1973 Beetle Vandetta

The Beetle was used and abused in many ways and Beetle-based kits ranged from the Bradley GT sports car to off-road buggies.  Somewhere in between is this “Vendetta” delivery van body kit.

The seller claims this is regularly maintained at a reputable VW shop and provides a video of it driving.  What more could you want?

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Baldwin Park, CA, USA
$4,550 with 17 bids, reserve not met and six days to go

The front doesn’t even try to disguise itself.  We’re okay with that.

The rear shows the “vanness”, as well as fancy exhausts.

The doors do indeed open.

Here’s a shot of the cargo area.

Plenty of windowless room here.

Obligatory bikini babe shot!

The engine presumably lies under the cargo floor.

Lots of wheels are included in this deal.

Ad text:

This is a rare 1973 VW Beetle that has a fiberglass trunk.  It was converted by previous owner, and this is called a VANDETTA.  It is covered by mat blue vinyl wrap that was done in summer of 2015.   At that time, new window seals and door seals have been installed.

I bough it in 2007 and stored in my garage.  I only take it out to drive when it is not raining.  Every year, it has been tuned up by an expert VW mechanic located in Pasadena.  Last tune up was April 2016.  Carburetor has been cleaned, and spark plugs are new. Mechanically it is in superb condition.  Actual mileage is unknown.

The winner of this auction also gets 6 extra VW wheels.  As you can see,  2 front wheels fit in the front.  The winner is responsible for picking this item up or arrange shipping. I do not ship to international buyers.

The video shows how smoothly this car runs: