Homemade VW/Chrysler/Ford/Chevy Hot Rod

There’s not much else we can call this because it’s part VW, part Chrysler, part Ford, part Chevy and perhaps others.  It’s definitely unique and it’s definitely not boring.

The seller claims to have built this from about nine other cars, though it seems it has more VW parts than anything else.  Power comes from a Chevy I6 with twin carbs.  Actually, the seller claims “duel” carbs, which is one of our favorite misspells.  If this isn’t TOO much larger than a Beetle, that should motivate it pretty nicely.

The work appears to be well done; so, is $15K reasonable?  There are a lot of toys available around – or under – that price, but you certainly couldn’t reproduce this without spending close to that and years of your own labor.

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Fountaintown, IA, USA
$15,000 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

The cool thing about this would be having people try to guess what it is.  Sure, we see bits of VW, but the engine’s in the wrong place and it’s relatively big – well, long, at least.  The hood seems to be intentionally incomplete in order to show off the engine.

Folks might guess “homemade” more often from this angle?

Here’s a glimpse at the “bed”, such as it is.  The wood looks nicely done.

This is the only interior shot available and shows some Vietnam memorabilia.

There’s a theme here.

Here’s the old school Chevy 250 I6 with its twin carbs.  That’s not something we see in hot rods much these days.

Ad text:


This Car has about 9 Different Car And Other Parts

This is a one of Kind Car you will be the only one to have this car and nobody can say

 I know someone that has a car like this one       NOT

It’s Name is Schrott-tile That is German for Scrap Parts Because it started as a VW Bug

1973 VW Custom Body , Lots of Custom Parts , Runs Good

List of Parts

Chrysler Rear fender

1935 Ford Front Bumper

VW Hood For a Grill

Custom Windshield

Custom Running Boards

Custom Intake

1948 Ford Hood Top

250 Chevy 6 Cyl

Duel Carbs

700 R Automatic overdrive

1940 Ford Front Fenders

No Power Steering

Manuel Brakes Drum

1957 Chevy Truck Dash

Have some Harley Davidson Parts

Painted 3 Years ago

Cedar Wood From Mother-In-Law’s Barn

Have enjoyed going to Car Shows

The Anti-Donk?

It seems most sedans raised to this extent wear 26-inch (or greater) diameter wheels.  In this case, a Chrysler 300 body is mounted atop an older Chevy Blazer K10 frame.  This could be the anti-donk, or maybe this is the redneck donk.  In any case, this should actually have off-road capability.

The ad for this car is an entertaining read due to horrible spelling.  Here are a few examples:

“…Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse”

“it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able”

“car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali…”

Also, the seller is willing to trade for a low rider.  That’s not exactly the same type of vehicle.  Anyway, there’s no doubt this is unique and, yes, we find it oddly appealing on some level.

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Greater Albuquerque, NM, USA

This speaks for itself.

Fade at lower right could be hipster filter or photo effect?

Nope, it’s a camera or user error.

Here’s the only shot of the interior.  It looks essentially stock, minus the shifter (trans or transfer case?).

Here’s the Small Block Chevy, which sits very low and rearward.  Technically, this is a front-mid engine engine!

Ad text:

Up for sale of trade one of a kind 2007 Chrysler 300 on a k10 blazer Chasse running a 350 4×4 automatic still needs a lil love it is a custome build project needs battery and a starter to b drive able lots of new parts willing to trade for a lowrider old school or let me no what u got to offer $8000 firm car is located in new Mexico but I was thinking of takeing a trip out to cali so I might b able to tow it out there if a good offer comes if interested thanks

PT Cruiser Body on Tube Frame

If you’ve been really close to buying a PT Cruiser but were held back due to cylinder count and FWD, this is the car for you!

While the exterior says PT Cruiser here, it’s actually a tube frame with Mustang II front end (a common hot rod trick), a Ford Ranger rear end and a Chrysler 440.  Sadly, no interior shots are included; but we can imagine there’s not much there.

$4,500 doesn’t seem outrageous for something this, well, interesting.

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McDowell, KY, USA

Yes, it’s a two-door panel/delivery, which was never offered by Chrysler. but is an oddly common conversion.  From this angle the side pipes are obvious and it’s clear the wheels don’t quite fit like they normally would.

From this angle, this car is all sleeper.

Thick meats give things away here.  The cat seems impressed by them.

Under the hood, it’s obvious things are different – one would normally find a longitudinally mounted four cylinder here.  This isn’t that.

Ad text:

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 
440 Automatic
Mustang II frontend
tube frame
8 3/4 rearend ford ranger

Matched Set of 1.5 PT Cruisers

Here we have a package deal made from two salvage PT Cruisers, though it’s not clear why the first, driving one was salvaged.  The second one apparently had a damaged front end, and was thus cut in front of the rear doors to make a trailer.  Both have matching two-tone paint jobs with excess chrome.

Claimed original mileage on the driving PT is a bit under 47K, so one could argue it should go a lot longer without major needs (despite being a fifteen year old Chrysler).  So far, the market says the starting price of $5K is too high; but that could change with over five days left.

Click for eBay ad
Newmarket, NH, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

These do indeed match well with their paint jobs and wheels.  The trailer does have a jack near the tongue; so you could ditch it at the campsite and make that beer run.  Note that the tow vehicle also has a continental kit on the hatch, although it doesn’t look functional.

The front of the driver looks pretty much stock.  The trailer has an aluminum sheet job typical of this sort of thing (we’ve featured something similar before).  One has to wonder if the interior of the trailer would stay dry while driving in rain.

Trailer has an odd rear window treatment and I’m not sure what the exhaust tips do.

Interior is stock and in decent condition.  Note automatic shifter.

Tow vehicle offers a fair amount of cargo space aft of the seats, plus they fold down.

The trailer’s hatch and doors still function. The seller claims seven feet of “head room”, but I assume that means lying down, unless this is actually a tardis.

Ad text:

“Car is in very good condition with only minor paint defects. Trailer is also in very good condition. Both car and trailer are two toned – green on the bottom and silver on the top – separated with chrome trim. Engine is in excellent running condition.”

This unusual car and trailer combo was created from two salvage vehicles by a New Hampshire car restorer.  The car and trailer were purchased directly from this individual at a North Hampton, NH Car Show in 2005.  The car was completely rebuilt with some body modifications.  The trailer was a full PT Cruiser that was in a front-end accident and was consequently converted into a trailer by sawing the vehicle in half between the front and rear doors.  A false front now completes the front end.   

The car has been used only as a second vehicle and – with the trailer – for camping.  The vehicle has been maintained by the same mechanic and driven less than 3,000 miles per year since purchase – the 46,800 miles are original.  The vehicle and trailer have been stored in a secure facility every winter and neither has ever been exposed to road salt or snow.

The owner is moving to Long Island, New York due to job relocation and needs to sell the car and trailer as a package.  The body of both are in very good shape with minor dings and the interior of the car is immaculate.  The interior of the trailer features a marble black and white vinyl floor and offers seven feet of head room, easily sleeping two adults and pet or small child.  The trailer also comes with a complete Dome To Go tent designed for the PT Cruiser – fits over the rear door hatch with a special connecting piece.  These gives you the perfect vehicle for camping – storage in the back of the wagon (rear seats fold down or can be taken out), spacious sleep area in the trailer, and a large eating/living space in the tent.

This vehicle with trailer would also be ideal for operating a small business.  It is guaranteed to turn heads on the street as you are driving a “one and half car” package that matches.  The trailer can be used to hold tools, products, etc.  All the car needs is proper door signage and you are ready to go.

The buyer is responsible for shipping.  Free delivery is available within 30 miles of Boston or Portsmouth, NH as well as up to Portland, ME.  Please send me a message with any questions.  This is a very unique car has been greatly admired by people on the street even without the trailer.  As noted – it is One of a Kind.

Hemi Wagon With Manual Trans – Not What You Think

No, it’s not a late model Dodge Magnum, it’s a 1956 DeSoto Wagon.  This features the “Firedome” engine, which was DeSoto’s version of the corporate Chrysler Hemi.  Given it’s a 1956 model, this should be a 330 CID (5.4L) version with about 230 horsepower and plenty ‘o torque – maybe even enough to move this large wagon around fairly well.

This is project car that looks relatively solid, but has some known rust.  With a thorough inspection and some clarification on the price, this could be a massively cool project for someone.  It’s  just too bad the images are lacking and we can’t tell the interior condition (or much else).

Have you ever seen one?

Click for Craigslist ad
Somewhere in Arizona
$3 ($3,000??)

Classic 50s wagon styling!  As the seller states, there is rust in the rockers.  The rest looks decent enough and it looks like the trim is mostly – if not all – present.

…minus one hubcap…

This may show some more rust in the lower quarter?

This is one of only two interior shots provided and it’s not very useful, other than to show an overdrive (cool!) and a key.

Power bench seat!

Here’s the rough-looking Firedome Hemi V8.

Ad text:

Selling a VERY RARE Desoto V8 HEMI w manual trans with OD trans and a option power bench seat !!

The car runs , interior in pretty decent shape !!

The body does have rust in the rocker area…. the floor seem pretty solid.

This is a RARE Desoto Station Wagon !!!! less than 3,000 made….How many are left ??? 


A worth while Restore Project

If interested leave a contact number ………………………………. no number + delete.

Thanks for looking

K-Car + Wagon + Turbo + Wood Grain + Brown

This is a thing of (strange) beauty.

The seller says this needs cosmetic work and we agree.  What he or she doesn’t mention is the fact that the engine is out of the car, though one could infer that based on the note that a rebuilt engine is included.  This is at the LeMons $500 limit and the engine being out means a manual conversion could be in its future!

Would you take on this project at $500?  You’d end up with a cool turbo oddity, but I’m not sure this will ever set an auction record in Monterey.

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Diamond Bar, CA (Home of SEMA!)

Cosmetic condition is pretty bad, but that adds character.  The steel wheels even work well.  Note that apparent lack of weight over the front wheels.

Front end doesn’t reveal the true condition.

What’s better than a turbo badge on faux wood grain???

Fancy Mark Cross leather has seen better days, but it could be much worse.  Note power windows and locks – true mid-80s luxury.

In case the exterior wasn’t enough, here’s more faux wood in a completely different pattern and hue.  If you swap in a manual trans, you might want to add a tach.  Maybe there’s a cluster available from an originally-manual K-car?  If not, this would look awesome with a huge muscle car tach on the column.

Speaking of column, the stock shifter location will make the trans swap a bit more difficult.  Note Infinity branded audio and fancy HVAC controls.

Oops, there’s no engine…

Apparently, this 2.2 turbo four has been rebuilt.  It looks clean, which means it got some sort of attention.  Hopefully, all parts necessary to git’r back in the vehicle are present.

Ad text:

Here we have a project car, a classy woody K-wagon of the 1980s, ready to go. The $500 includes a rebuilt Chrysler 2.2 Turbo engine ready to go in. You tow away. Would make a great beach cruiser, daily driver, etc. Mark Cross leather interior. It needs cosmetic work, but one step at a time. One of the most comfortable cars to drive, soft seats, perfect lumbar support. The car has not run since 2002, but more than likely is off the DMV charts, so should not be too expensive to register. Email Guy V.Coulombe at chryslerkcarclub(at)gmail.com for the seller’s contact. The seller is an avid Mopar lover that wants this car to go to a good home. 

DISCLAIMER: The Chrysler K-Car Club is assisting the seller but takes zero responsibility and 
liability for the advertised condition of the car or the transaction itself. If you buy this car, 
join the club that will help you keep it running at www.chryslerkcar.com.

Rare Shelby-Dodge Collection

There’s been a lot of talk about 80s cars lately, with some of the most collectible starting to go up in value.  This means Gen Xers are starting to enter the collector world to snap up the IROCs and SVOs they dreampt of back in the day.

At the Auctions America Fort Lauderdale event in March, we’ll get to see market values for a whole slew of low mileage, low-VIN Shelby-ized (and otherwise turbocharged) Chrysler/Dodge products.  Click below for all the auction info.

Below is just a taste of the offerings.  Most of the range is represented, with only the Daytona IROC missing, though not all of those had Shelby’s name on ’em.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 27-29
No prices yet…

Shelby Charger



Rare Shelby Lancer

Rare Pace Car

Non-Shelby Turbo Laser

Turbo K-Car Variant Two-Fer!

Okay, the Shadow/Sundance was technically a P-Body, but that was a K-Car derivative.  Regardless, what you get here is two turbo Chrylser products for $4,500.  What’s not to love?

Well, okay, build quality is questionable and the styling on the LeBaron (at least I’m pretty sure it’s a Lebaron – with the four headlights) is cool only in a retro-square way.  The big upside here is the CSX, which was a Carroll Shelby-tuned Dodge Shadow with rather impressive performance, especially in its day. We have more information on the CSX here.

The seller claims ‘near new’ condition on both cars, although the CSX has a salvage title. Unfortunately, only one photo of each is provided and the odometer readings are not.

Click for Craigslist ad
Los Angeles area, CA

Ad text:

Both classic cars are limited edition and collectable.
Rare and unique offer for a:
Super K-car with clean title. 
Carroll Shelby eXperimental 4 cylinder 5 speed turbo 175HP has salvage title from theft.
Both models were babied and well maintained. 
Both with low miles and in near new condition.
Or $2,500 each. or $4,500 for both.
Open to offers and or trades for crossover – mini van.

Quickie: One of the Last Breaths of the 70s. In 1981.

The 70s didn’t give up easily.  While Ford drastically shrunk its Thunderbird and Cougar personal luxury cars in time for the 1980 model year, Chrysler rolled out this bad boy which, believe it or not, was also significantly smaller than previous iterations.

This one’s been ‘upgraded’ with a continental kit!  There isn’t much else we can say here except that more than one picture would have been a nice touch.  Also, how many cars for sale at any given time claim “zero miles” on rebuilt engines and how could one verify that?

Click for Craigslist ad
Klamath Falls, OR
$8,000 (bwahaha)

Ad text:

very rare 1981 chrysler imperial needs to be restored.
been a bodyman for over 30 yrs and owned this car for over 20 yrs.
custom built has a 360 complete master rebuild with new pistons bored 60 over 0 miles.
custom backend with tiltdown wheelkit.has custom chrome rims but damaged from age. cant complete 2nd restoration due to financial issues. need to sell.
normal un-customized chrysler sells for 8,995 and quarter panel alone sells for 1,895 on other sites