Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

Anyone who knows 80s cars knows Chevy never made a convertible S10 Blazer, so this is a custom job, but it does look like it was meant to be. The V8 swap solves the extreme slowness problem these had, but we worry that the lack of a proper top means you’re screwed if you take more than one friend with you and it starts to rain. Continue reading Open-Top S10 Blazer with SBC Swap!

May Cause Heart Attacks in Purists: 1968 Jaguar E-Type

Yes, you are looking at an E-Type, or what’s left of one. Apparently, it is owned by a shop owner/car builder whose friend rolled his E-Type 2+2. So, purists can relax a bit, as 2+2 E’s frankly aren’t that good looking AND this one was damaged. The 2+2 roots also explain the long wheelbase.

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“Stoopid” 1990 S10 Blazer with Supercharged SBC Swap and Too Much Yellow

This is not subtle, not understated; but we like the swap. Can it be saved?

Someone put a lot of time and money into this truck and the work looks to have been well done.  We wonder what it would cost to change this to more of a sleeper look in black or another dark color.

The engine is a Corvette-sourced 350, though we’re not sure of the generation.  A Paxton supercharger was added for good measure and the seller claims 400HP. Regardless of actual output, that should be a big upgrade vs. the 160HP 4.3L V6, which was standard in 1990.

Given the interior was treated to way too much yellow, we think this only has potential if it stays close to $5K, as we’d want to paint it and reupholster. If, however, you like yellow, this may have more value to you.

The body has been converted to panel delivery, which is interesting, and it looks like a speaker panel (or box?) has replaced the back seat. We’d make different decisions there, too, as this isn’t IASCA in 1991. That being said, the seller indicates that the stereo is “optional and extra”, so there’s hope.

Our biggest concern is that the images are all taken in a garage. Does this truck actually move under its own power?  Claimed mileage is 64K, but we don’t know if that’s the truck (likely) or the engine.

Click for eBay ad
West Olive, MI, USA
$4,550 with three bids, reserve not met and 5.5 days to go

Graphics don’t ooze taste or subtlety anymore than the color; but the panel delivery conversion is pretty cool.

Here’s the name inspiration.  Most will agree, some using the literal interpretation, and others the street version.

Obligatory Corvette-inspired “roll pan” with tail lights is present, as one would assume.  After all, this is a modified GM truck product from the 90s.

350 badge is pretty cool.

The overdone yellow theme carries over into the interior, unfortunately.

How ’bout them speakers?

And them speakers?  It’s strange that unfinished particle board is present here, given all the yellow elsewhere in the interior.

Small block Chevy swaps are fairly common in these S10 Blazer and this looks pretty well done.

Here’s the small Paxton supercharger.

Ad text:

1990 S10 Blazer, Custom corvette yellow imron paint, Custom Corvette Roll Pan.
Custom Corvette engine, Supercharged 5.7l 350, 400hp. March pulley set, Billet brackets and accessories. Custom sewn seats and interior, All new parts, no rust, stored in heated garage.
Over $30,000 invested. Built 700R4 good to 1200hp. Stereo optional and extra.

Custom V8 Tractor: The Non-Road “Road Warrior”

This is a fully custom tractor running a Chevy 350 and an Opel-based front suspension.  The seller calls it the “Road Warrior”, but promptly points out it’s not for on-road use, as it likely can’t be registered.  Hmm – to be fair, no one needed registration in the Road Warrior (as opposed to on Mad Max).

This is completely impractical, yet perfectly awesome.  What would you do with it?

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Justice, IL, USA
$1,025 with three bids, reserve not met and  6.5 days to go

The look is all tractor, yet the front end is clearly extended to house the non-tractor engine.

Here’s a close-up of the chromed 350 with its awesome headers. Up close, the fabrication  work looks good, and the builder even thought to put in a step.

Rear view doesn’t show much other than lots of tire and the keg-style fuel tank, but there’s a narrowed Dana rear end in there.

“Interior” is simple, but better equipped than one might expect.  We see a full (overdone!) compliment of gauges, although we note two tachs; so it’s possible the car cluster doesn’t actually work.  A stereo is oddly present – we can’t imagine one can hear anything over the headers.  Shifting looks to be a crotch-grabbing exercise.

Ad text:

This is a one of a kind, garage kept, custom built, trophy winning V8 **Tractor**. It’s called the ROAD WARRIOR (like an outrageous vehicle on Mad Max). It is about 9 1/2 feet long and is powered by a 1972 Chevy 350 V8, turbo 350 automatic transmission, Dana rear end, Opel GT front axle, powder coated Zoomie headers, aluminum keg gas tank, lots of chrome, custom paint. It runs great!

This vehicle is intended for car shows, parades, cruise nights, tractor events. It will be sold on a bill of sale since it is not intended for street use.

Due to recent non-paying bidders we will reject all bids with zero feedback. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

Any questions or concerns please call George on 708-xxx-xxxx.

This vehicle needs a good home. Happy bidding! 

Almost Famous: Rexona Ad Drag Mustang

We first saw this and imagined it was someone’s idea of a cool custom. Thankfully, this was custom-built for a Rexona deodorant ad.

The seller claims this can be converted back to a street car.  We’re not sure; but maybe it can if all VIN plates, etc. are present. The hard part might be passing a smog test.  Anywho, the buyer – if there is one – will have something truly, umm, unique.

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Santee, CA, USA
$4,900 BIN with offers considered and 2.5 days to go

This is quite an exercise in fiberglass studies.

A front end only a mother could love?

One more shot, for good measure. Not built for aero…

And, yes, the rear has been similarly modded.

Here’s the interior, which is described as a “sheet metal race” interior.  That seems fairly accurate.

Ad text:

1996 Ford Mustang GT modified. 302 V8, 5 speed manual transmission.

Full on custom exterior with heavily modified body panels, custom front and rear end.

Sheet metal race interior.

Has no mandatory safety equipment.

Buyer must sign a waiver acknowledging that this is a movie prop and NOT STREET LEGAL.
Mileage: TMU
Featured in: Rexona Commercial
DMV: CA Title. Current Reg.


Odometer removed so consider True Mileage Unknown — Comes with a Bill of Sale CA Sellers title,
It does run

A custom-built race car that is not street-legal presently but can be again.
Custom race body that is literally one-of-a-kind.
Race interior with racing gauges, heavily modified with roll cage and race suspension.






Save this Falcon Ranchero Project!

Falcon Rancheros are just plain cool!  Although the Mustang was based on an updated 1964 Falcon, many parts still fit, which means you can do just about anything with one of these little trucklets.  These didn’t come with a V8 until 1963, but they easily accept one.

The owner of this one has done some good things, as a V8 is installed, along with front disc brakes and new springs and shocks front and rear.  The car originally has a “three on the tree” column-shifted, three-speed transmission, but now wears a floor-shift four-speed.  The column shifter would be cool for its unusual nature, but the four-speed and floor shifter will be much better for performance driving.

Why do we beg readers to save this one?  The seller says he or she was going to make this a tribute to the early Shelby Mustangs.  We love Shelby Mustangs and we love Rancheros,  To each his own, but we don’t think the two should meet.  This would be awesome looking mostly stock and would have good sleeper value with its upgraded engine and suspension (although the rumble would probably be obvious!).  This needs a lot of work, but a lot of work has already been done and it’s ready for you to make your own decisions on how to finish it out.

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North Hollywood, CA, USA
Many don’t realize that the Ranchero came before the El Camino. It was much larger at first, though, as it was downsized for 1960.  This one looks pretty straight.  The camper shell should probably go, though.
The owner has been storing it without front wheels to prevent theft.  That’s North Hollywood for you.  Would your HOA let you do that?
The disc brake set up is rusty, but present.  These had drums all around from the factory.
New springs and shocks!
Yes, front wheels and tires are included.  White walls (still wearing protective blue film) will work perfectly with our sleeper idea!  They were a strange choice for a Shelby tribute…
Four-speed shifter is visible here and the wood Mustang wheel is a nice touch.  This is all we can see of the interior, so we know it at least needs carpet.
Here’s the engine – it’s not clear whether it’s a 260, 289, 302 or even a 351; but it’s definitely some sort of Windsor.  We’ll bet it’s a 289 or 302.
Look ma, no valve covers!  As seen in the previous image, they are included, however.
Ad text:

1960 Ford Ranchero.
It is an Ugly Betty, but it won’t take much to make it a real beauty.
Here’s what I’ve done to my 1960 Ford Ranchero.
Front end:
Replaced front springs with 1″ lowering for a 65 mustang. Most parts are for a 65 Mustang except for Falcon specific items.
1 1/8″ sway bar
tie rods, 
center linkage (falcon)
idler arms
ball joints
control arms
Cobra style valve covers
Steering wheel (wooden)
65 mustang steering column, got rid of the three-on-the tree column
KYB shocks front and rear.
new leaf springs in the rear
1972 Comet spindles with disc brakes- 5 lug
9″ rear end
Dual brake master
Brake lines (partial finished)
Monte Carlo bar
Export brace
3 core aluminium radiator
White wall tires
14″ wheels
My goal for this project was to build a tribute to the 1965 Shelby Cobra Mustang.
I have to sell my project due to lack of full tome employment and we’re moving across the country.
The front wheels off the car to prevent theft.

Not Your Typical E30 Swap

E30 BMWs with other BMW inline sixes swapped are not altogether too uncommon, and some even receive BMW V8s.  This seller, however, took a different path.  Yes, that’s a Nissan/Infiniti VH45DE engine from a first generation Q45. 

What’s that engine doing there, you ask?  The seller apparently was looking “to generate as much power to the wheels as possible while keeping it low maintenance and Japanese reliable with easy to find replaceable parts.”  Mission accomplished?

This will annoy purists on Bimmerforums and at your local Cars and Coffee; so we say go for it!  We would consider going a bit more stealth, but wouldn’t need to change too much.  Most importantly, we’d find a way to have a “345is” badge made for it.  After all, most of the E30 names (save for 325 and 325e in different years) actually matched engine displacements.

Click for Craigslist ad
Tustin, CA, USA

From this angle, this looks like just another modified E30, though in a particularly interesting color.  We like the 325is air dam and the ‘deflated’ bumper.

Hmm…the exhaust isn’t standard fare.  Frankly, it needs to be toned down.  We’d also like to see a 325is rear spoiler here.

Body appears to be straight.

Interior is all there, but seats could use a little TLC.  This is a great excuse to swap in the 325is and convertible sport seats with the good bolsters and thigh extensions.

Here’s that unusual engine. No, it’s not mounted transversely…

Ad text:

Had a baby need downpayment for a bigger car so my toy has got to go. selling my unique battleship grey e30 with a one of a kind v8 swap. not in a hurry to sell but will entertain the right offer – please no low ballers -do not bother looking to sell only no trades – no trade cash only no paypal or financing.

Car sold as is, test drive cash in hand only 

the engine swapped in is a Vh45de v8 motor from an infinity q45. the idea is to generate as much power to the wheel as possible while keeping it low maintenance and japanese reliable with easy to find replaceable parts. the swap was done professionally at DR CONCEPT in Signal Hill.

engine vh45de with about 100k miles
custom plate mated to 300zx twin turbo transmission
stage 2 racing clutch
custom oilpan
custom headers
custom driveshaft
custom motor mounts
custom tranny mount
welded diff
xxr rims with a set of bottle caps as drift spare.
sparco steering wheel