1958 Singer Gazelle with Datsun Power

The Singer Gazelle is a rare beast here in the USA, and is a close relative to the Hillman Minx. That means it was originally powered by a 1.5L four cylinder shared with a number of other (now mostly obscure) British cars. This one, however, has been upgraded to Datsun B-210 power, which means something like 70 horsepower! Hey, that’s up from about 50, so it’s a decent percentage increase. Continue reading 1958 Singer Gazelle with Datsun Power

Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

Anyone who knows 80s cars knows Chevy never made a convertible S10 Blazer, so this is a custom job, but it does look like it was meant to be. The V8 swap solves the extreme slowness problem these had, but we worry that the lack of a proper top means you’re screwed if you take more than one friend with you and it starts to rain. Continue reading Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

World’s First Wankel: 1965 NSU Spider

Mazda may own the volume rotary engine production story, but NSU put them into production first. So, in a sense, Audi has rotary heritage. We’ve not heard of any plans to bring one back, however. All that said, this is a second-year NSU spider, which has a rear-engine, rear wheel drive layout and makes the most of this compact engine with storage above it (see images below). There aren’t a lot of these and they don’t come up for sale often.

Continue reading World’s First Wankel: 1965 NSU Spider

Clapped Out Renault Alliance Convertible

We’re not sure what happened here, but we’re glad this didn’t start life as the relatively desirable GTA version of this car. What we have here is a basic four cylinder, automatic Alliance painted in some sort of bass boat paint and equipped with a cheesy hood and a “racing edition” badge.  Ugh.

The seller keeps it simple and calls out the custom paint and hood, also pointing out that this car doesn’t run well.  The poor running was likely a stock feature that showed up when this 80s Renault left the factory; so we wouldn’t worry too much about that.

What do we like here?  Well, this is a US market Renault product AND part of the ill-fated AMC/Renault alliance (thus the name).  Also, we support the rather odd displacement of 1.7 liters, though we lament the automatic trans.  If this stays under $500, maybe someone will make a Lemons racer out of it.  Of course, that would require a roll cage and perhaps a trans swap.  Maybe that hood can be made functional?

Click for eBay ad
Bohemia, NY, USA
$200 with two bids, no reserve and three days to go

These “scoops” were grafted on, as even JC Whitney knows not to offer parts for these.

There’s something oddly appealing about the extreme boxiness of this design.  That’s why we love the GTA so much.

We’re not sure, but it looks like the tail lights have been “enhanced” with trim.  Also, what the hell did this tow and why?

Finally, a close-up of the awful paint and “Racing” badge.  We assume the paint came from the Ranger Bass Boat brochure.

Interior is a cool, full red and appears to be in decent shape, considering the age.

Yep, the six figure odometer hasn’t rolled over.  That doesn’t matter, as we assume getting almost 94K miles out of this took a lot of work and parts.  At least, that’s what we’re led to believe about US market Renaults.

Here’s the mighty 1.7L four cylinder!

Ad text:

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible


The car does not run well
Custom paint ,
Custom hood scoops
Racing edition
Plenty of rubber on the tires
Trailer hitch
Engine 4 cyl 1.7

Homebuilt, Kohler-Powered Sports Car

This was supposedly built by a shop teacher in the late 1970s as a possible answer to the gas crisis.   The end result looks just plain fun!

This is no Lotus Elan; but claimed weight under 1,000 pounds should, at least, make it interesting.  Of course, whatever mass there is receives motivation from a single cylinder Kohler engine rated at 16HP.  That’s competitive with microcars from the 50s; so perhaps not terrible.

The fiberglass body is claimed to be custom, as is most of the structure.  A Fiat 128 transaxle drives the front wheels, which are also stopped by 128 brakes.  The seller claims to have had this up to about 45 MPH, which probably felt a lot faster.  Lots of basic maintenance is claimed to have recently been done, so one can hope this is ready for the road, if not the freeway.

Anyone interested in something genuinely unique should consider anything under $1,000 to be something of a steal here; but uniqueness means this doesn’t really have upside investment potential.  Who cares, though, if it really is fun to drive?

Update: A helpful Redditor identified this body as a Volkaro kit car.  And, yes, it’s a VW kit adapted for this custom usage…

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West Falls, NY, USA
$560 with six bids, reserve not met and one day to go

We’d like to see something for scale, but the seats appear to indicate that this is tiny.  The style had all the classic 70s fiberglass elements, with a little Opel GT here and some Spitfire there.

We included images of both sides because not all homebuilt cars look so consistent.

There’s no denying that the hood is an afterthought.  Was this body based on a kit made for a VW platform and thus with a rear engine??

Here’s the rear.  Again, it looks like this might have been made for a rear-engine platform.

One more rear 3/4 shot…

Straight on, the rear is remarkably flat, considering the curvaceous fenders in front.

Interior is very basic, is it should be.

Here’s the front-mounted, single-cylinder engine, which drives the front wheels.

Here’s another angle.  While the open fenders may give away the homebuilt nature, the fitment of the engine looks pretty clean.

Ad text:


Potential Four-Fer: Piaggio Ape Calessinos

The Piaggio Ape has a long history including deliveries and shuttling rich people around beautiful islands.  Supposedly, the four available from this seller are rare special editions.  Whether that’s true or not, we think they’re cool.

These little beasts are powered by 422cc Lombardini diesel twins and put out 8 horsepower!  Sure, they’re not for racing,but they’ll get you around.  It’s up to you to determine whether they’re street legal in your country, state/province, county/parish or city/village.  The seller has up to four available, so you could attempt to collect the whole set.

Here’s some current info:

Yes, this is the same Piaggio that brought us the Vespa!

Click for eBay ad
Berlin, Germany
$6,400 with offers considered

This might happen a lot of you buy one or more of these!

Here’s a look without the touristas.  Wide whitewalls are a nice touch.

The roof has multiple possible configurations, including this and completely open.

Here’s a quick shot of the “interior.”

Ferrari for scale.

Here’s another thing that might happen if you drive this.

Vintage-looking ad!

Ad text:

A truly unique collectors vehicle. Only 600 pcs have been build worldwide for the 40th anniversary of the APE range by Piaggio in 2012 and have been sold out immediately. 

Each vehicle has a unique “Limited Edition Number” badge attached on the vehicle. 

Up to four of them available here. All in White / Bordeaux Red. 

The Ape Calessino is an essential for collectors and lovers of Italian design, to rediscover the true satisfaction of driving and enjoying your leisure time. The Calessino was incredibly popular during the 1960’s when Hollywood stars used them as a runabout at exclusive holiday resorts on sunny Mediterranean islands. Originally designed by brilliant aeronautical engineer, Corradino d’Ascanio, the APE’s star truly rose during the economic boom of the 1950/1960’s, a period which was called La Dolce Vita. Extremely fashionable and popular the APE Calessino was the very essence of what Italy was all about: enjoying leisure time with style and with panache. The folding top and the four seats make the Calessino ideal for a leisurely drive. 

Milage and prices are as follows: Approx. 6310 kilometer = 6400 USD, 4340 kilometer = 6800 USD, 1820 kilometer = 7200 USD, 290 kilometer = 7600 USD 

3 passenger seats + 1 driver. 422 cc diesel engine (8 horsepower). Does not sound like much but the engine is really tough. For those who want it can be replaced by an electric engine. Official high speed is 56 km/h. 4 speed hand transmission on the handle bar. 1 reverse gear. 

Roof is convertible and can also be taken off completely. Roof and door material is sailing-canvas and if wanted can be replaced (for example in a different color). There is a trunk in the back with a door that folds down. Seats in the back can be taken off if needed (for example to convert it into a street food truck or “pick-up”). Branding on vehicle (as shown in pictures) can be taken off with hot steam. 

Location of vehicles is Berlin – Germany. Invoice available. Shipping is on your side. Approx. 1500 USD to the east coast. Once you make a purchase I will help with the arrangement of the freight. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1989 Honda CRX Convertible

Honda never made one; but that didn’t stop someone else.

The seller provides shockingly little detail and no interior photos, but the ad does indicate a manual trans is present. Mileage is unknown, but the seller says the car runs and drives well and that several maintenance receipts are available.  We’re interested in structural rigidity, or lack thereof; but only a test drive will reveal the truth in that area.

Apparently, said seller thinks these wheels and tires are worth $3K, as the car is offered for $6K with “stick steel” wheels or $9K with those pictured.  While these are delightfully ugly, we’ll opt for the “stick” wheels, thank you very much.

Click for Craigslist ad
East Los Angeles, CA, USA

Apparently, this resides with at least one more CRX and some other projects.  That could be a good thing.

This is so strange it’s cool!  There are no shots with the top up; so we don’t know whether it works or looks decent.

Ad text:

For sale one of a kind 89 Honda CRX convertible. The car is in excellent condition just a few minor issues. All original DPFI with over 40 recipes of previous maintenance drive and runs great. as is I want 9000 without wheels with stick steel wheels 6000

A Bond-Mobile that not a Movie Car or a Bug

Yes, Bond Cars made something before the Reliant Robin-based Bug.  This Equipe is based primarily on Triumph Herald parts, but with a unique fiberglass body that is rather attractive.

The seller provides good pics here, but not much info.  It seems the car was saved from the scrap yard and the engine doesn’t start.  Given the Triumph underpinnings, the engine should be too much of a concern – in all likelihood, just about any MG/Triumph four cylinder will bolt in.  We do think anyone buying this should be good with fiberglass, as that’s where the challenges will lie!  If this stays cheap, this could be a cool way to get something really, truly rare.

Click for eBay ad
Ovar, Portugal
$205 with 2 bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go

This is a relatively basically styled sports car and looks good overall.

As is often the case with fiberglass, this car has some interesting corner damage and likely had some DIY repairs.

Quad headlights, recessed grill and hood scoop make for a somewhat mean appearance (particularly vs. a Herald).

Rear end styling is rather plain and the trunk lid design is a bit boat-like, given its external hinges.

Yes, there is a top!

Fancy badges!

Interior scream classic Brit sports car, which we love.

There’s even a part-time back seat.

Entire bonnet hinges forward to reveal the Triumph four cylinder.  Once piece bonnet was probably easier to render in fiberglass vs. multiple pieces.

Ad text:

1 series Bond Equipe GT convertible 1969 with overdrive

UK Title

need full restoration Service,  floors with some rust and bonnet need some repairs.

The engine don´t start  car is  99% complete

very nice car saved from the yard, price for sell it like he is.

check our web page 


any information please contact us by message email or phone.

we will help loading & shipping worldwide

When Is a Thing not a Thing?

First off, a Thing is a real thing; but there’s not much Thing left in this thing.

This is a tube frame buggy that happens to wear a VW Thing body.  We think it’s awesome.  $29K isn’t cheap, but the work looks great and this should be a lot of fun if you have a place to properly use it.  Interestingly, it’s registered as a ’74 Thing and thus is street legal and never needs smog.

Lake Elsinore, CA, USA
Yes, there is a Thing body here.  The rest is all custom and damn cool.
Rear keeps the cool VW taillights.
But what was once the engine compartment now houses the fuel cell.
And, yes, the engine is up front, where it shouldn’t be.
Interior, such as it is, is functional only.
This angle is too cool not to include!
Ad text:
1974 VW thing with chevy v-8 on tube chassis. new Chevrolet 350 roller motor with R.V. cam, edlebrock intake and performance carb. Newly Rebuilt turbo 400 automatic transmission. headers, dual FlowMaster exhaust. complete new paint, aluminium fuel cell, IRS rear end, 4 wheel disc brakes. mustang power steering, chrome alternator, power steering, valve covers, pulleys, and air cleaner . Beard seats. L.E.D lights. King remote reservoir coilovers. street legal, registered in California. VIN on pink matches body. one of a kind. no smog required needs nothing. 29k obo. possible trade for rzr xp 1000 plus cash. Richie 

Movie-Inspired, Automotive Madness: The Spirit of Nemo

This is not an original movie car, but is a replica of two cars built for the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  It’s one serious replica of one massive car, though, and supposedly took 6,500 hours to build.

This car largely speaks for itself, but Hemmings had an article on it last year; so that, in addition to the add text, will tell you all you need to know.  Apparently, there’s a market for this car, as it has been bid up to $165K with no reserve and three days to go!

Click for eBay ad
West End, NC, USA
$165,000 with 23 bids, no reserve and three days to go

Good or bad, this has “presence.”

Boat tail inspiration is obvious.  Finishing details are, umm…unique.


31-inch tires…six of ’em.

World’s largest moon discs?

The interior doesn’t disappoint, except for the presence of center-mounted gauges. Then again, it they’re good enough for a BMW Z8…

Ad text:

A piece of automotive art, this rolling sculpture is at last available for sale to art and automotive collectors around the world. It may just be the most interesting and collectable car newly on the market today. This is a rare opportunity to own a one-off incredible hand-made roadster of this caliber. Nemo was built by one determined Artist who also happens to own and operate an Auto-body and Restoration business with 30 years experience. Many other talented individuals lended a hand when needed for engineering and machining of many parts.

Dubbed “The Spirit of Nemo, “ this car is a collection of many known styles, and references many body lines and features found on different cars from throughout automotive history. Titled and registered as a 1979 Cadillac fleetwood Limousine, Nemo began it’s life as 2 Cadillac limousines and a burning desire by the creator to build a massive six wheeled roadster that would stand out in anyone’s collection of automobiles or art. “The Spirit of Nemo” is all hand fabricated and is fully inspected , titled, and street legal in all 50 states in the U.S. Being titled as a 1979 avoids emission and inspection hassles as well as allowing the new owner to use antique automotive custom license plates.

“ The Spirit of Nemo” is built of a Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass body reinforced by heavy steel webbing and bracing, as well as aluminum. This automobile is in no way a “kit car”. It is an all handmade rolling work of art of elegance and old world appeal. The doors are all steel while the dash and other parts are aluminum. Nemo is powered by a freshly rebuilt 425 Cadillac Big Block with a turbo 400 automatic transmission, two piece drive-shaft, and 12 bolt GM rear end. All four front wheels steer easily and in unison with no tracking problems. Tires are a massive 31.5 x 10.5 x 15. Nemo is painted PPG Royal Pepper White. Outside handles are aesthetic only, doors are opened by reaching over and lifting the inside handles which open very easily. Steering wheel is Solid stainless with a NASCAR quick release hub. All eight headlights are functional, though the outer lamps must be removed via a quick disconnect for loading and street legal driving as they make Nemo too wide to be transported or driven legally without a permit. The lamps may be re-attached in 30 seconds each once you arrive at your destination. Nemo has an on-board air compressor that operates the rear air shocks. The car has an in-line hydraulic line emergency brake lock to insure it does not roll away. Nemo does not have a top so it can project the beauty and artwork of this roadster’s handmade interior and dash.

The massive costs of building such a complicated project include the 120 plus pieces of sculpted art that adorn the body. The handmade artwork represents a combination of styles of the Victorian, Tuscan, and Florentine eras of Old Europe. They are Cast of military grade urethane and are cold-cast plated in pure pewter and aluminum and hand buffed to an antique shine. Separate silicone molds had to be created after every piece of art was sculpted in plasteline clay by the artist, to cast a part that would be impact and weather resistant. There is a huge amount of parts that had to be custom machined and produced for this car. There is close to 6,500 man hours total in “The Spirit of Nemo” and all of it’s artwork. Very few parts to this car could be used as purchased without making modifications to them or having to be pain-strikingly produced by hand.

The “Spirit of Nemo”’s dimensions are 24′ in length and 102” wide. Estimated weight is six thousand pounds. Included with the sale of this car is a custom modified goose-neck trailer. The trailer tilts with hydraulic 12V power to provide a safe and constant angle to load such a long and low automobile. This car will not fit on nearly any standard trailer due to it’s length , width and ground clearance: as well as the rather fragile nature of all of it’s artwork. Tie down hooks are built into the underside of the car to match the tie down locations built into the trailer. Special built ramp extensions and custom tie downs are also included. The 32′ triple axle goose-neck trailer is also equipped with a 10,000lb winch, and hydraulic landing gear. It is fitted and accepts a 2 5/16” goose-neck ball. The Spirit of Nemo was built for it’s art and aesthetic beauty. Although fully capable of safe driving, it is in no way intended to be a street rod, hot rod, or dragster . It is built mainly for parades , car shows, display, and lower speed outings.

The new owner will receive copies of all of the pictures during construction, and a 3 page “Owner’s Manual “ of sorts, just to explain where things are located, and any “DO’s” or “Don’ts” in reference to fuse panel location, tie-down points, and things of such nature.

To our knowledge it is the world’s first and only full scale powered replica ever built of Captain Nemo’s Car used in the Sean Connery block-buster movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” It is possible that this may be the only replica that will ever be built since it is indeed an enormous under-taking. Nemo, as many refer to the car, draws huge crowds no matter where it goes. Do not pass up this rare opportunity to own a vehicle that nearly stands alone in the world , and would be one of the highlights of any artistic or automotive collection. The car was built and is located in North Carolina, USA. Any pick-up or shipping will have to be arranged by the buyer. You can simply arrive with your dually truck equipped with a goose-neck ball, hook up, and take it home, or of course make any arrangement you desire. The new owner will receive a clean NC title for both vehicle and trailer, once acceptable payment has been made and finalized.