Non-Fiero Lamborghini Replica

The seller claims this is an all-custom, tube-frame car with a carbon fiber cockpit tub.  Presumably, the body is from a Fiero kit, but we’re not sure.  What we do know is this sounds like a lot of work for something that doesn’t work; so a Fiero might have been a great idea.

What we know is that this doesn’t run, the doors aren’t attached, the interior isn’t finished, some glass is missing and there’s no title because there was no donor car.  Want more bad news?  How about an automatic transaxle?  As the seller points out, this can change with a Porsche or similar transaxle; so maybe just the right buyer will come along to finish this project the right way.  The price probably isn’t right, but offers are accepted.

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Eastanollee, GA, USA
$7,999 BIN with offers accepted and 6.5 days to go

As you can see, lots of finishing details are needed, especially in the lighting department.

Note drop cloth filling in for windscreen.

One taillight hole is cut and one isn’t.  We’re not sure what fits.

Supposedly, this is custom and made of carbon  fiber.  The end result is very Fiero.

Here’s the GM 3.8L V6 and auto transaxle.

Ad text:

Lamborghini Countach  LP500 Turbo S replica Lambo  1984/1985  replica .  It has a custom tubed chassis all the way around it, after market wish bone suspension, adjustable coil over shocks and custom 4 wheel disk brakes. It has a 3800 V6 automatic but this engine could be taken out and a V8 transaxel Porsche transmission could be put in with little application. It has a carbon fiber cab and cockpit, custom made to the frame. From front bumper to rear bumper is 165″. From the front wheel axle to the real wheel axle is 103″. The car is 42″ high at the center of the car. The body is attached with rubber mounts but the body can also be unhooked and taken off for maintenance. It has an after market a/c unit. I believe the wire harness is from an Oldsmobile. The car has been sitting for awhile when I got it. I bought this car a while back and was going to do something with is but currently do not have the time. I have only heard the car run one time and it lasted about 5 minutes. I drove it down the driveway and around the neighborhood and came back and it quit as I was going up the driveway. It has not ran since. When I purchased the car, the guy I bought it from, said it will run when it wants to. The car has some wiring/electrical problems. The engine and transmission is in good working condition. The engine sounds very quiet and does not use or leak any oil that I know of. It has an after market aluminum fuel tank. I have the Lamborghini 90 degree door hinges with shocks. The car needs to be painted and finished. The doors are not attached, does not have door windows or windshield, no boot hinges or engine bay hinges. There is no part on this car that is a Pontiac Ferrio. This is a custom built chassis for a Lamborghini kit body. The car does not have a title. You can have it inspected or find a donor Ferrio title to get a tag for this car.  Before looking at the car, a deposit of $500.00 will need to be placed in paypal and we can make arrangements for pick up. If the car is not as described on ebay at the time of pick up, I will refund the deposit.  Everything in the picture is the only thing I have.  What you see is what you get.  I will not respond to emails asking what I will take for the car.  You can make an offer if you like.  I know the car needs a lot of work, no need to mention in an email.  Please look carefully before bidding and ask sensible questions. Please look at my feedback and bid with confidence. Email with any questions 

  Do to the nature of this item, it is sold as is.

Oldsmobuick: Old School Custom 1983 Cutlass with Buick 3.8 Turbo Power

Essentially nothing on this car was left unmolested, which is probably just the way the original owner wanted it.  Some very odd choices were made; but we respect the use of the 3.8L turbo V6 in this body.

The shop selling the car provides very little info, but the engine seems to have a number of upgrades and is clearly intercooled.  Stock power and torque were pretty awesome on any intercooled Buick turbo V6, and this could put out a lot more of the mods were done well.

The body…well, that speaks for itself.  Suffice it to say it is certainly not boring.  Even the interior is mostly custom and seemingly contains acres of cloth.  Someone put a lot of money, time and effort into this one and the body and underhood work appear to be high quality.  Still, the market will have to determine whether it’s now worth almost $19K.  We tend to think not.

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Nashua, NH, USA
$18.595 BIN with offers considered and eight hours to go

Not much was left along here, from a chopped roof to well-integrated ground effects.

Could a mother love this face?

Modified daylight opening is impressive!  We assume the glass came from some other car.  The work appears to be well-done.

Rear has some Cadillac influences, right down to the flying buttresses.  Old school hot rod blue dots on the tail lights are odd on an 80s car.

Interior features a lot of tweed-like cloth and lots of flat wood.  S13 240SX owners might feel right at home.

Anyone else remember this badge?

Hurst dual-gate shifter is a nice touch; but we’d rather see Lightning Rods!

Here’s the official name of this custom.

BMW 6-series-inspired rear console is fancy.  What could it contain?

How about a couple 6x9s aimed in odd directions?

Headliner shows not just one, but two blue diamonds!

Two more blue diamonds!  Were not sure whats in the hinged openings, but the battery is under the mirrored cover on the right.

Here’s the well-dressed turbo V6. A lot of machined sheet metal was added for looks – we wonder how much all that extra metal weighs.

Ad text:

Really Really Cool Cutlass Conversion to Show Car, 3.8L Turbo Grand National Engine, Runs and Drives Great! We are The Best Deals on Classic Wheels!

YEAR: 1983 VIN: 1G3AM47A1DM462998
MAKE: Oldsmobile STOCK: 1815
MODEL/TRIM: Cutlass Show Car 3.8L Turbo 3 spd auto Overall VGood CONDITION: Pre-Owned
ENGINE: 3.8L V6 Turbo INTERIOR: Blue Cloth
TRANSMISSION: 3 Speed Automatic MILEAGE: 5,698
DRIVETRAIN: Rear Wheel Drive

Rare Manual 1976 Olds 442 in Lovely Green

Yes, these 442s and Cutlasses were available with a five-speed manual whilst most pony cars were chugging along with four-speeds well into the 80s.  We don’t know why, but we know there’s a lot to like about this big, green beauty.

Probably, Olds getting a Borg Warner five-speed had something to do with fighting imports.  Regardless, the odd combination of a small, 260 cubic inch (4.3L) V8 and manual is appealing.  Considering the optional 350 was rated at 170 horsepower at the time, we must assume output in this one is very low.  Still, it should sound like a V8 and the seller points out that it does indeed, especially with the headers and custom dual exhaust on this car.

Want to celebrate the 70s in unique style?  This could be just the ticket.  Bidding is up to $8,200 and there’s no reserve; so someone will get it.  Indicated mileage is very low and the condition backs it up, but the seller rightfully states that it can’t be proven to be original.

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Yucaipa, CA,USA
$8,200 with 24 bids and 2.5 days to go

Green and white is actually quite appealing on this car and we love the color-keyed, styled steel wheels.

Here’s a peek at the dual exhaust.

Interior also features a nice combination of green and white and it appears to be in great shape.

Yes, there’s a functional back seat in this big beast.

Here’s that little V8.  We have no idea what level of aftermarket support is available.

Ad text:

Ready for the local cruise night! Show up in this cool and rare 1976 Oldsmobile 442 “W29” hardtop coupe in beautiful Lime Metallic with the White stripe package and you are bound to get attention! What really makes this 1976 Oldsmobile 442 stand apart from others is the factory drive-train option! This 442 was ordered with the optional Oldsmobile 260 V8 engine and the “rare” Borg Warner 5 Speed manual transmission which was only available in Cutlass & 442 Models for 1976-1977 and in very limited numbers! This is a low production 442 in a stunning original color combination and it’s powered by the most unusual if not the rarest drive-train combination offered in 1976! Only 9,576 W29/442’s were built in 1976!

This 442 is said to have only 44,000 original miles and the title shows the 44,000 actual miles but I have no other documentation to prove the actual mileage on the car.The engine compartment is nice and clean.The 260 V8 engine starts easily and runs very well with no unusual noises,leaks and no smoke.The engine is completely stock with the exception of a pair of Hooker Headers and dual exhaust with catalytic converters and chrome tips installed by a previous owner.The headers and dual exhaust give the engine a nice deep rumble.The 5 speed manual transmission shifts easily with no unusual noises, no grinding, no popping out of gear.The clutch feels good also.It really drives nice down the freeway also! The wheels are the original Oldsmobile 15×7″ Rally Wheels or the SSIII style wheels in original Lime Metallic with all of the original stainless inserts,trim rings and center caps.The tires are newer BF Goodrich Radial T/A’s (P225/70R-15).All the exterior lights work correctly.The power steering and power disc and parking brake work nicely also.

The body on this 442 is in pretty nice shape overall.The car is very straight and quite solid.The Lime Metallic paint has a great shine and there is plenty of metallic in the paint which gives it an absolutely awesome look in natural sunlight.It has been hand waxed and holds a great smooth shine.It does have some typical minor nicks,chips and touchups. All the doors, hood and trunk have nice gaps and close properly.The glass is clean and clear.The chrome looks good and bumpers are straight.The frame,trunk and floors are solid and rustfree.All the weatherstripping is soft.The Bright White interior is in good shape overall for its age.The front bucket seats swivel nicely and the white vinyl looks very good.It is equipped with AM-FM stereo with windshield antenna and electric rear defroster.The carpet appears to be newer and the headliner,door panels and sunvisors are in good shape.The windshield wipers,courtesy & dome lights and  key buzzer all work! The original green consolette is in great shape. The original 5 speed shifter is in good operating condition with it’s original 5 speed shift knob with the shift pattern still legible.The original owners manual and build sheet are included also. Perfect cruise night car and just a blast to drive!

A Cutlass That’s Not Cut-less

Yes, this Cutlass was cut.  Olds never offered a convertible version of this generation of Cutlass.  As a matter of fact, this entire generation of A- and G-Body never had a factory convertible.  That didn’t stop someone from chopping this one as part of a lowrider project that never got off – or on? – the ground.

Supposedly, the body was reinforced as part of this conversion, but we have low confidence in that area.  What we do know is that this thing has been mostly gutted, but is claimed to run well.  The hydraulic cylinders are installed at each corner, but that’s about it.  The interior parts are, however, included as part of the sale – at least we can certainly see the ugly seats in two of the images.

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Perris, CA, USA

It’s always good to include 1.5-year-old, date stamped photos as part of your sale.

Front is missing some goodies, but the seller does include images of the bumpers, so not all is lost.

All body rigidity may be lost, however, as might be any foul weather capability.  We see no provision for a top on this one.

Milk crate driver seats rock!  Note oddly coloured dash/center stack.

Not much to look at here, but no visible rust, either.

Here are the seats in white with red.

Trunk shows the beginnings of some efforts, but not much.

Engine compartment looks complete, but dirty.

Ad text:

Engine runs good, transmission works, cutlass project ready for sanding and paint. Reinforced body has been cut to be a roadster convertible. Nice California lowrider, Was a a custom 80’s lowrider in Texas, brought out to Cali to Hop, partial frame reinforced, has a cylinder in each corner, (needs pumps, batteries, solenoids) Nice project, I have all trimming, all plastic, bumpers. 
$1400 invested in just the upholstery and carpet kit all included, wire wheels also go with sale. JUST NEEDS PAINT and PUT BACK TOGETHER! Clean Title in hand. 

You can drive it up on your car hauler

Cutlass with Batmobile and Plane Influences

Apparently, this was a promotional vehicle related to one of a few high-speed, jet-powered semi trucks.  What does a white, Batmobile-esque Cutlass have to do with fast trucks?  We don’t know, either.  Regardless, this may be the oddest Cutlass extant.

This is powered by a GM 350 crate engine, which should do a lot better than the Olds stocker would have. The really good news here is that each canopy on this car opens separately for easy access.  After all, anyone considering buying this car is more worried about daily practicality.

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Webb City, MO, USA
$4,900 with 4 bids, reserve not met and 6 days to go

Well, folks, this one’s unique.

Yes, the massively finned spoiler assembly carries the plane theme past the canopies.

Ahead of the hood, the car is surprisingly stock, which means it really doesn’t match.

In the rear, the spoiler, etc. really is just laid over the trunk.  as with the front, the car underneath all this stuff is stock.

This is all we get to see of the interior, and we can’t make much out, though it looks at least partially stripped.  The seller does indeed claim it needs TLC.

Crate 350 is claimed new and certainly looks clean.

Ad text:

One of a kind custom Olds Cutlass built as the Shockwave Jet truck chase car by Kent Shockley. New crate 350 engine installed and less than 1000 miles on it. Air ride, custom RV4 aircraft canopies, rebuilt turbo 400 transmission.  This car was used in air shows and at drag strips all over the continental United States. Custom built and designed. Aircraft canopies open on both sides of the car to allow easy entrance through the doors. The interior and some of the custom stripping need some TLC, but the design of this vehicle is just plain cool. 

Not Ogilvie Home Perm: Cutlass Salon with Manual Trans

Yes, Oldsmobile thought they’d extend their popular Cutlass into the fastback realm when they launched the fifth generation for the 1978 model year.  The result was decidedly odd, although the Cutlass would go on to become the best selling car in 1979.  This two-door, manual trans-equipped version was likely rare when new and is almost unheard-of today.

We have featured both a rare 442 version, as well as a four-door Salon before; but this car looks the best from ten feet, at least when wet.  Potential buyers should inspect carefully, though, as the seller doesn’t instill confidence with the following quote: “car has some rust but a lot of good parts too.”

While this car is equipped with a V8, don’t get too excited about this 260 mill (4.3 liters, for the millennials) which put out just a bit over 100HP and 200 lb-ft.  Still, it should move this thing well enough and you’ll be the only one on your block should you take the plunge.

Special thanks to Oddimotive fan N.N. for this one!

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Huntingtown, MD, USA

Yes, an automaker actually put this style into production.  We don’t know why.

This angle really shows off the weirdness.

Ah…that profile.

Front looks like everyone’s mom’s car in 1979.

The straight-on rear view almost hides the strangeness.

Interior looks to be in pretty good shape.  Of course, the shifter is a welcome sight!

It’s not clear whether this back seat saw much action.

Here’s the none-too-exciting 260 V8.

Ad text:

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon, 260 V8 with factory 5 speed transmission, gauges, new battery, & rally wheels with new tires. Car has some rust but a lot of good parts too. Runs and drives. $1,200 obo

Rare Doesn’t Always Mean Desireable: 1984 Stutz Victoria

Stutz was once a proud marque in the US, but its attempted Resurrection in the 1970s did not go well and let’s just say it did not produce the most tasteful of cars.  Supposedly, Elvis Presley bought the very first 1971 Bearcat when the name was revived – that should tell you how subtle and tasteful it was.  The company did limp along for about fifteen years, however; so this 1984 model was near the end.

Most sources say only about twenty of this Victoria model were produced.  When we say produced, we mean that an Old Delta 88 was shipped to Italy to have gaudy panels and interior fitted at a ridiculously high cost.  This car’s price was apparently close to $100K in 1984, which is the equivalent of $250K or more today.

The interior is indeed quite luxurious, although this example wears cloth in place of leather. The coolest interior feature is the center-console-mounted CRT TV for the rear passengers.  After all, this was positioned as a limousine at the time.

We don’t like to quote Wikipedia, but we love this: “Many of these Victorias, all of them white, were sold to the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. But within 2 to 3 years all of them were retired due to various malfunctions.”  That might not have been Stutz’s fault – that could have been the 1980s GM owner experience.

This is an intriguing oddity at anything under $5K, and the rarity is very real; but we will start to question peoples’ sanity if bids cross $10K.  One has to wonder where the reserve is set.

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Bayside, NY, USA
$2,025 with 3 bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

If you’ve ever seen a 70s Stutz, you know this front end, for better or for worse.

Though the tree’s shadow screws up this photo, the sun brings out the extra-gaudy two-tone paint and this angle shows the blocky Olds roof line, which contrasts with the added Stutz bodywork.  Note the pseudo-continental kit, for which Stutz was known.

Here’s another shot of dat ass.

Here’s a face shot, for good measure.

As we said, things are better inside, which lots of real wood.  Note the oddly-chosen cloth.

Here’s the rear – ample legroom, huge trays and a TV!

Here’s a semi-close-up of the C-stack. Note the high-tech, 80s. audio system.

Glove box was adorned with a plaque stating this was made for someone else, but Barney stuck his own plaque right on top.

Are these people proud to have built this?

Here’s the Olds V8, which is likely a 350 with modest output (think sub-200HP).  Hopefully, it offers some low-end torque, as we imagine this thing is heavy.

Ad text:

Here is a crazy opportunity to own a super rare car. This is a 1984 STUTZ Victoria. There was only 7 of these cars made. They only know of 5 that are still to exist. 2 are Mia. This car was based on a 98 Oldsmobile platform. The car was then handcrafted in Torino Italy by Stutz Motor Company. It is an amazingly built car. It has so many crazy things. It is all trimmed out in 24 carat gold inside. It has pull out trays in the back seat for its passengers and a tv built in. This car was a high class car built in 1984 with everything it has. The cost new was a little over $100k in 1984. Do some research through Google and you will see this actual car. This car has some crazy history and paperwork. This car actually won 1st place in the GM nationals in 2006. I have a ton of trophies and plaques from past shows. Now for the current condition. This car was purchased at auction in 2006-2007 from the last owner Barney Loucks. All the search info on this car online comes up as being the Barney Loucks car. He was the second owner from what I can tell. It honestly only has 38,000 original miles on it. I can prove the mileage. The car was purchased as an investment back then but the car was not kept in the proper storage over the years. The car will need to be refreshed again. The car will need to be painted to be nice again and some chrome work. The car is still solid and runs and drives great. It’s better than a Cadillac the way it drives. The interior is in good shape but will need to be polished and a good deep cleaning. There is so much to tell about the car so I think the best thing is to call me at 347-xxx-xxxx. I will tell you everything about the car. This car deserves to be lightly restored and be in a museum or personal collection and taken care of. Call for all info.

Rare Custlass 442 Salon with Four-Speed Manual

This is one seriously rare and odd beast – the ugly “Salon” version of the late 70s Cutlass in 442 trim with four-speed manual!  Note: when we say “ugly”, it means we want it.

The seller claims to be daily driving this oddity, which bodes well for a future owner – at least is hasn’t been sitting.  130K original miles are claimed and it has had the trans rebuilt recently.  The seller provides quite a bit of information and good pictures.  What’s this worth to you?

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Seattle, WA, USA
$2,200 with one bid, reserve not met and two days to go

Front half look normal – back half, not so much.

Non-matching hood and fenders add street cred among domestic fans.

From this angle, this could be any Cutlass, which it seems every family owned back then.  Remember when moms drove two-door cars?

Here’s where things get strange.

You’d think this oddly-shaped vehicle would have a hatchback, but you’d be wrong.

Interior is pretty much standard late 70s Cutlass, but has ample 442 badging and that prominant shifter.

Money shot!

The engine compartment shows use, which is a good thing.

Ad text:

“THE BODY: The body is solid, having minor door dings here and there. NO rust through that I have found. Its does need paint…INTERIOR: Headliner sags, both seats need recovered, cracked dash, gauges workMECHANICAL: Runs and drives great, needs shocks, a fresh clutch kit it has clutch chatter, and valve guides, I do have a rebuilt set of 305 heads cost $350 to have done that I will include with the sale.”

1978 Olds Cutlass Salon Brougham w/ 442 package. 305 4bbl, rare saginaw 4 speed (reblt) w/ a Hurst Shifter. Options, PS, PB, Tilt, Cruise, AC (not working), Gauge package w/Tach, bucket seats (passenger seat reclines), rear defrost, recent dual exhaust. Out of 2541 Olds 442s built in 1978, 1180 of them were built in the Cutlass Salon Brougham body, and 1-3% of them came with a 4 speed and only with a 305 engine, which puts the production numbers somewhere between 11-35. The car is not perfect, but it is solid and about 99% complete, only missing the Horn emblem for the sport wheel (sport wheel included, missing the factory Air cleaner, and the AC compressor. This car is my daily driver, its weird, its odd but always gets thumbs up even with bad paint. Fly in, drive home.

On Jul-11-15 at 13:41:50 PDT, seller added the following information:

On Jul-12-15 at 13:14:39 PDT, seller added the following information:
reserve is at $2201… let the bidding begin

On Jul-13-15 at 06:51:08 PDT, seller added the following information:
I should mention  that I do have the car listed locally, and reserve the right to sell the car locally to a local buyer.

On Jul-13-15 at 17:31:40 PDT, seller added the following information:
Okay, Ive received a lot of emails that have asked the same questions, So I will answer the more common ones on here instead of repeating myself over and over again. 

The car does have a new battery, It does have nice “OOOMPAAA -OOOMPAAA” dual glass packed exhaust, the engine doesnt use oil, but it does make a puff of smoke when you first start it up valve guides), which is why I had a set of heads redone for the car, its just the front shocks that are worn, the 4 speed was overhauled prior to me, but has less than 3000 miles on it, the clutch works fine, it just has a little chatter when you first start out, Im sure the pressure plate and/or flywheel needs to be turned, Seattle hills are hell on clutches, The gauges work including tach however the oil pressure gauge has a mind of its own, ive added a new sending unit, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, there is an owners manual, the jack, jack base and tire iron is all there, I do not have a spare for it. the bumpers on both ends are VERY straight and bright, the only dent it had when I got it was in the RF fender, it had a crease, so I replaced it with another 442 fender, it has new headlights, and I also have another set of taillights for it as well. I imagine the A/C would work if it had a compressor and a pressure hose, thats the only thing missing, the cruise did work until the other day, Im thinking it is a fuse,  I have not researched that yet. YES, the car runs great, but could most likely use a tune up, the spark plug brand is “MIGHTY”, which I know my dad used in his shop back in the 80s, but it has ran so good this far I havent bothered to change them,.. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.  

Was this your Mother’s Oldsmobile?

We’re going out on a limb and saying no, as this appears to be a 1991 model with a bit over 12K miles and no evidence of sticky fingers, Cheerios or other messy kids’ stuff. The question is why?

If you want an Olds Silhouette, this is the one to get.  Will anyone want one badly enough to pay almost $9K?  That seems a bit higher than the expected 24- to 25-year residual on a minivan.

The condition of this car supports the mileage claim in every way; so this poor thing has been sitting with minimal use.  Again…why?  This is our second Olds Silhouette feature.  The first was a sighting post and paled in comparison to this low mileage classic.

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Orange, CA

Here’s the famous Dustbuster nose of the GM U-Body minivan.  These are all odd, but the Olds wins for having the most decals of the trio.

Here’s the silhouette of the Silhouette.  Yes, the driver sits THAT far from the base of the windscreen.

Rear quarter isn’t too odd or exciting except for the extra side decal noting the model name.  It’s always a good sign when you can see two model name decals from one angle.  Plus, yes, those stripes continue ’round back.

Dat ass!

Interior is pretty tame and this example is certainly in great shape.  Oldsmobile products were often the least cartoonish of GM products in the 80s and 90s.

This doesn’t look like it toted any messy kids.  It does have miniblinds, however, which is kick ass.  Note the far side seat in the second row – that’s an integrated baby seat!  Of course, there’s no door on that side, so the mom was suppose to lift the kid across (?).

In case the front passenger was prone to forgetting the model of the vehicle, is was molded into the switch plate.

The climate controls show a small bit of GM cartoonish bubble shape, but this is nothing like a period Pontiac.

There’s decent cargo space behind the third row.

This van features an internal combustion engine.  That’s about how exciting a GM 3.1 V6 ever was.  These were available with larger displacement V6s later in the lifecycle.

Ad text:

1991 Oldsmobile Silhouette MPV MiniVan 7 Passenger. This vehicle only has 12,207 GUARANTEED ACTUAL MILES!! You read it correct. This is one beautiful pre owned vehicle. It even comes with a 6 Month/6,000 Mile Limited Vehicle Protection Plan included. It is equipped with Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Front and Rear Air Conditioning, Deep Tint Glass with Window Blinds that close for more privacy, Power driver seat, Individual rear passenger seats with an integrated child seat, Power side view mirrors, Premium alloy wheels. We have completed an extensive 100 Point CERTIFIED inspection where all maintenance items were performed including a brand new set of tires, new battery, new wiper blades, serviced air conditioning system. This is truly one of a kind that would make a great family van. It has a flawless vehicle history report. It would be hard to find one any nicer. We welcome the opportunity to show this vehicle in person, or if you are out of the area, we will make it available for a professional inspection company of your choice. We will gladly arrange shipping at our dealer wholesale rates if needed. Trade-ins are welcome. Please call or email us for an appointment. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. 

ABOUT THE SELLERS: My wife and I were in the New Car Dealership business for 30 Years. Several years ago we exited the business and now the two of us search the country for unique low mileage vehicles. We go through the vehicles that we offer from front to rear, top to bottom. Every vehicle that we offer has been inspected and the maintenance performed. We are meticulous in our offerings and welcome your inspection prior to purchase. We do not have a lot like a traditional dealer that is open to the public, but merely offer our cars by appointment, one at a time. Thank you for looking. 

Taxes and Fees: California buyer’s are subject to sales tax, smog fees of $50.00 plus $8.25 for smog certificate when applicable, documentary preparation fee of $65.00 in addition to the purchase price. Out of State buyer’s are only subject to the documentary preparation fee of $65.00 plus the purchase price when the vehicle is shipped out of state by a licensed carrier. Thank you for looking and we hope that you have a great day! EXECUTIVE BUSINESS WHOLESALE