boys seat covers usually mean shredded seats, but the rest of the interior looks pretty good.WeatherTech (or imitation?) mats fit with the pseudo-rugged image.

In case you were wondering, the spare is behind the front seat.  The builder even finished the panel with carpet, which is better than what most do.

This little beast actually came with a tach!

Here’s the three cylinder in all its glory.

And…here’s one of the in-progress pics.

Ad text:

One of a kind, 1997 Geo Metro customized into a truck. Bedliner, custom back glass, two tone paint, chrome wheels, 80% tire life, low miles, new spark plugs, starts & runs great, 40 MPG, awesome gas mileage. Current registration, ready to drive. 

Creative Geo Metro Truckish Thing

This may be the best homemade top I’ve ever seen.  Yes, someone decided to make a Metro into a small pickup.  That’s happened before, but the ‘cap’ on this one really makes it.  It’s fiberglass, so it’s rigid, despite the tent-like appearance.

The seller talks about hydrogen injection and other ‘interesting’ ideas to get even better fuel economy, so  he/she seems pretty hardcore.  Even better is the mention of wanting to use a sabre saw to chop out a back window.

What’s funny here is that the seller mentions this is a removable top, but provides no pictures with the top off.  Perhaps it’s not so easy to remove??

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Miami, FL
$2,300 BIN with offers considered
Here’s the deluxe cargo area.
The remainder of the interior looks essentially stock.
Here’s the three-cylinder beast!  I wouldn’t mind having that distributor cap on my desk…
Ad text:
1998 Metrostream Streamliner
based on Chevrolet/Geo/Chevy Metro LSi 3-Cylinder with XFi cam
This hybrid car-truck is phenomenally light and although it gets outstanding mileage (59 miles per gallon) already it is an excellent candidate for the addition of a Hydrogen injection system which would further increase its mileage. Perfect for trips to home stores to pick up lumber, appliances, or other large objects, or commuting long distances to work with the comfort of the Cold Air conditioning, the 2-seater Streamliner with a sleek metallic glossy silver exterior on gray cloth interior is a great addition to your transportation options. It’s a streamlined-car with the strong yet light fiberglass cap mounted, and with the cap dismounted it’s a lightweight high-fuel economy and super practical pickup truck.
It needs just one minor service to say it “needs nothing” — it has a single bad engine mount (an engine mount, aka “motor mount” is a simple, inexpensive to buy and install, combination rubber-metal bracket that the engine sits on and actually mounts the engine to the metal of the unibody of the car. This bad piece of rubber doesn’t effect the performance of the car, or cause it to vibrate or or anything else — it has just one perceivable effect — it causes the gear shifter to move out of 5th gear into neutral on its own if you don’t keep even just a light single finger on it (even your pinky finger would be enough…really just a featherweight is enough to keep it in 5th), or you can grab the hook end of the the simple handy-dandy bunjee cord already in place with a few inch movement of your shifting-hand to put the hook around the shifter for a long highway drive. That’s it. It’s a simple job to replace the motor-mount, but I’ve never found it necessary. 5th gear on this transmission is intentionally very “tall” for max fuel economy and is only used on the highway. For disclosure, the Streamliner was in some kind of collision about 10 years ago and was repaired, but that was not under my ownership and I don’t know how severe it was. There’s no evidence of that collision that I can see. The car has a clean and clear Florida title ready to be transferred to you. The VIN is: 2C1MR2264W6741506. I do not know why eBay’s system will not accept the VIN, but eBay representatives said in the case where their system will not accept the VIN to then enter all 1’s or all 0’s to allow their computer servers to proceed to finalize the listing which is what I have done.
Great tires, cold air, interior and exterior in good shape. Runs well, drives well, has low miles, high fuel economy. Super practical. One person alone can remove the fiberglass top without the need for a 2nd person helping out, as it is very lightweight, then he or she can go to pick up a large object like an appliance or lumber or anything oversized, and be on his or her way. Then remounting the pickup topper cap is a snap. It’s just a phenomenally practical vehicle.
Tires have good tread.
Exhaust system is quite new, including muffler.
No rust on this truck anywhere.
Glass is all in excellent shape.
Window regulators both passenger and driver’s side work.
Seats are in great condition and have no signs of cigarette smoking.
1-Liter displacement 3-Cylinder fuel-injected Chevrolet-contracted Japanese Suzuki engine doesn’t leak, smoke or overheat.
The engine starts and runs like wristwatch.
The car-truck is ready to put into immediate use.
In addition to the Hydrogen injection system that I would add in the future, I would also like to see some other non-essential additions that I would recommend to the new owner:
I always thought it would quite a nice addition to have someone use a sabre-saw to cut a window shape in the back of the cap, and then squeeze on a rubber window seal while simultaneously squeezing a window into said gasket. Could be a plexiglas window or glass-glass window sourced from another car, either way. It would also be interesting to lower the truck about 1-inch to get even better fuel economy. When these tires are worn they can be replaced with even higher-efficiency lower rolling resistance model tires. And rear fender skirts can be added easily by a body shop. All of these things would be nice additions. The fiberglass top can be reworked so it has a smoother surface so it doesn’t have what people call in aviation, “parasite drag” which essentially is just little indentation or bumps which decrease the laminar flow of air across a body panel, thereby decreasing efficiently (slightly). I hope the Streamliner goes to a good home and I am very motivated to sell. There’s plenty of space inside the the engine bay for a PTO (power take-off unit) to power various implements. Another idea is to have mount a power inverter or generator inside the engine bay for an efficient generator. A tow hitch is available for the Streamliner as well, for even bigger hauling jobs.

Nicest Metro Convertible?

Here’s a car that was something of a joke when new, but has a quirky appeal now.  Three cylinders, five-speeds and a manual drop-top?  Sounds like a unique experience.  Throw in the forty-four cassette tapes the seller offers and you’re good to go!

No, really, the seller says the following:

**As a bonus, we have recorded 44 cassette tapes of music to be included, along with storage cases if you want them. You can always record over them**

Aside from that, you have here an almost-stock, ~29K mile, 22-ish-year-old car.  The only mods are minor – spoiler and audio.  The seller claims the dash has no cracks, so the cover may really be there for protection, as opposed to concealment.

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Glendale, AZ
$3,383.33 with 11 bids and reserve not met

Steel wheels and hubcaps FTW!

Is that intimidating, or what?

Manual crank windows mean fewer electronic gizmos to fail.  Red seat trim/piping is a surprising touch.

Yep…three plug wires this 1.0-liter monster!  The distributor cap probably looks pretty funny – kinds of like R5/Le Car three-lug wheels.

Ad text:

  1. Approximate Mileage: 29,900 original miles
  2. Color:  Bright Red
  3. Transmission: 5-speed manual
  4. Engine: 1.0 liter, L3 EFI.
  5. PWR brakes, PWR steering, cruise control
  6. Manual fold convertible top (Black)
  7. Dual visor vanity mirrors
  8. Center console w/cup holders
  9. Door map bins
  10. Trip odometer, temperature and RPM gauges
  11. Body-colored bumpers
  12. Driver’s side air bag
  13.  A/C
  14.  AM/FM stereo with cassette tape and digital clock
  15. Original convertible top
  16. Original GEO floor mats
  17. Spare tire and jack

Exterior: Excellent. No chips or dents. 
Interior: Excellent. No tears/stains in fabric or cracks in dashboard. Color is a light gray with sporty red accents on the bucket seats.

Tires rotated and front end alignment done 10-17-12
Drain plug replaced 6-14-12
Oil changes done 10-12-12 and 4-19-13 w/synthetic oil only

Options Installed:
Spoiler added 10-19-12
Boston Acoustic speakers, Kicker subwoofer w/bass blocker 11-2-12
Completely repainted in same color 11-9-12
Black mesh vinyl tarp on back window to reduce glare 11-9-12
Chrome exhaust tip added 11-12-12
Front & back sway bars added for more stability 11-20-12
Windows tinted with visor band 12-15-12
Custom dash mat with red piping accent
Sylvania headlight bulbs

Miscellaneous Items Included:
All maintenance receipts
Owners manual
Geo parts catalog
Touch up paint
Spare Sylvania headlamp bulbs
Matching interior push pins
Extra battery tray and tie down bracket with bolts
**As a bonus, we have recorded 44 cassette tapes of music to be included, along with storage cases if you want them. You can always record over them**

Comments: The car is in excellent condition both inside and out and still even has the manufacturer body stickers on it. It gets 41 mpg in the city and 46 mpg on the highway. We are the third owner and non-smokers. The second owner only used the car for weekend trips. The A/C blows cold and everything works, as it should, including the factory cruise control. Windows also close as they should. We have had no problems with the engine. The transmission also shifts as it should. (Please see note below) The car has been well maintained and even the engine compartment is wiped down once a month. Anything that was missing, needed to be replaced or repaired has been done. We are fanatical about keeping cars in tip-top condition. We have scoured all the automobile sites and cannot find one this nice, including the yellow one that was very recently sold here on eBay. We are selling the car do to a new grand child on the way. We need something with a back seat. NOTE: The spoiler added additional weight to the trunk lid. The trunk will not stay open on its own but can be lifted and held with one hand because of its size. We use an expandable pole/rod to keep the trunk open when needed. It works very well and this will be left in the trunk.

You won’t find a cleaner Geo Metro with low miles! It’s sporty and and a blast to drive. Don’t forget that this is a convertible and has great gas mileage too. Don’t forget, this is a small car and therefore, very easy to park. We have taken it to San Diego and back with absolutely no problems at all. Anyone who purchases this little jewel will not be disappointed. We have had two previous offers to sell it and turned down both. Pictures do not do it justice. We wish we could keep it. We will miss it.

Acceptable forms of payment: Cash or certified cashier’s check. Personal checks will be accepted, but car and title will not be released until check clears our bank. No exceptions. Additional pictures available upon request. Serious inquiries only PLEASE!  The car is for sale locally. Therefore, we reserve the right to end the auction early.       

Metrosexual Scratch ‘n Dent special

Here we have a recently wrecked, but otherwise great condition, Geo Metro convertible with 5-speed transmission.  Those alive and aware in the 90s remember these little roller skates.  We think it could be an entertaining ride, and a great candidate for a Swift GTI/GT or other swap.

This car has probably the longest seller description we’ve featured, so we don’t have too much to add here.

Click for eBay ad
Laughlin, NV
$2,125 with 12 bids
08/01/2013 update: SOLD for $2,850 with 21 bids.

Here’s the damage…

This is a well accessorized Metro.  The floor mats must be worth 5 horsepower.

Three cylinders, baby!

Ad text:

For sale is a rare 5 speed 1993 Geo Metro Convertible. Until a few months ago, this would have been considered one of the absolute cleanest, best showing 5 speed Metro Convertibles still in existence in the USA. Paint is in absolutely fantastic shape, no rust, top is near perfect. I normally kept the car garaged 95% of the time, as I did with my other more collectible cars. On rare occasion I would park it outside in my private townhome community in resident parking. Well, as my bad luck would have it, one of the rare times I didn’t have it in the garage, apparently a drunk or distracted driver decided to clip the car on the driver’s side rear. When I came out to the car, I found the damage. Of course this lowlife could not have the courtesy to at least leave a note on the car saying what happened & their phone number. It’s really sad that we live in a society where there are people that don’t believe in karma, or doing the right thing/treating someone as they would want to be treated. I did not have full coverage because it mainly stayed garaged & was rarely driven. So thus this rare & immaculate Metro Convertible suffered damage which was not able to be replaced by insurance. 

I have kept the car garaged/stored 100% of the time since then, as I planned on replacing the affected parts, as this car’s exterior/paint is otherwise so immaculate. But, I unfortunately have an ill parent & I will be relocating shortly as a result of this, & so I have to take action now due to my situation. Due to my having to move & the financial burden of doing so, I am forced to sell some vehicles I never planned to, such as this and another collectible car I just sold here on eBay. Fact is, right now, I still do have too many cars to transport (6), so I must continue to downsize, but I truly hate parting with this car as it is a rare find–especially as these 5 speed convertibles become harder to locate. 

I have gotten a couple of opinions & this car is definitely repairable & it is worth doing so because it is a rare 1993 5 speed with a low mileage motor, and otherwise amazing exterior condition & top. And from what I was told & from my own research, it can be done for a relatively low cost (several hundred). Look at the pictures, the affected areas are: the drivers side rear quarter panel, the left taillight section, and the rear bumper. I have seen these parts listed on eBay from parts sellers, & this means that they can also be found locally in salvage yards as well. I am in a small area here with a very limited salvage inventory, but in a larger metropolitan area especially, the parts needed will be easy to locate. For example, I see the left taillight section is available on ebay for $40/best offer. 

This car still has a clear clean title, as well as fairly low mileage, not typically seen with these cars. I mention this because for future value of this car which has very high potential as a collectible or resale down the line, the carfax/autocheck reports also remain clean (since no accident was reported). If you can do these repairs yourself (or with a local shop) you can keep the report clean. I recently sold my other Metro Convertible, a 1991 5 speed, it went for over $4200, as these cars already are in high demand & have a semi-collectible status. So someone who can get these replacement pieces will have this car back to its amazing condition & will have a rare Metro which will not depreciate, but rather be worth much more moving forward.

Before this happened, I would constantly get compliments & questions about this car from passers-by! Often people saying they hadn’t seen one this nice in years, or asking what it was, or just saying how they really liked it. I’ve even had people take pics with the car–just as with some of my other collectible cars! This car’s exterior can be returned to perfection with low expense & is absolutely worth doing so!
*Motor replaced by prior owner-has approx 87K miles on motor-sounds great, runs great, idles perfectly, runs smooth! No leaking fluids! No issues! Should be great & trouble free for years to come!
*5 Speed Transmission-Clutch feels great, shifts smoothly. Much harder to find a 5 Speed Metro as they have much more power, control, & MUCH better MPG than an automatic trans metro!
*This Metro is equipped with Air Conditioning-As crazy as it seems, a majority of Metro Convertibles are not even equipped with A/C! This was an option that is missing from many. This one does have A/C, but it does need the compressor replaced. I will not give you a lame b.s. story about it needing a recharge, I don’t do that. I did buy the compressor but never got to install it in light of what happened. But I will provide & include it for the buyer. If you live in a northern/cooler climate area, you may choose to not use the A/C as using it does affect the MPG these 3 cyl cars get. There is easy access under the hood of these cars & it would be a relatively simple install. Last year I had to replace the A/C compressor on a Mercedes & a local guy did it for $160 labor incl. freon. This is definitely much more basic than that car.
*Has upgraded Eagle Racing wheels- Almost all Metro’s have plastic, generic, cheap wheel covers. This Metro has actual Eagle rims. This really enhances & upgrades the look of this car! 
*Controls & switches work properly-Most Metro’s have all kinds of issues with knobs, switches, controls etc. This one does not. The only minor exception I have found is that the driver side door needs to be locked from the outside (the inside lever is sticking but should be a minor fix if desired).
*DVD/Navigation In Dash System & HD Radio Included-I had purchased an in dash DVD/Navigation system here on eBay a few months ago with AM/FM/CD/SD/USB, and an HD Radio module as part of my plans to really sweeten up this car on the inside, but again, because of the circumstances, had not installed them as of yet. I will include it as well as the hard to find metra install kit new in pkg for the 93 Metro which makes for a clean install when replacing the factory radio. I have upgraded stereo’s in my other cars & am downsizing anyway, so I will leave these included with this auction for the new owner. Right now the factory radio is still in dash & fully functional.
*XM Satellite Radio included-I had installed an add-on XM Radio for this car. It connects to the aux-in on the in-dash unit. I will leave this in as well, as I already have XM in my other cars.
*Brand new & hard to find LEBRA Custom Fit Front End Cover included-
I also purchased a LeBra special order front end cover, only used once. Rather than sell in a seperate auction, I will include this as well for the buyer. 
(Excluding damage area from incident)
The exterior of this Metro is in such excellent condition, exclusive of the damage area. The paint is exceptional, shines and has rich color! No imperfections. It is beyond rare to see one in this condition, which is why it is worth fixing. If you look at the pictures, you can see the shine–and that is with this car not being waxed or detailed in quite a while! When viewing the pictures, the paint shines so well, it almost looks like there may be imperfections in other areas. This is not the case–those are reflections off the shine of the paint! The only affected area is in the drivers side rear. All other areas are as clean & perfect as you will ever find on a Metro convertible! I have not seen one with such high luster paint, and that includes 4 of these that I have previously owned.
The convertible top is fantastic-especially for a 1993 vehicle! See the pictures! I would easily rate it condition wise a 9.5 out of 10!!! You rarely see a Metro top in this exceptional condition unless of course you just replaced one! There are no rips/tears in the top. Rear plastic window in intact & in great shape, no scratches or cuts in it. Other than installing a brand new top, you couldn’t do better than this one! It is in great shape. Another big factor in considering this car! Also has the fully functional boot cover which many people always ask about on these!
In all objectivity, the interior is not at the same level as the exterior not affected by the incident, but is not terrible either (see pictures). I would rate the interior as o.k. with the potential to be even better, more so than most Metro convertibles still around. The main flaw would be that there is some minor effects from the sun on the dash in 2 areas. This is very common on these Metros, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t have this issue. This all occurred prior to my ownership, as I keep the car garaged, or I would cover the dash if parked outside & also use a sunshade. I had bought a brand new “Dash-Mat” for this car recently (included). The only other flaws worth noting are 2 small holes in the seats (1 on each), that’s about it.
One very desirable item that is often missing from these cars, but IS included & in very good shape on this Metro–the Convertible Boot Cover (See picture). They currently are selling on ebay for $200-300 shipped. The interior of this car has great potential & is not bad as it stands. 
Tires are Goodyear Integrity 175/70R13 and are in good shape. This is one of the highest rated tires for this car & are nearly impossible to find for sale due to the unique size. On rare occasion they will be seen on eBay but are usually unavailable even by special order from conventional retailers.  Wheels are Eagle racing & are in good condition. 
It’s getting harder to find any of these fuel efficient Metro Convertibles for sale even when searching nationally. But of the few that do get listed for sale, a great majority of the Metro convertibles for sale are with automatic transmission. This is because most owners of 5 Speed Metro’s know how much better they are and are less likely to part with them! YOU DO NOT WANT AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION METRO CONVERTIBLE!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ONE!
I had one AT Metro convertible years ago, and it was totally inferior to a 5 Speed Manual Metro. 
This is because: 
1)There is less control & power. If you live in a mountainous or hilly area, you will be in big trouble with an AT Metro! When going up hills/mountains, you will notice your speed dropping lower & lower, with nothing you can do about it–it’s a very helpless feeling! With the 5 Speed version, you can downshift on hills/grades & this helps tremendously. I cannot stress this enough. 
2)The 5 Speed Metro convertibles get MUCH BETTER MPG than an AT Metro! Its a fact! If you see a seller of an AT Metro claiming MPG in the upper 30’s, 40’s to 50 MPG, they are flat out lying! They do not get anywhere near that. Partly because as with any AT there is less control than a Manual trans, but it is even more critical with these 3 cylinder cars. Only the 5 Speed Metro Convertibles get the better MPG as claimed. Even then, for very highest MPG, you need to drive below 65 MPH. 55-60 is optimum. 
1993 5 SPEED GEO METRO CONVERTIBLE-Vin #jg1mr3362pk208560
DVD/Navigation System & Metra Dash Kit
HD Radio unit
Delphi XM Satellite Radio
New DashMat Premium Dash Cover
New LeBra Custom Fit Front End Cover 
Replacement A/C Compressor
2  Sets of Keys
Clear Title