Homemade VW/Chrysler/Ford/Chevy Hot Rod

There’s not much else we can call this because it’s part VW, part Chrysler, part Ford, part Chevy and perhaps others.  It’s definitely unique and it’s definitely not boring.

The seller claims to have built this from about nine other cars, though it seems it has more VW parts than anything else.  Power comes from a Chevy I6 with twin carbs.  Actually, the seller claims “duel” carbs, which is one of our favorite misspells.  If this isn’t TOO much larger than a Beetle, that should motivate it pretty nicely.

The work appears to be well done; so, is $15K reasonable?  There are a lot of toys available around – or under – that price, but you certainly couldn’t reproduce this without spending close to that and years of your own labor.

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Fountaintown, IA, USA
$15,000 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

The cool thing about this would be having people try to guess what it is.  Sure, we see bits of VW, but the engine’s in the wrong place and it’s relatively big – well, long, at least.  The hood seems to be intentionally incomplete in order to show off the engine.

Folks might guess “homemade” more often from this angle?

Here’s a glimpse at the “bed”, such as it is.  The wood looks nicely done.

This is the only interior shot available and shows some Vietnam memorabilia.

There’s a theme here.

Here’s the old school Chevy 250 I6 with its twin carbs.  That’s not something we see in hot rods much these days.

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This Car has about 9 Different Car And Other Parts

This is a one of Kind Car you will be the only one to have this car and nobody can say

 I know someone that has a car like this one       NOT

It’s Name is Schrott-tile That is German for Scrap Parts Because it started as a VW Bug

1973 VW Custom Body , Lots of Custom Parts , Runs Good

List of Parts

Chrysler Rear fender

1935 Ford Front Bumper

VW Hood For a Grill

Custom Windshield

Custom Running Boards

Custom Intake

1948 Ford Hood Top

250 Chevy 6 Cyl

Duel Carbs

700 R Automatic overdrive

1940 Ford Front Fenders

No Power Steering

Manuel Brakes Drum

1957 Chevy Truck Dash

Have some Harley Davidson Parts

Painted 3 Years ago

Cedar Wood From Mother-In-Law’s Barn

Have enjoyed going to Car Shows

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