Ran When Parked: 1974 Datsun Pickup with SBC

Remember the custom mini truck craze?  This truck was apparently one of the many victims and was cast aside when another fad took over.

This looks like a “needs everything” project; but the presence of a small block Chevy means the mechanical bits can be purchased at Wal-Mart. As such, getting it running might not take too much money. If you can take on the body and paint work yourself, that will be manageable, but just be warned that you’ll end up with a 1980s/1990s “show truck.”

Restoring this to sleeper condition – which we would prefer – would likely take too much time and money and ensure you’ll be upside-down on this project.

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Riverside, CA

This is a pretty aggressive body kit for a Datsun truck, but this truck at least had the engine to back up the glam.  This truck has obviously been sun-baked for too long and the fiberglass has taken some hits.  Centerline-style wheels suggest this might have been a mid-to-late 80s project (?).

Rear has the obligatory louvered, fixed tailgate.  Custom mini trucks were all about erasing practicality.  It’s not even clear where brake and tail lights are/were.

The interior is tired, but hasn’t been overly modified.  Massive B&M shifter is appropriate for a V8 swap.

Seat upholstery is in surprisingly good shape and we’ll bet the seats themselves came from a different car/truck.  Note that this truck was originally red.

This Chevy 350 supposedly ran ten years ago.

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This has a 350 motor and 350 trans with 8 inch rear end,truck has not ran in over ten years but ran good when parked.The motor is not stuck it does turn,it should run Great with a little TLC.Call with ?

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