Custom VW One-Seat Roadster

It’s a bit difficult to classify this oddball, but roadster isn’t too far off. We see sand rail styling influences, but no off-road capability.

Apparently, the seller got this out of storage some time after the builder passed away. We think this is a cool looking little toy and it should be fun, what with a 1600 and very little weight. The obvious downside is it’s a one-seater, so it’s less useful than an Elio prototype. Also, there may or may not be enough storage space for a brief case or a small container of artisan-crafted ice. That could help make your decision.

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Roseville, CA, USA
$6,500 BIN with offers considered and 6.5 days to go

We see some buggy here, but it’s not a typical layout.

The seller seems quite proud of these Lincoln wheels.

Usually, we post engine shots at the end, but the rear end shot here is a de facto engine shot.

Cockpit is about as simple as you’d expect and features one gauge!

Yep, this is a one-seater and, yep, the colour scheme continues inside – to the extent anything is really inside of this vehicle.

We’re not sure what’s between the fuel tank and roll bar. Perhaps a bit of storage?

Ad text:

This is a custom built, street legal, registered, one of a kind VW powered roadster. New fuel system and brakes. The person who built this passed away about 14 years ago. I do have some history of the vehicle. It has been in a barn, under a cover for at least 14 years. I made sure all electrical, braking and fuel systems are functional.

The rims are from a 1974 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. I have seen them listed for up to $1200. The drums have a 5 on 4 1/2 lug pattern, so any wheels that will fit on a Ford will fit on here.

I drove it to Bugoramma in Sacramento a few weeks ago and won the Best Contruction prize in the car show. Drove great and was really fun.
It will drive local OK, but the tires will need to be replaced as they are old. Accepting all reasonable offers

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