Dismantling a 1986 Corvette Yields a Unique Hot Rod

Here we have an interesting idea. The owner apparently had T-bucket hot rods before and noted (correctly) that they’re not really long-distance cars. We don’t know how, but he ended up with a 1986 Corvette and proceeded to remove most of the body panels, then construct a Model T-type “trunk” and add an old school radiator frame. The result sorta-kinda resembles a hot rod, but maintains Corvette running gear and suspension; so it theoretically is perfectly driveable for the long haul, assuming the lack of a top doesn’t bother you.

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Homemade VW/Chrysler/Ford/Chevy Hot Rod

There’s not much else we can call this because it’s part VW, part Chrysler, part Ford, part Chevy and perhaps others.  It’s definitely unique and it’s definitely not boring.

The seller claims to have built this from about nine other cars, though it seems it has more VW parts than anything else.  Power comes from a Chevy I6 with twin carbs.  Actually, the seller claims “duel” carbs, which is one of our favorite misspells.  If this isn’t TOO much larger than a Beetle, that should motivate it pretty nicely.

The work appears to be well done; so, is $15K reasonable?  There are a lot of toys available around – or under – that price, but you certainly couldn’t reproduce this without spending close to that and years of your own labor.

Click for eBay ad
Fountaintown, IA, USA
$15,000 BIN with offers considered and one day to go

The cool thing about this would be having people try to guess what it is.  Sure, we see bits of VW, but the engine’s in the wrong place and it’s relatively big – well, long, at least.  The hood seems to be intentionally incomplete in order to show off the engine.

Folks might guess “homemade” more often from this angle?

Here’s a glimpse at the “bed”, such as it is.  The wood looks nicely done.

This is the only interior shot available and shows some Vietnam memorabilia.

There’s a theme here.

Here’s the old school Chevy 250 I6 with its twin carbs.  That’s not something we see in hot rods much these days.

Ad text:


This Car has about 9 Different Car And Other Parts

This is a one of Kind Car you will be the only one to have this car and nobody can say

 I know someone that has a car like this one       NOT

It’s Name is Schrott-tile That is German for Scrap Parts Because it started as a VW Bug

1973 VW Custom Body , Lots of Custom Parts , Runs Good

List of Parts

Chrysler Rear fender

1935 Ford Front Bumper

VW Hood For a Grill

Custom Windshield

Custom Running Boards

Custom Intake

1948 Ford Hood Top

250 Chevy 6 Cyl

Duel Carbs

700 R Automatic overdrive

1940 Ford Front Fenders

No Power Steering

Manuel Brakes Drum

1957 Chevy Truck Dash

Have some Harley Davidson Parts

Painted 3 Years ago

Cedar Wood From Mother-In-Law’s Barn

Have enjoyed going to Car Shows

Shortened Corvair Hot Rod

The title pretty much says it all!

Yes, this is a hot rod/rat rod built on a Corvair platform and which has been greatly shortened.  What’s left of the car shouldn’t weigh much; so the Corvair flat six should move this pretty well.

Click for Craigslist ad
Dana Point, CA, USA

Most would assume this was Beetle-based.  They’d be wrong, but it’s understandable, given the engine location.

Low hood means this has no luggage space, but we’re thinking this isn’t exactly a road trip car.

Rear reveals fuel tank and tall stacks leading to the carbs.

Person for scale.

Here’s the engine, which has received some serious cleaning and polishing.  Hopefully, fuel proximity isn’t an issue (?).

Ad text:

One-Of-A-Kind, mini Rat Rod built on a 1960 Corvair chassis. The all-aluminum body was masterfully fabricated by an aircraft builder. Street legal. 

Runs / handles great and really scoots! Turns heads everywhere she goes! Great for cruising the beach, Coast Highway, or wherever you need to go…in STYLE. Very fast!

$8,500 O.B.O. 

Serious inquiries only, pleases. No trades.

Dually Rat Rod with or without Engine

Ah yes, the “Rat Rod” concept.  It seems it can be used to describe just about anything rusty and incomplete, but we’ll venture to say that this is pretty close to the original intent.

This is based on a 1926 Model T and a 1958 Dodge dual-axle truck.  It looks like the basic structure is complete, but there is no interior at all.  As such, this is a bit of a blank canvas.

Also, although it’s huge and clearly visible in the pictures, the Cummins diesel pictures in the ad is NOT included in the base sale.  Apparently, arrangements can be made to sell it, though.  So, either go with what might or might not have already worked, or consider power to be part of the blank canvas situation here, too.

Click for eBay ad
Menan, ID, USA
$900 with ZERO bids and one day to go

Long, low and with big ass wheels.  That’s the theme.

You don’t need a hood on this sort of Rat Rod project, so don’t count that against it.

This should be labeled “serving suggestion”, as it’s a closeup of an engine not included in the sale without extra cash.  It’s not exactly light weight…

Ad text:

This is a auction for a rat rod project. Its a dually made for a diesel rat rod. The project has been constructed from a 1926 ford model t coupe and 1958 dodge dually axles. The engine and transmission have not been installed and are not included with the sale. If the buyer is interested in the Dodge cummins seen in the picture and the NV4500 transmission, other arrangements can be made to sell it as a package. 

WTF Custom Hot Rod with Mitsubishi Four Cylinder

Odd, homemade design plus Mitsu four cylinder and manual tranny?  Sure!

This supposedly has bits from an XJ6 and from whatever Mitsubishi sacrificed an engine to the cause.  The top came from a Geo Metro (convertible?).

Someone spent a lot of time on this and is not likely to see a return on his or her investment.  The seller does claim that it drives like a race car, however!

Click for eBay ad
Crystal River, FL
$9,999 with ZERO bids and minutes to go (we sat with this one unpublished for a while)

Hmm…the proportions say Model T hot rod, but the front end is confused.  Mack Truck or Rolls?

Yes, that’s a spoiler in the rear.

The radius of the front end is something to behold!  Is that a Mazda hood ornament?

The rear is similarly curvy with interesting finishing underneath. Yes, it does appear to offer rear-wheel drive with a solid axle (from what?!).

Auxiliary gauges are tucked under the cowl.

The entire dash and wheel seem to be pulled from some 80s car – we just can’t identify it.  Please toss out some suggestions!  Toyota??

Corbeau seats look fairly inviting.

This could be from anything.

As we were saying…

Ad text:

Custom Built  in 2014 Milano Speedster. One of a kind. 4 Cyl. Mitsubishi motor 4 speed A/C car, new evaporator and dryer needs charged. 94000 miles. Split Manifold with duals, and 30 inch Smitty’s Mufflers with Pontiac Fiero tips. Rausch racing springs on the front, and Monroe Springers on the rear. (Drives like a race car). It is Black and Tan with Gold striping. IT’S NOT A #10 CAR. It is a get in drive and have fun car. Great MPG. It has a small trunk in the rear. The convertible top is fully functional mechanically , but it needs a new custom made top. The top was off of a GEO Metro. but it was chopped 7 inches and laid back 14 inches, so a stock top does not fit well. The window frames have been made , A boat shop said zip open (Jeep like windows) with clear plastic would be no problem.

It is a well known fact that the eye DOES NOT SEE WHAT IS CORRECT BUT ONLY IS NOT.
The car has a lot of eye candy. It has matching yankee tail lights and mirror. The inside mirror. the XJ6 Jaguar gas cap with the key right down to the back up lights are all shaped like the car. The little grill in the back has the same shape as the body. The front has a custom made SS grill. Chrome Speedway ( Black dot ) head lights with 41 Mercury head light rings. Matching driving lights off a Harley Davidson M/C . The bumper guards are Harley Mirror stands. The Art Deco side emblems have a small amber turn signal side marker light. THIS CAR HAS BEEN LICENSED, INSURED, AND DRIVEN FOR A YEAR. It has black carpet in it including the trunk. Black and Tan Corbeau Leather seats. All new one year ago Tires, Brakes, Tune up, Battery, Salt flat 50’s S/S disc hub caps. 
If you have any questions call Hudson Dave

Lincoln Plus Ranchero Equals Linchero?

If you’ve seen a ’59 Lincoln Continental, then you can understand how converting one into a pickup is not too far-fetched.  These cars had ridiculously long trunks from the factory.  This car underwent that conversion, along with some interesting, old school customization.

The end result is certainly unique.  The seller says this is in excellent condition, but provides almost no other information. This is just weird enough to be cool, though, if it was mine, I would have chosen a more subtle paint scheme to make it look stockish.

If you don’t like this one, it seems the seller will gladly customize another Lincoln for you (see ad).

Click for Craigslist ad
Los Angeles, CA

The paint scheme certainly highlights the trim on this one and seems stuck somewhere between 50s/60s hot rod and 70s/80s lowrider.  There’s no mention of air suspension (or “switches”) in the ad.

Liftover to the bed is long and I’m not sure the tailgate opens.

Front view shows the silver base color, as well as those wacky 1959 Lincoln headlamps (very cool!).

From a slightly lower angle, this might appear stock.  Note lack of opening.

Interior appears to be in good shape with custom upholstery carrying over the blue and silver theme.

Cake would approve of this seat.  After all, “stickshifts and safetybelts, bucket seats have all got to go, when were driving in the car, it makes my baby seem so far.”

Aside from paint on the rocker covers and air cleaner – as well as the hated ‘universal’ hose, things look pretty stock under the hood.

Ad text:

1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV “Ranchero”
Own a One Off Concept Car — Pick-Up Truck
Excellent condition – Rust Free.

This is a truly unique, magnificent creation.

Hey, I just saw an Cadillac Pick-Up at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale. Yes a Cadillac El Camino

This unique Continental “Ranchero” is available now in LA.
Also we’re restoring a 1957 Continental Mark II and 
several 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V Convertibles.
What color combination would you like yours? 
How bout silver with a dark red leather interior?
Or pick an original color and interior as well. Check out the other 1960 Continental Mark V Convertible pictures. The “Ranchero” interior is shown in the last two pictures.

Retro-Weird. This Time on a Cougar.

We’ve featured these retro-weird imitations of 50’s Fords before, but they’ve all been built on Thunderbirds.  This one’s on a Cougar.  Okay, that’s pretty much the same car, but it does mean a different C pillar and backlight shape.  This is perhaps even more awkward than the T-Bird variety.

Is there good news here?  Well, at least this is a V8 car.  For some reason, it seems a great many of these are built on boat anchor six cars.  Also, this has relatively low mileage and a very nice (albeit stock) interior.  We don’t know what the reserve it, but we hope the bidding is getting close at nearly $4K.

According to the seller:  “model convenience of looks for today with a classic car.”  Uh, yeah.

Click for eBay ad
Latta, South Carolina, USA
$3,650 with four bids and reserve NOT met (only five hours to go!)

Front end is pretty convincing – probably because this is where essentially all visible sheet metal has been replaced.  The exception is the A-pillars and windshield.  The spot lights are a nice 50s touch!

This rear does not look related to that front! I’m not sure why these kits fall apart at the rear.  Maybe a chrome bumper would help?

Have I ever mentioned my longing for full-color automotive interiors?  This is a tasteful blue and I dig the leather/corduroy combination.

These cars launched for the 1989 model year with no V8.  The Supercharged six in the T-Bird SC and Cougar XR-7 was the performance option and wielded massive torque, but wasn’t available without a ride considered too harsh and looks considered too ‘flashy’ for the demographic (grandparents) who bought most of these personal luxury coupes.  Ford/Mercury obliged and wedged the 302 into these before the 4.6L “modular” V8 came out for the 1994 model year (two years before Mustang got it!).  Note the prominent Ford logo when you open the hood…I guess there was no point in hiding it on a Merc.

Ad text:

contact info 843-xxx-xxxx $1000.00 24 hours after sale

selling local want stay on e-bay long

1993 mercury cougar with a 1951 front and rear end.

model convenience of looks for today with a classic car.

Chopped and Narrowed Cougar

Here’s one of those ‘hard to sell’ cars that followed someone’s dream.  Will they find a buyer who shares the vision?

It seems pieces of the ’67 Cougar are still here, including the 390 V8, which has been overbored for even more torque.  Interestingly, there are also a few Model A parts here.  Why not?

Click for eBay ad
Lakeland, FL
$6,000 with ZERO bids

Here, you can see the Cougar in this car.  I have to wonder whether the sequential tail lights work.

Interior is all custom, which is too bad, as the Cougars had cool, “Mustang Plus” interiors.  Shifter is a classy, subtle touch, however.

Ad text:

 Selling a few of my toys.
this is a 1967 Mercury Cougar chopped to look like a roadster.
MSD 5 Ignition box with MSD coil.
This machine has a all steel body full 2×4 boxed steel frame model A straight axle with disc brakes.
Has a ford F.E. 390 engine bored 30 over with Lunati Voodoo Cam Liftersand double roller timing set.
Four barrel carb, headers with baffles inside.
five speed manual transmission with hydraulic clutch.
Ford 9 inch rear end.
Mag wheels 
Boss AM/FM dvd player with skull speakers w/lights (we played “The Munsters at car shows)
Trunk area opens to a rumble seat  
This car is done with skulls and a skeleton we call it “The Creeper”
Very powerful and really fast 
Clear Florida title