Sightings: Newport Beach, CA July 6, 2017

I went to Newport Beach for a Duffy Boat ride and was rewarded with a few odd sightings – all in one parking lot.

This gem speaks mostly for itself, but we first noticed the Pep Boys hood scoops and the body side molding used on the hood, as well as the horrid decal work on the side.

Under the front bumper is a strange assortment of LED lights.

The rear features very thick molding applied in odd locations. Its a bit sad to see the car that introduced the DOHC Ford modular V8 (later used in the SVT Cobra) to the world treated like this. That being said, we’re not sure whether it’s better or worse than the geriatric, puffy top treatments these usually get.

Lumina APV – need we say more?

Finally, in the same lot was a genuine 280ZX 10th Anniversary Black Gold edition!

The paint has oxidation, but the car is overall in pretty amazing shape and appears to be mostly original.

MSA/Grant steering wheel is a common mod and we also noted a MSA 6×9 speaker panel in the back. Great news in this pic is the manual shifter.

“Stoopid” 1990 S10 Blazer with Supercharged SBC Swap and Too Much Yellow

This is not subtle, not understated; but we like the swap. Can it be saved?

Someone put a lot of time and money into this truck and the work looks to have been well done.  We wonder what it would cost to change this to more of a sleeper look in black or another dark color.

The engine is a Corvette-sourced 350, though we’re not sure of the generation.  A Paxton supercharger was added for good measure and the seller claims 400HP. Regardless of actual output, that should be a big upgrade vs. the 160HP 4.3L V6, which was standard in 1990.

Given the interior was treated to way too much yellow, we think this only has potential if it stays close to $5K, as we’d want to paint it and reupholster. If, however, you like yellow, this may have more value to you.

The body has been converted to panel delivery, which is interesting, and it looks like a speaker panel (or box?) has replaced the back seat. We’d make different decisions there, too, as this isn’t IASCA in 1991. That being said, the seller indicates that the stereo is “optional and extra”, so there’s hope.

Our biggest concern is that the images are all taken in a garage. Does this truck actually move under its own power?  Claimed mileage is 64K, but we don’t know if that’s the truck (likely) or the engine.

Click for eBay ad
West Olive, MI, USA
$4,550 with three bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Graphics don’t ooze taste or subtlety anymore than the color; but the panel delivery conversion is pretty cool.

Here’s the name inspiration.  Most will agree, some using the literal interpretation, and others the street version.

Obligatory Corvette-inspired “roll pan” with tail lights is present, as one would assume.  After all, this is a modified GM truck product from the 90s.

350 badge is pretty cool.

The overdone yellow theme carries over into the interior, unfortunately.

How ’bout them speakers?

And them speakers?  It’s strange that unfinished particle board is present here, given all the yellow elsewhere in the interior.

Small block Chevy swaps are fairly common in these S10 Blazer and this looks pretty well done.

Here’s the small Paxton supercharger.

Ad text:

1990 S10 Blazer, Custom corvette yellow imron paint, Custom Corvette Roll Pan.
Custom Corvette engine, Supercharged 5.7l 350, 400hp. March pulley set, Billet brackets and accessories. Custom sewn seats and interior, All new parts, no rust, stored in heated garage.
Over $30,000 invested. Built 700R4 good to 1200hp. Stereo optional and extra.

Big Rig Dreamin’: Kenworth Cab on Pickup Frame

Yes, almost every boy goes through a big rig infatuation, or at least those raised in the 70s did. We suspect that’s what drove this adult realization of the Kenworth dream.

What we have here is a Kenworth cab on a 1978 Chevy dually pickup chassis. The engine is an Isuzu/GMC 5.9L diesel inline six.  The seller mentions having a turbo and air compressor available for the engine.  The trans is a GM Turbo 400 automatic.

The seller provides a good deal of information on the status of this project and points out that it does need paint.  The chassis, however, was painted when the truck was built, and rust inhibitor was used.

Sadly, the seller provides only three images, none of which show the interior or engine.  Even more sadly, the price seem to be in the “crack pipe” range.

Click for eBay ad
Plymouth, IN, USA
$33,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

A good amount of work went into making this oddity and the result is not boring.  Stacks are a nice touch!

From the front, you’d almost think this was a full-scale semi.

Wheels look rather puny, but keeping the size close to pickup stock should be easier on the parts and should keep tire prices down.

Ad text:

Kenworth Pickup Truck (Like a Street Rod) 5.9 Diesel
204 miles on this unique truck.   The Day cab is new and is stock, not cut or modified.  This cab has
electric windows,
electric wipers
2 new Elderado VIP seats (1 is air ride)
new interior
stainless steel heated mirrors
auto meter instruments
tinted glass
chrome stacks
stainless steel heat shields

Just the new cab alone would cost nearly $30,000 to replace from Kenworth.  The front hood and fenders are one piece.  (I have the fiberglass molds for it and rear fiberglass fenders, I would consider offers for them).  The frame and suspension was sandblasted and painted with chemical resistive epoxy. Power steering and brakes, differential is a posi-traction.  Frame is from a 1978 Chevy dully.  I chose these parts because of ease of getting parts and reasonable priced.  They are heavy duty like the rest of this truck. The bed is built from box tubing and I used stainless steel for outside.  Rear bumper is SS covered.  The 5.9 diesel is from GMC  W6 and has 52,000 miles on it.  ISUZU was 35% owned by GM.  This motor is know as the million mile motor and is tuff and very economical.  I checked mileage on the truck twice and it gets 29/30 miles per gallon.  I have the Turbo (complete) for the motor and also have air compressor.  They are not installed but included with truck.  The motor is nice!!

The motor has an adaptor plate with the Chevy bolt pattern.  Transmission is a 400 turbo hydramatic with a gear vendors overdrive.  With the  Chevy bolt pattern, a  manual trans. can be installed if you don’t like the 400 TH. I have the ISUZU shop repair manual and parts manual that are included. Motor is a pre emissions and not computerized and no sensors, easy to service.

The truck needs the hood, fenders, and bedsides sanded and painted.  The paint on cab came from Kenworth- is new and in nice condition.  I have built 3 of these trucks and wanted trucks that were tough and easy to service with easy to get parts if needed.  No emissions or computers to deal with.  Good fuel mileage.  The truck was built to last a lifetime!

Other things the truck needs: wheels polished, tires changed (have 4 good tires that go with the truck) tailgate hinges and latches installed.

I have driven this truck 204 miles and it is nice.  I built this truck 10 years ago and did not get around to painting it.  A little paint and some minor things and you will have a unique super pick up truck.  A real eye catcher and fun to drive. This truck must be seen to appreciate the quality and time I spent building it.  I have considerably more $$$ in it than I am asking for it. This truck can be changed to your liking!!! This truck does not have a warente and is sold as is.

Email your ???

I added the last photo of one of the other Kenworth pick up trucks I own [the red one]. It is nearly the same truck except it has a W900 grill.

I have had a lot of interest in my truck and a lot of ???
Yes I can sell it with out the motor and trans.   
Yes it can be changed to a 4×4 , I did it to my other truck that is nearly the same frame You can see the truck, it was an ez change over.  

Homemade VW/Chrysler/Ford/Chevy Hot Rod

There’s not much else we can call this because it’s part VW, part Chrysler, part Ford, part Chevy and perhaps others.  It’s definitely unique and it’s definitely not boring.

The seller claims to have built this from about nine other cars, though it seems it has more VW parts than anything else.  Power comes from a Chevy I6 with twin carbs.  Actually, the seller claims “duel” carbs, which is one of our favorite misspells.  If this isn’t TOO much larger than a Beetle, that should motivate it pretty nicely.

The work appears to be well done; so, is $15K reasonable?  There are a lot of toys available around – or under – that price, but you certainly couldn’t reproduce this without spending close to that and years of your own labor.

Click for eBay ad
Fountaintown, IA, USA
$15,000 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

The cool thing about this would be having people try to guess what it is.  Sure, we see bits of VW, but the engine’s in the wrong place and it’s relatively big – well, long, at least.  The hood seems to be intentionally incomplete in order to show off the engine.

Folks might guess “homemade” more often from this angle?

Here’s a glimpse at the “bed”, such as it is.  The wood looks nicely done.

This is the only interior shot available and shows some Vietnam memorabilia.

There’s a theme here.

Here’s the old school Chevy 250 I6 with its twin carbs.  That’s not something we see in hot rods much these days.

Ad text:


This Car has about 9 Different Car And Other Parts

This is a one of Kind Car you will be the only one to have this car and nobody can say

 I know someone that has a car like this one       NOT

It’s Name is Schrott-tile That is German for Scrap Parts Because it started as a VW Bug

1973 VW Custom Body , Lots of Custom Parts , Runs Good

List of Parts

Chrysler Rear fender

1935 Ford Front Bumper

VW Hood For a Grill

Custom Windshield

Custom Running Boards

Custom Intake

1948 Ford Hood Top

250 Chevy 6 Cyl

Duel Carbs

700 R Automatic overdrive

1940 Ford Front Fenders

No Power Steering

Manuel Brakes Drum

1957 Chevy Truck Dash

Have some Harley Davidson Parts

Painted 3 Years ago

Cedar Wood From Mother-In-Law’s Barn

Have enjoyed going to Car Shows

Tron/Transformers Chevrolet Spark (?)

We’re oddly drawn to the Chevy Spark, though we often wish the Sonic’s turbo I4 would end up in it in order to make a really goofy little pocket rocket.  Why is this here?  Well, it’s because the photo below grabbed our attention.  The seller seems to have applied what he or she calls “Tron like reflective pin stripping” and “spike lug nuts.”  We also spotted the almost-obligatory-among-Chevy-fans-who-like-to-accessorize Transformers badge!  The result is, well, odd.

There’s not too much we can add except that the seller also put on a loud exhaust and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer to help drown out the drone.  So, if you need a commuter, this could be perfectly okay, except you won’t be able to shift it yourself AND the price isn’t cheap.  Maybe the seller will become more realistic over time?

Click for Craigslist ad
Fullerton, CA,USA

This has a certain “WTF” factor.

Fear not!  The sides were treated to the same.

And, yes, the rear.  Apparently, this was taken immediately after the process was complete.  We hope the decals have stayed put (or do we?).

Spike lugs, baby!

Interior appears stock.  Again, it’s too bad about that automatic.

This little, LG-built  head unit is oddly appealing, although CarPlay and Android Auto make it essentially obsolete.

We’ve always like this strange, little gauge pod, though we’d rather see the tach on the left.  Maybe the MT cars do that?

Here’s the mighty 1.2L I4, which puts out 84 HP.  This would be a lot of fun with the 1.4T.  That being said, the K&N decal is worth 5HP in this application.

By day, this is a plain Spark.

At text:

I got laid off and haven’t been able to find work so I need to sell before it gets repoed. Buy ought right or take over payments ($245/month for me). This is my baby. Super clean inside and out. All the options. Automatic cvt transmission. Tron like reflective pin stripping. Spike lug nuts. Upgraded and larger speakers, 7″ touch screen mylink head unit has usb, six, and Bluetooth inputs powered rockfordfostgate sub in the trunk with a power cap so no draw on the battery. Performance exhaust (I still have stock system if you want to put it back on, but the loud exhaust makes it super fun to drive). K And N air filter. Heated leatherette seats, power windows locks and mirrors, tinted windows, cruise control, onStar, keyless remote entry, dual air horns, custom Spark LTZ badgeing. Extra bright head lights and foglights. Super bright led reverse lights. Turn signal in the side mirrors. Just tons of goodies. Drives and handles like a dream tons of fun to zoom around in. Great commuter I’ve been getting 33 mpg city zooming around if you drive like a normal person it’s closer to 36 city. Park anywhere. super roomy inside. Still under warranty .. less than 14,500 miles ..

Old School Cool:1970 Datsun 521 with Chevy 327

Small Block Chevy (SBC) swaps are all the rage these days, but they’re nothing new.  The original swaps were into 1920/1930s hot rods and usually involved Ford’s “Flathead” V8; but Chevy swaps have a history, too, as evidenced by this 1980s swap involving a tiny Datsun pickup and a Corvette 327, which is older than the truck.

While the seller says this customization was finished in the 80s, we’ll bet it started deep in the 70s, given the choices made.  Either that, or the owner was stuck in the 70s.  The good news here is that a four-speed manual was chosen, which is fairly unusual.

It’s interesting when we see period mods that are almost worth saving for their retro coolness.  In this case, no rare car was modified, so why not keep it this way?  This should be a handful to drive – a truly delightful handful.

Click for Craigslist ad
Somewhere near San Diego, CA, USA

Air dam and lights are too much, but we like the wicked scoop

Side view reveals sun visor, five-slot mags (with spinners) and side pipes!

Off-brand OWL tires are always a plus, and we do love the tiny window louvers.

Underneath, you’ll see that the suspension was beefed up a bit.

Strangely, the nitrous bottle isn’t mentioned in the ad.

That scoop dwarfs the engine itself, but that would happen with basically any engine.

One last look…

Ad text:

1970 Datsun 521 pick up square body, old school and way cool. Wow.
Built in 1986, daily driver until 1990 when life got in the way.
Yes, smog exempt.
Please, serious inquiries only. Cash Only. No time wasters or low ballers.

1964 Chevy Corvette 327 small block, balanced, double hump camelback heads, Crane roller rockers, Holley 4 BBL carb, fender well headers. 
4 speed Chevy Saginaw transmission.

Narrowed Chrysler 8 3/4 differential with 3:91 posi traction.

Slot Mags front and rear, drum brakes all around.

Clean custom interior and exterior. Blue Plates. Title in hand. 

Shortened Shoebox: Shortbox?

Shoebox is a term often used to refer to the 1949 through 1950 Fords – particularly the sedans.  Today’s feature started life as a 1949 Sedan and is now a shortened roadster.  That’s not necessarily a good thing.

The seller states that this Ford was shortened, and that’s an understatement.  It was not only radically shortened, it also now sits on a Chevy S10 frame and is powered by a small block Chevy V8.  Supposedly, it runs and drives great, though one small rust hole is claimed and it seems the rear tires rub, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

What’s this worth to you and how badly do you think it can oversteer?

Click for eBay ad
Carrollton, GA, USA
$510 with two bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

This one’s odd from any angle.  The clearly homemade top is a particularly nice touch.

Here’s that awesomely weird profile.  Note that wheelbase relative to overall length, as well as the position of the wheel wells vs. the driver.

Here it is with the top down.  Is that an elementary school chair?

Rear 3/4 view…still weird.

Here’s a straight on butt shot, for good measure.

There is some sort of carpet in the interior, which is a nice touch.  Otherwise, it doesn’t look too finished out.  Those seats might actually be from a dune buggy (?).

’49 Ford dash still look cool, even in this thing.  Does it have a column shifter, or is it center-mounted toward teh rear?  We dont’ know…

The trunk has decent size, but a fuel cell and battery eat a lot of the space.

Ford people will instantly note that the distributor is in the wrong place on this engine.  Splatter paint is an interesting choice.

Ad text:

















Chevy Rectum – err, Spectrum – In the Porn Capital of the World!

This Giugiaro-designed hatchback is an Isuzu Gemini (I-Mark in the US market) rebadged as a Chevy.  Isuzu sold some cool, turbocharged variants of this car, but Chevy did not get them.  While this example is badged as a “Sport”, it is just an automatic-equipped, naturally aspirated version.  Still, it’s an excuse to go to Chatsworth, even if the porn industry is likely leaving due to state and local tax burdens.

Though this won’t be exciting to drive, this is an unusual beast in good shape that could provide cheap beater transportation – possibly for a kid.  If you live in a place without strict smog regulations, this would also make a fantastic swap candidate, but please swap the trans while you’re at it.  If we went that route, we’d certainly keep the color-keyed wheel covers for a sleeper look!  As a matter of fact, we’d change absolutely nothing on the exterior.

Click for Craigslist ad
Chatsworth, CA

With flush glass and grill-less face, this was a very modern design at the time, typical for its Italian designer.  The wheel covers round out the monochromatic look.

Yes, this one wears I-Mark Sport badges on the doors.

Profile is pretty much classic hatchback.

Again, the rear has clean styling.  One can see some ties to the contemporary Impulse.

The driver’s seat is tired, but the interior otherwise looks good.  Note crank windows for light weight and simplicity.

Ad text:

Here is a 1988 Chevy Spectrum. This is a Isuzu I Mark sold through the Chevy Dealers. Auto, AC, body totally original and straight. Runs and drives, brakes need work. Very rare car if you want something unusual. All DMV fees paid—Needs Smog. I have a temporary operating permit. 

Rainbow Bright’s 1977 Chevy Scottsdale CK1

I believe Rainbow Bright had a car accessory, but I never knew about the full-sized truck.  That seems to be the inspiration behind the customization applied to this 1977 Chevrolet Scottsdale pickup,which sheds the macho image of most full-sized pickups.

Disregard the paint choices and this is a desirable 4×4 stepside with a 400 CID V8 and automatic.  Yeah, a manual would be more cool and unusual, but this isn’t exactly going to see track time.  This CK is the Scottsdale model, which means mid-level trim  (not the “luxury” Cheyenne trim).

The seller claims 85K original miles and the condition appears to support the claim.  Would you drive this?  Is there any chance this rainbow truck will get the rather high asking price?

Click for Craigslist ad
Salt Lake City, UT

Because framing the two-tone paint with rainbows wasn’t enough, this has Shelby-esque rainbow hood stripes, too.

Yes, the Chevrolet script on the rear is done in rainbow colors, too.  Note the dual exhaust and roll bar,too.

The bumper with front-mount spare is very butch.

Here’s another view of dat ass.

Interior appears to be in good shape.  This is a 4×4, as you can see the shifter for the transfer case, in addition to the column shift for the trans.  Note the monster truck-inspired USA-1 floor mats!  Finally,the badge confirms this is a “trailering special.”

Here’s the 400 (6.6 liter, if you must) V8.

Ad text:

This Unique Tennessee truck has NO RUST, fresh paint and 85,000 original miles. Serious collector’s dream!! 400 Cubic Inch/6.6L engine with 350 turbo Automatic transmission and limited slip 3:73 rear-end. Trailering Special. 4X4. Tilt steering. Air Conditioning has been converted to r134. She’s a beauty, fun to drive and runs great. The Rainbow truck was a promotional offer in 1977. Very Unique! Has the original window sticker and maintenance records. Clear title with Vintage plates.
Classic Clean Stepside Scottsdale Antique Truck
Call, email or text