Rat Rod 1967 VW Beetle

The brown is strong with this one.

Here we have a heavily rat rodded ’67 Beetle with luggage rack, rear fender skirts and many a personal touch.  This is truly an oddity and we’re definitely drawn to it!

The engine is a 1641 and was rebuilt within the 4K miles, per the seller.  The exterior is what it is.  The seats need upholstery, but are apparently covered with Mexican blankets for the time being.  Unfortunately, almost none of the interior can be seen in the pics provided.

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Houston, TX, USA
$3,900 with ZERO bids and six days to go

Weird trim, fender skirt and, yes, an evaporative cooler!

Front shows some of the intentional patina.

“Honk if I am on fire” is one of my favorite decals.

We like this one…

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this is the only interior pic provided.  The eight ball is a steering wheel knob and it looks like the shifter is a tap handle.  Okay.

Here’s the rebuilt 1641cc engine, which, the seller claims, was recently rebuilt.

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* I have interest in the car locally, so as a reminder,  I reserve the right to withdraw the car from this auction for any reason, and at any time.  If you are serious, let me know.  This car will sell.  Thanks.

1967 one of a kind Fun bug. Pictures tell it all. Motor is a 1641 with a big Weber carb.  Covered about 4000 miles on rebuilt motor.  NEW tires, all 5, made to look vintage.  easily removable skirts.  Seats need upholstered; now covered with Mexican blankets, as is the headliner.  Has a radio and speakers.  Runs great.  Any questions will be freely answered.  I did not build this car, but I know the owner personally and can get an answer to any question I cannot answer.  Shipping is owner’s responsibility.  Sold as, where is.  No Warranty Implied or Given. 
$500 non refundable PayPal deposit due in 48 hours, and balance in cash or Wire Transfer to my Bank within 72 hours.   I reserve to withdraw the car at any time during this auction for any reason. 

 Thanks for looking.

Omna Auto Bug Box: Beetle Conversion

As a follow up to our recent Vandetta post, here’s a more old school Beetle van-ish conversion.  This one has a lot of needs, but it looks like it’s all there.  This was done using a “Bug Box” kit from Omna-Auto back in the day.

The seller says this needs pan repair and a starter. If a started is truly all it needs to run, this could be a good deal.  The next owner will need to decide whether to repaint or embrace the “patina.”

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Spiceland, IN, USA
$500 with one bid, reserve not met, $3,000 BIN price and two days to go

This really is a box grafted to the front half of a Beetle, but that’s probably what you expected. We like the overall shape.  Note missing running board.  Does the block mean the emergency brake doesn’t work?

The passenger side running board is also trying to part ways with this car.

Front is all Beetle and faded, but solid.  Chicken in background is a nice touch and we wonder what’s up with that truck.

Rear is about as simple and square as it gets.  Quad tips are a nice touch!

Interior appears to be in better shape vs. the oxidized exterior.

This has a rear bench seat, rather than an open cargo area, though one could surely remove this.

The carpet lining the top is amazing!  It could only be better it made of shag.

Things are dirty but serviceable under the hood.

Stock 1964 engine is in place.  If truly stock, it’s a 1200.

Ad text:

64 beetle with bug box kit. Original conversion with full Custom interior.
Original motor and transmission
Not a one of a kind. But the only one of it’s kind !!
Car is in need of pan repair and a starter. Other than that the car is in great shape. Never wrecked never any damage to fiberglass kit. Other than the pan work there is only one spot of rust. It’s at the bottom of the passenger side door posts. The interior is nearly PERFECT!!
 FIX this car up and be the only one with anything like it.

1973 Beetle Vandetta

The Beetle was used and abused in many ways and Beetle-based kits ranged from the Bradley GT sports car to off-road buggies.  Somewhere in between is this “Vendetta” delivery van body kit.

The seller claims this is regularly maintained at a reputable VW shop and provides a video of it driving.  What more could you want?

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Baldwin Park, CA, USA
$4,550 with 17 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The front doesn’t even try to disguise itself.  We’re okay with that.

The rear shows the “vanness”, as well as fancy exhausts.

The doors do indeed open.

Here’s a shot of the cargo area.

Plenty of windowless room here.

Obligatory bikini babe shot!

The engine presumably lies under the cargo floor.

Lots of wheels are included in this deal.

Ad text:

This is a rare 1973 VW Beetle that has a fiberglass trunk.  It was converted by previous owner, and this is called a VANDETTA.  It is covered by mat blue vinyl wrap that was done in summer of 2015.   At that time, new window seals and door seals have been installed.

I bough it in 2007 and stored in my garage.  I only take it out to drive when it is not raining.  Every year, it has been tuned up by an expert VW mechanic located in Pasadena.  Last tune up was April 2016.  Carburetor has been cleaned, and spark plugs are new. Mechanically it is in superb condition.  Actual mileage is unknown.

The winner of this auction also gets 6 extra VW wheels.  As you can see,  2 front wheels fit in the front.  The winner is responsible for picking this item up or arrange shipping. I do not ship to international buyers.

The video shows how smoothly this car runs:


Very 80s Custom Beetle

This is your opportunity to own a darling of VW Trends Magazine from 1992!  Feel the teal.

The seller mentions 1983 in the ad, but the magazine is clearly from 1992 or 1993 and the wheel, seat, audio and color choices all fit better with late 80s or early 90s.  What you get here is a thoroughly modified Beetle, as even the wheelbase have been altered.  Seats are supposedly from an IROC (what could be better for the period?) and a nicely built engine was swapped in.  If the suspension was done right, this should be fun to drive.  We say buy it and keep it just like it is – you’ll be the hit of your local Cars and Coffee when you drive in with Faster Pussycat or Slaughter cranking on the ridiculous stereo.

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Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Yes, three-spoke wheels were something of a thing and this paint job isn’t that far off of a few factory choices at the time.  Think Beretta Indy Pace Car…

Front looks almost normal, aside from color.

Despite the location in the Texas Hill Country, this car wears a short surf board.  We think an inner tube would make much more sense.

Dash is, of course, painted, and is remarkably simple.  Kick panel speakers are a bit over the top.

Amps (and crossover?) were painted to match!

Front contains the battery and fuel tank, as one would expect.  Another pic shows a fabric cover – presumably for show use.

Yes, even engine bits were painted to match.

Here’s a show sign – is that $45K in 1988 dollars?

Here’s that mag cover!

Ad text:

One of a Kind ‘FUTURE SHOCK” 1971 Custom Radically Modified Beetle Aqua Metallic Green Roadster!! This car was featured in the 1983 Edition of “VW Trends” Magazine and was described as “. . . we had yet to see anything really quite like this ’71 Beetle. Its subsequent look is truly out of this world. But if a description was absolutely imperative, it could easily be summed up in only two short words — “Future Shock.” Specific mods include 14″ shortened wheel base; chopped windshield; welding and cutting up both doors; adding roll bar; wide custom fenders; short KYB gas shocks in front and rear; Iroc Z-28 front seats; custom dash; Formula France steering wheel; Rossi headlights; Enkei 15″ wheels coupled with Firestone P195/50 R15 tires; VDO speedo Sony sound system; Kenwood KAC-300 amplifiers, 10 Kicker drivers, Kenwood tweeters & Linear crossovers; stock powerplant was rebuilt slightly larger now displacing 1641cc’s Internal components include a 69mm crank,Cima 87mm pistons and barrels, stock rods and Engle 110 cam. Dualport heads are equipped with 35.5×33.0mm stainless steel intake and exhaust valves along with stock springs and rockers. Bosch 009 distributor; single 44mm Weber carburetor atop a CB performance manifold; 200mm lightened 10 1/2 pound flywheel and 1700 lb Kennedy clutch assembly. 

My father bought this car at auction. I inherited this great car, but am now selling it to make room in my garage for a sailboat. The body of the car is in Mint Condition with just a little fading to the pink and yellow stripes on the interior (see photos). According to the sign that was with the car at auction, the previous owner invested over $44,000 in customizing this Beetle Roadster. Since the magazine article, someone added a cool surfboard to the rollbar (see photo). This car is a blast to drive and definitely turns heads wherever it goes! 

You won’t find another one of these cars anywhere!! It is truly One of a Kind!! It has a clear Texas title. Please contact me with any questions or to set up an appt. to see the car!! I hate to sell it, but have to make room for that boat!!

Just another VW Beetle-Based Camper

Once upon a time, we posted a thing of beauty known as the “Little Bugger”.  Here was have a “Super Bugger”, which appears to be a very similar – if not the same – RV kit based on  a classic VW beetle.

Maybe the purple paint with flame job makes it super?  The structure looks remarkably similar, so that’s about all I can come up with, and that’s all you get, as the seller provides no useful information.  That being said, the car does have its own Facebook page!

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Northern CA

Ad text:

Selling my beloved VW Superbugger. Built in 1973. According to DMV records, there are only 2 running in the US. This one has been in magazines, won awards, been at events, used in parades, homecoming etc. There is even a Facebook page with lots of fans. It is a great advertising tool. I parked it out in front of a mall and came out to crowds of people.
It has a refrig, stove sink, shower wand, etc. Unique, unique, unique. If you are at all interested, please send me an email. If your gonna comment about it go to the FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/VW-Superbugger/731409410210825?ref=hl

If you want to talk serious business let me know. I don’t want scammers, people asking me if they can send a cashiers check etc. If you want it you will have to do honest and fair dealings and come see it in Northern Califfornia 45 min North of the Golden Gate.

What’s a Rib Jet?

Well, it’s this.  Don’t confuse it with the riblets sold at Applebee’s.  That doesn’t really help, though.  Basically, this was the builder’s idea of a custom car with fighter jet influences.  Underneath, it’s a 1962 VW Beetle.

If this is your type of thing, go for it.  This car appears to be in very good shape.  Just be careful parking with that gigantic nose sticking out!

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Fort Lauderdale, FL
$5,800 with 3 bids and $12,989 BIN price

Apparently, you access the engine through this hatch.

Canopy was jet-inspired.

Interior has a very 70s, custom look to it.

“Rib Jet” appears just about everywhere.  Here’s the not-all-that-accessible VW engine.

Ad text:

Northshoreautos in Sunny Fort lauderdale is proud to offer this Extraordinary Collectible Custom1962 Volkwagen Rib-Jet to all of our ebay friends in this live auction. This is a unique and fun custom that has some history behind it, and it can only increase in value.

This is a true one-of-a-kind custom that turns heads and draws smiles wherever it goes. With its wild style and graphic paint scheme, its very reminiscent of a George Barris car. Its a great conversation starter that would be a unique advertising “vehicle” or a hit at any parade or car show. (In the short time we were taking pictures, five people stopped to ask us about it).

This is NOT a kit car. This car was designed and built in the early 1970’s by Navy jet fighter Curtis Ribelin. There are thousands of hours in this project.  He modeled his build after a fighter plane, and the resemblence is strongest  in the canopy roof that raises and lowers as one piece, like that of a fighter jet.

This car started life as a 1962 VW and was first built as a three-wheeler. It was converted to four wheels sometime in the 1980’s or 90’s. It is 100% street legal and titled as a 1962 Volkswagen. It just so happens that its also VERY fun to drive. Its light weight makes it extra quick, and it handles like its on rails.

Whether you’re looking for an investment, a unique attention-getter or just some fun, this Rib-Jet will fill the bill.  Please look at all of the many gallery photos included and feel free to email or call us with any questions you may have.

Please check out all of our 100% Positive Feedback and our other ebay auctions.  We are very proud of the way we do business and you will be too

Northshoreautos is located only 3 miles from the Fort Lauderdale Airport and the World Famous Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Fly down,  have some fun in the sun and take this baby home.   You Deserve It!
We can also arrange door to door shipping right to your home or office if you prefer.  Have Fun bidding and Good Luck.