Daihatsu Kei Truck in the US

If what’s missing from your life is a single-seat pickup with a three cylinder engine and four-speed trans, this is just the ticket!

Kei Cars are common in Japan and underachieve certain weight and size figures in order to be taxed at lower rates versus typical passenger cars.  This example would typically see use as a local delivery vehicle in Japan, but the possibilities in the US are almost endless.  We say almost because this tops out around 60 MPH and shouldn’t be used on freeways!

There’s not much to the styling here, but it’s functional and should haul a few kegs or cases of beer with enough ratchet straps.  We’re not sure what the payload capacity is, but we’d guess it just a little more than you can personally carry.  Sadly, the seller has included no interior shots, so we can’t comment there.  We’ll venture a guess that it’s utilitarian.

We’d love to find an excuse to add this little oddball to the Oddimotive collection, but we’re at capacity and the price is too high.  Maybe someone can talk the seller down to $5,000, where we think this starts to look like a deal.

Click for Craigslist ad
Bay Area, CA, USA
$11,500 (yikes)

If you ever wanted a Cushman that could go 60, this is it!  Front-mounted spare wheel/tire is an interesting touch, but we don’t know where else it could be stored.

Be the crumple zone!

Bed height is low for loading, but the “walls” also are too low to contain much.  Creative use of straps will be necessary to keep cargo in this truck.

Ad text:

This is an ultra rare (in the U.S.) 2002 Diahatsu Midget II Type R. This was imported from Japan and is now plated, registered and titled for regular street use in California. (call for details). You won’t find an other like it ! 
Specs: 3 cylinder, 660cc, 4-speed manual transmission, Air Conditioning, etc..
New tires, low milage (Km’s) Fun to drive, single seater. . . Top speed is only 50-60 mph so not recommended for freeway use ! But great for around town and an awesome advertising tool for a business that want some high exposure (w/signage or vinyl wrap ?) Over 50 MPG !!
*Vehicle is located in Northern Cal, Bay Area*
$11,500 (or possible trades ?)