Quickie: 1993 Centurion Ford Bronco Dually

Talk about a tease!  Here we have one of the rare Centurion four-door Bronco conversions, apparently set up as a dually.  Sadly, that’s about all we know about it…

The ad does indicate that the truck has an automatic trans (no surprise) and gas engine.  To get any more info, you have to call Charlie.

The interwebs contain some images of other Centurion duallies, but it’s not clear whether they were a custom-ordered add-on or were part of the normal offering.  Given the non-matching fenders on the subject car, this one appears to have been modified at home.  The wheels also appear to have come from a dually donor truck.  What else under this one has been changed?

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Santa Ana, CA, USA
No Price Listed

Ad text:

Please call Charlie for details. Make an offer!

FREE Abandoned Vanagon Pickup Conversion Project

Well, it’s free if you never want to register it. Should you choose to do so in California, you’ll owe $665 in back registration fees.  Still, this looks like a parts van to us, but some ambitious individual might try to finish it as a truck…

We love the ad text (below), as the seller includes a bid for labor in exchange for the van:

“Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it.”

And, only in the final line is the van’s current state mentioned:

“And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.”

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San Diego, CA, USA

Someone with a project van might find plenty of good, used parts here, but don’t expect like-new condition.

It looks like someone tried to separate the “cab” from the “bed” – possibly with canvas.  We’re not sure whether that sliding door still slides.

Front end just shows a tired, faded Vanagon in need of love.

And…here’s more of the handiwork.  We’re not sure how (or whether) the “converter” intended to finish it out, but it does look like hinges were welded onto what’s left of the hatch to make it swing open.

Ad text:

Free 1983 VW Vanagon 

Pull the transaxle for me and you can take the whole thing for parts or make a truck out of it. 

I just need the transaxle. 

It doesn’t have any paperwork. 
It owes $665 in back registration as of last week. 

And the back has been cut to start a truck conversion.

Omna Auto Bug Box: Beetle Conversion

As a follow up to our recent Vandetta post, here’s a more old school Beetle van-ish conversion.  This one has a lot of needs, but it looks like it’s all there.  This was done using a “Bug Box” kit from Omna-Auto back in the day.

The seller says this needs pan repair and a starter. If a started is truly all it needs to run, this could be a good deal.  The next owner will need to decide whether to repaint or embrace the “patina.”

Click for eBay ad
Spiceland, IN, USA
$500 with one bid, reserve not met, $3,000 BIN price and two days to go

This really is a box grafted to the front half of a Beetle, but that’s probably what you expected. We like the overall shape.  Note missing running board.  Does the block mean the emergency brake doesn’t work?

The passenger side running board is also trying to part ways with this car.

Front is all Beetle and faded, but solid.  Chicken in background is a nice touch and we wonder what’s up with that truck.

Rear is about as simple and square as it gets.  Quad tips are a nice touch!

Interior appears to be in better shape vs. the oxidized exterior.

This has a rear bench seat, rather than an open cargo area, though one could surely remove this.

The carpet lining the top is amazing!  It could only be better it made of shag.

Things are dirty but serviceable under the hood.

Stock 1964 engine is in place.  If truly stock, it’s a 1200.

Ad text:

64 beetle with bug box kit. Original conversion with full Custom interior.
Original motor and transmission
Not a one of a kind. But the only one of it’s kind !!
Car is in need of pan repair and a starter. Other than that the car is in great shape. Never wrecked never any damage to fiberglass kit. Other than the pan work there is only one spot of rust. It’s at the bottom of the passenger side door posts. The interior is nearly PERFECT!!
 FIX this car up and be the only one with anything like it.

Cadillup: Cadillac Caribou “High Roller”

Ah yes, another 70s Cadillac pickup conversion.  This one was done by Caribou, supposedly out of the bay area, and has since been treated to a Tiffany Blue paint job, wood bed slats and, among other things, a “unique” high roller interior.

This is quite the project, but the $75K asking price is pure crack pipe.  Further, if one claims a vehicle like this has such a value, one should include finished pics!  There are no shots of the complete interior, and the seller claims a nice set of Boss Hogg horns is on the front, but we don’t see it in the pics.

This is certainly a curiosity and the work appears to be done well.  What do you think it’s worth?

Click for Craigslist ad
Pasadena, CA, USA
$75,500 <<cough>>

While the entire concept is questionable, the work here appears to be well done.  Note the wood floor in the bed.

Front offers no shortage of lights nor decorative gee-gaws.  The seller says 7-foot-wide longhorns are included, but they aren’t shown.

The seller proudly claims that the top is covered in albino alligator skin.

Here’s a shot in the paint booth.

And here’s a shot of the interior.  This is where the seller  get’s the “high roller” name.  Oddly, no finished shots are included.

Here’s a collage of interior shots – all “in progress.”

Ad text:

This 1973 Cadillac Caribou (EL CAMINO TYPE) CADDY CAR-TRUCK This “HIGH ROLLER” TIFFANY & CO. BLUE SPECIAL CUSTOM is one of the most unique vintage Caddy 
(El Camino Type) Car-Trucks around today!
It has the iconic and highly desirable “Boss Hogg” style REAL 7 feet wide “TEXAS LONGHORN” Bull Horns out front which BLOWS everyone away that see this Premier Custom Caddy Rolling Down The Boulevard! 
Long (CUSTOM OAK WOOD) Bed which has been varnished and shellacked to a high luster. Along with LINE-X bed lining to give it a lifetime of durability!
(NO RUST ANYWHERE) on this well preserved TIFFANY & CO. custom Caddy Car-truck. 
It had spent it entire 42 years of life in the dry arid climate of North Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming until being brought to Los Angeles last year for this project.
The El Caddy-Mino is sitting on brand new… 
DAYTON WIRE wheels & VOGUE (Mustard Over Mayonnaise) tires (a $4,500 value) giving the Vintage sled a cool classic BIG PIMPING COWBOY CADDY look and stance.
The Engine is the Famed Caddi 501 BIG BLOCK engine with Edelbrock Intake and Hooker Headers and a high performance 700R 4 Speed trans. with standard shifter with CUSTOM BIG TIFFANY & CO. BLUE DICE SHIFT KNOB to set it off. 
Tilt steering Column.
Cruise Control.
New Gas Tank.
NEW Leather power seats. 
New carpet. 

The Custom over the top TIFFANY & COMPANY “HIGH ROLLER” SPECIAL CUSTOM INTERIOR design was done by MAVERICK DESIGN LTD. of Pasadena Ca. 
New Carpet!
New dash!
New Las Vegas Craps felt Head Liner!
New Seats!
New Door Panels!

The El Caddy-Mino would be perfect for motion picture studio or prop rental, 1960’s or 70’s movies
This project 1973 Cadillac Caribou TIFFANY & COMPANY “HIGH ROLLER” SPECIAL CUSTOM won’t last long so TEXT now!
No scammers, lowballs, no photo ops, tire kickers!

NisoFiniti TX56?

Apparently, someone loved the idea behind the Lincoln Blackwood so much that they decided to create the Nissan/Infiniti version.

The seller calls is a NisoFiniti.  We think it might be called the TX56.  Given the large number of shared parts between QX (this was when only one Infiniti was called QX) and Titan, this conversion looks quite natural.

So far, the market says it’s worth $9,100.  We wonder how much it will go up.  Mileage on the underlying 2005 Titan is a bit under 75K and Kelley Blue Book says that it’s worth about $15K, not considering the QX bits.

Click for eBay ad
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
$9,100 with 30 bids and 5.5 days to go

This looks like it could have been factory.

From this angle, one might wonder if this is a QX; but the lack of roof rails and the mirrors give it away.

Profile is pure Titan, except for the visible bits of the front end and, of course, the wheels.

From this angle, only the wheels indicate that something is up.

Rear badges complete the transformation.

This is MUCH more useful than a Blackwood!

The steering wheel and center console make this look like a full interior swap, but it might be missing a few pieces.  The head unit is aftermarket, but the blue HMI looks close to what Nissan and Infiniti offered.

Yep, it’s an Eclipse unit.  What ever happened to Eclipse?  Note that the backup camera works.

Seats are correct for a QX – front ones, at least.

The Gauges are pure Titan – the QX looked a bit different.

Engine is the stock Titan 5.6L V8 with a cold air intake.

Ad text:

Hello and thank you for stopping by our, “NO RESERVE” auction for this, loaded up, rare, crossbreed, 2-owner, clean Carfax history, 2005 NisoFiniti Q56 Crew Cab pick up truck!! Always been a Florida vehicle. Donor vehicle is 2005 Nissan Titan. No accidents, no damages, no issues. Been converted and altered cosmetically, no frame alterations. Clear Florida title sold as 2005 Nissan Titan. Crossbreed between a Nissan Titan and Infiniti QX56. As you can clearly see in the many detailed photos taken, the “Galaxy Black” exterior shines like the Florida Sun! She looks really good overall. On the inside, there are no rips, odors or tears in the “Graphite/Titanium” leather upholstery, shows normal wear, looks nice overall. Very minor, not even worth mentioning, hairline crack by the center speaker on the dash area. I personally drove this truck and she runs strong, drives tight, confident handling, feels very good. Features, navigation, winter package, DVD entertainment, rear camera, park assist, power adjusting pedals, step bars, heated exterior rear-view mirrors, folding tonneau bed cover, compass, external temperature display, Eclipse flat screen CD player WMA, MP3, HD, satellite compatible,  receiver hitch, folding rear seat bottoms, 20″ chrome wheels, fog lights, homelink, cruise control, 5-speed, automatic transmission, ice cold air conditioning, 5.6′ bed, wood interior trim accents, dimming rear view mirror, power driver and passenger front seats, driver seat memory and power lumbar, power mirrors, locks, windows, tilt, leather, wood steering wheel with audio and cruise controls, spare tire, jack, front and side airbags, floor mats, 4-wheel ABS drilled, disc brakes, rear defogger, tachometer, rear ventilation ducts, tinted glass, keyless entry, Clean Carfax, hand-painted accent stripes, rear door child locks, Utili-track bed channel system uses C-channel rails on the cargo-box floor, side rails and front panel, lockable bedside compartment, tailgate illumination, bed-mounted, 12-volt power point, VDC, power vertical sliding rear window, Ipod chargers, front tow hooks, 5.6L V8 engine and more! The transmission shifts smooth, right on time, no hard shifting. This truck is gorgeous and super rare. High bidder wins it! All of our vehicles are free from any and all liens. You will receive a clean title. We also use our detailed pictures as a physical description so look at them all. Pre-sale inspections are welcomed. Read our “terms and conditions” below. Please do not assume anything. We do accept trade-ins, send your VIN# and photos to the following email address. If you have any questions about this or any of my other auctions, or would like a “Buy It Now” price through Ebay, feel free to contact me, Avi Fraser, via email at avi@rollingwheelsinc.com or you can call me, in the office, at 954-527-5522 and I will be happy to help you. We are always willing to negotiate and 4 SURE, WE WILL MAKE A DEAL WITH YOU! Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you! Visit our location at Rolling Wheels 125 E. Sunrise Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33304. We are open, M-F, 9am-5pm. Saturday, 9am-4pm. Closed Sunday and holidays.

Six-Wheeled Smart Car Pickup Conversion

Have you always wanted a Smart car, but you were worried you couldn’t haul bulk compost if you took that plunge?  If so, this is the vehicle for you!

The seller is a promotional company that modifies vehicles for advertising purposes, but it seems they push the “Smartruck” as something of a masterpiece.  This one is built on a 29K smart car with an indicated rebuilt title.  No information is provided related to mechanical equipment or condition; so we must assume this retains the stock Smart three-cylinder and single-clutch automated manual trans.  That means this probably features what is arguably the worst transmission sold in recent history.  Normally, it adds to the fore-aft rocking fun – what with its slow shifts – but this car has engineered that out with a longer wheelbase.

The seller, in Quebec, is asking $15,999 USD.  What’s this worth to you?

Click eBay ad
Bolton-Ouest, Quebec, Canada
$15,999 BIN price

With its added length, we assume this has less fore-aft rocking vs. a stock Smart.  Of course, that odd trait is one of the things that makes driving a Smart entertaining.

Ah, that profile.

And, yes, the rear.  Enough parts were kept to make this clearly look like a Smart from the rear.

Here’s the bed area.  The spoiler is clearly an inconvenience!

The fact that the rear hatch still opens is good for engine access.

Here’s a closeup of the groovy custom, three-lug wheels.

Ad text:

We buy mint condition smart cars, and convert them into mini pickup trucks, which we nicknamed the Smartruck. These cars are professionally built by our team of welders and engineers who have spent many months just planning a design. Each Vehicle is built on perfection, adding extra length to the vehicle for extra stability while driving. These vehicles are custom built by TNTPromotionalVehicles. The Smartruck can be used for personal uses, as well as commercial purposes such as for advertising, its unique look gets all the attention on the road! For someone who wants to step up their SMART game, this is the vehicle for you! for more information, and more pictures, visit our website @  tntpromotionalvehicles.com

1978 Civic Convertible

Yes, two custom Honda convertibles in two days.  Admit it, though, you’ve thought about chopping the top on an early Civic. Did it look like this in your dreams?

Unlike yesterday’s custom Honda/Acura NSX convertible, this one looks more like a home job.  That’s not to say the work looks terrible; but it does appear there is no provision for a top.  The roll bar is a welcome sight here, but the lack of storage space combines with the lack of a top to ensure this vehicle has essentially no practicality.  That being said, who needs a top on his or her car in sunny Camden, New Jersey, anyway?  Maybe the snowbird owner usually ships this car back and forth to/from Florida.  We just have to wonder why it’s in Jersey this fine January.

The seller provides almost no information, but does claim 89K miles, indicating the car is clean inside and out with minor scratches.  Maybe the minors scratched the car trying to get away when the creepy owner was cruising the local high school?

Is this runs well, the price is cheap enough.  With some decal removal and perhaps better looking wheels (we’d go sleeper with steelies), this could be an interesting little cruiser if you don’t need a top.  Perhaps one could even swap in an SCCA-approved roll bar and go autocrossing?

Click for eBay
Camden, NJ, USA
$1,150 with 11 bids, reserve not met, 5 hours to go and $2,500 BIN

While the windscreen decal is a bit much, things look fairly reasonable from this angle.

Here, we see the loss of practicality in the rear.  What was left of the cargo area is occupied by no fewer than four subwoofers.  At least a laptop bag can fit in the back seat.

Note the “Civic” script, clearly inspired by the Porsche Turbo script.  We’re not impressed.

The “Listen to the Sound” decal is an interesting choice.  We’ll bet the owner has given passersby little choice in the matter.

The interior appears to be in good shape; so, given the lack of a top, we must assume it has been stored inside.  The red and black color scheme works well here.  Full-width mirror may be a bit much, however.

Under the hood, things look pretty normal, aside from a bunch of decals.  It’s hard to tell whether that’s hideous overspray or “spatter paint” (remember that?!) on some components.  The muscle car air filter nut is pretty funny in this application.

Ad text (yes, this is all of it):

 “clean inside and out,minor scratches see pictures”

Worst NSX Ever?

Did you ever wonder what an NSX would look like as a full convertible (not just a targa)?  Well, here’s your answer.  If you are also into gangsta rap stars’ cars, this qualifies, given it belonged to Ice Cube.  Presumably, this seller hopes to cash in on Straight Outta Compton hype.  For the concerned purists, please note that this is an automatic-equipped NSX; so it essentially had no value in the first place!

What more can we say?  Okay, mileage is claimed to be 45K; so very low.  Probably, this is such a terrible drive that not many miles were racked up.  Also, Ice Cube probably had multiple vehicles…

The quality of the work seems good enough and the conversion wasn’t cheap; but there’s no documentation of anything done to add rigidity.  We assume Honda later went the targa route because the targa area parts were critical; so we’re worried.  Still, how hard will an automatic-equipped NSX ever be driven?  Probably, this car is right at home cruising in Florida, far away from the canyon roads of its first home.

Will this get any bids?

Click for eBay ad
Venice, FL, USA
$55,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 7 days to go

Admittedly, the NSX looks nice as a convertible; but we wonder how rigid this car could be.

Not bad – even with the top up.

Could this have any rearward visibility at that angle?

Here’s another angle – still looks good.

Here’s the non-money shot, with the automatic shifter visible.

This shows the odometer and its 45K reading.

Here’s that high-revving, midships-mounted V6.

Front compartment appears correct, which is to say it’s full.

Here’s some of the Ice Cube documentation with the VIN shown.  It does seem to be legit.

Apparently, Ice Cube paid $12.5K for the conversion to convertible.  It looks like this company is still in business.

Ad text:

“The paint is beautiful but there are about 3 very small defects in the paint that I have taken pictures of. The convertible top was designed beautifully and is brand new. The interior is in very good shape, the car runs and drives perfectly and the AC and heat work perfectly as well. This car was bought by Ice Cube in 1992 and since then has had a bluetooth stereo system put in and new aftermarket rims and has been turned into a convertible.”

This beautiful 92 Acura NSX was bought by Ice Cube in 1992. Since then it has been turned into a manual top convertible. It is a one of a kind NSX there is not another like it. It has a Kenwood touchscreen Bluetooth Stereo system and aftermarket rims. The paint is almost perfect besides about 3 small chips or defects in the paint that I posted pictures of. The interior is in very good shape as well. The rear interior light cover located right behind the center console is missing. The car has 45255 original miles and runs and drives like new. It looks incredible with the top on or off but it’s like it was made to be a convertible, when the top is off the wind doesn’t even mess up your hair while going 120 mph down the highway. The AC/Heat/Defrost all work like new. Has power everything. The worst part about this car is the very small chip in the paint. 

1979 Cadillac Seville Pickup Conversion with Crack Pipe Price

You want odd proportions? We got ’em!  This poor ’79 Seville was subjected to “coachbuilt” pickup conversion, probably early in its life, as these sort of things happened back then.

The ’76 Seville was a big deal.  While youngsters might look at this and see a tank, this was a much more compact and cleanly-styled (read: boxy) luxury car vs. other domestics at the time.  Though its 350 V8 was technically an Oldsmobile plant, the use of fuel injection on this Seville brought modern power and reliability to match the modern looks.

This car was so highly regarded that multiple coachbuilders chopped them and turned them into two-door “shorty” coupes, convertibles and, as is the case with our subject car, El Camino-esque pickups.  While “Cadillups” based on larger, older Caddies are fairly common, these Seville units show up less frequently.

This one needs some fixing up, yet the seller has absolutely no concept of market value.  This should be a sub-$5K car, but he seller is asking $35K – probably three times the value if it was a perfect, restored car.  Perhaps that’s why no one restores these.

Click for Craigslist ad
South Los Angeles, CA (the artist formerly known as South Central…the crack pipe price is right at home!)

One could argue this is a bit of a mullet – all formal and luxurious business up front, but a party in the back.

Well, okay, it’s not much of a party.  Still, the odd slope matches absolutely nothing on the rest of the car.  We must wonder if anyone has considered making the “bed” into a hot tub…

Here’s one more quick look.

How’s this for velour?  Things look tired in here, but not terrible.

350 is dirty and the seller claims it needs unspecified engine work, though the claimed mileage is very low.  We take that to mean it doesn’t run and hasn’t in a long time.

Ad text:


Homemade Nissan Pulsar Pickup

Admit it.  If you like odd cars, you’ve looked at the Pulsar Sportbak at least once and wondered why it couldn’t have a hatch-off mode, making it into a small truck.  Apparently, this seller/builder wondered the same and decided his/her Pulsar should be permenently converted into a truck.  The result is suitably odd, potentially mildly useful and remarkably well executed.

Shitboxes are periodically made into trucks, like this Festiva; but most of the ones that pop up (that Festiva excluded) are hack jobs – not well thought out and not well finished.  This Pulsar started with a mildly sporty coupe (with shitbox power) and is very well done.  The owner even put in a sliding rear window and storage compartments behind the seats!  Add in the T-Tops and this is truly unique.

Bidding is low, but reserve isn’t met.  This is a cool oddity and seems like a deal at or near $1,000.

Click for eBay ad
La Habra, CA, USA
$370 with 4 bids, reserve not met and 4 days to go

Note how all edges are finished and the sliding rear window is well integrated!  With it open and T-Tops off, you get something of a Del Sol driving experience.

From this angle, things look mostly normal, but you can see a touch of bed.

Here’s the bed.  Sadly, there’s no fold-down tailgate.  The good news is, however, that the aftermarket-esque, taped-up look tail lights are always visible.  Interestingly, this look (inspired by the Pulsar and Mustang) was a popular mod for period Ford Rangers.

Bed appears to have the spare tire compartment.  We’re not sure it’s a good idea to drive this in the rain, but it would be easy to install drains, if not already done.  Note that adjustable rear shocks will be easily accessible!

How about one more angle?  Stock, cheap hubcaps are a nice touch.

Front end is pure Pulsar, right down to the flip-up headlamps.

Interior is stock and appears to be in good shape.  Note the genius of this photo – it was taken through an open T-Top!

Manual transmission ensure this is at least a little fun to drive, while double-DIN stereo opening (including dealer-installed cassette!) means you can have Android Auto and CarPlay in this!

Here are the behind-the-seat storage boxes (boxen?).  The original Pulsar had a useless back seat.

According to the seller, the engine was recently rebuilt and the 5th gear replaced in the trans.  Things look 100% stock under the hood.

Ad text:

This was a basic  Nissan pulsar car, that I converted, modified  it into a mini truck, I did all the work myself in my garage, it has a rebuilt engine, the transaxle 5th gear was replaced, so the trans is like a rebuilt, because it was open to replace the 5th gear and checked for any damaged gears and everything looked and work good, it runs and shifts good, I have been driving it for 15 months and in that time only 5,600 miles since all the mechanical and body work, was completed.

I have replaced many parts in this car/truck, I have receipts for all parts and work. I have over $3500.00 invested and 4 months of my time in this unique fun car.

Where ever I go in this car, people will  ask  WHAT IS THAT ! and they take pictures of this one of a kind car min truck, that looks like El Camino, or Ranchero

I think that this is the only mini truck in existence in the country. it has never been in an accident and the body is clean no dents or rust.

For more info please call 714-xxx-xxxx, Do not ask if I will sell outside of eBay.