Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

Anyone who knows 80s cars knows Chevy never made a convertible S10 Blazer, so this is a custom job, but it does look like it was meant to be. The V8 swap solves the extreme slowness problem these had, but we worry that the lack of a proper top means you’re screwed if you take more than one friend with you and it starts to rain. Continue reading Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

Dismantling a 1986 Corvette Yields a Unique Hot Rod

Here we have an interesting idea. The owner apparently had T-bucket hot rods before and noted (correctly) that they’re not really long-distance cars. We don’t know how, but he ended up with a 1986 Corvette and proceeded to remove most of the body panels, then construct a Model T-type “trunk” and add an old school radiator frame. The result sorta-kinda resembles a hot rod, but maintains Corvette running gear and suspension; so it theoretically is perfectly driveable for the long haul, assuming the lack of a top doesn’t bother you.

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“Stoopid” 1990 S10 Blazer with Supercharged SBC Swap and Too Much Yellow

This is not subtle, not understated; but we like the swap. Can it be saved?

Someone put a lot of time and money into this truck and the work looks to have been well done.  We wonder what it would cost to change this to more of a sleeper look in black or another dark color.

The engine is a Corvette-sourced 350, though we’re not sure of the generation.  A Paxton supercharger was added for good measure and the seller claims 400HP. Regardless of actual output, that should be a big upgrade vs. the 160HP 4.3L V6, which was standard in 1990.

Given the interior was treated to way too much yellow, we think this only has potential if it stays close to $5K, as we’d want to paint it and reupholster. If, however, you like yellow, this may have more value to you.

The body has been converted to panel delivery, which is interesting, and it looks like a speaker panel (or box?) has replaced the back seat. We’d make different decisions there, too, as this isn’t IASCA in 1991. That being said, the seller indicates that the stereo is “optional and extra”, so there’s hope.

Our biggest concern is that the images are all taken in a garage. Does this truck actually move under its own power?  Claimed mileage is 64K, but we don’t know if that’s the truck (likely) or the engine.

Click for eBay ad
West Olive, MI, USA
$4,550 with three bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Graphics don’t ooze taste or subtlety anymore than the color; but the panel delivery conversion is pretty cool.

Here’s the name inspiration.  Most will agree, some using the literal interpretation, and others the street version.

Obligatory Corvette-inspired “roll pan” with tail lights is present, as one would assume.  After all, this is a modified GM truck product from the 90s.

350 badge is pretty cool.

The overdone yellow theme carries over into the interior, unfortunately.

How ’bout them speakers?

And them speakers?  It’s strange that unfinished particle board is present here, given all the yellow elsewhere in the interior.

Small block Chevy swaps are fairly common in these S10 Blazer and this looks pretty well done.

Here’s the small Paxton supercharger.

Ad text:

1990 S10 Blazer, Custom corvette yellow imron paint, Custom Corvette Roll Pan.
Custom Corvette engine, Supercharged 5.7l 350, 400hp. March pulley set, Billet brackets and accessories. Custom sewn seats and interior, All new parts, no rust, stored in heated garage.
Over $30,000 invested. Built 700R4 good to 1200hp. Stereo optional and extra.


Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: the Vega-based Monza made into a cruck.

This seems to be a well done conversion and actually preserved a bit of storage space behind the front seats. Strip away the pickupness and this is a 103K-mile Monza with six cylinder and automatic.  None of that is exciting, but it is unusual in today’s market.

The $9,800 question, however, is whether this is priced remotely close to the market.  That’s a lot of money for any Monza/Vega; but we imagine one could spend that pretty quickly trying to recreate this.

Click for eBay ad
Windber, PA, USA
$9,800 BIN with offers considered and 4.5 days to go

Though the bed is short and thus not very useful, this car wears it fairly well.

Rear view reveals diminutive bed size and apparently good conversion work.

Just a regular Monza, right?

Tonneau cover is hinged and bed has some sort of liner mat.

The tailgate does drop in this case and looks well finished.  Note spare tire well for hidden storage, or, pehaps, a spare.

Here’s the Monzamino badge!

Interior looks to be mostly stock and in very good condition.  Too bad there’s no clutch pedal to spice things up.

There is a bit of storage space behind the seats. We’d consider finishing it out more than this.

Here’s the V6.  We’re not sure whether this is the 3.8L or 3.2L variant; but neither sets records in torque or HP.

Ad text:

*CUSTOM* Chevrolet Monza / Vega 

This was originally a Chevy Monza wagon. It has been customized to be like a little El Camino, what we call the “monzamino” One of a kind, get something that no one else has!

Low profile 13″ wheels and tires.
Professionally painted (cadillac escalade color: pear white)

Pickup will need to be by Wednesday, the 19th of October.

Shortened Corvair Hot Rod

The title pretty much says it all!

Yes, this is a hot rod/rat rod built on a Corvair platform and which has been greatly shortened.  What’s left of the car shouldn’t weigh much; so the Corvair flat six should move this pretty well.

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Dana Point, CA, USA

Most would assume this was Beetle-based.  They’d be wrong, but it’s understandable, given the engine location.

Low hood means this has no luggage space, but we’re thinking this isn’t exactly a road trip car.

Rear reveals fuel tank and tall stacks leading to the carbs.

Person for scale.

Here’s the engine, which has received some serious cleaning and polishing.  Hopefully, fuel proximity isn’t an issue (?).

Ad text:

One-Of-A-Kind, mini Rat Rod built on a 1960 Corvair chassis. The all-aluminum body was masterfully fabricated by an aircraft builder. Street legal. 

Runs / handles great and really scoots! Turns heads everywhere she goes! Great for cruising the beach, Coast Highway, or wherever you need to go…in STYLE. Very fast!

$8,500 O.B.O. 

Serious inquiries only, pleases. No trades.

Tron/Transformers Chevrolet Spark (?)

We’re oddly drawn to the Chevy Spark, though we often wish the Sonic’s turbo I4 would end up in it in order to make a really goofy little pocket rocket.  Why is this here?  Well, it’s because the photo below grabbed our attention.  The seller seems to have applied what he or she calls “Tron like reflective pin stripping” and “spike lug nuts.”  We also spotted the almost-obligatory-among-Chevy-fans-who-like-to-accessorize Transformers badge!  The result is, well, odd.

There’s not too much we can add except that the seller also put on a loud exhaust and a Rockford Fosgate subwoofer to help drown out the drone.  So, if you need a commuter, this could be perfectly okay, except you won’t be able to shift it yourself AND the price isn’t cheap.  Maybe the seller will become more realistic over time?

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Fullerton, CA,USA

This has a certain “WTF” factor.

Fear not!  The sides were treated to the same.

And, yes, the rear.  Apparently, this was taken immediately after the process was complete.  We hope the decals have stayed put (or do we?).

Spike lugs, baby!

Interior appears stock.  Again, it’s too bad about that automatic.

This little, LG-built  head unit is oddly appealing, although CarPlay and Android Auto make it essentially obsolete.

We’ve always like this strange, little gauge pod, though we’d rather see the tach on the left.  Maybe the MT cars do that?

Here’s the mighty 1.2L I4, which puts out 84 HP.  This would be a lot of fun with the 1.4T.  That being said, the K&N decal is worth 5HP in this application.

By day, this is a plain Spark.

At text:

I got laid off and haven’t been able to find work so I need to sell before it gets repoed. Buy ought right or take over payments ($245/month for me). This is my baby. Super clean inside and out. All the options. Automatic cvt transmission. Tron like reflective pin stripping. Spike lug nuts. Upgraded and larger speakers, 7″ touch screen mylink head unit has usb, six, and Bluetooth inputs powered rockfordfostgate sub in the trunk with a power cap so no draw on the battery. Performance exhaust (I still have stock system if you want to put it back on, but the loud exhaust makes it super fun to drive). K And N air filter. Heated leatherette seats, power windows locks and mirrors, tinted windows, cruise control, onStar, keyless remote entry, dual air horns, custom Spark LTZ badgeing. Extra bright head lights and foglights. Super bright led reverse lights. Turn signal in the side mirrors. Just tons of goodies. Drives and handles like a dream tons of fun to zoom around in. Great commuter I’ve been getting 33 mpg city zooming around if you drive like a normal person it’s closer to 36 city. Park anywhere. super roomy inside. Still under warranty .. less than 14,500 miles ..

Corvair with “Beach Boys in Hell” Mural

All Corvairs are interesting, given the unlikely idea of a GM with an air-cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder; but most with automatics aren’t worth a look.  This one’s a bit of an exception, given the “unique” presence of a Beach Boys and flames mural.

This car appears to be in amazingly good and original condition.  The seller notes a few flaws, but this is 52-plus years old.  If it was 100% stock, it would be worth picking up at the bidding price just for flipping; but the mural changes the equation.  This car is looking for just the right owner.  Could that be you?

Click for eBay ad
Dubuque, IA, USA
$2,500 with ZERO bids and 0.5 days to go
Also on CL with a $4,950 asking price

Yes, folks, that’s a mural on an otherwise amazingly stock 1964 Chevy.  Is it just me, or does this depict the Beach Boys in hell?

Side is all flames.  Even the hubcaps appear to be stock.

The script on the rear says Bozzo’s Limo, which is a limousine company in New Boston, Michigan – far from the seller.  We’re confused, but maybe that was the previous owner?

The seller mentions some minor cracks in the instrument cluster, but it looks to be in good shape for its age, as does the rest of the interior.

Upholstery looks great!  There’s not a lot of support in these seats, however.

Here’s the unusual flat six.  It looks complete and original.  Sadly, there’s no turbo here.

Ad text:

1964 Chevy Corvair

The chrome and bright-work is in excellent condition.  The interior is very nice.  Some wear on the drivers front seat and a door panel coming loose on the passenger side.  There are 2 cracks in gauge panel which are purely cosmetic.  

The paint is in good condition with no major scratches or dents.  Some wear is visible.  The graphics, beach boys mural, and flames are very well done and burried in clear coat.  This is a real attention getter.  

Mechanically, the vehicle is nice.  There is a small oil leak (probably from the pushrod tubes which is a common problem).  The “gen” light stays on so the belt may need an adjustment or something else may be wrong.  There is a new voltage regulator.  

Tires, brakes, etc seem real good.  I have a spare set of brakes to include to the winning bidder.  

Glass is nice.  

Great cruiser for the summer at a very family-friendly price.  

Interested parties are encouraged to see the car prior to bidding.  Any pickup and transportation is sole responsibility of the buyer.  No warranties or exchanges.  All sales are final.  Any questions, let me know.  


This is relisted due to a non-paying bidder.  DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON THE TRANSACTION.  I don’t know how to make that more clear.  Car does not leave until funds clear the bank.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit due via PayPal within 48 hours of the Auction Ending.  If this does not happen, I will file a non-paying bidder claim against the winner.  If you want it delivered to Des Moines Good Guys on the dates listed above, deposit must be made before I load the car.  



1976 Corvette Trailer

C3 detractors will say this is the best use for a 1976 Corvette.  We say it’s an interesting oddity and, yes, we’re glad this wasn’t an early 70s C3 or even a later L-82, not to mention any mid-year Vette.

Per the seller, the use case for this is to tow it to a car show and sit in it.  Where?  We’re not sure; but maybe the seller isn’t thinking of Pebble Beach, where he or she might get in trouble for towing this onto the fairway.  Is this ridiculous?  Yes.  Do we love it in a strange way? Yes!!

Click for eBay ad
Broadview Heights, OH, USA
$200 with one bid, reserve not met, six days to go and $4,500 BIN price

No one can claim to have seen another!

Profile is about what you’d expect. Note the shifter.  We don’t know if it serves a purpose.

When towed and viewed from behind, this might appear to be a complete car!

Cupholders are critical, considering the proposed use case.  Supposedly, the lights, all work.  Apparently, there is a cooler behind the seats.

This has a trunk, unlike an original C3.

The builder thought of everything!

No, really – everything!

Here’s a rundown of the features, complete with incorrect use of an apostrophe.  We’re curious about the “scooter holder.”

Ad text:

One-of-a-kind Good Guys award winning corvette trailer (just because its cool). Bring to all the car shows and sit in class. Removable chrome tongue. Either a caster for moving around or a chrome stantion goes in it’s place. Storage and ice box behind seat. All lights work like a car. trunk area with roof rack. removable umbrella stores in trailer . custom paint and pin stripes. Custom canvas cover. A true show piece.